Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 December

Five Years of Empty Lot Manor Mall Follies

"Clock Still Ticks On Manor Project."


Five years after the eminent domain crime in Flint Hills Manor, Iowa's Oldest News On Paper is reporting it as such. At the time of the crime, the Ad Vertiser cheered the deed. Visions of new retail advertising dollars danced through their heads. Probing questions and research into if what was then being said could be expected were not found at the Ad Vertiser.

Type "Manor Mall" into Derailed's search box. A lot the Ad Vertiser recently reported you will find there, from years ago. What is news to the Ad Vertiser is History here.

The Ad Vertiser's role call of the guilty was incomplete. State Senator Courtney helped make it all possible. A public irate at such eminent domain development by local government deluded sent the Iowa Legislature back in a special session to stop it. The eminent domain bill that became law contained a loop inserted in the Iowa Senate. That loop hole made the empty hole at Agency and Roosevelt reality. Many less prominent citizens were evicted from their homes.

Unlike State Senator Courtney, the Drunk ex-Mayor is out of office. Unlike State Senator Courtney, the Drunk ex-Mayor's role was not over looked by the Ad Vertiser. The Empty Lot Manor Mall is truly the "poster child" of how the City of Burlington handles development deals. His intoxicated Honor was a true prophet for once.

Another not indicted by the Ad Vertiser was Burlington's then City Manager. Sleazy Slagle should have been fired long before the Manor Mall came along for numerous cases of dereliction of duty and abuse of position. Instead of the Manager following City Council policy and direction, the City Council set whatever policy and direction Slagle told them to at the 19th hole of Flint Hills.

Once Minnesota based Robert Muir Co. cut and ran, so did Slagle. Slagle ran to a municipal bond salesman job with a Minnesota based company. Be it creating wasteful municipal debt, or selling the bonds for it, Slagle's cup has stayed under the spigot.

A better headline would be "Meter Still Running on Manor Mall."

What has the Empty Lot Manor Mall cost the City of Burlington so far in interest on taxpayers money "invested?" How much will the interest bill be in another year, the year after that, etc. etc.? Has the statute of limitations run out for holding those given responsibility accountable?

Ultimate responsibility for this and other municipal messes rests with the majority of Burlington's citizens. Electing drunks, inbred incompetents, picket line thugs and others deficient in ability to public office lies at the root of the problem.

Have we learned anything? State Senator Courtney was recently re-elected.

How much worse must things get before the majority wise up?

Shoquo Pawned

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30 December

Host One for The Kiwis

Caution - Kiwi Bad Language

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29 December

King Obama's Gift to The People


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28 December

Cliff Driver


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27 December

Who Else Would Time Magazine Pick


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26 December

The $10,000 Question

What Did The City Do With the BNSF $10,000 Check?


Back when the president of BNSF toured the improved railroad bridge across the Mississippi the BNSF Railroad gave Burlington a check for $10,000 for use by the parks department.

Since it’s been awhile now and nothing has been mentioned in the Hack Eye about the $10,000 gift I was wondering if anyone knew what the $10,000 was being used for at the parks department. Could they be holding it for the pool next summer which is one half of the $20,000 they claim it cost to run the pool?

Hopefully city management certainly would not be considering using the money by throwing it in that red bottomless hole known as the Rec Plex or some other doomed dream of grandeur typical of Burlington’s loosely managed city government.

It would be nice if any profits the Plex could realize be paid back to the taxpayers who were robbed to pay the approximate $100,000 the Plex lost every year for the first ten years it was opened. Putting the $1,000,000 back into the pot would help the taxpayer reduce their taxes, something never heard of in this tin horn town. Instead they want to raise them again to cover their past poor decisions regarding taxpayer money.

Our city government has proven without a doubt that retired government school employees and other union people are incapable of running a city government or any government because they lack the knowledge of responsibility, accountability, merit and the freedom to be free thinkers. Theirs is a life of time; all is based on time such as their salary and benefits without any of the above listed traits required most commonly in the private sector. Burlington must get over this union thinking that predominates its political thinking and voting habits neither of which has solved any of the city’s problems but only makes them worse. For proof of this how much have your city service fees and taxes decreased in recent history? If they constantly rise you can bet we have a real city government problem and it’s costing us all our hard earned money while they live the good life at our expense.


