Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 April

A Paywall is No Passage to Paradise


"The New York Times, which introduced a digital subscription model more than two years ago, announced last week that they are adding a line of lower-priced products—including online games—as they struggle to replace lost revenue from a drop in advertising sales."

"While expanding their offerings will probably lead to increased revenue, it is still a short-term fix for a long-term problem—slumping print and digital ad revenues—that shows no sign of abating any time soon and will continue to put pressure on the Times’ meager profits and its future as a print newspaper."

The flagship of legacy liberal media is losing buoyancy. The "Mae West" of a paywall is failing to keep the "Gray Lady" afloat.

"Iowa's Oldest News on Paper" went to a paywall. How's that working out? Will part of the Ad Vertiser's pay package be access to online match wits with Jimmy Olsen in a game of Pacman?

It looks like it may be time to head for the lifeboats. There may not be room for all. Lois and Jimmy first, or Editor and Publisher wearing a skirt?


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A Waste of a Dollar


"The Washington Post company sold Newsweek In 2010 to businessman Sidney Harman for $1 in exchange for taking up its financial obligations. It was Brown's then 2-year-old Daily Beast online news operation."

“There are some magazines that have no competition essentially in their field, luxury magazines,” the Washington Free Beacon reports Diller said. “Advertisers must advertise in them. But for a news magazine … it was not possible to print it any longer. So we said we will offer a digital product. We have a very, very solid newsroom, and we’ll see. I don’t have great expectations. I wish I hadn’t bought Newsweek. it was a mistake.”

Comparing the quality of newsrooms at the Shoppers Spree and the Ad Vertiser, which would you place your dollar down on?

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State Dept Blocking Lawyers From Representing Benghazi Whistleblowers

Benghazi discussion begins at 3:05.

"According to former US Attorney Joe DiGenova, the State Department is standing in the way of lawyers trying to represent whistleblowers in the ongoing investigation into the events at the US Consolate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

..."The Department of State is refusing to grant clearances to Victoria (Toensing) and other people who want to represent the whistleblowers in an attempt to prevent the testimony," DiGenova said, referring to the upcoming hearing before Rep. Darrel Issa's House Oversight Committee.

DiGenova called the stand-off a "constitutional showdown" and added, "Congress is going to win. The administration's effort to cover up what happened in Benghazi is going to fail."

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Gun Control Begins in The Mind of Tyranny


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29 April

Liars, Damn Liars and Failed City Managers

Crooked Ex-City Manager, Failed Springsted Bond Salesman, Mexico MO City Manager Bruce Slagle Promising More Than He Can Deliver - Again!!


"Our mission is always to maintain and improve the community and overall quality of life for the residents of Mexico," Slagle told the council. As city manager, Slagle said his focus is on job growth, assuring a financially sound organization, seeking partnerships with other agencies, fostering community spirit and improving ways to disseminate information."

How many residents of Mexico will be heading for the border after an auditor goes through the books? Given the mess Burlington is in, they sure as hell won't be headed here.

Scott Winfield

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46 Senators Willing To Subjugate 2nd Amendment To U.N. Doctrine

Tom Harkin Believes The United Nations Knows What's Best For Us

"On April 2, the U.N. passed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by a 153-4 vote, with the U.S. voting in favor. President Obama is expected to sign the ATT on June 3, but it will not be binding on Americans because the Senate, which must approve the ratification of the treaty, rejected it by a vote of 53 to 46. Every vote in favor of the treaty in the Senate came from a Democrat or an independent. A few Democrats voted with Republicans."

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GOP Better Get Busy


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26 April

Uncle Sam to Des Moines: Knock it off with the utility franchise fee

"Des Moines - A controversial 5 percent tax on Des Moines utility bills – the one that’s been debated for eight years and has been through multiple trips to the Iowa Supreme Court – now has a new enemy: the United States government.

Federal prosecutors acting on behalf of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs sued the city of Des Moines and MidAmerican Energy Co. today alleging that the city’s longstanding surcharge on gas and electric customers in constitutes an illegal tax when levied against the federal government.

The litigation apparently comes as the final bid to resolve a longstanding dispute. Court papers say the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Des Moines previously refused to pay the franchise fee and earlier this week faced a possible disconnection of its natural gas and electric service due to an outstanding balance of $8,086.84."

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NYTimes Confirms: Massive Fraud at USDA in Pigford; Breitbart Vindicated

What Will The Main Street Media Brownie Klatch Have to Say About This?

