Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 February

What Black Businessmen Think of Obama - "Very Social, Borderline Communist"

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Obama's Need for Taxes - Taxes That Won't Solve The Problem

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Beat It Barack, Beat It!


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Bob Woodward: Journalist said he received White House warning

This Is Not News, This Is Another Example of Chicago Thugs

"Bob Woodward said in interviews with Politico and CNN that when he informed the White House he was writing a story critical of the White House's handling of a debate over the origin of the cuts, known as sequestration, the official reacted angrily.

The aide "yelled at me for about a half hour," Woodward told Politico, and then followed up the tirade with an email.

"I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today," the official wrote Woodward. "You're focusing on a few specific trees that give a very wrong impression of the forest. But perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here. ... I think you will regret staking out that claim."

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27 February

Hagel's Immediate Plans


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The Boys on Hollywood: "We Have Seen What Has Spawned The Charlies Sheen's of The World"

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26 February

Woodward: Why is Obama still misleading everyone on the sequester?

"Success may have a thousand fathers, and failure be an orphan, but don’t doubt the parentage of the sequester. After yet another week of White House denials of paternity and a new layer of hysteria over the nature of the cuts involved, Bob Woodward reminds us again who came up with the plan in the first place. As he reported in his book The Price of Politics more than a year ago from on-the-record interviews with the players involved, the sequester was proposed by then-Chief of Staff Jack Lew and personally approved by President Barack Obama, before Harry Reid presented it to Republicans as a take-it-or-leave-it option to end the summer 2011 budget standoff."

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Gov’t Office Warns Sequester Will Hurt Agency…That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

"Of all the “horrors” the March 1 sequester will inflict on our nation, perhaps the most terrifying are the cuts it will force on the National Drug Intelligence Center, a non-existent government program.

...Acting in compliance with The Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012, as Reason’s Mike Riggs notes, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in September 2012 delivered a report to Congress detailing the effects of the automatic spending cuts.

But there’s a small problem with the report: One of the cuts it warns against would affect an agency that no longer exists–and didn’t exist when the OMB sent its report to congress”

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Short Trip


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25 February

Fertilizer Plant Historical Finds


I wonder if they’ll find the missing ballpark lights that vanished from the Manor fiasco after the grand slam loss of taxpayer dollars to the city hall greedy team, with a score of $5,000,000 to nothing for the hapless city hall criminals.

Maybe they’ll find the supposedly destroyed secret notes that Iowa’s most worthless city manager Mr. Slagle, who said, “I destroyed them because state law mandated such destruction”. Of course he didn’t mention the meeting was held against state law in the dark of the night over a twelve pack of suds because the worthless thieves knew they were breaking Iowa law put in place to protect the taxpayers from deceitful city politicians.

Maybe they’ll also find the missing BNSF $10,000 check stub given the city park department when BNSF officially opened the rebuilt railroad bridge. Maybe the signed check stub will reveal who in the city cashed the check and fess up what is was used for provided the parks department even received it.

Maybe they’ll discover why the city has hundreds of thousands of dollars to blow on failed business ventures such as the Rec Plex and Golf Course but have a problem scratching up $20,000 to run the city swimming pool, something that actually serves the citizens rather than greasy spoon restaurants out on Roosevelt Avenue along with the motels or is this done to supply the Chamber with yearly funds in the area of $350,000 or about 70% of their budget. Most taxpayer in Iowa cough up only about 25% of their tax dollars for the Chamber of Commerce. Of course other cities also reap results from their Chambers while Burlington doesn’t.

Another thing unexplained is why when a house burns and is uninhabitable the ruins sit for years as a constant reminder to everyone that Burlington is just a junky town with no pride or concerns about just how dumpy and ill kept it really is. A town where city codes are only used when it’s to the city’s favor or special interest benefits.

Democrats in Burlington are the ones getting what they want, a failed city management while those who vote other than democrat are the ones being robbed on a daily basis. I can’t understand the mindset of people who constantly vote for the worst possible people to run their city and school system. I guess if one wants to live a normal life without being robbed through exorbitant fees and taxes to pay for ineptness we had just better move on to greener pastures unavailable here in Burlington but very much enjoyed in other areas of Iowa.


Could the missing video from the Gas Land mob robbery be just a shovel full away from public attention?

Or will all of this be covered with the alcoholic remains from the occupants of city hall?


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23 February

Obama's Mess

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22 February

3 Words Obama Will Never Utter On Sequestration - I Did This!

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Local History Mixology


Southeast Iowa's big deal fertilizer plant is having a hard time getting off the ground. Archeologists found Indian artifacts on the plant site. More research is required. What happens if they dig up another Dickson Mounds?

