Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 March

Blame Burlington


If Burlington buys into the Lock & Dam 18 too good to be true hydroelectric promise, place blame where it belongs. Blaming Canada (NSFW - language) makes as much sense as blaming Mexico for our empty lot Manor Mall.

We elect the alcoholics, ego maniacs, union thugs and various assorted fools who sign on the dotted line to tax and trash our wealth and future.

Gerda Munsinger

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A Primary Opportunity to Take Away Our Nutty Professor


"Iowa state Sen. Joe Seng will appear on the June Democratic primary ballot for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District after an elections panel dismissed a complaint against him on Wednesday."

Despite the efforts of an Iowa City attorney, our kooky congressman faces a primary challenge.

Not just for sanity's sake, but for the sake of us all, Democrats should put Mr. Seng on the general election ballot. The Nutty Professor simply must be taken away from Congress.

Napoleon XIV

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Sand Flea

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29 March

Beware Canadians Bearing Hydro Schemes

Canadian Plan in Belize Skunked


Here’s some information on a dam for the country of Belize constructed by a Canadian firm using Chinese labor that appears to have been very shady and an environmental melt down for the country of Belize.

After 50 years of use it would be taken over by Belize itself. Further information can probably be found on the Internet about the construction.

Belizean hydro dam project and the Canadian International Development Agency

Please Burlington, no more dreams of grandeur need be developed. The taxpayers can no longer afford Democratic brainstorming that always results in failure and more debt.


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Burlington's Unsafe Streets


Well, it now appears our streets aren’t even safe in broad daylight at high noon on a Sunday as well as after dark with the robbery of a 32 year old woman who was accosted by three black men, one of which pulled a gun at the corner of Shields and Flint Hills Drive on Sunday. The woman refused to give them her purse so they proceeded to beat her up and took stole her purse, the woman ended up out at the hospital with her injuries. Unless they turn themselves in they’ll more than likely never be brought to justice here in Burlington.

Of course the democrats in Iowa encourage events like this because they will not pass laws whereby an innocent citizen can protect his or herself from attacks by all the thugs and misfits imported into Iowa from other states by greedy city officials and do-gooder organizations. You can’t even protect your own property, even if they break into your home and this is what the democrats in Iowa apparently feel is best for the citizens.

Burlington is a high crime zone and citizens are still not allowed to protect themselves because democrats in Iowa have little or no conscience for the well being of law abiding citizens as they always try to pamper and protect the criminals who obey no laws. Our senator Courtney and representative Cohoon have always voted no when it comes to law abiding citizens protecting themselves against the above national average crime ridden streets of Burlington.

Voting democrat in Iowa is voting against the 2nd amendment while the criminals have no such restrictions since they obey no laws yet our democratic representation constantly votes in the criminals favor time and time again.

We live in the third highest criminalized city in Iowa and we can’t even protect our property legally because democrats are too wimpy to stand up for law abiding citizens. Democrats would better serve the country by just getting out of the way and let some real American’s fill their space; so we can get something done that the people want done rather than all this feely good wimpy stuff the democrats are noted for.


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A Gushing Reason to See Burlington


"It will be a 25-meter-high building in Asian style. One a week, the fountain will be shooting vodka instead of water. The main function of the tour is to advertise the city and attract tourists," Irina Shervashidze, the head of the press service of the municipal administration said, Rosbalt reports."

South Main remains no way to reach Crapo Park. The Wrecked Plex, Huck's Hole, all have put local taxpayers in the hole. If build it, or let it fall down, why do they not come?

People on the other side of the world are trying something completely different. Maybe tourists will flock to a municipal vodka fountain.

The City of Burlington should try having the fountain in front of Memorial Auditorium bubble with Bud Light year round instead of just one week during Steamboat Days. Perhaps Miller Light, that made an ex-Mayor famous, may bring them. Scheduling brew blasts would be an issue.

City employees will know to be there mug in hand. City Hall would clear out worse than a Flint Hills Friday.

Burl Grossbacchus

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28 March

What Legal Position Does City Have To Enter Hydro Deal - The Manor Mall Mandate of Mendacity?

I would like to know under what authorization does BRL have any legal position to enter into any agreement on a Federal dam well outside the city limits?

Is it the Manor Mall Mandate of Mendacity?


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Poor City Record in Utility Business


Currently the City of Burlington uses the water bill as a basis of propping up their budget failures. Water bills are notoriously used to balance out short falls in budgets by cities all across the country and Burlington is no exception. Don’t expect any bang for the buck on Burlington’s water bill it’s a catchall for failure.

Around 1991 the water bill at our house in Burlington was a mere $75 dollars a quarter and now it tops out at about $163 for an increase of 117% with less service than in 1991. Without a doubt the citizens of Burlington are currently being robbed through the water department.