George Soros Right in The Middle of It

"The New York Times reported Friday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has likely enabled massive fraud in the Pigford series of legal settlements, in which black, Hispanic, female and Native American farmers have claimed to be victims of past discrimination.

The cost of the settlements, which could exceed $4.4 billion, is the result of a process that "became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees," the Times notes.

Among those influential members of Congress was then-Senator Barack Obama, who made Pigford payouts a priority in exchange for political support for his 2008 presidential campaign among a coveted group of black voters in the rural South, the Times reports.

As president, Obama continued to support payouts for new groups of claimants while abandoning a review process that had been used to fight fraud. The aim was "buying the support" of minorities, according to the Times, while middlemen created a "cottage industry" in defrauding the government.

The Times investigation, led by reporter Sharon LaFraniere, vindicates the late Andrew Breitbart, for whom Pigford became a crucial issue in demonstrating the cynical use of racial politics by the institutional left to hurt the very people they claimed to be helping. Breitbart directed investigations of the Pigford fraud and championed the cause of the original black farmers in the lawsuit, arguing that many of them had been left behind while opportunistic lawyers and fraudulent claimants looted the federal treasury in exchange for votes and support.

The left, led by the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America, attempted for years to dismiss claims of fraud in Pigford, calling it Breitbart's "stupidest conspiracy theory." When Fox News picked up the story, Media Matters called it an attempt to attack "anti-discrimination efforts.""

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Liberals Outline Their Immigration Policy


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25 April

Islamic Terrorism Sponsored by Liberal Main Stream Media

Call It What Is - Muslim Terrorists


Personally, I would place the blame for the Boston bombings on ABC, CBS, MSNBC and NBC since they are deliberately ignoring the ties these two nitwits had to radical Islam and Jihad by not even mentioning it on their censored Muslim influenced news programs. Two brothers who came to America to kill after they had their fun and then proceeded to kill American infidels as taught by their religion. For instance how could two men on welfare afford a Porsche and a Mercedes and other Western luxury items if they weren’t on the payroll of some large radical left wing organization.

The left can make all the excuses they want but these two Boston bombers were radical extremist and most Americans by now will acknowledge that even if the drive by press ignores it just as our President fails to call it what it is making him a real embarrassment to America. We were even informed by the Russians about them but still just let them go along until they were finally gunned down by the authorities after the fact. America has in recent years been a reactive style of government rather than a proactive government as proven over and over again. It’s easy to fool people into thinking your human when the mission is to eventually kill those that have been duped by their government over a period of years into believing something else based on political correctness.

The doctor that helped America find Osama Bin Laden is locked up in a Pakistani prison because the current administration threw him under the bus just as they did the crew at Bengasi and is still withholding what actually happened from the American public to this day. This administration has not arrested one person for terrorism or spying since it assumed the responsibility to protect us from these radical dimwits.

Our president must have strong Muslim ties for him not to call Islamic terrorist a terrorist while calling the Ft. Hood murderer a case of “Work Place Violence” instead of another radical Islamic terrorist who yelled Islamic statements as he gunned down innocent Americans.


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Obama's Reg Sled


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32 Million Hits in 6 Days

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24 April

Liberal Opinions Ignore Immigration Laws & Constitution


Well, again Mike has been shooting off his hot air generator again as usual knocking Senator Grassley’s concerns about American immigration policies and extremist radical bombers whom Mike considers different than others if they’re not from the U.S. against those that are who do the same killing utilizing the same methods. Grassley’s concern about immigration would be more of a concern should he not care unlike Mike and his crowd who look at all illegal aliens as undocumented democrats.

Just look at what Mexico offers immigrates: Mexico’s Immigration Laws // United for A Sovereign America (USA) The United States should tie their immigration laws to those of the country the immigrants are coming from.

Also, talking about crybabies just take a look at how Obama acted when his attempt at further gun checks failed. He acted like someone took his lollipop away at the playground. As proven over and over again criminals have no use for gun laws and will never obey gun laws and any attempt to create more gun laws is only an attempt to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. Did the two terrorist in Boston have permits for the numerous guns they had in their possession. We don’t need more gun laws we just need enforcement of what laws are already on the books.

We have plenty of gun laws but there’s no follow through if someone gets caught lying about their status when getting a gun permit a situation very much like our immigration laws that are seldom enforced by government specially by the clown we now have as attorney general in Washington who sues states that try to enforce federal immigration laws.

