Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 June

Michelle Obama's $80,000 Weekend in Aspen

Trying to Please An Angry Black Woman

And Obama Can"t Steal A Kiss Without a Do-Over

"How much would a weekend trip skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado, cost you? If you’re Michelle Obama and her two daughters, would you believe over $83,000?

Believe it. Over President’s Day weekend in February of this year, Michelle took her two daughters skiing in Aspen -- and the cost was $83,182.99.

You heard that correctly. $83,182.99.

Among the costs were:
* U.S. Secret Service, including accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen: $48,950.38.
* Cost for the flight, per official DOD published hourly rates: $22,583.70.
* Food and miscellaneous items on the flight: $235.44.
* Rental cars: $6,442.23.

By the way, this was the 16th vacation in three years for the Obamas. You think you’re overworked? Try their travel agent.

Then again, this was chump change for the Obamas. Remember how much it cost when Michelle Obama vacationed in Spain in August 2010? $467,585.

Or her June 2011 trip to South Africa and Botswana? $424,142."

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29 June

Loebsack Votes For Largest Tax Increase in American History

Bait-and-Switch Dave


First it was a mandate. Now, it is what the chief justice wants it to be so he can still go to Washington cocktail parties.

Whatever you want to call it, Dave Loebsack voted for the largest tax increase in American history.

That's what you call it. The truth!

Bye Dave

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Tax Funded Iowa Senate Campaign Material


"The practice of politicians using Iowa DOT Road maps as campaign material should stop, not just because the code forbids it, but also because it is a waste of taxpayer money."

Why didn't State Senator Courtney think of this?


Courtney was too busy combing Aspen Grove grave records for voters.


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"I‘ll Take Romney ’Every Minute of Every Day’ Over Obama"

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28 June

Loebsack Supports Holder Murder Cover-up of Border Agent

Dave The Chump Caves

Loebsack always tells us how different he is from the rest of the Democrats in congress.

Today, he showed his true colors in voting against finding Atty General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress.

By doing so, Loebsack placed a value on the the life of Border Agent Brian Terry.

Loebsack's seat amongst the Democrats is more important than a criminal attorney general that is covering his ass of incompetence that has cost countless lives.

Soak up the glow today because we won't forget in November. And you know how cold Iowa winters are.


P.S. We're going to find out if you joined the walkout in support of the ludicrous claim of racism.

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Workless Over Welfare Winstons


“I made the statement, ‘do you think myself, that lady and that gentlemen should pay for your cigarettes?’ and he responded ‘yes,’ ” Whiton said."

"The store clerk was fired after she refused to take a customer’s Electronic Balance Transfer card to pay for cigarettes."

If this happened here, would there be a retaliatory flash mob robbery? If so, would anything be done about it? Worse yet, would the incident ever make a police report?

Expecting those capable to pull their own weight by working is counter productive to our strategy to Grow Greater Burlington. Besides, Senator Courtney needs the votes.


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The Vice That Depresses


"It's a depression for millions and millions of Americans."

The honesty is agonizing. Millions of Americans have seen hope and change become depression. Jumbled phrase Joe Biden admitted so not too far from here.

If the Vice President really wants to show America a depression's agony, Joe should campaign in Burlington. Put State Senator Courtney up on the platform right next to the Vice President. Trickle down depression deserves credit.

Make certain the drive by media following Biden are informed how Burlington has benefited from deficit spending. Burlington's share of Biden's security bill would mean the City could not meet its next payroll.

Americans should be informed that if they re-elect the Kenyan and his side kick Biden, Burlington's fate awaits the nation.

Molly N. Prop

Biden said he had a shiny jet to fly around in but was still a regular guy.

Pope Spike I

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27 June

Apple Trees On National Historic Register?


I see the council has decided to demo Apple Trees Museum in Perkins Park. Can they do that? I believe the Museum is on the National Register of Historic Places. The local litter pan liner hasn't raised the issue.

Since the Downtown Clowns let a slum lord ruin the old B&MR depot, maybe someone could do a better job than, ""It should have been torn down," councilman Bob Fleming said."

After museum items were sold to pay for the new library, the least anyone could is give the Thrive group the opportunity to remodel the building.

It couldn't be any worse than the thieves that pillaged the Apple Trees collections.

Fed Up

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26 June

Obama Skips Town

Anonymous N.H. Donor Foots $20K Bill for Obama Campaign Visit After Admin Fails to Reimburse City

Careful Burlington, We Might Get "Demurred" and We Can't Afford It

While a Friday CBS article said an Obama official assured the city it would be reimbursed, as of Sunday, it seems, the administration said they wouldn’t pay (ABC reports that the campaign “demurred” when the town sought reimbursement).

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Ignore Obama? Not a Good Idea!


It’s time congress resolve their lack of leadership and put Obama in his place and put a stop to this self imposed dictator who is making laws through mandates rather than the legislative branch.

This dictator has no power to make laws and should confine his rotten leadership to the White House and his killing drones that he appears to like as much as golf. At least there are a couple of things he can do because he sure as hell can’t govern.

Even Hillary is beginning to act like him which points out there is no sanity at all in the Executive Branch of our government to go along with the non-functioning Legislative Branch.

