Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 February

Delaney Way


Maybe the name Sunnyside should be changed to Delaney Way to honor the publisher of the local fish wrap. How often can people of “prominence” be honored for something they’ve done to show off the local regime and how corrupt they are when it comes to these “special” people.

Maybe a plaque can be placed on that pole to remind all those jogging or walking along Sunnyside to be aware of dangerous drivers approaching from the East.

Burlington’s power’s to be are always covering up for “prominent” law breakers in order to keep the party in tacked in order to get the best press possible even though it requires many cover ups throughout the average year while those not so well know are hauled to court and pay their due to society.

In Burlington there are just too many unreported cases such as the gang robbery of the Gas Land Station on Summer last July. Letting the former mayor off the hook for drunk driving by letting his wife drive him home from Burger King. The policeman’s son who knocked down a utility pole and drove into a house, leaving the scene but caught later and charged for only leaving the scene of an accident. How about the ball diamond lights from the Manor project that the city claims vanished and they didn’t know what happened to them? Or the building on Curran Street that use to be in the Manor that someone got for nothing from the city at taxpayer expense. The man that drove through a fence on Mason road, went the wrong way on Dodge and did $6000.00 damage to a Toyota Prius and was let go by the police with a ticket for going the wrong way on a one way street only to run his truck through the wall out at Keystone Products in West Burlington less than an hour later. After his third accident in less than two hours the police finally gave him a ticket. These are only a few of the items that have gone unreported or finally reported after word got out about the favoritism given to the perpetrators. By the way the driver that hit the Prius while going the wrong way on a one way street was only ticketed for driving the wrong way and then ticketed for the Prius the next day after running through the wall at Keystone.

The accident on Sunnyside although reported as a minor accident leaves lots of information to be realized by inquisitive minds as do many other Burlington escapades by the so called “party loyal.”


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27 February

Pole Dancing With Newspaper Publisher Steve Delaney

The Color Matches Along with Headlight Outline


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Big River Resources Maxes Out On Pawlenty Campaign

Taxpayer Money Used to Support Pawlenty

Grease us once & grease us twice, Hinkle will try to grease us once again

According to the Des Moines Register Dennis Hinkle's economic development & tax disaster, Big River Resources LLC, made enough money to contribute the maximum allowed $2,500 to Tim Pawlenty's presidential run.

Mind you, they had this money because Hinkle greased the taxpayers for a 100% tax abatement. Now, you will hear the screams coming from the Chamber offices that the tax rate is now 10%. Maybe so. Who cares.

Incompetent economic development. Deposed county supervisor and part-time mail carrier, Tim Hoschek, surreptitiously signed the paperwork for Brian Tapp. Tom Courtney lead the charge.

Remember that when you vote for project champion Tom Courtney. He was Hoschek's handler and co-conspirator.

Meanwhile, it appears Big River Resources violated state campaign laws.

Let's see how that plays out.

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RecPlex Financial Woes Continue


I see where Mr. Allison comments in the Hack Eye that the RecPlex only had to borrow $22,666 from the hotel motel tax to make ends meet this year but he forgot to mention how much it had to borrow from the taxpayer prior to the last $22,666.

I would imagine it was somewhere in the million dollar range or there abouts since the doors opened. I can remember more than several $100,000 short falls along the way; so could Mr. Allison give us the total money used to cover the RecPlex losses since opening its doors?

I basically have nothing against the RecPlex other than it’s operated by the city which means it cost much more than if it were a private sector run organization. The city can’t afford to maintain the swimming pool or Cascade Bridge but they can afford wasteful spending on the city owned RecPlex. They removed a ball park from the Manor and now they claim another park is needed which would probably need lights that are also missing from the Manor and the city has no idea what happened to them, isn’t that convenient, what a town.

Things happen in this town that should never happen and that’s why people complain and have it published same as the Hack Eye with its lead editorial that goes unsigned.


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26 February

Good Enough To Drive Home, Good Enough to Get to Work


In reference to a prior post questioning whether the Mrs. is providing car service to the publisher of the local newspaper since his Buick was wrecked in that freak falling coat accident.