Obama appears somewhat soft on terrorism in the U.S. especially if the killer is Muslim like the Ft. Hood terrorist who still hasn’t gone to trial for the mass murders he committed at Ft. Hood on 11/5/2009. Of course the Obama administration calls the killing of 13 and wounding of 30 a case of Workplace Violence and not one of terrorism. This is just another play on wording by the administration to try and save the face of Muslim violence throughout the world.

I don’t understand why Mike gets so upset about Grassley’s statements when Obama’s never upset him no matter how stupid and dishonest many of them are.

Mike just has his agenda as does the administration and nothing had better infringe on his right to broadcast it in his liberal column and after all his writings and comments are nothing more than left wing opinions created in Mikes brain which is left leaning despite logic.

If Mike weren’t a left wing liberal just like Harkin he might just see something wrong with the mass killing of unborn babies something he and Harkin both condone. Since baby killing is a liberal cause Mike just won’t let it bother him and he will never talk against baby killing as a form of birth control, will you Mike. Of course Mike is paid for his liberal views but people should take them with a grain of salt because their just his opinions printed in a paper of like thinking.


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Calling Bill Ayres


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22 April

Free Storage Until Your Air Runs Out

Burlington Now Offering Free On Street Storage


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Utilities Paying Lowest Ever for Natural Gas Seek Still More From Users


Alliant Energy cannot raise rates unless the Iowa Utility Board gives the okay which is something it does on a regular basis, just look how high our rates have gone since Iowa Southern sold out. Sort of indicates Alliant is not near as well run as Iowa Southern a company that provided us with one of the lowest rates in the nation that ended when Alliant bought them out.

The Board's authority is stated in summary form in Iowa Code §§ 476.1 and 474.9. The Board regulates the rates and services of electric, natural gas, and water utilities, the services of communications utilities, and generally supervises all pipelines and the transmission, sale, and distribution of electrical current.

The Board regulates the rates and services of two investor-owned electric companies, MidAmerican Energy Company (MEC) and Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL), which is the utility subsidiary of Alliant Energy Company serving Iowa. Together these companies serve more than 1 million electric customers. Municipal electric utilities are regulated only in matters specified by statute. Rural electric cooperatives (RECs) are regulated for service and have the option of choosing to be regulated for rates. Linn County REC is the only REC that has opted to have the Board set its rates. The Board does not regulate small or municipally owned waterworks; so Taxington itself is responsible for the high water, trash and sewer rates.

We also have the city water bill rates that have increased over 100% in recent years another sign of failure to operate essential city business in the black in order to prop up the Rec Plex and Golf Course. Of course most cities use their trash, sewer and water increases to cover up failure of city management in other areas of their jurisdiction specially here in Burlington where dreams of grandeur have been very costly with huge losses and we’re still counting.

Our city services billed on the city water bill are based on how big your house is and how many bathrooms you may have which is utterly ridicules since neither use water at all. The city hasn’t figured out that its people that use the water and not rooms or bathrooms. How much water would rooms or bathrooms use if there were no people living in the house? Just how much additional cost does a pool generate for those that have pools, we all know the answer to that one, nothing. Sewer, storm water, and solid waste (garbage fees) are set by City Council. The water rates are set by the Board of Public Works. Here are the names of those on the water works board: Gary Brotherson, Jon Hart, Jack Wehrle and Alan Borden. In my opinion the city council and the board have been using local services to prop up non essential business ventures that have driven the city one step away from bankruptcy. The only fair way to manage water is through the use of meters nothing else is practical, fair or as honest, pay for what you use, isn’t that simple?

If you have five bathrooms in a house and three people living there does the city really think those three people would use more water than three people living in a home with only one bathroom? How about six people living in a one bathroom home, could it be possible that they use more water than the three people living in the five bathroom home? Just like the pool owner who doesn’t pay for the thousands of gallons they use to fill and maintain the pool.

The city has used its water system and other services to try and cover the losses in its business ventures all of which have been failures at breaking even. There is a water board who sets the rates and naturally the city council probably works them over constantly for increases in order to cover their losses elsewhere but the problem is no matter how high they raise the rates it won’t cover for the constant losses incurred by nonessential services such as the Rec Plex, Water Park or the Golf Course.

A few years ago the voters voted down the new library at least twice but we now have a new library that is probably costing the taxpayers considerably more than the old one did to run and maintain. Taxington citizens have been burdened by paying about double what the rest of Iowa pays for library service which is probably close to $50 for every man woman and child living in the city. We were even paying about double for the old library before the move into the new one.