This week we will probably find out if the Judicial Branch can function according to the constitution because Obama can’t and the senate and house have no clue on how to shut Obama down. They haven’t a clue on what their powers are so they sit on their fat asses and do nothing while that psycho Obama mandates this and that like a miniature Mussolini.

No one in the private sector should pay any attention to Obama’s mandates because he has no power to make laws or much else. It might be time for the entire country to just ignore him, just act like he isn’t there any longer.


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Mike's In the Brownies Again


I see in Sunday's editorial page Mike is at it again preaching how the democrats hands need to be in everyone’s wallet to keep up the charade that only the democrats take care of the down and out. Of course when you have a president that does not believe in his oath of office and has disregarded the constitution it’s easy to say. Like giving amnesty to a slew of Mexicans when he doesn’t even have the authority to do so since that’s a congressional job. Mexicans should be aware he hasn’t the power to give anyone amnesty let alone over one million people.

In order to protect his “Fast and Furious” failure he declares executive privilege to continue the cover-up of executive branch misdeeds which were much worse than Nixon’s Watergate that was basically a political break in of the democrats office located at the Watergate. Of course Mike doesn’t mention anything about the hundreds of Mexicans and one or two U.S. agents killed by the guns the White House sold to the drug cartels while trying to set up a sting to push their political agenda against the 2nd amendment, another White House failure to deceive. Did Mike even mention how many Mexicans died because of Fast and Furious or does he even know, has the Hack Eye published the number of known Mexican people killed by Obama and Holder’s Fast and Furious program? The white house leaks our top secrets but can’t own up to killing hundreds of Mexicans with guns provided by our government with White House approval.

Mike holds it against Romney for staying in five star hotels but I never heard him complain about the expensive vacations Obama takes and the trip his daughter took to Mexico for spring break requiring two planes, 25 secret service personnel and many of her friends all complements of the American Taxpayer. His wife’s trip to Spain that cost us millions and so on. Nor does he say a word about Obama’s 100 rounds of golf so far and numerous vacations and campaign trips all at taxpayer expense.

There’s plenty of stuff written about the poor even here in the Hack Eye but nothing will get better until the press starts printing the real truth about the Obama regime and how our country is doomed should he be elected again. Never in American history has such a nobody been elected to such a high office who is totally unknown by the public simply because the press lies and avoids exposing Obama and his charade of a presidency. Even his leftist professor from Harvard thinks he should be disposed in 2012, probably because Obama isn’t left far enough to suit his handlers like George “Money Bags” Soros who pours millions into the democratic causes and questionable organizations. Look what Obama spent on Solar energy and what that money could have done for the poor had it been used properly. Don’t forget Obama and his Czars are not vetted and were all handpicked by Obama to further ruin our way of life and move us towards third world status.

Mexicans should be aware of Obama because he has a way of using people to get elected knowing no one even knew who he was such as the dimwits in Hollywood, unions and organizations run by Soros and a host of others who couldn’t decipher his real agenda to ruin our country, with the exception of Soros. Like his book “Dreams of My Father” which has been shown to be a fraud through facts that just never happened and are of a mythical nature with the truth locked up in Obama’s mind.

With the exception of golf and drones Obama has a nasty taste in his mouth about being a leader but he does like the fact he can kill at will while sitting at his desk or on the course. He has done nothing but cause friction in the congress which has allowed him to disregard the constitution and it will continue because his favorite people are dictators whom he currently thinks he is.

If all Americans could get the money Obama has wasted on solar energy and other dumbfounded ideas, please remember some of his jobs cost the taxpayer $2.5 million each and of course they all failed. It’s my understanding that shovel ready met union only shovel ready which again is why that program failed to create jobs because non-union companies were not allowed to apply and many of them went belly up throwing thousands more on the welfare lines.

Just look what liberalism has done to the American school system over the past 50 years, basically it has dropped from number one to somewhere between 17th to 20th worldwide, thanks to liberal government unions and their leftist agenda and feel good type of teaching where everyone is “special” even though many are dumb as rock or end up being journalist or neighborhood organizers.

Just remember when you read Hack Eye editorials your reading a newspaper that is leftist from beginning to end and they never tell the whole story similar to how NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC edit their videos to favor the left view regardless of the truth with the word honesty never used in their vocabulary. They cut the video and past in bits from other videos to make it look like real statements of course they never happened as shown and are basically in-house lies run to deceive the American people about Obama and the left.


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22 June

Randy Miller Hits Sanity Nail


At least we know there is a spark of sanity in the confines of the Hawk Eye hidden down on South Main Street and once and a while honest writing does break through the left's shell of lies to reach the citizens of Burlington and Des Moines County.

Randy Miller's article about city hall was a much needed piece of fresh air concerning our less than fresh city council that just messes up everything it does and makes a mockery of Burlington’s elected governing body. Our current city council is about as worthless as a fly swatter on a picnic outing.

The major problem with Burlington politics is the constant flow of democrats turned loose on the citizens from Case and the local public unions none of which have the necessary training or experience to stand up and do what’s right without their ego’s or dreams of grandeur getting in the way. Achievement, capability, honesty and a host of other qualities have no sway in a union environment where nothing is accomplished through merit or skill but more importantly as a result of just showing up for work and for how long one has shown up for work. Of course the raises flow for the government unions because their represented on both sides of the table while the private unions must negotiate with the non-union management for their raises and benefits. However, with the two tier wages at some private union shops we have the older union members selling out the newer members in order to maintain their higher pay and benefits.