If the Buick was in good enough shape to drive home, we can expect it to be parked on South Main Monday morning. After all, $5,000 damage to one of these new cars isn't much at all, front wheel pinned to the frame or not.

I'll be driving by and will look to see if it is there.


You might allow an extra day or two for the pee stain to dry.


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25 February

Will There Be A Saturday Epistle Today on Drinking & Driving?

Or a Missive on Treacherous Falling Coats?


It's Saturday. Should we brace ourselves for the usual Steve Delaney epistle eloquently describing his moronic proclivity to text and drive, racing down the highway with his kids in the car type epistle?

Or, will it be a somber warning of the underreported and seldom discussed in polite company, wave of treacherous falling coats?

I can't stand the suspense, waiting, not knowing how the story of a little girl, running with wind blowing her skirt was saved from a falling coat.


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Caveat to Visitors - You Could Be The Next Welcome Mat


"Visit Us

Get away from the ordinary and escape to Greater Burlington, Iowa. The mighty Mississippi River serves as a focal point for the community and provides not only breathtaking beauty, but also a myriad of recreational opportunities."

Addenum; Beware of Mayors and Newspaper Publishers trying to drive home.


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Liberal Fourth Estate Double Standard


Assume one of the regulars at Haller's Tavern departs. Shortly thereafter, they slammed their vehicle into a light pole at Sunnyside and Osborn. They had possibly been drinking; a lot. They did major to their car. They fled the scene of the accident.

After enough gall drained through their liver, they get up the gall to report the accident. There is no longer any way to prove blood alcohol level.

Would they be charged with a hit and run? Would that hit and run be a separate story, not "For the Record," in the Ad Vertiser?

The Ad Vertiser has a perfect record when it comes to endorsing and otherwise standing by our local single political party. When will the Democrat Des Moines County Attorney file hit and run charges against the publisher of the Ad Vertiser?

Or, is it the the payback for avoiding a simliar story for one of the counties newest mounties?

Tee Haller

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24 February

A Mayor in the Making?


"8:46 p.m. 1700 block Sunnyside Avenue. Police officers were dispatched Feb. 17 to the 1700 block of Sunnyside Avenue on a report of a hit-and-run crash involving a car and an Alliant Energy pole."

At least the car was still drivable. No need to phone home for a ride home.


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A Whopper of a Tale

Haller's Also Survives Near Miss With Publisher Steve Delaney Death Star


Thanks for that link on the Sunnyside Avenue demolition derby.

What if the driver of that errant Buick had been craving a giant tenderloin at Osborn and Corse? It's a good thing none of the regulars at Haller's out for a smoke were hit.

Where's the beef? Hungry Bear burgers truly do out do a Whopper.

Just be careful of the light pole at the corner.

Mc Hamburglar

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Drive the Buick to Borneo


While the Lacrosse is laid up in the shop, or impounded as evidence, will Jimmy Olsen be walking while Citizen Kane drives the Nash?


Maybe the Mrs. is providing car service........


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No Conscience


I would venture to say the police should have found out what watering hole ole Steve was visiting prior to the accident. Most people know that liberal people have the same conscience as did the Nazi propagandist from back in the 30’s and there is little difference from our current run of the mill newspapers and television networks including PBS.

Don’t forget Burlington has two sets of laws which rewards friends of the police or city management with the freedom to commit city and state violations with immunity while the rest of us pay the price. We have gang robberies, traffic violations, crimes by offspring of police, city management people constantly breaking our laws and just walking away as though it doesn’t mean a thing, all compliments of the local Mayberry Group down on 3rd Street.

Since the Hack Eye sweeps many city happenings under the rug I can see why people connected to the police or city staff would be allowed to walk away from serious charges. This is why the Hack Eye can’t be trusted because hiding the news from the population just doesn’t sit well with people of conscience.