How can so few people ruin the life of a city through ignorance and walk away unscathed as though they did something wonderful by posing as public servants when in actuality they were ruining our future and our children’s futures by gambling away our taxes on nothing but dreams of grandeur and playing at being investment bankers with money stolen from the taxpayer.

Most citizens hope the city doesn’t bite on the first dough ball tossed to them for the Manor property that we’ve already lost so much of the city treasury on since its inception by unknowing city management out to make a name for themselves that backfired as did most of their other misled dreams. Had we not thrown so much money at the Rec Plex to keep it above water the Golf Course may not have been forced into the same financial conditions as the Rec Plex. Had the Rec Plex not been run by the city it would have shut down years ago for failure to break even just once after the first ten years of operation. We’re talking about $100,000 bailouts each of the first ten years.

These businesses run by the city have cost us all dearly and not produced anything but debt and more city employees while not creating any private sector jobs, brought in any industrial jobs, increased the tax base but they may have helped the greasy spoon restaurants and maybe the motels. Have we seen any tax relief from any of these city owned business ventures, I would venture it will never happen as the cost of city service fees (taxes) have increased faster than the cost of medical care.

I think the local democrats have proven their ineptness over and over again and why the citizens that vote constantly repeat their voting mistakes is just beyond imagination. The one checkers have just made fools out of themselves and make all of us look like dumb asses because democrats just can’t run anything funded by taxpayers and here in Taxington they have run out of other people’s money, otherwise we wouldn’t constantly be seeing increases in all city provided services. Services reduced like only one can of garbage per week while other cities don’t even have limits on the number of cans per week. We also get screwed on water that isn’t even based on usage but rather on rooms and bathrooms neither of which use water on their own. The water department is owned by the city and the reason for this is so they can rob the citizens at will while continuing their wasteful and uncaring ways in other areas of city management.


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Obama's Minion


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21 April

Obama Sunday

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Sewer Rates To Sky Rocket Upward for Standing Water

9% Rate Increase for 3 Years to Raise Mosquitos


This is how the city repaired the sewer in this area of North 9th Street. They’ve created a low spot where the water is shown while the sewer up on the corner behind the van does nothing because it’s in the wrong place and should be where the water is in order to carry it away. This has been going on for years and the city management just can’t figure out how to fix the flooding in front of this house. If I show the city where it should go will they pay me a $50,000 consultant fee? I don’t think we need a brain surgeon to figure out where the problems is here or do we? The low spot in the street should be up where the sewer is and not down in the middle of the block as this design currently is unless they taper the street down towards the sewer rather up toward the middle of the block.

Why should this home owner be responsible for cleaning up the sand, dirt, trash and all the other debris that settles in front of their house every time it rains. Come on city let’s fix the bad street/sewer design. These home owners are spending a hefty sum to see you get paid; so let’s do the damn job right for them.

If the city can’t solve this problem we should probably be shopping for new management at the sewer department and/or the street department. This problem has been around for years so do something that works for once and solve this simple problem for the home owners in this area.



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19 April

1857 Buggy Bash?


In 1857 did the editor of the Hawk-Eye's buggy bash into any trees, or telegraph poles?

S. Morse

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Wire City Hall - Then Hope for Results


"A professor and her class at the University of Iowa have brought music-therapy sessions to people all over the area this semester, ranging all the way from pre-schoolers to dementia patients."

Would such therapy help Burlington's demented broken record of broken promises and we're broke bond ratings?

Music therapy would involve care and maintenance of audio equipment. That has been an issue in the past at City Hall. Hopefully, Burlington's new City Manager has rectified that problem.

Emile Berliner

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Single Party Subjugation


"BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhua) -- China Democratic League (CDL), one of the eight non-Communist parties in the country, on Wednesday said it is aiming for more political participation and supervision."

Is there any chance of ending single party rule in Burlington?

Local single party rule has brought ruin. It is up to local voters if there will be a remedy.


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Obama's Fundamental Transformation


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17 April

Take Heart - It's 1857 All Over Again


"156 Years Later Hawkeye Editor Still Despised In Community"

In 1857, Burlington had a future. In 1857, Burlington had more than one news and information source. A lack of such competition was the case for decades.

Burlington's single news source degenerated from a newspaper into the Ad Vertiser. Burlington degenerated as well in the process.

