Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 May

Thank-You Brian Tapp & Dennis Hinkle - Lid Flies Off Welfare Honey Pot

$80-$100 Million A Year in Welfare Costs in Des Moines County - Metro Immigrants Raiding Taxpayers’ Piggybank

The local Chamber recently confirmed what we all knew but are afraid to talk about. Taxpayers are being hosed down by the new welfare culture of 'I've got to get mine'.

Burlington born and Chamber intern Mark Foster, authored and unearthed a scathing view of what former Southeast Iowa Regional Planning crook Brian Tapp and his Chamber partner in crime, Dennis Hinkle, dumped on our local community.

When no other Iowa community wanted the vagabonds of Chicago’s welfare crowd, Brian Tapp, abetted by Hinkle, embarked on a silent campaign to encourage the riff-raff from Chicago and Kansas City to move to Burlington. And come they did along with their criminal relatives.

Billboards were placed in Kansas City touting Section 8 housing in Burlington. Word-of- mouth brought the double dippers of welfare from Chicago to the promise land of easy pickins’ since the Iowa, Illinois and Missouri welfare computers didn’t cross check recipients. Burlington is the first Amtrak stop across the Iowa border in a lush world of welfare money. You could arrive Monday evening and leave by noon the next day with your first mitt of money and Iowa freebies.

From the full report
, page 59 –

“As a thriving community, we must encourage self-reliance and work collectively to create a cohesive culture that looks out for one another. Having more than 1 in 5 Des Moines County citizens receiving aid for Medicaid and food assistance is an alarming statistic. The total estimate of $80-$100 million in tax dollars being utilized for temporary, transitional social assistance in a county of 40,000 goes a long way to explaining our burgeoning federal debt

• Section 8 housing vouchers have proven to be the draw for out-of-staters coming to our community. The reasoning for this is due to the significantly longer waiting lists in metropolitan areas compared to micropolitan or other rural areas of Iowa. The rumors of an influx of cases applying from the greater Chicago area have been confirmed by numerous officials and the migration statistics. However, as the waiting lists have expanded locally, it is possible this attraction will deteriorate.

• If these programs were truly serving as temporary transitional assistance, there would be cyclical fluctuations from year to year, rather than a steady increase year-after-year-after-year. There is little-to-no indication that there will be a drop in utilization or even a plateau.

• The philosophical changes put forth by former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and former Iowa Department of Human Services Director Kevin Concannon has created a generational transformation. The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers tended to see transitional government programs as what they were, temporary and only accepted in times of dire need. Unfortunately, many citizens today view these programs as 'freebies' and entitlements. Pride has been replaced with an 'I've got to get mine' mentality.

• States do not have incentives to implement reform or curtail abuse as most of the dollars being spent come directly from the federal government.

• In order to protect these programs for the people that most need them most (children, disabled individuals, and the elderly) policy changes are necessary.”

Now, do you believe me? How's that liberal, progressive thrill running down your leg now?


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Main Sreet Media Crisis on Michelle Bachmann

Where's MSM On The Benghazi Scandal?

What About MSM Commentary On The Obama IRS Crime Family?

Instead, Magic Brownie Induced Rant Emanates From South Main


I see where the left wing radical Hawk Eye is now spewing lies about Michelle Bachmann who is stepping down after eight years in Washington. I think the Hawk Eye should start telling the uninformed voters the real truth about the corrupt Obama administration and his lying group of thugs running the IRS and Justice Department.

Obama is about as pure a demigod as is possible and there are plenty of uninformed voters to prove that fact and a batch of deadbeat phony journalist who have built a wall of lies around him trying to shield those uninformed people about the real Obama.

On the 31st The Hawk Eye printed an editorial written by an unknown writer whom I suspect was Mike because it has his signature style of hate speech common for Mike’s political opinions.

Why The Hawk Eye is so worried about Bachmann’s retirement is beyond belief when our so called president and his administration has been caught lying, disregarding the constitution and a host of other dirty tricks used to win the election. The worst of the charges is throwing the ambassador to Libya under the bus along with several others and then lying about the entire affair. On top of that Clinton all of a sudden took ill and didn’t show up to testify in front of congress for about two months, how convenient. Obama’s entire administration is hiding behind a torrent of lies and scandals and still The Hawk Eye covers for Obama because he has the same agenda as The Hawk Eye that must be protected at all costs, regardless of the truth.