People have every right to know why ole Steve left the scene of a major accident and reports to the police the next day after a good night’s sleep and acts as though he didn’t know it was serious. No wonder Burlington is the third highest crime city in Iowa when the police will believe such crap, lest we forget about the two sets of laws constantly thrown in our faces in this one horse town. A son of one of the policemen here in town knocked down a utility pole and ran into a house, ran away from the scene and was caught later and only charged with leaving the scene of an accident even though much more serious charges were swept under the rug which in turn let this person back out on the streets even though he was an habitual offender.

Maybe many of the local management team at city hall and the police station would be long gone should the Hack Eye print the truth about what goes on in this town but then ole Steve would have to confess what really happened on Sunnyside and I doubt we’ll ever hear about that.


Just ask around the Sombrero. Friday night, big dogs gotta pee around the fire hydrant.


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23 February

My Foot Slipped Off The Clutch - $5,000 Worth of Slippage After Fleeing the Scene

Bittersweet Column Bandit Outted?

The local police blotter shows an interesting series of connected events on Friday, March 17 at 8:46 p.m.

A 2005 Buick LaCrosse driven by the Ad Vertiser's very own Publisher Steve Delaney slammed into a utility pole on Sunnyside, part way between the Sombrero and Bittersweet Place, before Cliff Road, but right after the curve near the Hungry Bear, possibly missing the Hungry Bear in the process.

Publisher Steve Delaney's only concern was to leave the scene of the accident.

"Police said the witness saw the Buick smoking, with heavy damage and the possibility of the front passenger's tire pinned.

...Delaney told police he didn't think he did any damage to the pole and his car wasn't damaged badly so he drove it home. Authorities said officers "observed the vehicle to have severe damage to the passenger side, including the front tire, which was pushed back into the wheel well." The driver's side airbag also was deployed. Damage to the car was estimated at $5,000."

I'll bet that airbag was a smack in the face after a back slappin' good time on a Friday night.

There is just one question on everyone's mind. Why would you flee the scene of an accident with a heavily damaged car if the only thing you did wrong was let the coat hit the floor?

Maybe the cops can get a paint sample from the brick column at Bittersweet Place and tie the two "mishaps" together.


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22 February

Why the Obama Race Card?


I see article in last Sunday’s Hawk Eye on racism where Mr. Garry Thomas the moderator’s first question was, “In an age of color blindness with President Obama, how do we justify having so many young blacks locked up in our prison system, who are labeled felons and discriminated against for housing, education, employment and even public assistance.”

A couple of pages later in the same issue of the Hawk Eye there’s an article about 5 local Burlington men arrested in a drive-by shooting in Iowa City. These are the same black people Mr. Thomas is talking about being discriminated against for housing, education, employment and even public assistance. Mr. Thomas forgot to mention the single biggest reason for black crime and that is the disintegration of the black family that basically started with the government affirmative action and welfare programs starting back around 1968. Prior to that time blacks had the same percentage of married households as did whites.

Now, I bet these young men had the same opportunities to attend school, to work provided there were any jobs here in Burlington, didn’t live in the street and who ever raised them was getting some sort of taxpayer support. I can also venture some of them probably didn’t know who their dad was because the black family is no more, having dropped to a meager 20 percent of black homes with a father living in it.

Mr. Edwards would be better off listening to Mr. Cosby, who has many times stated what is wrong with the black race here in America. There are reasons other than what Mr. Edwards states if one wants to get down to the core problem with blacks.

Now, Burlington gets the label of exporting thugs and criminals outside it’s city limits to destroy the safety and security of other Iowa towns and cities. Don’t forget Burlington is the third most crime ridden town in Iowa behind Davenport and Keokuk.

As for Mr. Obama, he’s technically one of mixed race yet everyone refers to him as black which is not really the truth since he’s, at best, only half black. Black is what the press has deemed politically correct although it is genetically incorrect and his DNA would prove it.

All races face a moral problem with their lack of fathers in the homes and all the fatherless children they’ve produced in both the black and white races many of which end up in prison or wards of the taxpayer at best. Of course, there are exceptions to everything and not all blacks fit the mold as stated above just like whites who also have their fair share of criminals and thugs.