Can you imagine what Burlington could do if they controlled our source of power? I can tell you they would rob us blind to continue the constant raises and increased or free benefits for the “Privileged Class” of city employees. Burlington cannot even maintain the infrastructure of our city now and that’s after robbing us constantly with taxes and fees along with their dreams of grandeur failures. Nothing will ever satisfy this town until they have every penny earned by the few that work for a living.

The number of indigent people living here has increased exponentially over the past years until 53% of the children attending school are on totally free lunch with another 5.0% on reduced lunch cost. Back in 2006-2007 it was only 43%; so things are just looking worse for the Burlington School district and the city when the problem increases 15% in six years.

With over half of the students getting free lunches and another 292 getting reduced lunches I wonder how many of their parents work and are paying their fair share of taxes to support the services they utilize? If you look around Burlington you will see one of the biggest industries is supporting the thousands of people that thrive off the taxes of those who work for a living. These organizations are scattered all across the city with one right next door to city hall.

Burlington is on the road to the likes of Detroit because we keep going downhill in the schools, crime, drugs, infrastructure, jobs while everything that could increase the quality of life is spiraling down like a whirlpool, can you hear the sucking sound?

We have no checks and balances in Burlington because we don’t have a true democracy since Burlington is truly a one party of failure that continues to mess up over and over again and remains so because of all the government unions that hold the politicians in their hind pockets through their wallets. A good start to recovery would be to ban all government unions or at least make it illegal for government unions to give money to politicians. Government unions are immoral and should be banned from making political donations. This goes for all government unions-city, county, state and federal all of which are destroying our country. Private sector unions are fine it’s only government unions that should be restricted from donating to politicians who in return continue to make laws favorable to government unions as payback for their votes and money, a highly immoral situation for the private sector taxpayer and voter.


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27 March

Is Burlington About to Go Over the Dam?

Spring Has Sprung Yet More Stupid Council Tricks

Remember Manor Mall - The Panacea of Prosperity?


"For the first time in nearly a year, the Renewable Energy Committee will update the Burlington City Council during today's informational meeting on its plan to bring hydroelectric power to Burlington.

The committee, working in cooperation with local engineering firm Klingner & Associates, proposes to build a low-head hydroelectric power plant on Lock & Dam 18."

Lock & Dam #18 touches no part of Burlington's City limits. The locks and office are accessed from Illinois. The facility's legal address is Gladstone, IL. Why is the City of Burlington involved with this?

"A project like this, if the numbers pan out, could just be a win, win, win, all across the board," Parks said."

Why was this not done years ago if it is such a wonderful idea? As vast reserves of natural gas are unlocked, is this economically viable?

This sounds too good to be true. Are we looking at another Manor Mall on a mud flat?

Thomas Alva Ponzi

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Obama vs. Obama - The Idiocy of Obamacare For Us Plain Folks

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26 March

Obama to Putin: I'll Surrender America After Re-election

"Jake Tapper of ABC News reports that an open microphone caught President Barack Obama telling outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would be prepared to yield to Russian demands on missile defense after his re-election, but needed more "space" until then.

The two leaders were meeting in Seoul, South Korea, and Medvedev immediately promised to relay Obama's message to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin:

President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

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24 March

City Hall Evacuated Friday Afternoon

Zoning Department Gone for Golf Weekend?


I called the city hall number in the phone book Friday between 1:00PM and 2:00PM and of course no one answered the phone although I tried three different times.

I then got someone at a number I don’t recall down at city hall and she transferred me to the zoning department and of course there will be no one there until next Tuesday.

My question is, why is there a city hall number but no one answers it and my second and third questions are why is there no one on duty in the zoning department during normal working hours and why would they all be absent until next Tuesday the 24th of March?

Could these be part time positions with the city or what?


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23 March

Sports ‘I’ll be Fine. I‘ll Do It’

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22 March

Dem Rep: Nazis Bombed Pearl Harbor

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21 March

Shrinking and Drinking - Newspaper's Demise Brings Bout of Alcohol Fueled Depression


What a wonderful article. Running a business in America's fastest shrinking business in Iowa's fastest shrinking city must be depressing.

Shrinking is enough to drive one to drinking and pole dancing.

How much longer until the business shrinks to where there are no jobs and all the time in the world to drink.


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Stripping Taxpayers of Their Last Red Cent


"SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - With the Illinois budget in crisis, legislators are looking at an unexpected source of money to reverse cuts in sexual assault services - strip clubs."

The same political party that has run Des Moines County tax whacky for decades has run the State of Illinois into borderline bankruptcy burlesque. Illinois is so desperate for new money to spend, they are looking at taxing strip clubs.