People shouldn’t take The Hawk Eye editorials as anything other than propaganda met to prop up the Obama administration no matter how many lies are printed or just made up. Remember editorials are nothing more than a person’s own opinion although the entire Hawk Eye editorial staff is a group of radical left wing fanatical people spewing forth their hate via the editorial page. Their facts about Bachmann are of course published by the left wing press whom one must take with a grain of salt, just as they do the Hawk Eye editorials because their always left slanted regardless of the facts and always aimed at protecting Obama or the left wing agenda.

There are other views on the Internet that aren’t as slanted as those printed on The Hawk Eye editorial page that put an entirely different slant on Bachmann, But of course, The Hawk Eye would never quote those and everyone should know why.

Why didn’t The Hawk Eye write an editorial about the city taking down the flood control around the auditorium when all the weather reports predicted last week that another week of six inch rains was possible this week and of course the money wasted putting the flood control back around the auditorium again this week? Another one is why the city tore out the landscaping in the medium of Roosevelt Avenue by the casino and replanted the grass after spending $18,000 on the landscaping job. How about some editorials about the high crime rates in Burlington exceeding the state as well as national levels for a city of under 26,000 souls? Where are the ballpark lights?

There are plenty of other papers and news media telling their lies about Obama and his administration; so The Hawk Eye need not worry about stating their biased views on the editorial page. People in this part of Iowa are more interested in the crime rate, high taxes, lack of jobs and the high cost of living in Iowa’s second poorest county. Maybe they should try and find out why so many people come to a city like Burlington that has nothing to offer other than higher than normal free living of the backs of taxpayers. Another good one would be why the Burlington school district does such a poor job and appears on the list for DINA and SINA, information which can be found at: Schools and Districts in Need of Assistance (SINA/DINA) Lists - Iowa Department of Education

Constantly protecting the dimwits in Washington is getting old and the full story on them has yet to be written; so come on Hawk Eye, write about something of interest that will benefit those who purchase your lefty paper or does Obama pay you more to prop him up than your subscribers pay for The Hawk Eye?


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Main Street Media - Do They Come In Plus Sizes?


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30 May

What's the Use?


I can barely see what's left of the local newspaper since they switched to tiny type in the last few days. After Monday's abomination of filler news to carry the ads, what's the point to subscribing?

The reader base is old and eyesight is failing.

Sounds like Delaney's business model.

FT - No Renewal Here

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Former IRS Commissioner visited WH more than twice as often as Eric Holder

157 Visits to Exchange IRS Data on Tea Party & AP News

"If you put together all of the White House visits by Cabinet members Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius, and Hillary Clinton, you might approach the number accumulated by a non-Cabinet official from an agency in the news lately. Douglas Shulman visited the White House far more often during the Obama administration than the closest members of Barack Obama’s own team, with perhaps six times as many visits as Energy Secretary Stephen Chu and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood..."

That's a lot of Easter Egg hunts.

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More Like - Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who's The Greatest Liar of All


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29 May

Burlington Idles Away


Burlington has little to offer any new immigrants from other states specially Idlers who are just flowing back and forth between states that have the highest taxpayer supported free life sustaining give-a-ways. Basically Idlers are not looking for work and lest of all in Burlington where there are very few if any life sustainable or livable wage jobs.

Burlington offers the freedom for most Idlers to sustain their drug habits and partying lifestyles with immunity leaving the taxpayer libel for raising their children, feeding them, housing them and basically carrying them for their entire Iowa life. The fifteen people that raised our population last year may not necessarily be the type of people most cities would want which is why Burlington has an increasing violent crime rate that is far above the state and country average for a small town.

Drug deals can been seen going on almost anywhere in town on a 24/7 basis, constant fighting, assaults, thefts, burglaries, random shootings erupting all over town, people getting shot and even murders are all on the increase and Burlington does not have the resources nor can afford to control any of it. Just have your home burglarized and you’ll probably be told by the police they’ll never catch those responsible so just buck up and take the loss. There’s a store in town that was gang robbed about two years ago and nothing was ever done to solve the robbery nor did the story ever appear in The Hawk Eye. There was even a tape of the incident and the police did pick it up a couple of days after the robbery and nothing was ever said again. If you have high insurance rates it’s because the local police can’t handle the serious crimes perpetrated in this town. The courts also have a basic swinging door method of handling the criminals as we’re all aware of in recent years.