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21 February

A Man's Fate Awaits


"After two days of interviews, the Burlington City Council Saturday named James Ferneau, 44, its new city manager."

Iowa's fastest shrinking city has a new City Manager. Mr. Ferneau has accepted his fate.

May the Lord have mercy on his soul.


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Public Private Sector Wage Disparity


I think it’s a real stretch to say the average wage for a manufacturing employee in Des Moines County is anywhere near $15.78 per hour. Even the new employees at Case make less than this so called average.

Just about everyone I meet claims they make less than $10 per hour or maybe, just maybe slightly more. I would like to see a list of all the plants in Des Moines County that pay, on average $15.78 per hour. It’s probably only the senior worker at Case, maybe Champion, some at GE, the wall board company up by Mediapolis and the heavily subsidized Ethanol Plant. Many of the high paying hourly jobs have long gone and the wages haven’t been adjusted to reflect the real average.

When you add up the small firms that service Case I don’t believe the average hourly wage at these facilities is anywhere near $15.78 for hourly workers.

Is there someplace true information can be found on this wage average?


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18 February

Winegard Awarded Enterprise Zone for $25.9 Million Expansion & 71 Jobs

Publisher Steve Delaney Overlooks Winegard Expansion & Contribution to Local Economy

Business Writer Also Asleep

The IEDA board awarded Winegard Company tax benefits through the Enterprise Zone program. The Burlington company is a leading manufacturer of TV reception products and has outgrown its current facility. As a result, the company is considering the purchase and redevelopment of the Fairway Shopping Center for additional manufacturing and warehouse capacity. The additional capacity will also allow the company to increase market share and provide better process efficiencies. This project is expected to create 71 new jobs.

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17 February

Bye-Bye GE

Vote now, for tomorrow will hold no chance. The death knell has begun.

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16 February

Lee County Lands $1.3 Billion Fertilizer Plant - State’s Largest Capital Investment

"A business called Iowa Fertilizer Co. is considering building a $1.3 billion nitrogen fertilizer plant in Lee County in Southeast Iowa, a project that could create 165 jobs in a severely economically distressed area, state leaders say.

State leaders believe the capital investment on 300 acres in Wever, just north of Fort Madison, would be the state’s largest."
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15 February

Trick No Treat

Better Than Aspen Grove Dead Democrat Voters


"Lawmakers who fail to show a photo ID will be denied a cupcake at an event next week at the Iowa Capitol.

The event, hosted by the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, requires people to show the ID prior to getting the treat."

No, it's not Halloween in February. It is to make a point about using a photo I D to dissuade voter fraud. Some spooky creatures may find this scary.

This maybe one free lunch State Senator Courtney will pass up rather than pass out.


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Government Motors On the Road to Hell


"One of the spiritual leaders of Egypt issued a fatwah (law, regulations) which banned Muslims from driving Chevrolet vehicles. According to the new law, Muslims must not drive Chevrolet cars because the logo of the company is a Christian cross."

Allah be praised. Dinah Shore singing, "See the USA in your Chevrolet," was a hymn unholy to lure the unwary.

Given the Chevy Volt's recent problems, the mullah maybe onto something when it comes to entering eternity in a sea of fire. U S taxpayers certainly feel the heat when it comes to crony capitalism bail outs by Barrack Husein Obama.


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14 February

Don't Take Your Guns Out of Town, Son


"Iowa City police say they seized three handguns and arrested five people after responding to a report of shots fired at the Caliente Night Club and Bar early Saturday morning."

Five of Burlington's pride and joy were arrested.

When will the rest of the world simply build a fence around Burlington with a few Check Point Charlies?


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Ad Vertiser Editorial Rewrites Hate


I see where the nameless Hack Eye editorial on 2-13-12 called the million women organization a “Hate Group” because they protested the gay spokesperson for JC Penny.

Now, if the Million Women Organization is a Hate Group what does that make the teacher union in Wisconsin. The Hack Eye obviously thinks it’s politically correct to promote the gay lifestyle although it’s not exactly what the grand plan was about but many liberal organizations promote abnormal relationships that can’t recreate. Not because they accept them but because they need the money and the votes.