Gulfport has not been itself since the 2008 flood. Desperate for dollars, the State of Illinois could throw a wrench into Gulfport's recovery.

Those bankrupt in Springfield should attach a rider to this bill. As a professional courtesy, politicians from states bordering Illinois would be exempt from this special strip club tax.

Doing so would go a long way to restoring Gulfport's faded glory as it did in Houston years ago.

"Then an announcer proclaimed the bizarre piece de resistance of that family-oriented, middle-of-the-day shindig: Sally Rand, a burlesque dancer maybe four decades past her prime. A band blared, spotlights glowed, and then and there, at around 2 in the afternoon, the blonde well into her senior years performed her famous fan dance.

Much later, in The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe described that dance. Rand, he wrote, “winked and minced about and took off a little here and covered a little there and shook her ancient haunches at the seven single-combat warriors. It was quite electrifying. It was quite beyond sex, show business, and either the sins or rigors of the flesh …

The Venus de Houston shook her fanny in an utterly baffling blessing over it all.”

Sally Rand

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Chicago Rules - Michelle Obama Pleads Case for Corruption


"Michelle Obama: For us, it's the values. The thing that we try to do is make sure -- the residence is on the second and the third floor of the White House. And what we want to have happen is when they get off that elevator and walk in to our residence that it feels like the south side of Chicago, the same values, the same rules, the same sense of responsibility."

Are these the same values displayed by some youths who have come to Burlington from Chicago? We have more than a few here who could use some discipline when it comes to a proper sense of responsibility.

When does the bus leave for D. C.?


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20 March

A Newspaper S. E. Iowa Can Depend On

Expect More Pole Climbing from Publisher Steve Delaney WIth This Competition


If the Des Moines Register is being printed in S. E. Iowa, will they run a S. E. Iowa edition?

Somebody needs to put the Ad Vertiser out of our misery.


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19 March

Des Moines Register Now Printed in Southeast Iowa


The Des Moines Register is now being printed in Southeast Iowa to save money.

Do you suppose Editor and Publisher Steve Delaney will have money now for new knee socks and a brand new wheel?

Or did the Fort Madison Democrat scoop the pole dancer?


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Hack-Eye Missing News Indicator of Decline


I noticed not a word about the death of a man and wounding of a female on Central Street that did appear in the Sunday print addition but vaguely and did not appear in the electronic edition of the Hack Eye, to my knowledge. Could be I’m expecting too much too soon but I guess we can wait and see what happens with it.

I hope this isn’t an indication that the event will be swept under the crime rug as has other crimes here in Burlington of late.


The Des Moines Register took note of Iowa's 3rd most crime ridden city.

Even though the police chief says there is no crime wave in Burlington.


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Lizard Lady Anita Dunn on Fluke Set Up

Lizard Lady Can't Think on Her Feet - Or Dreaming About Mao

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1995 Eric Holder video - "We Must ‘Brainwash’ People Against Guns"

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18 March

Newspapers - America’s Fastest Shrinking Industry

"In recent weeks, LinkedIn, the networking website, and the Council of Economic Advisers have reported that the press is “America’s fastest-shrinking industry”, measured by jobs lost; the Newspaper Association of America has shown that advertising sales have halved since 2005 and are now at 1984’s level; and the Pew Research Center has found that for every digital ad dollar they earned, they lost $7 in print ads.

As media from television to billboards bounce back from the recession, newsprint is being left behind. Zenith Optimedia this week predicted that internet advertising would pass newspaper advertising next year around the world – but in the US, where internet penetration is high and newspaper audiences are shrinking, digital will overtake newspapers’ and magazines’ combined ad sales this year, eMarketer estimates."

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The Vetting of Obama - Pathway to Radical Thinking Part 3

Believe In Whatever I Think

"Obama believes that the right to privacy should encompass everything up to and including cloning; he thinks that religious morality must be struck down by courts when implemented in law, even though it is supported by thousands of years of tradition; he believes that the state has no interest in family formation; he wants the state to implement morality only when it is his morality."

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16 March

Spiffy Delaney


I see Master Delaney has some pretty spiffy knee highs to match his knickers. I'm not sure but are those Buster Brown's?


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TIF District Report Strangles Adjacent Jurisdiction

What Would Lord Trousil Opine on This Shakedown of TIF Abusers?

State law does not protect other local or neighboring jurisdictions from an abusive use of TIF,” said Peter Fisher, research director of the nonpartisan Iowa Policy Project who co-authored the report.

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Mike's Ramblings


Mike Sweet’s editorial in the Hack Eye yesterday blames our purchase of Middle Eastern oil for the murderous brutality against women in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as most other countries we may or may not purchase oil from.