Your point is well made. Never forget the monetary crisis was exacerbated by years of corrupt city managers, mayors and staff leading the incompetent ex-teachers and union thugs around by their nose ring. Only when a new city manager came to town were the fiscal crimes uncovered.

Chief criminal and former municipal bond salesman, now Mexico, Missouri city manager Bruce Slagle burned what he wanted no one to learn. Slagle hid Iowa's Losingist Lawyer Scott Power's lump sum piles of exorbitant billing for nothing useful.

Doug Worden played more shell games with city accounts than a Chicago mobster. The difference is, in Chicago, the Feds finally do prosecute someone. Worden was given the keys to the city for his incompetence to run amok.

Lost Keys Bill Ell played pocket pool and golf with his buddies and forgot the rest. Lost Keys bent the fire chief education requirements to hire his now-demoted replacement who will receive chief salary for two years. So now we have two fire chiefs that have screwed the city out of hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting back at Doc's telling each other golf stories.

Ex-business teacher Dudley Davidson ignored ALL of the danger signs of corruption after making a campaign promise to clean it up. Dudley is a case study in book learnin' don't mean shi* in the real world of forensic eye opening.

Poop shoveler Tim Scott just let everybody tell him what to think and on cue, would erupt into a belligerent ass-covering tirade when caught.

Coupled with Dennis Hinkle and Brian Tapp redistributing the populations of Chicago and Kansas City when no one else would, things just got a whole lot worse.

But the real stars of the ball are the MSM, Main Street Media. A building filled with people too lazy to go ask a question that might be loosely interpreted as investigative journalism. Instead, Pole Dancer Steve Delaney practices his gotcha-style of cheap shot fiction writing just to sell his advertising sheet with 14-day old news. Anyone caught driving his car home with the wheel bent under the frame of the car after striking a utility pole has nothing to fear unless they were coming from the Sombrero and knows what "gotcha" really means.

This town is like this country. The utterly incompetent have control and they are so belligerent with perceived power we may not be able to fix it after the collapse.

But we will have to pay for it.


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24 December

Ad Vertiser Rates Going Up For 10-day Old News

BNSF Article Posted 12/14 Makes Sunday Business Section


I bought a Sunday Fish Wrap this morning and the clerk told me the price was going up to $2.00 from $1.75; so things down on south Main must be getting tight indicating the demise of our democratic socialist newspaper is imminent, if not sooner.

Don’t know how it will impact the daily version but like the city, costs go up while service, honesty, fairness, intelligence, and accountability all decrease and that’s the Burlington one party system of economics in a nutshell.


Old news is no news.


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21 December

Harkin Continues to Avoid Korean Donor Scandal

Harkin Sidestepped American Law to Give Korean Company Tariff Breaks to Start U.S. Subsidiary

Harkin Slipped Corporate Research Grant for PMX in 2007 Defense Appropriations Bill

"Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) again refused to answer reporters’ questions about foreign corporate influence at the Harkin Institute of Public Policy, the new academic unit at Iowa State University that bears his name and for which his wife Ruth has fundraised.

In Harkin’s weekly call with Iowa journalists, reporters with the Associated Press and the Ames Tribune asked Sen. Harkin about recent reports that the Harkins have personally engaged in fundraising for the institute despite promises that they would not do so last year. Reporters also asked Harkin whether he or his wife Ruth, a member of the state Board of Regents, solicited donations from PMX Industries, a subsidiary of Poongsan Corp.

Harkin repeatedly refused to answer such questions, and he accused reporters of making unspecified errors in their reporting. Harkin’s press aides also declined to respond to email inquiries by TheIowaRepublican.com about the supposed errors. Such solicitations would be a violation of federal law in Harkin’s case and a Senate ethics violation in Ruth’s case. Harkin mocked the questions and then shamed a reporter with allegations of errors that he refused to explain."

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NASA Johnson Style

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20 December

It's All Tough Meat


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19 December

I Feel Pale!

Systemic Failure Starts at The Top


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Harkin: I've Been Caught & Have No Comment

Harkin Caught in GAO Probe Over Korean Metals Giant PMX

"Money can’t buy you love, but $500,000 might buy you Iowa’s junior senator. Just make sure the kickback is in dollar coins, not greenbacks.