Would the Hack Eye call the five shooters from Burlington who shot up Iowa City a hate group or just some poor misled young adults. I doubt the Hack Eye will say anything about those five shooters because we know they never said anything about the gang robbery of ten to fifteen minorities that robbed the Summer Street Gas Land store last July 1st, not a word. Would the Hack Eye call the gang robbers a hate group?

Most liberal organizations are basically hate groups under the guise of whatever it takes to get the votes or the money from those incapable of understand and stacking the deck against America.


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Satan Steve Scheffler Serving Tea


"Now effectively in the employ of the libertarian David Koch, who founded Americans for Prosperity and chairs the board of its foundation, Phillips has deep ties to the evangelical Right, most notably with Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Rev. Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, who now heads a new entity, the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Reed and Phillips go way back; the two were partners in Century Strategies, the political consulting group through which Reed played a role in the Jack Abramoff bribery scandal."

The Tea Party movement has at best been a loose affiliation. A revolt against Socialism and a call for change has drawn followers. Establishing a state religion has not been a major concern of the movement in all areas of the country.

That may change as political manipulators strive to squeeze every penny of loose change into their pockets. Unholy elements are afoot. Those involved with the Tea Party movement, beware.

Hell's angels will sing a song of unity. They will take your name for their lists. They will solicit money. Be careful your name and your donations are not sold to the highest bidder for less than a high purpose.


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11 February

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen!

Flash - As Of 11:57 am (24 hrs) 13+ million hits - 10+ million hits in 12 hours!

2.3 Million Hits in 12 hours!

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10 February

Surprised America?


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One of The Most Dangerous - Paro Bhutan

How Would This Work For You If Your Flight Crew Used Medicinal Pot?

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09 February

A Hell of Hans Making

Trousil & Gifford Defend West Burlington TIF Abuse With Usual Denial

Possible 100% Tax Bump Due to TIF Abuse


"Mayor Hans Trousil and City Administrator Dan Gifford said West Burlington is almost entirely a TIF district, as 62 percent of the city is commercial or industrial property."

..."I don't think being almost 100 percent TIF'd makes a difference, because we do it the right way," Gifford said.

The Mayor of Trousilgrad is upset the Iowa Legislature is looking at reigning in Tax Increment Funding (TIF) abuse. If you need an example of where TIF addiction leads, look not far to our west.

The schools are run down. The sewers back up. Residents and long established businesses are taxed to despair. There is not enough money to make the repairs.

Hans pounds sand on the problem. Tom Sands and other legislators will hopefully unclog the handiwork of Hans and others like him.


What? Trousil and Gifford denying any involvement? What else should we expect?


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Havana Derailed


"Cuba’s state-run media meanwhile accuses Ms Sánchez of conducting cyberwar. Fidel Castro has called her the leader of a group of “special envoys of neo-colonialism, sent to undermine” the Castro brothers’ rule."

This sounds like something our local single party system would say about you. We know Senator Courtney once tried to silence you with a bill in the Iowa Legislature.

Do you get many hits from the free world by those wanting to know the whole story of what is happening here?


Courtney is too busy these days trying to get bills passed he freely admits have no chance of being passed.


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Obama Crosses Catholics

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08 February

Flash - SCC Union Wants Outside Evaluation of Simone

Higher Education Association expects all SCC employees to be included

So Do The Taxpayers

"A union representing four-fifths of full-time faculty, librarians, counselors and enrollment specialists at Southeastern Community College is recommending that the evaluation of SCC President Dr. Beverly Simone be conducted by an outside party.

The SCC Board of Trustees called for a “360-degree” evaluation in January, in response to the Higher Education Association’s no confidence vote last fall against Simone. A 360-degree evaluation involves performance feedback from supervisors, colleagues and staff, as well as a self-assessment process.

A statement issued Monday by the HEA requested an “unbiased” evaluation method “that is recognized nationally and proven effective.