One must watch their backs when walking in the Perkins Park area because of assaults and constant fighting in the park. Women have told me personally how they were verbally assaulted when passing near or in the park on many occasions. For those interested please take a look a Burlington’s crime rates at: Crime rate in Burlington, Iowa (IA): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers statistics. At the bottom of the chart one can find out how Burlington rates compared to the national average of 307.5 and needless to say Burlington is much higher than the national average and well above the Iowa average.

Burlington has 94 registered sex offenders living amongst us that’s one for every 272 people and I would wonder just how well their monitored and if authorities really know where their living relative to the schools and accessibility to children.

Burlington has many faults for a city of less than 26,000 and it’s not only the local unaccountable and irresponsible government, or the agenda driven local newspaper but the exceptionally high crime and drug related ratings that give Burlington a bad name and a ranking of third highest city for crime in Iowa. Government run public schools that have a graduation rate of something less than 80% indicating a major failure of parenting where the schools have become caregivers for the children of these so called parents. Children who live in homes where nothing is normal seems to be the norm here in Burlington. We waste millions on new schools for children that probably don’t have parents capable of doing their part to raise their own children or even feed them let alone give them some sort of learning ability and desire to learn.

Then when you have an education system based on layers of bureaucratic liberal day dreamers setting the agenda it doesn’t help Joe Blow learn his reading and arithmetic because the schools have become liberal feel good organizations where learning is not number one any longer. To liberals it’s all about political correctness where even failure is rated as “it’s ok” rather than “better buckle down and get with the program or do the grade level over again next year.” I wonder how many children are failed out of the 4000 or so students in Burlington if any? Although the test scores aren’t the best, I’ve heard there down another 8% this year, I wonder how much fudging goes on to boost them to the current bad levels?

Things in Burlington are constantly swept under the rug by the local newspaper because they fail to tackle the really important issues such as crime, school graduation rates, parental responsibility that are all the results of the liberal political correctness pushed by the liberal press in a nationwide effort to support liberal causes such as the gay lifestyle, decay in moral values, abortion, individual responsibility, destroying individuality, suppression of individual liberty and the right to pursue happiness. Liberals think they have the right to push their warped beliefs on everyone and this is how The Hawk Eye looks at things by censoring the news they print and the deliberate omissions they fail to print and of course their left wing liberal editorial page along with the fanatical Mike and his left wing numbing editorials. The purpose of this is to keep the low information voters in line by not telling them the truth about what’s going on in Washington and elsewhere. In other words the purpose of the liberal press is to keep American liberals ignorant enough that they continue to vote democratic.

Under the Obama regime and Iowa’s easy to acquire free living policies Burlington has become one of those towns where the middle class has shrunk to the point of non-existence while the new people have swelled the poor and misfortunate class to fill in the gap left by the working class or what was known as the middle class. Of course there’s the jobs that left also over the past two decades never to return with the exception of low paying service jobs common for Burlington.

There are a few jobs that still pay a livable wage but there few in number and hard to obtain unless one wants to drive 50 miles one way to work. Burlington’s great move to be the surrogate for Columbus Junction sure as hell didn’t pay off for Iowa taxpayers or Burlington’s for that matter. Muscatine saw the future and wanted no part of that deal but Burlington for all its greed and lack of wisdom jumped at the chance to fill up the substandard housing scattered all over the city that caused rents to skyrocket and for that we’re now paying the price of grossly higher rents and are stuck with the out of control crime, drugs, robberies, fights, assaults and a rash of uncouth behaviors.

From 9:57 PM Tuesday to 2:53 AM Friday there were crimes involving burglary, shots being fired, disorderly conduct, domestic problems, vandalism, property damage, hit and runs, auto theft, fights, harassment, gas drive offs, assaults and trespassing. In other words in just a matter of 50 hours or so there were something like 40 incidents of crime of one sort or another, not good when there are 168 hours per week.