All these delays are enough to drive a man responsible for the project to drink. If the project falls through, there is always a local political career to be pursued.

Fast forward 1,000 years.

A massive space port sewage dumping facility is being developed near Lat: 40.79 Lon: -91.12. It is known that the area was long ago inhabited by a fabled, but largely unknown people. An archeological dig required of the project discovers a huge cache of Miller Light cans. The project is halted.

Further digging finds more beer cans and liquor bottles. Scant historical documents compared to the artifacts confirm these objects once belonged to the tribe's political class. Worse yet, numerous artifacts, including an old leather cowboy boot, are confirmed to have belonged to the legendary first leader of the tribe to resign from his position.

The massive sewage project is canceled. The Bureau of Interstellar Humanities builds a museum on the site. A platinum plaque at the museum's entrance warns all of how civilizations may fall.

Who could blame the person responsible for the sewage project from drowning his woes in Nebula Nectar Light?


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Stammi Bene Mr. Harrington


Groin Greater Burlington's Director of Economic Development is leaving. How does one sell a City with an inept, single party political system practicing double cross entry book keeping? The job must have been frustrating.

Hanging around long enough for a tour of Italy's golf courses is no reason to remain.

Mr. Harrington should not be hard on himself for leaving so soon, nor should anybody else. Maybe he who raised Lazarus could be breathe life back into Burlington. Until Burlington gets its collective act together again, it is doubtful any mere mortal can help.

Job Uz

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Stamp Out The Lies


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21 February

Missing Chess Piece


The Hawkeye Steve Delaney Fish Wrap.jpg

This isn’t a chess piece but it does represent the Hawk Eye which should have been represented in the chess set on yesterday’s Derailed issue.


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Burlington's Abject Failure in Math Skills

OCI Is Building $1.4 Billion Fertilizer Plant

Now City Plans to Sell Eminent Domain Mall 50% OFF!

Larger Than Needed Tax Increase Still Planned in Disguise As Franchise Fee


It is just despicable what Burlington’s amateur politicians have done to the budget over the past few years. Of course some of the city employees were supposedly educated and thought to be capable of running the city for the taxpayers. Now we find out they were totally incapable of managing most if not all of the taxpayers hard earned money.

Here we find our city just about broke because of extremely incompetent elected and hired city employees who have run up debt while putting on a charade of management, one that never really existed.

Here’s some of unnecessary debt accumulated by this incompetent city management over the past few years:

· Parking fund deficit $255,025,.50

· Golf Course fund deficit $686,961.53

· Rec Plex fund deficit $760,257,.59

· Property maintenance fund deficit $316,171.28

· Vehicle maintenance fund deficit $195,459,.85

· Vision Iowa Improvement fund deficit $764,935.00

I’m willing to bet that the people responsible for accumulating this debt for the taxpayers were still getting their yearly raises and bonuses. Of course some of the worthless hired officials that were part of this criminal behavior are long gone living the good life on their city retirements or just prancing around town as though there something to be admired rather than be despised by those left with the debt they accumulated for the hapless taxpayer.

Those on the city councils over the past few years are just a guilty as the incompetent city employees that allowed this charade of city management to continue year after year. The taxpayers have been left holding the bag for this Democratic stronghold of insanity that’s been taking up space at city hall under a platform of incapability and irresponsibility.

Then we have the voters that just check one box without even caring about a person’s qualifications to be elected. This town has had no checks and balances for years which have resulted in the mess we’re now in and just goes to prove a single party town is just a loser town and always will be and Burlington proves it.

The Rec Plex and golf course should be sold off to a private enterprise that knows how to run a business. Burlington can’t even run the city let alone a business which has more than been proven by the constant deficits.

There should also be a freeze on all wages and bonus money paid out to those that have put the city in this deficit position. Both the Rec Plex and golf course have been a burden to the taxpayers for years. The Rec Plex ever since it opened its doors and the golf course for the past several years. Had they been losers in a private business as they have been for the city they’d of been shut down years ago. The Rec Plex has never turned a profit and has been bailed out by the taxpayers every year since it opened. Yet the current city council and city management want to add to the losses by building an indoor facility out there to put the taxpayer’s further in debt. If I’m not mistaken we still have the Manor debt that started out at about $5 million based on the single party dreams of grandeur that continues to this day.

The only innocent person in this entire fiasco is the new city manager Mr. Ferneau who obviously had no idea of the mess this city was in otherwise he wouldn’t be here today with the impossible task of cleaning up this den of misfits who’ve been taking up space at city hall drawing salaries and bonus money for nothing other than failure and fiscal abuse.