Mike forgets we could be totally energy independent if it weren’t for our current president and senate. The United States has more than enough coal to last for 245 years, there’s too much conflicting information on oil and gas to pin down actual numbers. Obama has cut the gulf oil production 22% since he was elected and made it all but impossible to proceed on land based oil sites and pipelines. The increase of land based oil production recently is a result of the Bush administration and has nothing to do with the Obama regime; Obama wants us to be dependent on foreign oil, that’s part of his grand plan for America.

According to Mike, men who executed witches some 320 years ago still live on and I’d like to know the last time a witch was executed here in America, I’ve never heard of one in my lifetime other than 320 years ago nor any religion here in America that pursues witches any longer. What people did and thought back then was far different than the thinking of today.

He then says it’s wrong for Virginia, Texas and Oklahoma to expect those wanting abortions to get an ultrasound prior to the abortion. If that’s the case I would like Mike to show me where it’s written in the constitution that the president can demand people buy health insurance and where the government gets the authority to enforce such unconstitutional mandates? Mike like most left wing zealots thinks the government should be taking care of women’s responsibilities when it comes to the bedroom. According to Mike government should be killing babies for the lack of responsibility by men and women in the bedroom. Why should the taxpayer be responsible for killing babies of irresponsible men and women adults provided there was no crime committed?

He then drags in something about Rush Limbaugh picking on a 30’s something law student who feels she should get free birth control and Rush called her a name. Here again I never heard the left or the Hack Eye mention anything about the left’s grand dragon of Misogynists Bill Maher when he called Sarah Palin a “dumb t***” and dropped the C-word in describing the former Alaska governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.”

Obama is staying out of the conflict with Bill Maher although that never kept him out of any other battles he butted into over the past three years. Not to mention the $1,000,000 his pal Bill Maher gave him that he doesn’t want to give back and why doesn’t Mike mention this double standard coming from the White House. It appears if one donates $1,000,000 to Obama they have a right to call women every dirty name in the book something Rush didn’t do. That Sandra Fluke’s trail leads straight back to the White House if anyone cared to find out anything about why she made the fuss to start with. Where’s she getting the money to finance school, party on and do all the other things she most likely does? Why should the taxpayer pay for her promiscuity?

When reading the Hack Eye propaganda page one only gets one side of the story which is usually slanted far to the left while conveniently leaving out the rest of the story.


Arabs were cutting women's heads off before man knew what oil was. Mike knows better than that. I wonder if those medicinal doobies are becoming more frequent.

Sandra Fluke's trail leads right to Lizard Lady herself, Anita Dunn. If looks like a lizard and talks like a lizard, it's a lizard. Smelly dead bugs and all.


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The Vetting of Obama - Pathway to Radical Thinking Part 1

"Let’s take a trip via the wayback machine to the hallowed classrooms of the University of Chicago Law School. The year is 1996, and a young lecturer named Barack Obama is teaching constitutional law to a group of students. His first final exam question is about whether homosexuals can be barred from receiving state health care coverage for their infertility treatments.

....Here’s what we learn from this answer: Obama’s an extreme legal leftist. He thinks that banning infertility treatment for unwed couples is akin to sterilizing them. He thinks that there is no connection between childbearing and childrearing and the integral value of marriage. He thinks that arguments about “tradition” are troubling. And he believes that all judges rule according to their experiences – which goes a long way toward explaining his love for Sonia Sotomayor, whose “wise Latina” experiences may shape her judicial reasoning, according to her own admission."

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The Vetting of Obama - Pathway to Radical Thinking Part 2

Obama Embraces Derrick Bell's Critical Race Theory

"Question 2 is even more interesting, and sheds light on how deeply Obama was influenced by Derrick Bell's Critical Race Theory.

This question concerns a fictional "Mayor Dudley Duright," the first African-American mayor of Wazoo City. The population of the city is 50 percent black and 50 percent white, and highly segregated.

The Mayor decides to deal with two issues: racial disparities in city contracting, and racial disparities in the city’s Fire Department (foreshadowing the Ricci case, in which Justice Sonia Sotomayor was overruled).

Obama's fictional mayor hits on two solutions. To deal with city contracting, he takes money from Project HOPE (Obama’s already doing the hope thing) and uses it to help firms located principally in the “low-income community,” as a proxy for race.

...Lecturer Obama believed deeply in Critical Race Theory – so much so that he advocated creative legal strategies to argue Critical Race Theory into law. He thought that facially neutral statutes were discriminatory thanks to the racism of the system. He even argued that the people of the states be stripped of their power to change local law, if such changes cut against narrow minority interests."