The whole point is Burlington will never benefit anything from a one party political system as it now stands because when all the politicians think the same way nothing is ever achieved and dishonesty and failure prevail as we all know in Burlington.

Mr. Miller is truly right about the city council yet it will never change unless the politics changes and Burlington again has the advantage of a two party political system.


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21 June

Fast & Furious Game Changer

What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?

"In 2007, then Senator Barack Obama attacked the use of Executive Privilege as something “to hide behind…every time there’s something a little shaky that’s taking place.” And he saw this as especially true when it was used to avoid a “very appropriate call by…the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, to have [certain] individuals come in and testify.”

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The Imperial President Strikes Again

"President Obama’s improper exercise of executive privilege today to protect Attorney General Eric Holder on Fast and Furious is the latest frightening entry in a week-long pattern of presidential centralization of power. Remember when the left labeled George W. Bush an incipient dictator? Well, President Obama’s actions this week make Bush look like a piker by comparison."

"First, Obama unilaterally declared that he would not enforce immigration law against certain illegal immigrants.

...Second, Obama and his flunkies in the press reacted with utter outrage when a reporter dared to interrupt him to ask a question about his immigration policy.

...Third, Obama came out yesterday and said it was inappropriate for Mitt Romney to criticize him on foreign policy.

...Fourth, President Obama’s campaign has decided that all private opponents must be outed and shamed.

...And finally, there’s Obama’s invocation of executive privilege on Fast and Furious.

President Obama is not a monarch. He is not an emperor. But He Who Must Not Be Questioned has crafted an imperial presidency for himself that would make Richard Nixon green with envy."

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20 June

Too Many "We" Turds in City Council's Pockets


Randy Miller's column in the Hackeye on Burlington council charades is sure a departure from the usual bury and cover it writing the Main Street crowd spews.

Miller questions the continuation of violating Iowa's open meeting laws. Miller suggests Ferneau should have stopped the council. I don't think so. It is the mayor/council's meeting. If they want go boldly where every council has gone before, then it was the lack of Dudley Davidson (good one, Spike) to reign in the meeting.

But it is the arrogance with which our council flagrantly disobeys the Iowa law.

Miller is surprised Dudley Davidson didn't know the Cascade Bridge was on National Register of Historic Places.

"So how is it that Mayor Davidson did not know Cascade Bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places and thus special provisions apply when seeking federal assistance, in this case $1 million? It's pretty clear the former teacher didn't do his homework."

Miller should remember that Dudley was a business teacher. We have seen Dudley's business experience. It took Ferneau 3 weeks to uncover Worden and Slagle's shell game with the city's finances.

The cork in this latest bottle of overripe crud is the arrogance from Dudley and Fleming.

"The mayor scoffed at Richardson's admonition: "I'm not surprised she said that." No admission of culpability there. An expert on the law says the council was wrong, and that's all the mayor has to say?

...Councilman Bob Fleming went even further: "In my own opinion, I don't think there was a problem. I know some people did, but we don't." Who's "we," Bob? The rest of the council members?

Dudley expected a scolding. Fleming denies culpability citing "we" turds in his pocket.

Will this city ever change?


One must never have too many we turds in one's pocket.


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Des Moines County Democrats

Ad Vertiser's Randy Miller Banned Due to Outburst


I see in the Hack Eye that the Democrats are having their “Dinner of Shame” down at Muddy’s this coming Wednesday where plenty of back slapping and lies will be flowing. Probably nothing will be said about the constant failure of democrats to manage the county and the city, both of which are being destroyed by democratic induced taxes to cover the constant losses incurred through poor city and county management.

The guy who misled Iowa democrats about Obama last election will again try and lie best he can so they’ll vote for the dunce again this November. If he was honest he’d stand up at the podium and admit he lied and apologize to the rest of us for democrats that voted for Obama in 2008 but we know liberals would never admit that because their brains are dysfunctional making them incapable of thinking as a normal person would.

I’m sure the Hack Eye will have a big spread about all the glorious things the democrats have done for Burlington and Des Moines County although it’s all been disgraceful, dishonest and extremely costly for the taxpayer. Constant increases in taxes and services means only one thing, “FAILURE” at the highest levels of local government based on irresponsibility, incapability, arrogance and total disregard for not representing the suckers who even voted for them let alone those who didn’t through disgust.


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Satan Sells Out Ron Paul Supporters


A turtle was happily swimming along a river when a scorpion hailed it from the shore.

"Dear friend turtle!" called the scorpion. "Please let me climb upon your back and swim me to the other side of the river!"

"No," replied the turtle, "for if I do, you shall sting me, and I shall die."

"Nonsense!" replied the scorpion. "If I kill you in the middle of the river, you shall sink, and I shall drown and die with you."

The turtle thought this over, and saw the truth of the scorpion's statement. He let it upon his back and began swimming towards the other side of the river. Halfway across, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck.

"Why have you stung me?!" cried the turtle as his body began to stiffen. "Now you shall die as well!"

"Because it is in my nature," replied the scorpion as the turtle sank beneath the waters.