Until the voters wake up and vote for the man rather than the party there will be little to no hope for this town to ever clean up its act. Burlington needs people like Dubuque or Mt. Pleasant to run the city. The decade of retired teachers, retired union people and retired city employees has just proven over and over again that these people do not have the mind set to run a small city like Burlington because they’ve always been at the trough where more money is given with little to no requirements other than longevity. Not taken into consideration for more salary or benefits is employee quality of work, accountability, responsibility, professionalism or anything other than how long they’ve been taking up space at their position.

One thing is known for sure and that is if Burlington voters don’t stop stacking the deck with Democratic union people the city will never survive and we’ll be following the likes of Washington D.C. when it comes to constant failure. For an example of what things will look like just take a trip down to East St. Louis and you can see the future for Burlington right before your very eyes. Burlington is the Detroit of Iowa now and yes it could even get worse.


How much more fun can we have, huh? Our inept city council uses eminent domain to force its residents from their homes, gets hammered by an escape clause, forces years of interest payments on the taxpayers and pulls up to the curb after seeing a 50% OFF sale sign on Manor Mall while pasting the taxpayers with higher than needed taxes disguised as Franchise Fees.

Now the taxpayers have a chance to recover their investment on the best retail location in Southeast Iowa only to find the city is so scared they're prepared to jump on the first bone the real estate broker finds.

And has anyone stopped to think about Jim Furneau? Courted to come to this wonderfully corrupt city on the Mississippi only to find rampant fraud hidden within Doug Worden, Bruce Slagle and Bill Ell's years of massive cover-up, fraud and deceit.

Furneau won't stay. He has 8 kids to raise. Why would he want them exposed to this crap? I can't blame him. Nothing he was told was true. He was courted by liars and thieves. He wants a bright future for his kids. Not the dismal life in a river ghetto.


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19 February

City Hall and Failure


The citizens of Burlington have been duped and swindled by current and past officials both elected to office and hired as department heads.

Most elected to office over the past twenty years have been incompetent, unaccountable, non-professional, self-serving, and dishonest. Basically, I guess, they were and are just normal democrats acting exactly as democrats naturally have always acted. Tax and spend tax and spend never accepting blame for their worthlessness and their constant failed dreams of grandeur.

Many of the hired city managers were grossly overpaid for the quality of leadership provided to the taxpayers who are constantly forced to pay higher and higher taxes and fees to cover the constant losses through the dimwitted dreams of grandeur provided.

The streets are a constant reminder of the lack of planning and performance provided by city management. Constant losses by the RecPlex, Pool, and Golf Course are also constant reminders of failed city run business enterprises. The disgraceful decay of the Cascade Bridge, along with the Viaduct and other city infrastructure are classic examples of city inability to manage the city. We then have the totally failed Manor Mall flop that cost the taxpayer’s in excess of $8 million dollars. The entire Manor flop was driven by greedy and ignorant city management along with dimwitted city council members none of which knew anything about city government and should never have been elected in the first place.

The taxpayers have been cheated by these constant democratic thieves and hypocrites that have been running our city into poverty and disarray over the past 20 years. Just look around at other cities whose cost of living is far less than Burlington’s and they offer far more than Burlington. Dubuque has a property tax that’s less than $11 dollars versus Burlington’s more than $15 dollars. How is that possible that a city twice the size of Burlington can have such a low tax on homeowners? Go to the Dubuque budget and take a look how they do things professionally compared to Burlington legal pad way of doing business: Dubuque, IA - Official Website - FY2013 Budget Hearing Videos

Every city has problems but Burlington’s constantly keeps getting worse and will continue to degrade the quality of life for all citizens as has already started.

The best thing to start with is the city selling off all its business ventures to the private sector who know how to run a business. First off city employees cost far too much and earn too much money and no one could run a business paying what the city pays and make a profit. All this does is raise taxes and fees to pay off the red ink caused by the cities inability to run a profitable business at a reasonable cost and not necessitate a taxpayer bailout every year (over $1 million for the RecPlex since it opened).

The pool should be refurbished and maintained at a reasonable cost because even little towns have pools but they don’t have all the other failed business ventures Burlington has gotten itself into. Burlington has let the pool fail because their having to pay out the butt for losses created by the other never break even ventures. All that pool needs is a good manager and a few lifeguards to make it work plus a good pricing structure.