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We Told You Obama Had No Foreign Policy Experience

Obama Foreign Policy Blunders Fueled by Unchecked Ideology Outlined Clearly for Us

Hillary Clinton Isn't Wrong to Bail

But How Did Ol' Spike Recognize Obama's Abject Failure in Foreign Policy Before He Was Sworn In?*

"The simple reality is that Obama’s few foreign policy successes have come in cases where he can delegate responsibility to the U.S. armed forces--even if that means evading Congress, as he did in Libya. The true story of Obama’s failures--and his continuing ambition for a humbler America on the world stage--is told at the margins, beyond the media spotlight, where his appointees and ideas have enjoyed a freer hand. "

*Answer: Because Obama was a total success in forestry. "All ideas are good on the leafy campus." Andrea Tarantula

Obama never did anything other than vote "Here" a bunch of times and shield the world from his college financial records. He has no real experience running a lemonade stand or doing anything else on a large scale.


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15 March

New Carrier


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Boot 1% sales tax

Who's going to feed the public pig?


I think the city and county should roll back city and county wages and benefits to mirror what the private sector gets and then we can cut back the 1% sales tax that has just encouraged more wasteful spending by local government.


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What Does School Lunch Program Say


Here in Burlington 58.6 percent of the children in government run schools are on free or reduced lunch. This information can be found at the following web site.

This says plenty about the economy of a city when more than half the students parents can’t afford to feed their children; so it becomes the taxpayer that must pick up the tab.

Here in Burlington the government schools are listed as having 4292 students and of these 2577 receive free or reduced price lunches. Actually 2290 get free and another 227 get reduced price meals.

If you look through the listings you will see Burlington isn’t the worse by a long shot for instance Storm Lake has 72.9% on free or reduced lunches. Danville comes in at 27.1% and WB at 44.3%.

Overall the state has 496,009 students with 195,403 getting free or reduced lunches.

I wonder how many of these students have parents that aren’t dead beats and actually spend what money they get from the taxpayer on their children’s living expenses or squander it on their addictions, such as drugs and partying all the time. Looking around Burlington’s neighborhoods it becomes apparent there’s not much follow up by the state on what’s going on with the taxpayer dollars used to support addictions and other misuse. How often are parents checked for drugs or alcoholism? When people live off taxpayers they should be checked for their efforts to find work and what their spending the money on. Of course little is done by the state to check on anything because the money isn’t theirs to begin with and if they waste it they just increase taxes, something Iowa school districts are well known for.

School lunches are just the tip of the iceberg here in Burlington, we need to know how many citizens are living off the taxpayer period and how much it’s costing the taxpayer. State government is very lax it giving away our tax dollars for those who don’t deserve it and we need tighter rules for getting it.


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14 March

Democrats Fly New Flag


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Obama Could Walk From the White House to See This


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13 March

Tom Hanks Sells Obama Cover-Up - Newest Concealer & Merchant of Leftist Smear

The Left's New Larry Flynt


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The Rag's Liberal Hate Writings


Well, Sunday the rag from down on Main Street published a hate editorial, as usual against Rush Limbaugh while their savior and hate group messiah took $1,000,000 bucks from the biggest Misogynist known, Bill Maher. This guy is the ultimate hate person in the country along with other left wing zealots, some of which write for the Hack Eye on the propaganda page.

I wonder how many times Bill Maher met Sarah Palin before he called Palin a “dumb t***” and dropped the C-word in describing the former Alaska governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.” He recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. Imagine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job.

Two real loser guests on Maher's Hollywood set: Democratic Leader Nancy “the loser” Pelosi and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They haven't had the courage or conviction to condemn his words against conservative women but have both found time to join Fonda and Steinem in the media the past week to do so against Limbaugh. By the way all four of those women are losers. This doesn’t surprise anyone because democrats are liars and no different than the Hitler brown shirts of the 30’s who will ruin anyone who offers choice to the American people that may make them self sufficient. Democrats want people to be poor and dependent on government because they know it buys them votes but have any of these people ever been elevated out of the poor classification?

That woman Sandra Fluke’s trail leads right back to the White House and that again doesn’t surprise anyone since it’s just a ploy to cause more flack to gain the liberal agenda of hate some distance from Obama, who by the way doesn’t want to give back Bill Maher’s money because he doesn’t want to get involved in that battle. What a crock of crap out of the White House since Obama has always stuck his nose in where it doesn’t belong but Bill Maher has bought his silence, the democratic party silence along with the liberal women's silence with the one million dollars.

Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer just like Bill Maher and because he didn’t give Obama a million dollars the left press is just blowing the entire episode out of context while letting Maher get by with his filthy gutter talk about women. Hitler and his stooges had nothing on the current liberal democrats because there’s basically no difference in their tactics that weren’t viable back in the 30’s.