"Last week, I wrote that Steve Scheffler should beware the Ides of June and look out for a backstabbing from Drew Ivers and David Fischer. It turns out, Scheffler might have morphed into Brutus and stabbed the Paulbot Caesars in the back … My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me that as soon as Scheffler got reelected, he instructed his minions to spread the word to vote for Tamara Scott, not Kim Pearson, even though Scheffler and Pearson were both on the Paulistinian slate of preferred candidates."

Never trust a snake, a scorpion, or Satan.


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19 June

West Burlington Police Have DVD Player - Find Evidence of Crime

Can Someone Donate A DVD Player to Burlington Police Department to View Gas Land Mob Robbery Video?


I see where the police are observing the videos from Wal-Mart where the minority guy mashed the head of the other guy with a 12 pound socket wrench sending him via air to Iowa City.

I wonder why the police never mentioned the video of the Gas Land gang robbery a year ago that was also fully recorded but details of the crime were never made public by the Hack Eye or the police.

Does anyone wonder just who was on the video from Gas Land that promoted the sweeping of the entire episode under the potholed streets? I think the state should be notified about the lack of honesty emitted from the local authorities when it comes to hiding crime from the citizens and the covering up crimes perpetrated by friends and relatives of the police and dimwitted local politicians who don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain yet can foul up Burlington every time they make a decision.

Since the Hack Eye only prints what they are allowed to by the local, third of a deck political machine the citizens are constantly kept in the dark about the crime here in Burlington. If it weren’t for our local blogs most important unreported events would never see the light of day and local evil doers would get by unscathed to screw the public again and again.

With a voting population of straight ticket democrats there is little to no way of cleaning up this hell hole of a political nightmare every bit as crooked as the current and arrogant administration in Washington.


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18 June

Burlington as Hell's Bank and Laundromat

Satan Steve Sheffler Faces Possible IRS Probe - Hurd Obeys Prophet Steve

Local Church Instrument of Satan?


October 16, 2009

"Burlington police said officers went to West Hills United Methodist Church, 540 S. Leebrick St., after a pastor found signs the building had been broken into. The pastor raised suspicions the culprit or culprits may have entered the church between 10 p.m. Wednesday and 8:15 Thursday morning.

An initial investigation indicated several items inside the church had been rifled through, and the suspect or suspects had taken a computer and undisclosed amount of money.

Police did not find evidence of forced entry."

October 21, 2009

"On Tuesday a Republican activist filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, accusing Morris Hurd, pastor of West Hill United Methodist Church, of funneling money intended for the Iowa Christian Alliance from the Mitt Romney organization.

Further, the complaint filed by Stacey Cargill of West Des Moines alleges the ICA received a $100,000 contribution during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses from "maxed out" Romney donors -- money she claims was made in quarterly payments through the West Hill church."

May 8, 2010

"Bopp categorized the allegations as not on solid ground."None of this is true," Bopp, who represented ICA, Hurd and Scheffler before the FEC, said Friday. "This is a complete vindication for the Iowa Christian Alliance, President Scheffler and Pastor Hurd. What is worse is that the third complaint repeats some of the allegations in the first two complaints. How many times is the same person going to put the same bait on the same hook and hope FEC takes it?"

June 14, 2012

"Stacey Cargill, a West Des Moines Republican, called into Mickelson’s show in an effort to revive a complaint she filed with the Federal Election Commission in 2009 that alleged Scheffler directed donors to his organization to make checks payable to a specific church so that the contribution would be tax deductible for the donor. At the time, Scheffler’s group did not have a non-profit status.

The church that donors were being instructed to make their donations to was being led by Rev. Morris Hurd, who also happens to be the treasurer and chairman of the board of Scheffler’s organization. The money would eventually find its way to Scheffler’s organization, but the ability to solicit contributions that would be tax deductible helped Scheffler secure donations."

The dirty diapers at Satan's laundromat keep falling out of the hamper. Did the Burlington Police Department ever recover the computer? The Federal Election Commission found no evidence to support the accusation. Score one for Satan.

It appears the game is not over. The former follower who deprogrammed from Satan's cult has comeback again. This time she is talking about the Internal Revenue Service, not the toothless Federal Elections Commission. Satan and his banker maybe in for another, tougher round.

''The Devil got into the computer,'' Jim Bakker

What was made on a computer is not all left on its hard drive. An email has surfaced saying send your tax deductible donation to the "Burlington United Methodist Church." Typo, or red herring, it makes no difference. All roads lead to Satan and his Treasurer.

This is not going away easily.

Lucy Fuhrer

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Courtney Example of Utter Incompetence

Unions Glad He's Moved On


Courtney is very good at representing Burlington democrats because he’s just as dimwitted, arrogant and totally incompetent as our city politicians when on the job. Off the job he can do about anything he wants like hiring non-union people for work around the house or even buy what he wants out of town and not support the local economy. By the way, I wonder if the local police got their new Fords from Shottenkirk here in Burlington or if Courtney got them a deal in the Quad Cities?

I think Burlington has had its fill of Case and other union people destroying our city and making life miserable for those who are forced to cover their mistakes time and time again through the form of taxation. States that have passed right to work laws and rid their government of collective bargaining for government unions that are reaping benefits beyond the belief of taxpayers are reaping the benefits now. Check out the miracle of Indiana and Wisconsin since relieving government of union collective bargaining that has been strangling the efficient operation of state and the federal government. In Indiana, a case study in ending collective bargaining.