Just ask yourself, “do you go to bed at night with your doors unlocked as was the custom in years gone by when Burlington had a much larger population.” If not then you know what is being said here about the course of Burlington and it’s just too bad it keeps getting worse rather than better.


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Up Christie, Up!


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NY Union Workers Fed Up with Boss's Two-Hour Work Day

Any of This Look or Sound Familiar?

"If you've ever been in trouble for sleeping on the job, take heart: you can still achieve upward mobility in a local union.

Take, for instance, Mark Rosenthal, the president of Local 983 of District Council 37 in New York. Rosenthal makes $156,000 a year and apparently spends only two hours a day at work--much of that napping, according to his colleagues who spoke out to the New York Post.

Marvin Robbins, a union vice president, paints an unflattering portrait of his boss's routine: "He eats lunch when he arrives at work at 2 p.m. Then, like clockwork, he goes to sleep with a cup of soda on the table and the straw in it. Then he wakes up, looks at his watch and says, 'I have to get out before the traffic gets bad.' He's usually out by 4 p.m. after being at the office two hours."

The Post describes Local 983 as "the city's largest blue-collar municipal workers union." Rosenthal promised to fight corruption when he ran for its presidency in the late '90s. However, union officials allege he has abused his position to get many a free lunch. They estimate he expenses $1,400 a month on food, much of it from catered events and meals he claims are for "union business."


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27 May

Makin Islands Marines Return Home

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Ever Vigilant Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic


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Remember Them All


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26 May

Noonan: A Battering Ram Becomes a Stonewall

A Must Read from The Wall Street Journal

You Could Be Obama's Next Target

"I don't know." "I don't remember." "I'm not familiar with that detail." "It's not my precise area." "I'm not familiar with that letter."

These are quotes from the Internal Revenue Service officials who testified this week before the House and Senate. That is the authentic sound of stonewalling, and from the kind of people who run Washington in the modern age—smooth, highly credentialed and unaccountable. They're surrounded by legal and employment protections, they know how to parse a careful response, they know how to blur the essential point of a question in a blizzard of unconnected factoids. They came across as people arrogant enough to target Americans for abuse and harassment and think they'd get away with it.

...We know the IRS commissioner wasn't telling the truth in March 2012, when he testified: "There's absolutely no targeting." We have learned that Lois Lerner lied when she claimed she had spontaneously admitted the targeting in a Q-and-A at a Washington meeting. It was part of a spin operation in which she'd planted the question with a friend. We know the tax-exempt bureau Ms. Lerner ran did not simply make mistakes because it was overwhelmed with requests—the targeting began before a surge in applications. And Ms. Lerner did not learn about the targeting in 2012—the IRS audit timeline shows she was briefed in June 2011. She said the targeting was the work of rogue agents in the Cincinnati office. But the Washington Post spoke to an IRS worker there, who said: "Everything comes from the top.

...And we know Jay Leno, grown interestingly fearless, said of the new IRS commissioner, "They're called 'acting commissioner' because you have to act like the scandal doesn't involve the White House.""

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Those Smudges On MSM's Noses


I'm glad your reader shared his opinion of the Ad Vertiser's view on the West, Texas fertilizer explosion. Delaney's earlier articles at the time of the accident failed to mention the explosion never involved anhydrous ammonia. The anhydrous ammonia tanks never blew up. Yet Delaney's minions, unprepared and armed with no facts, tried their hardest to draw similarities and get a local reaction to the new Wever plant. Never mind that two large anhydrous manufacturing plants operated for years in Lee County.

Burlington's Main Street Media view that we are all "too stupid to kick a road apple down the road without getting a smudge on our boot" may be true.

But it's better to get a smudge on your boot than trying to push that road apple down the road with your nose groveling for a story.


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25 May

I Wish He Would Just Go Away


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24 May

Hardheaded Texans Better Than Dumbass Carpetbaggers


I can't believe my eyes. Two days in a row the MSM - Main Street Media's brownie infested anonymous editorial is now criticizing Texans for being hardheaded. The MSM editorial is filled with just about as much fact and common sense as Dan Rather's 'all hat, no cattle' cowboy hat.

The MSM Proclamation for bigger government and more regulation is based upon what they read in a New York Times article. This Gray Lady epiphany has absolutely no basis for inclusion in the MSM factually deficient anonymous editorial.