If Burlington can’t make a swimming pool work there’s little to no hope in anything else working. Take the pool budget away from the Chamber’s budget that has done little to entice good paying jobs to the area, after all about 70% of their budget is taken from the taxpayer anyway; let’s spend it on something that can work, such as a pool. The city should have taken the money from Winegard and gotten out of the Huck business when it was offered but no they decided to continue for no reason other than probably losing more taxpayer money.

Most of the problems in Burlington are created at the ballot box along with city hall where there is no sunshine policy at all. The local paper is also to blame for not forcing city hall to be honest through accurate reporting and making known shady deals born in that den of deceit known as city hall. The Hawk Eye is agenda driven and anyone hoping for change shouldn’t hold their breath waiting on them to become honest, it’ll never happen.


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All Hail Obama


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18 February

Lights Going Out on Harkin's Legacy, Institute, Manna From Heaven

No More Taxpayer Funded Photos to Sell

DES MOINES—MidAmerican Energy Company requested and received a refund of the electricity company’s $300,000 contribution to the Harkin Institute of Public Policy at Iowa State University, raising questions over whether donor funds were meant to support Sen. Harkin or a public policy program at Iowa State.

"Sen. Harkin briefly addressed the controversy on his weekly press call with Iowa journalists Thursday, but his press aides booted a reporter for TheIowaRepublican.com from the call several times—preventing a question about the development.

“You are not invited to participate in these calls,” Harkin spokeswoman Kate Cyrul Frischmann said in a post-call email. “Please do not dial in going forward.” Frischmann has told other reporters that the calls are not for reporters working on enterprise stories but for Iowa reporters interested in Harkin’s Washington agenda."

Red Barron Top Gun Tommy's landing lights got shot out.

Did the Ad Vertiser get to stay on the line?


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Another One Bites The Dust

"RDA Holding Co., publisher of the 91-year-old Reader's Digest magazine, has filed for bankruptcy to cut $465 million in debt and focus on North American operations as consumers shift from print to electronic media."

...Reader's Digest "sold more digital editions in December than we did newsstand editions," Guth said."

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15 February



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Delaney: Nothing To See Here - Move Along


"CENTERVILLE — The termination of the contract between the city of Centerville and Kevin Wade Stocker raises some questions, like who knew about his criminal background status and when did they know it?"

Hiring a City Administrator even for the interim is serious business. Some serious vetting went undone.

Centerville's Daily Iowegian is seeking answers. It is nice to know there are still places with a newspaper on the job. BS wallpapering over a problem with an editorial is not a solution.

Could something like this ever happen here?


Just like Centerville, our mayors knew of our former city managers' sleight-of-hand financial policies. Our new city manager says he has never seen such financial disarray among so many accounts having negative balances. This deceit is legendary among other mayors and council members. Pole Dancer and Ad Vertiser Publisher Steve Delaney doesn't care when the City Snow Guide ad revenue is at stake.

As long as Delaney gets paid he could care less what goes on at City Hall.


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13 February

Cedar Rapids Chamber Resorts to Lies to Divert Opponent Attendance

Public Opposition to New Casino of Shame Mounts In Wake Of Recent Failed Cedar Rapids Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme Failures

The Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce and its yuppy arm, Impact CR, have been enthusiastically endorsing a local group of investors headed by failed McCleod stock huckster Steve Gray.

The Cedar Rapids Chamber/Impact CR scheduled a public meeting for Tuesday to enlighten the great unwashed on the merits of locating a new casino 35 miles from the Riverside casino.

About noon on Tuesday Impact CR posted a message to its Facebook page stating that "Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight's Quarterly Q&A Session has been cancelled(sic)."

Good thing the opponents never take anything the Chamber says as Gospel. The meeting was held at 6:00 pm.

The Cedar Rapids local Ad Vertiser never made mention of the Chamber/Impact CR diversion anomaly.

Don't expect The Gazette lapdogs to write about the Chamber deception since they are as guilty as our own Pole Dancing Publisher Steve Delaney of reporting what they think is important instead of being a community watchdog.

The casino vote is March 5th.



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12 February

Groin Greater Burlington Foolishly Ad Vertising to the Choir


I saw an ad among the endless tapestry of ads in Sunday's fish wrap Ad Vertiser. Groin Greater Burlington was patting itself on the back. This certainly was not to draw attention of the world at large to Burlington.

Pole dancing Citizen Kane put a paywall around his shopper. Not many here pay to see the Ad Vertiser anymore. Why would people elsewhere pay?

How ironic that Groin Greater Burlington sees a future in chasing the newspaper trade.

Groin Greater Burlington went to the Iowa Newspaper Association convention and set up a display. Iowa's new crop of buggy whip manufacturers were invited to Burlington this summer. Burlington has not had a real newspaper for years.