When will Iowa ever learn that collective bargaining by state employees is a death bed to progress, efficiency in government, the birth of the “Privileged Class”, high taxes, school failure and an endless mess of special interest causes. Probably the worst example of collective bargaining by government employees is they are represented by both sides of the table during the collective bargaining process that basically throws the taxpayer under the bus. The link between government unions and democrats is a road to disaster wherever it takes hold and like a cancer eats the life out of taxpayers resources to provide excessive wages and benefits to government employees. Remember here in Iowa a government union janitor will probably earn in excess of $14 per hour not counting benefits while a janitor in the private sector will reap about $8.10 with little to no benefits if lucky.

Read more: The Salary of a Janitor - to view just scroll down to Salary by Industry section.

By electing democrats over and over again Burlington will always remain a dead horse and never gain anything other than higher than average taxes, lack of jobs, falling down infrastructure, increased crime, increased indigent population, less than honest government, no sunshine policy, a leftist newspaper and a host of other shortfalls. Probably the worst of all is our inability to show potential employers good characteristics that will attract industry to town and the number three ranking in the state for crime just doesn’t attract business although it attracts or compounds many of the bad characteristics Burlington is now saddled with.

Courtney is just a bump on a log at the state house and needs to be replaced by someone who cares about this stepson of a corner here in Iowa. Of course the voters in this part of Iowa are another big reason things just don’t work in our area because they continue to believe they owe something to their union brothers who run for office that only enhances the constant city failures.


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15 June

Senator Courtney Struts His Junk; New Corvette From Illinois Dealer

Scab Courtney Ignores Buy Local


Good letter LB.
You ask who will step up in Iowa to make changes? Sen. Courtney will. He just has not gotten around to it yet.

He is too busy cruising in his new Corvette convertible that he bought in Illinois at the Quad City dealer.

Real supportive to his Iowa and local car dealers wasn't he? He supported the Illinois jobs and didn't hesitate, when Deery Bros. or Shottenkirk could find him any car he wanted.

Their employees and families needed the business too. Did he care?  He says he is for local jobs! Maybe the Hawkeye will get his picture when he always drives his Vette in the parades with his UAW signs supporting jobs!
Voter that will Remember

He probably had his non-union handyman drive his car home from Moline.


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Satan Steve Scheffler Just A Political Dweeb, No Diplomat or Envoy

There's more to Taiwan than Steve Scheffler's myopic perspective.


Unlike Mr. Scheffler, I’ve made several trips to Taiwan and found the food to be just great! It would appear Mr. Scheffler is nothing more than a fast food junkie and doesn’t appreciate the great Asian food available in Taiwan.

Why would he come back to Iowa and smear the Taiwanese food while ignoring their achievements in the technical world? Sounds like he should have stayed in Iowa with his head in the ground, clutching a Big Mac.

As of 2009, Vizio is now the largest producer of LCD televisions in North America. Although the company is based out of California, their HDTV's are not Made in America or Iowa Mr. Scheffler, but in Taiwan.


Satan Steve Scheffler is a joke. The guy that invited him on this trip is the guy that should be fired.

To stand in front of a group of people and publicly expound how bad Taiwan is after being invited to travel there and be the guest of the country is the reason the Little Doo-Dad is going home for good on Saturday.

He's taken all he can steal. He's laundered all he can with the help of the U.S. Attorney that declined to prosecute him. And he has stolen from the GOP members long enough.

Satan is Hell bound.



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Lest We Not Forget The Corruption - Sergeant Eric Holder


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14 June

Satan Steve Scheffler's Diplomatic Emission to Taiwan

Is This The Best The GOP Can Come Up With?

Does Satan Have Answers When Caught Like the Devil He Is?

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For The Good of The Party - Satan Steve Scheffler's Demise

Which image of the Iowa GOP looks better to you?

The Status Quo of Scheffler Hiding His Money Laundering In a Tangled Morass of Unkept Promises?

Or, The Exorcism of The Un-Dead?


Snip Satan's Tentacles of Greed!


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Wrong Williams "Fluffing" Obama's Feathers

Real Journalists Are Apologists for Corrupt-ocracy’: Michelle Malkin Takes on Juan Williams in Tense Live TV Segment

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13 June

SCC Expenses Very High and Inflationary


I see where SCC is charging something in the area of $259.70 or more for a set of Scrubs for those in the nursing program. They must buy two sets; so were talking about $400 to $500 per student, I don’t have the exact figure. On Amazon the same items would cost anywhere from $9.00 to less than $50.00 for top of the line, at best.

I also have another example of high cost at SCC, if one were to sign up for the truck driving program we’re talking in excess of $6000 based on the cost it was over three (3) years ago. By the way veterans, the SCC truck driving program does not accept the VA; so you must cough up the $6000 plus cost.

This is a community college and I’d like to know how they can justify stealing money from the students? We’re not talking about a major four year school but a local school that wouldn’t have any out of state students if it weren’t for sports or affirmative action programs. In my opinion most out of state students at SCC pay nothing because most fit into the two categories mentioned above.