Empirical Wizard/Pole Dancer & Publisher Steve Delaney states: "Yet no one in authority sees any connection between what happened and the lack of basic, common sense zoning and safety regulations that might have precluded the blaze. Or at least should never have allowed a chemical plant to exist so close to a populated area."

That's always the MSM answer - more rules, more regulation, bigger government and more BS to force their progressive liberal agenda on all of us too stupid to kick a road apple down the road without getting a smudge on our boot.

The fertilizer "plant" in West, Texas was not a manufacturing plant. It was a retail fertilizer operation. Five minutes on Google would have yielded that plum of knowledge. In those five minutes the MSM brownie crew would also find that the fertilizer company is like an airport. It has been there for more than 40 years and predates most of the town, the hospital and school damaged in the blast. It just didn't pop up over night. The town encroached on its safe area.

Two things they don't need in Texas. Kansas Carpetbaggers and more horse sh**. The MSM is both.


P.S. I wonder if publisher Steve Delaney is looking over his shoulder, waiting for the IRS to tie into his alleged GOP party affiliation?

Or is he one of those Rino guys when it fits the crowd he's working for advertising revenue?

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Chapped Lips


- Burlington Derailed, Oct. 20, 2008

Hell Freezes Over in Des Moines


Quad City, Cedar Rapids & Sioux City Newspapers Also Endorse Romney

Ad Vertiser Still Lost Vehicle of The Party

Burlington Derailed, Oct. 28, 2012

"We endorsed him (Barrack Hussein Obama) - twice. We obviously thought he was a better choice than John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

One of the reasons was Barack Obama's promise to ensure an open government. Sadly, he has failed to deliver on that promise."
- Unsigned Burlington Ad Vertiser editorial, May 21, 2013

The Ad Vertiser does not think. Even after others realized their error, the Ad Vertiser still dutifully delivered the single party line.

Obama's prime directive was not open government. The prime directive was explosive expansion of government. That promise the Ad Vertiser's endorsed egoist has delivered in spades.

Like multifora rose overrunning a pasture, expanding government is the antithesis of open government. It protects itself with dense foliage that blocks the view. Its thorns rip the flesh of any who try to discover what is inside.

The Ad Vertiser's endorsed one has declared the Constitution is obsolete. The I R S has been perverted. The power to tax has become the power to terrorize political opponents. Americans left abroad to be killed is covered up. A national political police force under Homeland Security has been formed and heavily armed. Etc. etc.

From the Ad Vertiser, no comment.

"The government was on a fishing expedition to find leaks by government workers. So it went to a logical source - the news media - whose job it is to find leaks. After all, reporters are talking with government employees all the time."

The Ad Vertiser crying foul as stated above is a howl.

The Ad Vertiser's interns talk to government employees all the time. That is how they get press releases to change a few words here and there and stick their byline on as objective news.

All the President's Men were not out to whack interns needing a good report from Mr. Allison for a J School "A". Investigative reporters is what scared the president endorsed by the Ad Vertiser.

The Ad Vertiser's key peckers for peanuts interns and fresh J School grads are not investigative reporters. Someday, they may learn, but not here. Local single party power brokers have nothing to fear.

Burlington has lacked an impartial, fair, news source seeking and reporting the whole truth for years. What the Hawk-Eye was the Ad Vertiser is not.

"So far, all he has delivered is lip service."

All the Ad Vertiser delivers is advertising, wrap for your fishing expeditions, deliberate omissions and lip service for the local single political party.


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Holder: 'I Signed The Search Warrants and I'll Bring 'Em down'

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Role in Fox News Spying Case Revealed?


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IRS Org Chart Puts Ingram, Lerner at Center of Power

Abuse of Power Leads to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

"An official Internal Revenue Service (IRS) organizational chart of the Tax Exempt & Government Entities division from February 2011 offers a more complete picture of the authority Lois Lerner--the now-removed IRS director of the tax-exempt unit--and Sarah Hall Ingram--presently tasked with overseeing the implementation of Obamacare--held as the IRS scheme to politically target conservative groups was hatched."