That’s the implication of an investigative report by the Associated Press examining Sen. Tom Harkin’s close relationship with Poongsan Corp., which donated $500,000 to an institute at Iowa State University honoring the Iowa Democrat. The Korean firm operates a Cedar Rapids division that has received more than $1.5 billion in federal contracts since 2000—partly thanks to Harkin’s lobbying.

...If Harkin succeeds in his mission to eradicate the dollar bill and replace it with coins, PMX and Poongsan will reap the windfall from the U.S. Treasury.

Harkin’s bill would force Americans to switch to dollar coins, mandating the Federal Reserve to stop circulating $1 bills in as little as four years.

...“Promoting the dollar coin is a smart investment for our country that saves taxpayers’ money,” Harkin said in a January press release promoting his COINS Act. “With the deficit looming, we need only look at the cost-savings from this effort to understand why this legislation is so urgently needed.”

...When factoring out the government profit known as seigniorage—it costs the U.S. Mint 30 cents to produce the coin, switching to the dollar coin would actually cost taxpayers $3.4 billion over three decades, according to a Federal Reserve analysis of the GAO’s figures.

...Environment Iowa, a liberal-leaning advocacy group, recently singled out PMX Industries as one of the most notorious corporate polluters in Iowa. For example, in 2009 the company was ranked 5th in releases of cancer-causing chemicals (it dumped 322 pounds of such chemicals in Willow Creek). It was also ranked 6th in releases of developmental toxicants (215 pounds) and 4th in releases of reproductive toxicants (215 pounds)."

Tommy, him got a problem.

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18 December

Harkin's Egg Roll Bank Roll - No Dog Please!


"IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A South Korean businessman and his Iowa metals company gave $500,000 to a university institute honoring U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, who is pushing for a dollar coin that could generate tens of millions of dollars in new business for the company, according to records obtained by The Associated Press."

With PMX Tom could be in a fix.

"As part of this mission, during a 30-minute visit to Con Son Prison he (Tom Harkin) snapped photographs of Communist prisoners in “tiger cages.”

When the mission returned, Harkin declared that these photographs were “too important” to be turned over to Congress and to the committee that employed him, paid for his travel and provided him official U.S. Government access to the prison. Harkin instead sold these photos, some to anti-American foreign outlets, and others to Life Magazine for $10,000. (Harkin used this money from selling what ethically was taxpayer-funded government property to pay off his own debts for his 1972 law degree from Catholic University.)"

Will it be a "tiger cages" for Iowa's "Top Gun Tommy?"

Ching Klink

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Tom Petty and the Harkin Rappers


"ISU faculty seem content with a common sense compromise crafted by President Steven Leath in a contentious clash over research guidelines at the Harkin Institute of Public Policy. The Harkins insist that any guidelines governing the institute are unacceptable, threatening to move the institute to Drake University if ISU doesn’t back down."

Why move the Harkin Institute to Drake? There is another location more fitting to the study of Harkinism.

Burlington is an excellent example of Harkin style over reaching command and control governance. Drag in a couple of used, discarded mobile classrooms and park them on the empty lot Manor Mall. Make State Senator Courtney the Dean failed public policy schemes.

Diz Placed

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17 December

Harkin Institute Contributions Overstated by 100%

Harkin Contribution Pays Big Dividends for Korean Crony

Glass Half Empty Harkin

"AMES, Iowa—Fundraising documents from Iowa State University show that the Harkin Institute of Public Policy has raised barely half of the total its boosters have claimed. The Institute, established by the Board of Regents amid political controversy in 2011, has raised only $1.6 million in the last two years.

...In April of 2011, Gregory Geoffroy, a former ISU president and chair of the Harkin Institute’s advisory board, told the Des Moines Register that the Institute had raised $3 million. Geoffroy then boasted that total could rise to $5 million in the “next month or two.

...The documents from ISU’s foundation show that Geoffroy was blowing smoke—to put it charitably. The first pledge to the Harkin Institute was made by Michael Gartner, who is also a member of the advisory board, in May of 2011. He pledged $100,000 but only transferred $10,000 in May.