Is there a chance the Ad Vertiser could be out of business by summer? That would be most informative. Get your act together. Start making electric starters, or go broke.

Other visitors are being invited to Burlington. Stress fishing and other out of town, outdoor activities. You do not want visitors to get curious and try driving across Cascade Bridge, or marvel at the empty lot Manor Mall's weathering for sale sign.

Groin Greater Burlington is going afar to sell others on locating here. Plug Burlington into the world supply chain. Why go to China?

Burlington's single party government also drives peasants from their homes and bulldozes them. Have we got a choice location empty lot just waiting for you. Burlington's local wage scale is almost as low as China's. Burlington is a bargain when you figure in the price of gas. So what if our latest crop of graduates can't read.

Groin Greater Burlington wasted its money Ad Vertising in an attempt to fool we who already know them. Groin Greater Burlington should have spent money advertising where there is vibrant economic activity. Perhaps an extreme risk taker there is willing to go against the odds by coming here.

Willie Lowman

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When Common Sense Is Too Painful


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The Liberals' Answer to Paul Harvey Farmer Ad

This time watch the Dodge ad first.

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11 February

Does Anyone Know The Whereabouts of the $10,000 Gift From BNSF?


Back last fall when the new railroad bridge was dedicated the BNSF gave the parks department a check for $10,000, double what Alliant recently gave the city for the Central Avenue trees. I can never recall anything in the Hawk Eye or anywhere else about what happened to the $10,000 gift from BNSF.

I was hoping someone reading this on your blog might have some information about what the money was spent for or if the city ever bothered to mention even receiving it. If anyone has information about what happened to the $10,000 please reply to Derailed and let us all know what happened to the money.

Most are aware of how the Burlington city management has a record of hiding the truth from the taxpayers while continuing to put the city further and further into debt and then hitting the taxpayers with higher fees and taxes in order to cover its constant failures and ill thought out dead end dreams of grandeur.


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10 February

Ohio Democratic Poll Watcher: "I Voted Twice for Obama"

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When You Need More Than The Audacity of Hope

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09 February

Panetta: Obama never called back to check on Benghazi

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General Dempsey on Benghazi: 'We Never Received a Request for Support from the State Department'

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07 February

Hail to Thee Ell U.


"DES MOINES—In an orchestrated blitz, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and his wife Ruth, a member of the state Board of Regents, “blindsided” the director of the Harkin Institute of Public Policy and the Iowa State administration by announcing plans to renege on Harkin’s offer to donate his papers to his alma mater."

Senator and Mrs. Tom Harkin have been involved in a running dispute with Iowa State University. As a reputable institution of higher learning, Iowa State University refused to let Senator Harkin dictate what course of studies to follow.

Reputable the Harkin Institute has not been. There have been questions raised about the ethics of a sitting U. S. Senator raising money for his namesake institute from a foreign firm doing business with the U. S. government. If the Harkin Institute severs all ties to Iowa State University, it will only add to that university's reputation.

Where should the Harkin Institute go?

The answer may lie in Southeast Iowa's single party enclave of reneged academic under achievement. Burlington would be the perfect location for the Tom Harkin Institute.

Mortis Bored

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Iowa Democrats Want In-state College Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens


"Democrats in the Iowa Senate would like to further recent efforts for DREAMers by making them legally eligible for in-state tuition at public universities."

Iowa Democrats are advocating tax funded in-state tuition rates for people in this country illegally. Vote buying schemers are calling illegal aliens who would so benefit "DREAMers." When you subsidize a college education for illegal aliens you are being taxed by REAMers.

Speaking of REAMers, where does State Senator Courtney stand on our taxes being used to subsidize a college education for illegal aliens?


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05 February

You Got Exactly What They Asked For


"Yes, according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, union leaders (i.e. the same people who campaigned tirelessly in favor of universal healthcare) are trying to figure out a way to avoid paying for the costs associated with “Obamacare.”

Some people never will learn. Which will the likes of State Senator Courtney discover first, Amelia Erhart's last airplane, the holy grail, or the free lunch?


They were told.


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Obama Skeet Shooting

Now that the White House unearthed the lone image of Obama allegedly skeet shooting, I wonder if the White House could release Obama's college loan records along with his transcripts.

Only took 4 days for the skeet shooting image to appear.

So we could expect to see this information in what, a week?


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Duck & Cover


Liberals on the firing line. Imagine the President and his Sec. of State to be doing a photo op to prove the 2nd Amendment is strictly about recreation. Would one be safer in Benghazi?

Winchester Browning

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Pick All Them Apples


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