Do the democrats really care about womens' health as this editorial say’s or is it all about money and making people dependent on government and getting votes that the democrats really want?

Women shouldn’t believe what the Hack Eye propaganda page prints for one minute because the facts point to too a very sinister underlying purpose which isn’t women's health but the destruction of America as we know it through government dependence rather than work and a self sustaining lifestyle.


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Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith Plays Big Race Card for Obama

Lovie: "I have the President‘s back and it’s left up to us, as African Americans, to show that we have his back also join African Americans for President Obama today.”

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If There Was a Jackass Bigger Than Nancy Pelosi, Here's Bill Maher

NIMBY Obama: " I will lead by example." - except when it comes to a $1 million

Pelosi Does Maher Show

Obama needs the $1 million donation from Bill Maher. If you wonder how desperate Obama can be.

Caution: Even though some audio in this video has been censored, the video contains strong language.

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12 March

1% Sales Tax


Cedar Rapids doesn’t have the unthinking sheepish voters that are predominate here in Des Moines County, Iowa. Here in Des Moines County the local one party stooges tell the democrats what and who to vote for and like good little sheep, their led to the polls by their union handlers.

Des Moines County and Burlington are just infested with democrats and their left wing ruinous political thinking. This will only change for the better when the playing field is leveled out and the democratic party is contained through education and learning to be responsible for themselves and learn to do their own thinking.

The last time Burlington voters voted no for anything was the library and the majority, the democrats just sat on their duffs and let it get built anyway; so what’s that tell you about Burlington politics, there’s is no such thing as democracy in Burlington.

We just happen to live in the worst section of Iowa where democracy is just a ploy and the crooked party continues to force us into servitude while the government unions control everything through their dues payments to the democratic party who in return give them excessive pay and benefits.

Government unions are a cancer destroying our country, our constitution and our freedoms. Just stop and think about what these unions actually stand for and who the dues are supporting.


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11 March

Obama's Hollywood Friends


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10 March

Tom Hanks, Producer of HBO Palin Smear Film, Narrates Obama Re-Election Doc

"The new President Barack Obama "documentary" Hanks narrates is apparently such a spin on that word even the media is putting it in quotes.

It's as slick as any commercial Hollywood production. And it's about as much a "documentary" as a campaign speech by Joe Biden.

From the giant American flag fluttering over a cheering crowd in the opening scene to the dramatic recounting of the Navy SEAL raid that took out Osama bin Laden to Hanks' narration, "The Road We've Traveled" is undeniably a state-of-the-art pitch for the president."


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Connecting the Dots: O’Reilly Traces Sandra Fluke to Former White House Adviser

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Ratatouille The Snowboarding Opossum

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09 March

Shaking the Nut Tree


"The Republican prospects on the race got an unexpected boost last week when State Senator Joe Seng announced that he will primary Loebsack. Seng, a veterinarian from Scott County, is well known in the Quad Cities and easily won and held on to his district over the last decade. Seng has averaged over 60 percent of the votes in all of his elections."

Our Nutty Professor Congressman faces a primary. Narrowly sent to Washington in 2006 as a backlash against a sitting President, the Nutty Professor had the largest county in that old district as his base. Redistricting has changed that.

That Mr. Seng is taking up this challenge shows there are Democrats concerned about our Nutty Professor problem. Saner Democrats could guarantee saner representation by removing the Nutty Professor in a primary.

Knocking Loonsack off the ticket in November would be a service to us all. Is there any real hope that relief from our Nutty Professor problem is at hand?

Sigmund Jung

Don't stand under the nut tree with anyone but he, anyone but he, anyone but he.


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Saying No to a Local Option Sales Tax


"Cedar Rapids officials will have to reassess how to protect both sides of the city from flooding on the Cedar River now that area voters have rejected for a second time an extension of a local sales tax to help pay for flood protection, Mayor Ron Corbett said."

Why do taxpayers in Burlington keep rubber stamping a local option sales tax?

Penny Less

We have to pay for abject failure some how -

Railroad lawsuit
Manor Mall principal & interest payments
Murray Iron Works
Legal fees for Iowa's losingist lawyer
Bees' Bailout
Water Park Bailout
Declining population
Multiple new schools for fewer students
100% public employee insurance plans
Grossly incompetent city and county employees


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Obama Legacy - Biggest Group of Duped Fools


I think in the years to come it will be noted that those who supported Obama will be found to be the biggest duped fools ever in the history of man. This guy has made absolute fools out of all of them and none of them have a clue yet as to what they’ve done to undermine America by supporting this guy.