I just don’t want my forced tax money spent on students not from Iowa. There are enough basketball players and baseball players in Iowa to support those programs and there’s enough diversity in Burlington and surrounding counties that we really don’t need to provide more free applicants to SCC. Anyone who doesn’t think we have diversity just take a ride around any portion of Burlington or Southeast Iowa and you’ll see clearly how diversified we really are.

To compare the cost of medical versus education go here: The Expenses On University Education In The U.S., 2000-2011

The difference between the two is 0.1%.

SCC is nothing more than a local two year college and that’s all it is; so why the high cost? Well one reason we know is that the employees are government employees and we all know about the high cost of government employees here in Iowa. Iowa has the highest spread in salary in the U.S. between private and government employees at about 45 percent. Meaning if there were a janitor at SCC earning $15 per hour his equivalent in the private sector would be bring in about $8.25. That’s why government schools are costing far above their worth to those that must pay the price. This goes for public run government schools also.

The first year Wisconsin threw out the union collective bargaining the states school districts saved millions in what it cost for medical insurance because the unions owned the insurance company specified by contract and they were stealing millions that went right into the democratic political machine. Schools the size of Danville saved in excess of $1 million in medical insurance costs by selecting their own insurance companies that were not owned by the teachers unions.

Wisconsin has one of the lowest unemployment rates since the demise of the teacher collective bargaining that was robbing the taxpayer blind. Job growth has risen drastically since the teachers weren’t running the state any longer with their demands for excessive pay and benefits always given to them by the democrats as payoff for their votes. If I’m not mistaken Wisconsin is now out of debt or very close to being out of debt all thanks to Governor Walker a true American politician.

All of this happened because one person stood up and demanded the end of union control of the Wisconsin government by teacher unions through the funneling of their dues money to the democrats. Iowa has the same problem but no one has yet stood up and decided to take on the government employees control of the democrats but it may happened sooner or later because the taxpayer can no longer afford unions running the government in place of those elected to represent them because their being paid off by unions whom no one elected to be in charge of government.

One thing for sure government union people could care less what happens to the taxpayer forced by democrats to over pay and over benefit them because their controlled by greed just as are the democratic politicians who want their money and then rip off the private sector to pay for it by constantly giving in to the demands of their union brothers as thanks for the votes and money. Why would one think Iowa has the highest spread between government employees and the private sector in salaries; it’s because they buy the democrats with their votes and dues. Don’t ever think government employees are any better than anyone else because in many cases they can’t make it in the private sector and finally end up working for the state with inflated wages and benefits.

Just think when paying at SCC the high cost is to provide the good life to the employees a life far richer and easier than can be found in the private sector. Education in America is probably a leftist paradise a place to hide and reap the high pay and benefits obtained through their union dues and votes totally unlike the private sector unions who must go it alone basically because the democrats cannot promise them free benefits and constant raises based on nothing other than showing up for work.

The next time you pay the high fees at SCC just ask yourself where is this money going and why is it so expensive? FDR fought the unionization of government employees but when he died the democrats in Wisconsin became the birth place for government unions and finally the death bed when it became apparent FDR was right to fight against government unions and Wisconsin proves it, people cannot afford government unions any longer, congratulations Wisconsin.


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12 June

Wanna Buy a Mall?


"At a meeting today, the Burlington City Council will begin setting the stage to pay off a series of debts when they set June 18 as the public hearing date for the consideration of $5 million in loan agreements."

This sounds close to the initial price estate of the empty lot Manor Mall. How much is the interest on that debt costing us? Why aren't some people in jail?

Agency Piked

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08 June

WB Fire Chief Defies Iowa Law With Kansas Drivers License & License Plates

Acts Like Fellow Ad Vertiser Kansas Carpetbaggers - Crap On The Locals


I see West Burlington is as screwed up as always.

-Blind eye council
-Blind eye city manager
-Blind eye police chief
-Belligerent, bad ass employee
-Caspar Milquetoast councilman
-Taxpayer terrorism
-"Chicken S***" mayor.

What more could you want from your city leaders?

As for Chief Mike Heim, why don't you load your carpetbagging ass back into that Kansas licensed pick up truck and go back to Kansas to your self-proclaimed "permanent residence." We don't need a short timer looking to suck off the city teat when you are unable to find a job elsewhere.


Hot time, summer in the city, it's a pity, for a city, the city, it's a pity.


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The People's Republic of Courtney


"China said Thursday it planned to extend nationwide a requirement for microblog users to register with their real names as part of a sweeping update of rules governing the Internet."

What took the Chinese Communists so long? Senator Courtney introduced a bill in the Iowa Senate to do this years ago. It went nowhere, but as long as Senator Courtney holds his Senate seat the risk remains.

You just wait, Spike. Senator Courtney will get you and your little dog Toto too.


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Obama Caught Lying Again: He Was Member of Radical Socialist 'New Party"

Author Stanley Kurtz released proof that Obama had been a member of, and sought the endorsement of, the radical group in 1996--contrary to the Obama campaign's denials.

"Recently obtained evidence from the updated records of Illinois ACORN at the Wisconsin Historical Society now definitively establishes that Obama was a member of the New Party. He also signed a “contract” promising to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party while in office.

Minutes of the meeting on January 11, 1996, of the New Party’s Chicago chapter read as follows:

Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.

Consistent with this, a roster of the Chicago chapter of the New Party from early 1997 lists Obama as a member, with January 11, 1996, indicated as the date he joined.