This site and a few others have given hope. While the Ad Vertiser lies by omission, others have taken up the mission of informing local citizens. It may at times seem pointless, but there is hope.

Incompetence and intoxicants, local citizens found out from other than the Ad Vertiser why their taxes have soared and basic services soured. They are angry and taking action.

Information delivery innovation is like cannon battering the castle walls. The Ad Vertiser's poor product can not draw enough web traffic to pay its way. The lords of the old order tremble. The Ad Vertiser has retreated behind a pathetic paywall.

Local information competition is giving people the knowledge needed to make Burlington competitive again. It's about time.


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Republicans Exiting Hell


"Some years ago, our government made an effort to clean up sweatshops on the islands -- including Saipan -- that have been under the control of the United States since the end of World War II.

Chinese women were brought over to the islands to work under awful conditions -- subject to forced abortions and prostitution and paid pennies for producing garments labeled “Made in the USA.

Corrupt local officials hired the firm of infamous lobbyist Jack Abramoff -- for more than four million dollars -- to try to stop the reforms proposed back in Washington. Abramoff, in turn, hired Ralph Reed and his political direct mail company, Millennium Marketing, to conduct a phony grass roots campaign urging Alabama Christians to write their local congressman to oppose the reforms."

"Ralph Reed’s speech: The Faith and Freedom Coalition leader apparently believed he needed to speak longer to make up for Rick Santorum’s absence. It was a good speech, but people were fidgeting in their uncomfortable bleacher seats throughout. As soon as Reed was done, several people immediately headed for the exits. This was before they did the fundraising pitch, as well as the benediction."

Satan Steve Scheffler held another event and plea for the root of all evil. It looks like some in attendance decided to run before being sheared.

Will those who parted with their gold get a tax deduction, or is the IRS watching Hell's exchequer?

If Iowa Democrats have a hymnal, "What a Friend We Have in Scheffler" must be a favorite. Will Republicans ever wake up and stop the music?


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16 April

156 Years Later Hawkeye Editor Still Despised In Community


Here is a bit about the Hawk Eye editor published in the Burlington Daily State Gazette back in October 1857. Doesn’t look like much has really changed at the Hawk Eye since those days other than personnel at the top.

People pretty much seemed to respect them about the same then as they do today after 156 years have passed.



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Freedom's Trail Is Marred With Blood

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15 April

Benghazi - Obama Needs to Stand With Benghazi Survivors & Tell Us The Story


I find it hypocritical by Obama to parade the parents of the Newtown massacre around as props in all of his gun control speeches while totally lying and doing his best to cover up the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi and others by forbidding the 33 survivors from telling their stories.

Of course our Secretary of State also never really explained anything much about what really happened and avoided even telling congress anything for two months or so before even showing up. Of course she suddenly became ill when time came for the meeting between her and congress. These delays were all for the purpose of coaching her in what to say to specific questions by congressmen.

All this just goes to show that our president is not telling the American people the truth and is covering up another total failure aided by the left wing networks and press that has been going on since before 2007, always protecting Obama as though he were a national treasure or a threatened species.

I would like to see him stand up and tell us about Benghazi with all 33 survivors standing there as he does when it fits in with his agenda of shredding our constitution and his constant campaign mode.


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14 April

Kill The Messenger


"Kuwait’s information minister is defending a proposed media law that reports say could bring fines of about $1 million for insulting the Gulf nation’s emir and other members of the ruling family."

Is there any chance of something similar to this being introduced locally, or in the Iowa Senate?


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Obama's Sinking Ship

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Obama's EPA - Drones Aimed at Farmers and Ranchers


I think Bob Perciasepe director of the EPA should apologize to all those his EPA betrayed by releasing the names and personal data of ranchers and farmers their spying on to radical left wing environmentalist organizations. The EPA flat out betrayed these people by giving out their names to the radicals we now know they support. The EPA’s hidden Gestapo tactics are at work to spy and harass the farmers and ranches in the United States.

Mr. Perciasepe can borrow one of Mr. Obama’s teleprompters and make his apology nationwide because his organization deliberately broke the rules to put into the hands of extremist the private personal information of American ranchers and farmers.

If the truth were known I would imagine the EPA is also funneling money to these groups to retard our oil and gas industries along with the Keystone Pipeline through the near Midwest from Canada to Houston. Obama has turned all these government departments against the American people because of his left wing agenda that has proven to be a failure again and again.