“The SCCHEA further expects the 360-degree evaluation will include all SCC employees and will focus on campus-wide concerns about Dr. Simone’s leadership, including those concerns of the SCCHEA.”"

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What Price a Pound of Flesh?

Evicted Manor Mall Residents Still Wear Number On Their Back


"The city is expected to save nearly $290,000 over the next five years after the Burlington City Council unanimously voted Monday night to refinance $3.39 million debt."

What is the current annual interest bill on the empty lot Manor Mall?


Isn't the Manor Mall payment close to a $850,000 a year? Or is it over a $1,000,000 a year now? It's some number with a lot of zeros dreamt up by a bunch of village zeros.

$58K a year doesn't buy what it used to.


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Return to Sender

It's Time to Scour Sen. Tom Courtney's Contribution List


"President Barack Obama’s campaign is returning about $200,000 in contributions collected by family members of a former University of Iowa student leader turned Mexican casino owner.

Juan Jose Rojas-Cardona, who was president of the UI student body in 1989-90, has repeatedly asked Iowa Democrats to pardon him for Johnson County theft convictions he fled in the early 1990s."

Bill Clinton handed out of dubious pardons while Hillary was loading up the furniture. Will Juan ask for a lame duck presidential pardon?

R. Blanton

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House insider trading bill takes dig at Pelosi

Pelosi said the House waited to act on the swipe fees until “we had a president that could sign the bill.”

"Republicans in the House of Representatives will take an election-year dig at top Democrat Nancy Pelosi in changes added to a fast-moving ethics bill, adding new curbs to prevent government officials from gaining special access to initial public stock offerings.

...The provision, one of a number of changes drafted by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, aims to shine a spotlight on Pelosi's husband's purchase of shares in the 2008 initial public offering by Visa Inc as Congress was considering new credit card regulations.

The CBS news show "60 Minutes" highlighted the transaction as one of several controversial trades by lawmakers in a piece last November that drew national attention to the profits generated by Congress' inside knowledge -- and sparked new support for a bill that had languished in the House for years.

Within two days of the Visa offering, the 5,000 shares purchased by Paul Pelosi had risen $20 each."

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Obama’s Union Point Man

'NLRB appointee Richard Griffin is a reward for union bosses'

"On January 4, President Obama took the unprecedented step of declaring the Senate to be in recess — although the Senate considered itself to be in session — so that he could install several appointees in key positions at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

...The appointment was a direct reward for the union bosses who made an enormous contribution to Obama’s 2008 campaign and will be critical to his reelection effort.

...Griffin has the dubious distinction of being the second board member ever (Becker was the first) to join the NLRB directly from a labor union. In Griffin’s case it’s the International Union of Operating Engineers, where he was general counsel. The IUOE is one of the most chronically corrupt unions in America, with ongoing criminal investigations against several of its locals and a history of criminal misconduct."

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07 February

City Giveaways


I wonder how many city management personnel here in Burlington take trips for fun only, under the guise of business or how many have country club memberships, complements of the taxpayers. I also wonder who lives in the house on the Perkins Park property and how much the rent is now as compared to private rents for equivalent square footage. I also wonder how many have transportation provided by the taxpayer to and from work? What kind of fringe benefits are city personnel getting that are unknown to the taxpayer who pays the bills?

The city should publish just what type of fringes personnel are getting paid for by the taxpayers of Burlington since it is our money they would be wasting on these types of costs.

Of course, I won’t hold my breath while waiting for the city to make this stuff known but sooner or later stuff will leak out and maybe someday the taxpayers will realize just how much fringes are costing them and put a stop to it. I know the city always says they can’t get good people unless they give away the farm. The state uses the same tactic and all that means is their trying to justify the injustice of the whole procedure. If people can’t be procured with an honest wage with benefits already fit for a king we have a real problem in this town and state with ripping us off.