Knowing that Obama disguised his New Party membership helps make sense of his questionable handling of the 2008 controversy over his ties to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)."

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07 June

Satan's Haven in Point of Gloom


"Republican Sen. Pat Ward of Clive won Tuesday against Jeff Mullen in what political operatives agreed was one of the most heated legislative primaries this year."

The Point of Grace mega church in Waukee, IA has often been used as a focal point of greed. It is where Satan Steve Scheffler and St. Ralph Reed of Casino cash infamy call forth their Iowa flock to be sheared.

Pastor Jeff Mullen of the Point of Grace Church has achieved notoriety for his sermons that sound similar to campaign speeches. Use of the pulpit as a party headquarters podium has brought up the issue of Pastor Mullen violating his church's tax exempt status.

Pastor Mullen's latest alchemy of religion and politics blew up in his face like baking soda and battery acid. Jeff Mullen was slam dunked by Sen. Pat Ward in a West of Des Moines suburban district. Republicans there overwhelmingly demonstrated the difference between who can control a caucus process and who can win an election.

Pastor Mullen's attempts to render himself into Caesar may cut into his collection plate. Satan's cost to rent the church where he fleeces his sheep may raise like hell.

When the hell will the sheep awake and stop funding these prophets of personal power and profit?

Caligula Disgustus

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05 June

Ousted Ex-City Manager Slagle Found Lurking In Beer Tent

Is Slagle in Town For Criminal Interrogation on City Budget?


Can anyone explain why ousted criminal ex-city manager Bruce Slagle is still on the Steamboat Days board of directors?

If he has found a whale to leech in Mexico, Missouri shouldn't he stay there and away from our town drunks?


I wonder if Slagle is here for a criminal interrogation for his involvement in bankrupting the city with Lost Keys Bill Ell?

Maybe he just showed up for a Monday night drunk at Doc's with the city council.


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Burlington Politics Spawns Incompetents, Criminals & No Newspaper


When will the citizens of Burlington understand that electing retired union people to manage the city will never work and is absolutely the dumbest way of voting bar none.

We even have a union man as senator representing us in Des Moines, who is a total flop, and more or less a laughing stock who hands out jelly beans or some other type of candy when in session. Several years back he had illegal’s doing the work on his house rather than his union brothers a term loosely used between older union members who will sell out new workers in order to keep their much higher pay and benefits, it’s called two tier pay scales and just means older workers sell out the newer members to maintain their lavish wages and benefits until finally the union is just a shell of what it originally was before the sell out.

Yet when the city or county voters elect retired union members to represent us the tables are turned and the dog eat dog union standards in the private sector don’t apply in government unions and they begin to rob the taxpayer right off the bat for their dumbass dreams of grandeur and the high wages and excessive benefits paid to their special interest government union members to guarantee a lifetime of votes from government unions regardless of performance or qualifications.

Then we have the local “fish wrap” of a newspaper that has never been critical of anything this make believe incompetent city management has ever done wrong. It’s like we live in a city floating on a cloud of great leaders making our lives forever beautiful while they have done nothing but tax us to death, created a world class crime atmosphere that now ranks Burlington number three (3) for crime in Iowa. Although plenty of the crime has been swept under the rug by city incompetents and the local paper there are a couple of blogs that have far out performed the paper and do publish many of the news events ignored by the local left biased one party paper. The Hack Eye holds no one in city government responsible for the problems this city faces simply because of their loyalty to the democrats and the government unions both of which have ruined our city, county, and state by their greed and political payoffs from those that take their money.

Government unions are killing, through greed and self interest our American way of life and we should all thank Wisconsin’s governor Walker for trying to put a stop to government unions running state government. Walker has saved the state of Wisconsin taxpayers millions of dollars by ridding the state of collective bargaining by teachers unions and others that have been raping the Wisconsin taxpayers for years and hopefully Tuesday will prove what the people want provided the democrats only vote once rather than multiple times as is normal in Wisconsin. Don’t forget that Wisconsin is the birthplace of government unions and it’s fitting that it should also be the deathbed for government unions freeing the American taxpayer from this dreaded form of excessive taxes and special interest that has corrupted the democrats beyond belief.

Of course don’t forget Obama is a big union supporter because he wants their money and in return the unions can get their favorable legislation and mandates, business as usual in Washington with Obama and his unions. I wonder how his ties to unions would be if he didn’t get their money?


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04 June

City Money Problems In Plain Sight, Ignored By Delaney & City Council for Years


You and your readers have posted many things that turned out true, including the City's financial trouble. It is disappointing that The Hawkeye refuses to take leads, investigate and report on certain things.

The money problems in the City are real. The council and the new city manager know this. Worden had to have known it too. Now he sits back and receives his large pension check.

The new council voted last week for more pay raises for City staff. Why would they do this when we're broke? The benefits are posted on the City website for the new police chief position.

The taxpayers in Burlington are getting screwed and the council continues to hand out our money. It is sad how bad this City has been mismanaged. All time high in property taxes, sales tax, motel tax and gambling revenue. And we're broke. That is Sad! Give them all another pay raise and free insurance and raise the taxes on the people in Burlington.

Good Stewards of our money, they were not! They should be ashamed.

Taxpayer in B-town (broke-town)

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Morris Hurd to Satan Steve Scheffler: They Found My Hard Drive!