The left is good at hiring people to do their dirty work for them while pretending to be random people protesting the air or whatever it is the government is paying them to protest against. Organizations like Acorn are always hired by the left to act as though their concerned citizens protesting the evils of carbon based energy and like all hypocrites they themselves use the hell out of carbon because nothing has yet proven as cheap to use for energy other than atomic.

In my opinion all leftist environmentalist should stop using carbon based energy and do their part to clean up the air instead of smothering us with their unproven hot air and paid for protestation. I remember when Al “The Mouth” Gore was spending thousands per month on utilities for his house while most Americans were spending less than an eighth of what he was for their energy. These environmentalist are some of the biggest liars and hypocrites known to man. These people are in it for the money and nothing more as was Al Gore, one of the standard bearers of stuffing his pockets off false environmental information.

All Americans should be aware of the EPA because they’ve proven again that they cannot be trusted to be honest and are not really protecting us but are more interested in spying and being dishonest.

The ATF will soon be spying just like the EPA is once Obama gives them the green like to spy on Americans; so keep your eyes to the sky and watch where the paid protesters are getting paid to protest.

Anyone who puts their faith and trust in this administration is an outright fool and unknowing hypocrite.


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11 April

Thugs and Drunks Played Donald Trump


Burlington's legacy of lunacy at Agency and Roosevelt maybe finding a buyer. Figuring in debt service and tax breaks, how much worse is it than the $5 million the Ad Vertiser likes to quote?

The Drunk Ex-Mayor, Slimy Slagle, Groin Greater Burlington, Senator Courtney and others grand design was not. Are we better to sell it off piece meal?

Burlington's current City administration is giddy as a new bride over the prospect of what awaits.

When it comes to the Empty Lot Manor Mall, all taxpayers have gotten is screwed.

Shaw Quo Conned

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Where Have All Our Entertainers Gone?

Does Dudley Have a Gold Mayor's Badge?


"Residents have contacted municipal officials and members of the media to inquire about Myers’ status as mayor since the Burlington County Times printed a story Friday about the allegations.

A website containing photographs that it identifies as Myers wearing only underwear alleges that he paid a male escort for sex during a trip to California a year ago. The site, allegedly posted by the male escort, also has photos of personal identification cards and a gold mayor’s badge that it says belong to Myers."

This sure beats just plain drunk.


This story begs a bigger question.

Does Dudley Davidson and the mayors before him, have a 'gold mayor's badge' ?


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Another Taxpayer Manor Mall Rip-Off


Burlington is desperate for money and willing to screw the taxpayers again and make it sound like a real deal that were getting screwed again by the selling price and the TIF deal. I have no idea why city government thinks their investment bankers gambling away our tax dollars on constant dreams of grandeur.

Is there no hope for Iowa’s worst known city government? They expect the taxpayer to eat $3 million in losses right off the bat and then give the buyer the right to live off the taxpayers for services and taxes for at least 10 years. Who do these imbeciles work for down at city hall, the buyer or the duped taxpayers who get robbed again?

What about the old Murray site were now stuck with that cost us a good million dollars already and now we’re stuck with a polluted site that the taxpayer will be responsible for cleaning up before it can possibly be used again. There is just no end to the mistakes this city government burdens the taxpayer with time and time again.

It just seems any Flim Flam Man/Woman can go into city hall and make a hell-of-a-deal with little to know effort and to hell with the taxpayer forced to cover the losses. I blame this on the voters here in Burlington a city on the verge of coming apart at the seams through “One Check Voting” the dumbass idea of voting for one entire party than what’s best for the community. If the democrats were running a few monkeys they’d naturally get elected and this is what has been happening here in Burlington for years now and we’re all paying the price for the “One Checker” lame voting pattern. Why would anyone on fixed income ever vote for these misfits of society?

This city government just boggles the mind along with those “One Checkers” who knowingly elect idiots to office because their democrats, just how dumb could one be. Our city has none of the checks and balances that come with a mixed political system; so we’re always on the loser side of the equation.

The busiest city intersection in town and our stupid city wants to give it away and not even get back what they wasted to start with not counting the lives they ruined in the process. Even after this fiasco the “One Checkers” reelected that Candy Man up in Des Moines who sold out all those forced from their homes in the Manor and the population as a whole. There’s just no common sense why Des Moines County voters constantly elect losers who just waste the exceptionally high fees and taxes it cost to live in this dumpy town. It’s as if they just don’t care that their money is wasted on dreams of grandeur, high wages and benefits for city employees while the infrastructure is just a disgrace.