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23 May

Main Street Media Is Finally Outraged Over Lip Service


According to our MSM - Main Street Media aka the Ad Vertiser, finally took notice of the Obama crime spree. According to Wednesday's anonymous editorial the MSM janitor finally decided to comment on the Fox News scandal. Delaney hears 1st Amendment and he starts to flagellate like a simple cell animal.

Never mind Publisher Steve Delaney and his cadre of brownie addicts totally ignored Benghazi, the AP and IRS scandals plus the Fast and Furious cover-up that still has no resolution. Delaney is outraged. Outraged? Did Delaney show any emotion when the IRS gave confidential taxpayer information to George Soros's band of criminals? Hell No!!

People have died but Delaney has only projected his unhappiness when the 1st Amendment is butchered by his beloved Communist in Chief Obama. Delaney is the biggest hypocrite. He offers no oversight to big government consuming society. Delaney only runs an advertising business while he injects himself into the inner workings of the community for purely financial gain.

I've started telling Delaney's advertisers of my unhappiness with their liberal stance and my intention to stop dealing with those local businesses. I urge everyone else to do the same. If you just cut 10% of your budget from Delaney's advertisers it makes a difference.

Spike, you told us all Obama was unfit and incompetent to lead this country, 5 years ago. I never had a clue it would evolve into what it has become.


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Wake Up You Dolts


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22 May

One Check Voters Reap What They Sow


What goes around comes around and we’re seeing this with Obama because electing people without any qualifications for the office of president is exactly the same reason Burlington is on the verge of bankruptcy, electing unqualified and questionable people to represent us in city government.

One checkers in Burlington could care less what qualifications one has for the city council and only check one box when they vote because their ignorant about what an election is really about. Voters should look at the job to be done and then vote, regardless of party for the best qualified person for the office in question. Voting for party is total ignorance and unacceptable because now we’re stuck with what we have in Washington as well as Burlington.

Burlington has retired officials elected as well as hired that should probably be in jail rather than sitting at home drawing a pension and living the good life after ruining the lives of fellow citizens, squandering taxpayer monies on dreams of grandeur and failing to serve the people they supposedly were elected to serve.

Knowing Obama’s ego, need to control and agenda it’s all but impossible to think he didn’t know what was going on around him and the dirty tricks the IRS was pulling off in order to win him the last election by illegally denying the tax exempt status of conservative entities.

Here in Burlington the same thing happened with Senator Courtney guiding the dimwits at city hall on how to wiggle under the new Iowa imminent domain law prior to its being law that made it possible for the city to ruin the lives of Manor residents and squander over $5 million of taxpayer dollars setting the stage for Burlington’s ultimate failure to make payroll and requiring the city to borrow $2 million to make payroll just a short time ago.

Again, without a news worthy newspaper we in Burlington were never warned about any of the shenanigans going on down at city hall because our paper just doesn’t have any guts to expose city failures because their tied to the local party line as well as the national line of bs emanating from the messiah and his stooges.

Unlike Washington those in Burlington always walk away as though their immune from prosecution for their crimes against the taxpayers a typical characteristic of government unions (one checkers) who dominate elections here in Burlington.


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More Than Just Buds


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21 May

Obama's Culture of Intimidation

Need A Score Card to Keep The Obama Crime Bracket Current?

"With new reports today that the Obama Department of Justice leaked documents intended to smear a whistleblower in the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal, it is now more obvious than ever that this administration has, in the words of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), created a “culture of intimidation” that stretches from the White House down to myriad agencies of the executive branch.

President Obama: From his language suggesting targeting of enemies to his officials’ attempts to castigate Tea Partiers as economic terrorists, President Obama has presided over an administration that sees his political opponents as unworthy and nasty. Early in his administration, Obama threatened CEOs of banks, “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” The White House's regular meetings with non-profit hit group Media Matters are often designed to help target conservative media ranging from Fox News to Rush Limbaugh. Whether he’s urging supporters to bring guns to a fight or suggesting that his enemies are in thrall to the gun lobby at the expense of children, President Obama’s tactics of intimidation have become commonplace. The Obama campaign singled out Mitt Romney donors for special censure, suggesting that they were lawbreakers. Not coincidentally, many of those donors ended up on the wrong end of Obama administration legal scrutiny, including megadonors like Frank Vandersloot.