This will go down as the biggest hoax of all time in the history books, just wait and see. Everything about this guy is a charade created by a journalistic failure that created a blitzkrieg of lies and massive cover-ups in order to hide the real truth about Obama, a product of the ultra-left, from the American people.

Journalist have replaced lawyers as the lowest form of occupation on earth requiring only the ability to make up and/or falsify information to promote the left-tilted agenda of destroying our country. Admitting to having a journalist degree tells plenty about a person’s agenda and what’s wrong with this country. Just look at who teaches in those journalist programs and one will understand what’s wrong with their graduates and hence our country.


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08 March

Biggest Solar Storm in Five Years to Hit Earth

"The largest solar storm in five years is racing toward Earth, threatening to unleash a torrent of charged particles that could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights.

The sun erupted Tuesday evening, and the effects should start smacking Earth between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST Thursday, according to forecasters at the federal government's Space Weather Prediction Center. They say the storm, which started with a massive solar flare, is growing as it speeds outward from the sun.

"It's hitting us right in the nose," said Joe Kunches, a scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He called it the sun's version of "Super Tuesday."

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Illinois Rep. & Liberal Media Overlooks Bill Maher's Personal Attacks

Dirt Bag Jan Schakowsky Refuses To Condemn Misogynistic Language From Top Obama $1 Million Donor - Bill Maher

Dirt Bag & Crooked Illinois Democrat Representative Jan Schakowsky was asked by a citizen journalist whether or not she would condemn one of President Obama's biggest donors who called Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, personally, exponentially worse. When presented with the opportunity, Congresswoman Schakowsky refused.

The video contains offensive language to everyone other than Democrats and the liberal MSM.

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USA! USA! Cry is Racist

Pathetic Bunch of Losers, Bitchin'

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“Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell'

Obama's Radical Mentor: 'We Hid This Throughout 2008 Campaign'

Obama Tied to Yet Another Radical

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06 March

8:46 P.M. - Stevie It's Dark Outside


How could Mr. Delaney spot his coat slipping off the back seat at 8:46 PM when even now it gets dark long before 8:46 PM? If that pole hadn’t been there he’d of probably been nabbed for serious charges provided the police wouldn’t cut him a deal as they frequently do for friends and neighbors of the department.

Provided the pole hadn’t been there Mr. “D” would have plowed into parked cars at the Hungry Bear creating a more chaotic accident scene and most likely not have been able to run away providing a good night’s sleep before his Saturday visit to the police department. I just wonder why he didn’t call police after he got home to report his misdemeanor, why wait until the next day?

Most people aren’t as gullible as local authorities would have us believe and we can probably all guess why he didn’t phone in his accident after he got home preferring to wait until the next day.

Mr. “D” should remember Lincoln’s old saying, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”


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Fluke Knew Georgetown Didn't Cover Birth Control

A Fake Victim of Georgetown’s Policy on Contraceptives

Limbaugh's remarks were totally uncalled for. However, Ms. Fluke (Fluck) is no fluke.

"Fluke herself is really a 30-year-old women‘s rights activist who not only didn’t get caught without contraception at Georgetown, but specifically knew the university didn’t cover it and chose to attend for precisely that reason."

...Fluke came to Georgetown University interested in contraceptive coverage: She researched the Jesuit college’s health plans for students before enrolling, and found that birth control was not included. “I decided I was absolutely not willing to compromise the quality of my education in exchange for my health care,” says Fluke, who has spent the past three years lobbying the administration to change its policy on the issue."

Fluke is a duck of Obama's making.

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05 March

Delaney On Bicycle - For Lent?


I think I saw Publisher Steve Delaney riding to work on a bicycle. I heard the bicycle was a tricycle until he hit the curb and bent one wheel under the frame.

Maybe Delaney should study this: How To Commute to Work in 16 Steps


Does he car hang Osborn hill?


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Rocky Mountain Satan

Satan Steve Scheffler Outted in Colorado


"Steve Scheffler: “I will destroy the Iowa Tea Party.”

Sources tell the Conspiracy Examiner that Steve Scheffler, conservative President of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, has been promising Iowa’s national delegate seats in exchange for large donations to the IFFC.

Eyewitnesses came forward Friday to detail an unfolding situation that shows potential criminal violations by the embattled Iowa National Committeeman to the RNC."

The infamy of Iowa's Republican National Committeeman and business buddy of Saint Ralph Reed is drawing larger notice. A web site in Denver has picked up on the pious profiteering centered in West Des Moines.

Will anything come of this, or will it disappear like a West Hill Church computer? Or find its way to a Des Moines Cold Case?