Oh God, please don't smite me. I shall wash no more money.

Please forgive me. Satan knows not what he doeth unto us.

Morris Hurd

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Obama: Buy a ‘Thingamajig’ For Your Furnace & Stimulate The Economy


"While stumping in Golden Valley, Minn., President Obama told a group of Honeywell employees that his proposed tax breaks would help them afford “thingamajigs” for their furnaces.

There are some folks here who could use $3,000 a year,” President Obama said. “If you got $3,000 dollars a year extra, that helps you pay down your credit cards, that helps you go out and buy some things that your family needs — which is good for business.”

“Maybe some of you will be replacing some thingamajig for the furnace,” the president said to laughs and applause."

I bought a $8.00 "thingamajig" for my furnace. A Master Padlock to keep Obama out of my basement.


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‘Ridiculous’ to Talk About ‘Tiny, Tiny Missteps’ Like Solyndra

NYTimes Paul Krugman Eating Rex Troute's Fantasy Brownies

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02 June

Barack Obama: Drone Warrior

Uses Tuesday Card Games for Kill List Just Like The Animal Shelter

Krauthammer on Obama's Penchant for Drone Warfare -

"A very strange story, that 6,000-word front-page New York Times piece on how, every Tuesday, Barack Obama shuffles “baseball cards” with the pictures and bios of suspected terrorists from around the world and chooses who shall die by drone strike. He even reserves for himself the decision of whether to proceed when the probability of killing family members or bystanders is significant.

The article could have been titled “Barack Obama: Drone Warrior.” Great detail on how Obama personally runs the assassination campaign. On-the-record quotes from the highest officials. This was no leak. This was a White House press release.

...The Osama-slayer card having been vastly overplayed, what to do? A new card: Obama, drone warrior, steely and solitary, delivering death with cool dispatch to the rest of the al-Qaeda depth chart.

So the peacemaker, Nobel laureate, nuclear disarmer, apologizer to the world for America having lost its moral way when it harshly interrogated the very people Obama now kills, has become — just in time for the 2012 campaign — Zeus the Avenger, smiting by lightning strike.

A rather strange ethics. You go around the world preening about how America has turned a new moral page by electing a president profoundly offended by George W. Bush’s belligerence and prisoner maltreatment, and now you’re ostentatiously telling the world that you personally play judge, jury and executioner to unseen combatants of your choosing and whatever innocents happen to be in their company. "

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01 June

Liquor and Liberals Leave a Nasty Hangover


"We're really close to not being able to make payroll by the end of June," Ferneau said. "That short-term borrowing has to get us through a time where we have a plan in place. This is a very serious issue."

Years of leadership by liberals, drunks, picket line enforcers and do gooders has reached its morning after. Burlington is broke. Burlington got into business where it had no business.

We have a Wrecked Plex that was supposed to support itself plugging along on public money. We have wrecked side walks, streets and a major bridge we are too broke to tend to.

The City invested in a casino swimming pool. Huck's Hole has been a hole when it comes to the promised return on investment.

With State Senator Courtney present, the City decided to play chicken on the railroad tracks. The BNSF ran over that "without merit" investment in a big legal award. Pay the City Attorney.

An empty lot Manor Mall is Burlington's jewel in the frown. With State Senator Courtney's aid in waving restrictions on eminent domain, we now borrow money to pay the interest on Agency and Roosevelt's weed growing remains.

A new City Manager has exposed past emperors had no clothes.

Read the fish wrap on the breakfast table. Swallow a handful of aspirin. Your head throbs at the thought of your next property tax bill. Your stomach churns contemplating paying your taxes, or the grocery bill.

Think before you vote again. If you need help, admit it and get it. Enter a 12 step program to avoid swallowing all that sounds wonderful, but is too good to be true.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Render unto Babbit what is Babbit's.


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Pole Dancer Delaney Warbles: Gangs, Right Here In River City!

Brain Tapp & Dennis Hinkle's Dream for The Future


I can't believe that Steve Delaney, editor of the fish wrap thinks there is a gang a problem in Burlington. I believe he needs to go down and convince our police chief Luttenegger that there is because he has told us repeatedly that there is no crime wave.

Maybe Mr. Delaney needs to do some investigation as to where the tapes are from the Gasland robberies. If those tapes were made public there would be someone who could pick out some of these individuals.

Instead of worrying about bridges and dog pounds, we should find some money to hire more police officers. I feel sorry for the people and South Hill that have to put up with this bull.

The police chief knows what is going on in this town and he must be afraid to do anything about it. Our judges have been no help to the problem as they keep letting these individuals off.

Maybe if we offered these drug dealers a chance to go back to Chicago or go to jail the problem would go away. If it wasn't for the slumlords, city managers, Grow Greater Burlington, what other town would be stupid enough to invite these people?

It sure wasn't Muscatine.

Armed citizen

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Pelosi: Obamacare Will Be Upheld ‘Because I Know the Constitution’

Pelosi Didn't Even Read The Health Bill

"Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she was confident that US President Barack Obama’s health care reform would be upheld by the Supreme Court, saying the law’s constitutionality was “ironclad.”

...“I know the Constitution,” she elaborated. “The bill is ironclad. Nobody was frivolous with the Constitution and the health of the American people in writing the bill.”

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