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ACORN Is Up to Its Old Tricks

A federal law is no match for creative accounting

"There is an old claim, oft-repeated as gospel truth, that the only living thing that would survive a nuclear attack is the cockroach. The power of modern weaponry has likely rendered this false, but in its place we might well put the disgraced “community organizing” organization, ACORN. Reports of ACORN’s demise are greatly exaggerated, a fact by which nobody with even a cursory familiarity with their practices should be surprised. The evidence suggests that the group has weathered the fallout from its scandals with a remarkable fortitude — it is not just surviving, but thriving; and it is doing so with thousands of those federal dollars that it is explicitly banned from receiving.

Since it was ignominiously stripped of all federal funding in 2009, ACORN has steadily maintained its extensive network of “affiliates” — more specifically, tax-exempt progressive 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations, most of which have been renamed since the scandal hit. For 40 years, it appears, ACORN employed many of these groups to funnel millions of federal dollars its way — and it continues to do so today. It appears to be getting away with it. When somebody buys a gun for a convicted felon, it is called a “straw purchase,” and it is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When ACORN takes money prohibited to it by employing others as collection agents, it is called “accounting.”

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06 February



I think your picture of the city manager finalist is misnamed because those people look like the remnants of the Manor that were thrown out of their homes by crooked politicians and a devious city manager. Democratic city manager’s just don’t work because of the political corruption throughout the city and the old money that more or less controls the city government lock, stock and barrel.

Every Democratic city manager is just another good old boy for the city misfits to control while taxes and fees increase and nothing gets any better. Just look at the crime perpetrated on the public by unscrupulous do-gooder organizations such as SEIRPC along with the Chamber and others. We currently live in the 3rd most crime riddled city in Iowa. Just look at the names the Hawk Eye publishes in the crime section, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’s causing the majority of the crime.

Who were the criminals that ran through the Gas Land store on Summer back around July 1st stealing everything in sight along with beer? Although it was all on camera the Hack Eye and the police never mentioned it or followed up on the video although the police showed up about three days later and picked up the video apparently only to hide it from the public. I wonder who’s kids were on it that made the city withhold it from the public? It’s not unusual for the city management or police to withhold information about certain privileged citizens who hide behind their old money names.

City personnel and others may know who is causing most of the crime but their sure not going to mention it to anyone because they invited most of them over here to fill up the shacks and get the vote never once realizing there were no jobs here for them; so Burlington ends up being sucker punched by the same entities that depend the most on public welfare to even exist while never helping the citizens that were already here by birth for many decades. The Chamber gets about 70% of its funding from the taxpayer and I wonder what they’ve done to increase jobs here in Burlington, does anyone know? If the jobs were so plentiful why are there so many people on welfare and free or subsidized lunches at the schools?

How many TIF organizations have stuck with their original agreements about hiring and pay scales? How many temps are employed by these organizations? Who picks up the tab for the public services they receive such as fire protection, crime protection, schools and so on? What’s being done to rid the city of all the abandoned buildings all over town? Falling down bridges and other infrastructure scattered all over town? Why is the hospital the largest employer around? I read an article by some Harvard professor several years ago that stated if you lived in a city where the hospital was the largest employer you lived in a city with a failed economy. There’s nothing wrong with the hospital but what it tells about the economic health of a city is what’s wrong.

Everything about Burlington points to loser status when it comes to politics, employment at livable wages, schools, crime, infrastructure and drug abuse.

Most of the bad stuff is swept under the rug in Burlington to keep things quiet in order to give the appearance of bliss and harmony while under the surface its boiling over with crime, drugs and a host of other problems and don’t depend on the Hack Eye spilling the beans on anyone because the Hack Eye only prints the surface fluff and not the trash lurking beneath.


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Your Tax $$ Paying for Communist School Propaganda

School Teacher Patrick Brennan's Wife Glad She 'Pissed Off' Fox News

"One of Friday’s highest trafficked and most-commented on stories on The Blaze website was the item about a curious flyer handed out to High School students in a Des Moines high school."


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US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Tells Egyptians Don't Look to The Old US Constitution

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05 February

Job Numbers Explained

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03 February

Burlington IA City Manager Applicants Line Up


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Speaking of City Manager Candidates


"Central City City manager Alan Lanning had taxpayers pay for his round of golf, saying it was ‘absolutely’ a business function."