Totally Dissatisfied

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10 April

20¢ On the Dollar - City Plans Retirement Homes Instead of Manor Mall

City Plans Sale of Manor Mall Lot for Less Than Auction Average


Where else can you go and get 20¢ on the dollar and think you're getting a deal? Plus handing out a 5-year 100% tax abatement and another 5-year 80% abatement.

All coupled with a "I might do this deal."

Where is this garden of stupid ideas?

Right here in Burlington. Home of the mentally challenged city council.

Unless you're buying scallops.


When you have millions involved, why take more? Redistribute the taxpayers' wealth.


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09 April

Illegal Immigration and the Obama Administration


While our government, namely Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's false claims that it is more secure the statistics indicate quite the contrary. Stats show surge in illegal immigrant border traffic despite Napolitano claims" Fox News indicates Napolitano’s fudging the numbers as most of this administrations higher ups do to mislead the press and protect Obama’s failed promises and agenda driven brain set.

He’s also on the verge of messing with Medicare even though most have paid into it their entire working lives. It would appear those that vote party rather than qualifications, leadership and know how are finally being shown the real Obama and his spell over the left wing press that has unjustly lied about his presidency since day one and before he was ever elected. Obama is basically a fish out of water and totally incapable of performing what is required of our president. The main line press has covered his administration with outright lies and by falsifying news in their nightly news and newspaper reports all in an attempt to protect the president and deceive the public who unknowingly voted for him based on journalistic falsehoods or outright suppressing of the actual facts.

Here’s what the border patrol has to say, ” "This is the most politicized, least accountable, and least transparent Border Patrol that I have seen in more than 25 years of writing about border issues," said Jerry Kammer, former Washington Bureau chief of the Copley News Service and recipient of the George Polk Award for investigative reporting and 2006 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. "When it comes to border security, the Obama administration has gone from 'yes we can' to 'let's not talk about it.' This latest move to block the public's right to know extends a pattern of dishonesty that has been developing for two years.”

The people who voted for Obama have put a fool in the White House who is destroying the first 239 years of American history and our future with some of the most ignorant mandates, bills and brain dead department heads known to man. The “drive by press” and the journalist forgot what Lincoln himself said many years ago, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”

I personally feel the charade will come to an end for good once those duped by Obama and his arrogance are realized and his forever campaigning style , lack of accountability, responsibility along with the dead beat congress we’ve had for several years now finally get replaced by real Americans.


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08 April

Continual Operating Losses Hurt City


The Rec Plex has been nothing but a budget buster that taxpayers have been bailing out since it opened its doors in 1999. To date we have a deficit of $746,385 red ink that has already cost the taxpayers in excess of $1,000,000 since 1999 that isn’t included in the red ink $746,385 as of June 30, 2012. We could add a million to it easy because we’ve already paid it through higher taxes to keep the doors open.

The Golf Course has run a deficit of $693,404 as of June 30, 2012 that brings the business ventures of city hall to a total of $1,439,789 in losses which is very close to $1.5 million on top of the $5+millions lost on the Manor Fiasco. Just these two entities have cost taxpayers over $2.5 million to keep the doors open not counting the Manor mess. We’ll probably never hear what the real debt is but I’m sure it’s ugly as hell.

The local taxpayers can no longer afford the dreams of grandeur by city officials and citizen dreamer’s who have basically saddled the taxpayers with loser nonessential business failures that have never even broke-even in recent years. The only entity the city can possible afford is the pool and the rest of their dead end dreams should be sold off to private enterprise that knows how to run a business. The city has proven over and over again they cannot run a business venture that has cost the infrastructure dearly through lack of maintenance and proper up keep plus lowering our bond ratings.

That mess they put in the median out by the casino that cost $18,000 to put in has already been torn out and put back to grass. There’s also $10,000 donated to the city parks division by BNSF when the new bridge was dedicated that has never been disclosed by the city as to what it was used for or even where it went.

We have a paper that just never investigates anything, keeping the citizens in the dark about the going’s on down at city hall. Why can’t they ask point blank why the median was put back to grass and what the taxpayers lost on that median failure or what happened to the $10,000 given to the parks division by the railroad?

The Hawk Eye is in the business of keeping us informed but they just don’t do it any longer and just toe the line with the local party just as the mainstream news protects Obama from public knowledge. Because of shady news organizations, with the exception of only a few the real state of affairs and constant Obama failures are kept from the public by un-American news organizations who have put Obama off limits unlike any other president, is it because he’s part Black or what reasons can the give for not keeping us informed about the real Obama something they have never done.