...The largest donor to the Harkin Institute is Poongsan Holdings Corp., which transferred $500,000 to the Institute from PMX Industries, Inc., its Cedar Rapids-based subsidiary, and the personal account of its Chairman and CEO Jin Roy Ryu. As TheIowaRepublican.com previously reported, the manufacturer of ammunition and metals for the U.S. Mint has received nearly $1 billion in federal contracts, grants and other payments."


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14 December

The Editor & The Omen - Nevermore

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The Hawk-Eye NeverMore

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The Mayans on South Main

Main Street Apocalypse


The Burlington Ad Vertiser must be seriously ill. There have been rumors Iowa's Oldest News on Paper was becoming a desperate pauper. The proof landed at my door as the Dec. 12, 2012, edition.

Since when is a car dealership's weather forecast an entire front page of news? The whole front page was laid out as a news hoax to trick you into reading a used car lot's advertising. I dug through two pages of crap (ads) to find anything being passed off as news. What I found was the pathetic little we have become accustom to.

One article at the bottom was appropriate. The end is near. The ancient Mayans said so.

This Mayan mania for the paranoid has been all over the internet and 57 channels with nothing on cable stations. Why pay to read it on paper in the Ad Vertiser? Worse yet, why would anybody paywall the Ad Vertiser to read it online. Perhaps the Ad Vertiser's management has an inside track.

Believing the world is coming to an end next week, is the Ad Vertiser filling the pockets in its burial shroud?

Most of us have reason to believe we will be here in a year from now. After reading what landed at my door earlier this week, more than just faith says Ad Vertiser may not make it.

Edgar Caycee

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Back to Kansas With Celluloid Class

Far From the Colonic Class Departure of The Kansas Carpetbaggers

"The end is coming. 5 days a week, then once a week for the Tom's, Hy-Vee and Fareway ads and poof! gone back to Kansas."


Dorothy bid farewell leaving Oz better than she found it.

Citizen Kane will not be able to say the same.


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Greg Gutfeld takes on PolitiFact’s ‘Lie of the Year’

“The media is like a sad middle-aged man at a strip club… all they can do is keep whistling.”

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13 December

One Fell Swoop of Pixels Obliterates 175 Years of News

Ad Vertiser Masthead Falls to Morgue as Revenue Whore Infiltrates Main Street Media

We all knew it was coming. The front page ads were creeping in more often, more white space, more filler from cities that have no bearing on our life here and the last attempt to sensationalize the deaths of 4 people in a tragic accident, hidden away on page 3 - the old front page.

The end is coming. 5 days a week, then once a week for the Tom's, Hy-Vee and Fareway ads and poof! gone back to Kansas.



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12 December

Economic Indicators Reveal New Direction


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11 December

GE CEO: "State-Run Communism Actually Works"

Jeffrey Immelt - Head of Obama’s Jobs Council Praises Communism

"Appearing Monday morning on CBS, Obama’s jobs council head and the CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt said that one thing that “actually works” is “state-run Communism” in China.

After host Charlie Rose brought up the “growth rate” of China falling from double digits to about eight percent, Immelt chimed in.

“Look, I think it’s good for China,” he said. “To a certain extent, Charlie, 11 to 12 percent is unsustainable. You end up getting too much stimulus or a misallocation of resources. They are much better off working on a more consumer-based economy, less dependent on exports, driving technology and innovation harder. Really, the one thing that actually works, state run communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.”

“They get things done,” Rose responded."

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10 December

Signed, Sealed and Delivered from Aspen Grove

The Scourge of Des Moines & Lee County Elections Outted for What It Is - Corruption!

Lee Spike,

"Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz said he is against full mail-in voting, which is in place in Oregon and Washington, and he is pushing for a signature-verification program for mail-in ballots.

“We just want people to do what they’re supposed to do,” Schultz said. “Absentee ballots are a way to commit fraud, and I think we need to be looking into that.”

Three different hands on hundreds of signatures is nothing to be concerned about. This is a violation of the rights of those afflicted with decomposition. When will State Senator Courtney claim this is unfair intimidation of past tense voters akin to racism?

Mortis Toten

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How Many Voters Can You Fit in a Phone Booth?