Hades Shady

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Rec Plex Amid City Failures


I would like to say that not one penny of taxpayer money be used to promote expansion of, or the building of further entities, at the Rec Plex. I would much rather have any monies be used for the Cascade Bridge that is closed due to decades of neglect by the city. Also, had not the Manor failure been instituted by dreams of grandeur by a few unscrupulous losers at city hall the city may have been able to fund the bridge repair.

The greasy spoons and motels should kick in the money for any expansion of the Rec Plex because they’re the ones that benefit from it the most and the city workers who are mostly overpaid and benefitted while employed there. The place has never broke even yet and since they only had to be bailed out by a mere $22 thousand this year for the first time now they want to expand. They fail to mention the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars that has been used to bail the place out over the past ten years. This city has a way of making loser deals that many of the people are suckered into believing but later on find out their dreams of grandeur were just that, dreams. I’d also rather have the pool opened rather than expand the Rec Plex.

Our schools are on the decline and mostly on probation from the state. Teachers still pass on ill prepared students to push them through the system. I’ve heard rumors students are coached prior to taking state exams but still do poorly. The school board has been building mausoleums of waste and their thinking is new schools will provide the education the teachers and the government unions have messed up and continue to mess up since the early 60’s. The entire government run school system is nothing but a haven for waste, failure and incompetence. Another item is that about 75% of the students are on free or subsidized lunches and breakfast, can this possibly be true? Does anyone see anything wrong with statistics such as this? Doesn’t anyone work or provide for their family here in Burlington or are we well past the 50% of Americans that don’t pay taxes and live off those that are responsible and work for a living?

I drove by the school office complex the other day around 4:00 PM only to notice the northeast windows on the second floor wide open even though it was cold and they should have been closed. The same was true of the court house on the northeast side upper floors a few years ago where windows would be opened wide during the winter as the taxpayer funded heat was sucked out into the freezing cold regardless of the cost. Why should they care the taxpayer funds them as well as their excessive pay and benefits.

Our industrial park is becoming something other than an industrial park over the past few years which now is home to a funeral home, credit union, retail places, Social Security, offices none of which are industrial. I guess we should be happy something is there but most of those places left empty buildings rotting away back in ole Burlington which is full of unkempt structures already and most industrial jobs are vanishing because no one in Burlington actually knows how to recruit industry into the area. When industry does take a look at Burlington that’s about all it amounts to, they take a look and some other town gets the industry.

Speaking of industry why does it seem tax exempt organizations seem to take the good buildings off the tax rolls? The AEA took the Miller beauty supply building out on West Avenue. What bothers me most is what good is that organization, funded by taxpayers, done to raise the level of student education? Since it’s been around the U.S. has dropped from 1st in world education to 17th or further in the hole; so again, what good is it to the student or the taxpayer? Why is the rest of the world leaving us behind and we continue to waste good money on a failing educational system which has been proven over and over again.

Crime has also become a major factor in the deterioration of Burlington now ranked 3rd most crime ridden city out of approximately 947 or so towns and cities in Iowa. Crime is nothing but out of control with many of the offenders caught and released over and over again. We also have Democrats in Des Moines running away from their responsibilities to the voters like sheep because they won’t pass legislation to allow Iowans to protect themselves from the criminals who are so dominate here in Southeastern Iowa and other river towns. Of course, Burlington invited its problem here in order to fill up the slums and provide renters for the slum lords and be the surrogate for Columbus Junction’s Tyson Foods. We’re all paying the price for our leadership failures perpetrated at the voting booths.

Remember here in Iowa voting democratic is the equivalent to committing Hari Kari with individual rights and freedoms. One might just as well slit their own throat as vote Democrat. Burlington is a classic example of what happens in a democratic one party system of politics where people are so accustomed to someone else doing their thinking for them they can’t vote with intelligence any longer and we’re stuck with failure, no doubt about it.


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Trumka: "We Have Nobody to Picket"

"AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka denied that his union pays protesters to attend their protests, despite video footage captured by The Daily Caller that proves otherwise.

The DC asked Trumka about the video of ”Occupy CPAC” protesters who told theDC that the unions had paid the protesters $60 to attend. The protest was organized by AFL-CIO, but Trumka refused to believe that a protester had admitted to being paid.

“No, I don’t believe that. I frankly don’t believe that people told you that because the pickets that we have… we never pay people to picket. Those are union members who come out.”

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04 March

Burlington - Shining Example of No Conflict of Interest Living


There is no conflict of interest in the Cascade Bridge survey. No Knock Knoke said so.

Two local residents think differently.

If you have any doubts about how things work in this town, remember how a local slum lord slapped city skin $$ to dismember the old B&MR depot into a rental with new, city-provided parking space.

No one cares about the National Register of Historic Places.

Seen It

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An Apology to President Karzai

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