Department of Justice: Today’s report from the Department of Justice Inspector General, showing that former US Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke leaked documents intended to smear a whistleblower in Fast and Furious, is only the latest revelation on misconduct from DOJ. The DOJ has also targeted: Fox News reporter James Rosen over leaks from State Department employee Stephen Jin-Woo Kim; according to Megyn Kelly, two other Fox News staffers; the Associated Press, over a story regarding CIA investigations into al-Qaeda; Gallup, shortly after the polling firm showed Mitt Romney with a substantial lead over Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential race; and True the Vote, an organization dedicated to stopping voter fraud. The Eric Holder Department of Justice has been the lead enforcement arm of the Obama agenda, going after Arizona’s immigration law and refusing to go after New Black Panther voter intimidation. The DOJ reportedly uses the non-profit group Media Matters to disseminate its talking points.

Among others -

State Department

Internal Revenue Service

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of the Treasury

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of the Interior

Department of Homeland Security

Environmental Protection Agency

The intimidation comes from the top down in the Obama administration. And it is pervasive."

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Washington Times Writer: Fox News Scandal Goes ‘Much Deeper,’ W.H. Sitting on Something Top Obama Aides ‘Terrified’ About

"Washington Times columnist Joseph Curl on Monday said the Obama administration’s developing scandal involving the monitoring of Fox News reporter James Rosen’s email accounts goes “much deeper.”

Citing a “CIA source,” Curl claimed via his official Twitter account that the Fox News scandal was the “4th Shoe” and the White House is sitting on “something” that has top White House aides “terrified.”

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Obama Met With IRS Union Boss Day Before Tea Party Targeting Began

"The White House Visitors Log reveals that President Barack Obama met with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) union boss Colleen Kelley on March 31, 2010—the day before the Inspector General's report says the IRS began its scheme to target tea party and conservative groups.

Furthermore, Obama appointed Colleen Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), to the Federal Salary Council whose job is to recommend pay raises for IRS and other federal employees one week after Obama and Democrats suffered historic midterm losses in 2010. Two years later, Kelley’s 150,000-member union had raised $580,412, 94% of which went to Democratic federal candidates. The group also strongly backed Obama's reelection."

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Barry's Bolsheviks


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20 May

Obama's Scandal Bracket

Click To Find Your Favorite Crime


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White House: 'Irrelevant' Where Obama Was During Benghazi Attacks

Who Answered The Phone?

"On Fox News Sunday morning, White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer was asked by Chris Wallace where in the White House President Obama was during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans. “Question,” asked Wallace. “What did the President do the rest of that night to pursue Benghazi?” Pfeiffer answered, “Look, the President was kept up to date on this as it was happening the entire night, from the moment it started until the very end …. I recognize that there’s a series of conspiracy theories Republicans have been spinning about it since the time it happened.” He then added, “The question here is not what happened that night.”

Wallace pressed him further: “With due respect, you didn’t answer my question: what did the president do that night?” Pfeiffer said that Obama was in touch with his national security team, but as Wallace pointed out, he didn’t talk to the Secretary of State except for one time after the attack was over, didn’t talk to the Secretary of Defense, didn’t talk with the Joint Chiefs of Staff as it developed.

Finally, Wallace asked whether Obama was in the Situation Room. “I don’t remember what room the President was in on that night,” shot back Pfeiffer, “and that’s a largely irrelevant fact.” Wallace continued to press the point, and Pfeiffer continued to evade."

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Commerce Nominee Penny Pritzker: Obama's Worst Insult to His Left-Wing Base

"In a crowded field, Chicago billionaire, bundler, sub-prime banker and union buster Penny Pritzker is clearly the worst nominee that President Barack Obama has chosen for his second term cabinet.

Though the position for which she has been nominated, Secretary of Commerce, often goes to a presidential crony or political insider, Pritzker would exceed all her predecessors and peers with her shocking record of cronyism and failure.

Pritzker ran Superior Bank into the ground by dealing in sub-prime mortgages. As Breitbart News noted recently, the bank's depositors lost $6000, on average, and the taxpayers got fleeced--but the investors got paid out first. Pritzker recently served on the board of the Chicago Public Schools during a period of abject educational failure, and earned a bad reputation with labor unions both there and at her family's Hyatt hotel chain.