"MOSCOW, December 10 (RIA Novosti) - A Moscow district court has annulled the residency documents of 333 migrant workers who were all registered as living at a single apartment in northern Moscow, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on Monday."

If this were Burlington, would they all be registered Democrat voters?


They'd be registered Democrats and all work for Courtney at his house.


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Obama's Fiscal Cliff and the Chicago Way

"A friend from Chicago, involved in Illinois politics who has known Obama since his early days in the Illinois State Senate, told me that two things that trump everything else in Obama’s mind: redistributing the wealth and empowering labor unions. Look at everything the President does, my friend says, and you will find one or the other lurking in the background."

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05 December

Detroit Councilwoman’s Actual Rant: We Voted for You, Obama, Now Give Us Some of That Gov’t ‘Bacon’

There Is No Need For Any Side Bar

Fox 2 News Headlines

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04 December

Union Clerks Cost $1+ Billion A Day to U.S. Economy – 17 Ships Diverted

Hostess All Over – Needs of The Few Outweigh The Needs of The Many

Last Minute Christmas Inventory in Jeopardy – 2 Week Inventory Cycle Collapses

40% of the imported goods arrive in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.
600 office clerks in the Port of Los Angeles are holding 10,000 longshoremen hostage over their unreasonable labor demands.

Office Clerical Unit clerks make $165,000 per year. They want a $30,000/year increase in wages along with an unlimited guarantee that their jobs will never be eliminated even if the Panama Canal leads to a loss of port business in the future. The real issue is the refusal of employers to continue “featherbedding” practices in which a company must call in a temporary worker each time a Office Clerical Unit member is absent, even if there is no work to do. Also, when OCU workers retire or leave a company, they must be replaced, even if the position is no longer needed. The immediate concern to the OCU is 50 positions the union wants filled that employers have determined do not have to be filled.

No one answered the White House phone when the National Retail Federation called to ask Obama intervene.

Obama was playing golf with Bill Clinton.

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The Great Paywall is Crumbling


"While the loss of 30 jobs pales in comparison to the ousting of roughly 100 newsroom staffers in 2008, it is the latest evidence that the Times continues to struggle despite putting up a subscriber paywall, which was intended to extract more revenue directly from online readers."

Despite charging for content, the New York Times continues its downward slide. Considered America's newspaper of record, if the Times is in trouble, what about others?

The free Ad Vertiser was worth every penny of its cost. Burlington's Oldest News on Paper recently went to a paywall. The Ad Vertiser's content has not improved. It would take great effort to make the Ad Vertiser's content any worse.

Will pay to play engender further Ad Vertiser decay? How much longer will it take the Ad Vertiser to totally fade away?

Dee Leete

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IPERS For Lifers


"Thomas Hansen will likely lose his freedom for the rest of his life after a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder. But, at least for now, he’ll get to keep the lifetime pension benefits he earned as an Iowa City fire official and as Johnson County’s emergency management director."

This should give great comfort to some of our past public servants. If the City's books are audited and indictments result, their public pension will still be there.

If you are enraged, write State Senator Courtney. Other than a thank you for your concern return, expect nothing more. State legislators are also covered by the Iowa Public Employee Retirement System (IPERS).

Les Golden

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03 December

All Indians and No Chief

Stench of Lost Keys Bill Ell Still Filling Fire Department


After less than 24 hours on the job, Burlington's new fire chief stepped back down the ladder. Fear of heights of responsibility versus reward is given as the reason.

Lost Keys Bill Ell's legacy of leadership still lingers.

Mrs. O'Leary

Standing tall when the whores line the road is hard to do. Comparable costs only apply for the city, never for the worker. Just because Burlington is broke doesn't mean people have to sell their soul.

Now the city wants fiscal responsibility. The three crooks in charge of the financial shell game with the city books, long played with taxpayer money, is over. Worden and Ell sit on their fat asses with big IPERS retirement checks and Crooked Bruce Slagle is trying to con Mexico, MO into believing he is the messiah. Iowa's losingist lawyer Scott Power is still extracting his fees lump sum without oversight. But the corruption is being slowly whittled down.

Trexel would have made a good chief. Other cities recognize good leaders. It is just a matter of time until Trexel finds another job at more money. Where he is appreciated.


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Gonna Need A Bigger Boat


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