They don’t even disclose the constant vacations and parties at the White House while the rest of us are stuck with Obama’s no knowledge economic policies. Washington is living like kings and queens at taxpayer expense. Just the other day $1 million spent on a campaign trip to the west coast to promote that witch Pelosi as speaker of the house a move that will just kill what’s left of our country when combined with Obamacare.

Running up this debt has got to stop and the only way is to sell off these loser business ventures. Voting for party rather than knowledge and experience has put Burlington in this sorry state of affairs and those who think voting party is a good thing have just destroyed our city government because there are no check and balances with a one party government just like Detroit, Illinois, California and other one party governments. What’s it take for “one check” voters in Burlington to figure out what’s wrong, are they that dense or what, they can’t all have their heads in the ground.


The Ad Vertiser won't ask any questions because they didn't think of the question. They know what's important to Obama's Perestroika Government - capitulation and submission.


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05 April

The Peasants Are Revolting



A 3% tax on utilities has the oppressed stirring unrest. Citizens of Burlington are taking action. There is a move to put this latest tax to a special election referendum.

If people had been paying attention during regular elections, a special election would not be necessary. It is the fault of the low interest, low information majority who voted.

We have overwhelmingly elected picket line thugs and drunks. When a caliber candidate was rarely elected, they often declined re-election. Being a minority in a confederacy of the clueless was pointless.

When union bosses tell you one their toadies will put gold bars in your lunch box if elected, reject them. When some do gooder talks of profitless projects to "improve the local quality of life," quash them.

Get the facts, not the Ad Vertiser, before making your ballot decisions.

Hold the line on taxes. Prepare for more pain. The toothless, clueless, follow whatever Slagle said decay will require a lot of drilling and filling before we can smile again.

Otto Von Toothacre

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04 April

As Detroit Goes Burlington Goes

How Much Are Those Scallops?



Detroit is sending a big message to Burlington, Iowa because we’re on the same path with the same results already in place. Most of our voters are of the low information “One Check.” The same type that have caused Detroit to crumble. Burlington is on the same path which is a local government of spend and tax with no checks and balances at all because one is just as dumb as the other and they all think the same.


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Immigration Reform


Immigration reform will do nothing but guarantee those on welfare and other taxpayer life support money handouts will continue to infinity because all we need is 11 million new citizens taking the lower end jobs which will leave the current dead heads home free from ever getting a job and working to support themselves.

This is just another ploy by the Obama administration and democrats to line up 11 million more democratic voters without stopping the flow at the border first which means the same wetback problem will just continue on forever.

Most of the biggest dumbasses in America take up space in congress and have been drawing their high pay for doing nothing for the past three decades or even longer. Here’s a good quote from Mark Twain that fits the Congress and our local government here in Burlington perfectly: “To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to insure bad government and the sure and gradual deterioration of the public morals.” Twain knew exactly what he was talking about when it comes to democrats of today.


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Obama's Flips For North Korea Foreign Policy


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02 April

This Is Not An April Fool's Joke

Ron Paul's RINO Infiltration of The GOP

"CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa—Meet Randi Shannon, a former Republican state senate candidate and shadow Senator of an insurgent federal republic.

The fate of the Republic of the united States (RuSA), a rag-tag rebel alliance of sovereign citizens, tax protestors and outlaws, hangs in the balance as the United States of America (USA) won the conviction of the movement’s charismatic president this month. Shannon, a 45-year-old blonde bombshell from Iowa, might be its only hope to stave off total annihilation by President Barack Obama’s galactic empire.

Shannon is an inspired candidate for princess of the resurgent rebellion. The 45-year-old socialite is a former Ms. Minnesota, a title she won by placing first in a bikini contest at the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Minneapolis. But Shannon, the daughter of a respected Coralville realtor, has a dark side. She runs what may be a Florida-based fraud scheme, including an escort service, according to an investigation by TheIowaRepublican.com.

Shannon is also alleged to have committed multiple campaign finance law violations during her Iowa Senate campaign, including accepting an illegal corporate contribution from one of her companies and refusing to file regular reports with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, according to an analysis of state disclosure filings.

This story is not an April Fools’ Day joke. But the absurd saga is almost too bizarre to believe. Welcome to the never-ending political culture of Iowa, the First in the Nation caucus state."

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