A statement released by the city government late Friday said Knabel was "the catalyst behind a significant cultural shift within the organization, bringing customer service to the forefront of city government."

We don't want any customer service here. Never had it. Don't need it now.


This makes it a real hard choice to narrow the field. One candidate wants to golf and another wants to work at improving customer service.

BTW - Great job from the consultants. They can really pick 'em. Makes you wonder what their credentials are.


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Have Nash - Will Travel (with learner's permit)



"Curfew. It had to be curfew. I would guess AD Vertiser Publisher Steve Delaney has a rule that all writers have to be back in the office by curfew with or without the story."

Did you stop to think about child labor regulations? There are special rules concerning Journalism interns under 16 years of age. Jimmy Olson may have been facing a big freshman English test the next day.


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Holder Berates Rep. During Hearing

‘Maybe This Is the Way You Do Things in Idaho or Wherever You’re From’

How Else Are You Supposed to Treat a Liar?

"Attorney General Eric Holder castigated an Idaho congressman while testifying before the House Oversight Committee Thursday, accusing him of committing one of the “worst things I think I’ve ever seen in Congress.”

...There’s a whole bunch of things that I could say about what you just did, maybe this is the way you do things in Idaho or wherever you’re from,” Holder said. “But understand something — I‘m proud of the work that I’ve done as attorney general of the United States, and looked at fairly, I think that I’ve done a pretty good job.”

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Obama's Enemies List

David and Charles Koch have been the targets of a campaign of vituperation and assault, choreographed from the very top

"How would you feel if aides to the president of the United States singled you out by name for attack, and if you were featured prominently in the president's re-election campaign as an enemy of the people?

What would you do if the White House engaged in derogatory speculative innuendo about the integrity of your tax returns? Suppose also that the president's surrogates and allies in the media regularly attacked you, sullied your reputation and questioned your integrity. On top of all of that, what if a leading member of the president's party in Congress demanded your appearance before a congressional committee this week so that you could be interrogated about the Keystone XL oil pipeline project in which you have repeatedly—and accurately—stated that you have no involvement?"

How would I feel, I feel like spending my money making sure Obama is sent home to Chicago.


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02 February

Governor Visits Siemens But Local Newspapers Ignore It


I read in the Gate City that Governor Branstad visited Siemens last Friday after his visit to Pinnacle Foods. What is interesting is that no local newspaper covered his visit. No story, no photos.

I see the Burlington paper had a write up on the Pinnacle visit but there wasn't any mention of Siemens. Did the Burlington paper even send someone to report on these events or did Rex Troute just add his name to someone else's story?


Curfew. It had to be curfew. I would guess AD Vertiser Publisher Steve Delaney has a rule that all writers have to be back in the office by curfew with or without the story. No overtime. At least the Gate City mentioned the Governor's visit. Or maybe Troute had laundry to do or write a story of life on the farm for his business column.

And from the looks of last week's Tuesday and Wednesday ad content, it's only a matter of time before curfew will no longer be an issue.


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01 February

Is Satan Steve Scheffler Selling Republican National Delegate Slots?


"Enter Steve Sheffler, head of Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and Republican National Committeeman. During the course of this year’s Iowa caucus process, he walked into my mother’s office. He gave the same pitch and asked for 20k. My mom was a little hesitant. He then said that “she would make a great delegate to the national convention.”

The Borgia Popes sold indulgences. Look what Iowa's Republican National Committeeman/President of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition is reputed to be selling.

Will Satan's business partner, Ralph Reed, get a piece of the action from selling delegate positions?


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The Shame of Burlington


"Monday's session was closed to evaluate the competency of applicants without "needless and irreparable injury to that individual's reputation" and at their request, as per Iowa Code Chapter 21."

Applying for the job of Burlington City Manager means one is desperate, incompetent, incontinent, or all of the aforementioned.


Only in Burlington do the candidates for city manager slide into town under the cloak of misinterpreted law to avoid the stench of association.

That's how 5th Choice Doug Worden slid into the seat.


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