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold Pritzker's confirmation hearing on Thursday. Janet Novack of Forbes suggests that Senators ask Pritzker about her extensive offshore accounts and her $250,000-plus debt to American Express. The Senators, Novack writes, could expose broader evasion by the wealthy: "Congress could finally make public one of the grandest and most successful family tax-avoidance schemes ever."

But will they?"

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17 May

Do Not feed The Geese

"The City Council unanimously agreed on Tuesday to impose a ban on feeding geese and other wildlife on public property in the city, in a new effort to manage the overpopulation of geese and so reduce the amount of waste they leave behind."

Geese are like the liberal's power base. Geese perfectly able to fend for themselves have discovered conservation of energy at the expense of others.

Geese find the living easy in space provided by the taxpayer. Geese trash the neighborhood. Where geese gather soon becomes odoriferous.

Geese do no useful work. Geese demand a free lunch. Geese will attack you if they think you have something they want and do not hand it over.

With a free lunch and public space to live in, geese reproduce at alarming rate. In turn, the destruction geese create begins to spread exponentially.

When geese flee, nothing useful is left behind.

Geese and dead people in urban areas have been registered to vote and cast ballots. Some day, geese may learn to use "free" cell phones.

Pay no attention to what State Senator Courtney says.

Do not feed the geese.

Aunt Rhody

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Faster Than a Speeding Nash - More Powerful Than a Railroad Lawsuit


"Men who are physically strong are more likely to take a right wing political stance, while weaker men are inclined to support the welfare state, according to a new study. "

It appears liberalism is more than just a reasoning deficiency. There is research suggesting a link to physical strength.

Does this mean Spike is really Superman? You have on more than one occasion set right the errors of Jimmy Olsen interns at the Ad Vertiser. Is it true you can leap from atop the ruins of the Tama Building to the roof of the F&M Bank in a single bound?

When will Burlington voters bulk up, face up and bench press their pens on election day for candidates other than girly men? The weak of mind and spirit, including distilled, as leaders only engender decay.


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Excuses, Excuses - Braley in Training to Be A Senate Slug


"Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley, a Democrat from Waterloo, says the IRS scandal has taken the focus off of its legitimate duty to investigate non-profit groups that are breaking the rules."

The man who wants be our next U S Senator is trying to deflect attention from crimes that by comparison make Richard Nixon a boy scout.

Martha Mitchell

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‘Scandalous Hat Trick’: Sarah Palin Shreds Obama & His Scandal-Embroiled White House

Scandalous Hat Trick

Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas. Today in the Rose Garden you dismissed the idea of a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS scandal. With that, your galling political hubris shined bright in the midst of today’s dark clouds.

Mr. President, how can we trust your Justice Department to conduct an independent investigation when there is a systemic violation of the Hatch Act throughout your administration?

Surely you are aware that the Hatch Act prevents certain federal employees from engaging in political activity. Specifically, it’s illegal for these federal employees to engage in action in support of or in opposition to a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or a partisan political group.

Yet that is exactly what’s happened within the IRS, the Justice Department, and in the Benghazi cover-up. This scandalous hat trick is on your watch. It is not believable that you knew nothing about Obama administration actions in dealing with these scandals. And in regards to Benghazi, when you should have taken appropriate action to save American lives – for instance by calling in the Marines – you were AWOL. Just weeks before the election your team scrubbed the Benghazi talking points in 12 different versions, lied to the American people about some YouTube video being to blame for the deaths of brave Americans who put our country first, and you prove Michael Barone right when he writes, “What actually happened in Benghazi was out of sync with the Obama campaign line.” That’s why you all did what you did. Pure raw politics were at play during a horrific time of loss."

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IRS official in charge during Tea Party targeting now runs agency’s Obamacare office

Can It Get Anymore Stupid or Corrupt?

"The Internal Revenue Service official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit targeted tea party groups now runs the IRS office responsible for the health care legislation.

Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, the IRS confirmed to ABC News today."

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Teflon Crooks


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16 May

City Attorney Overbilled By $90,000 - It Can't Happen Here!

So How's The Comfort Level On Scott Power's Lump Sum Billing Practice Now?

"The Indianola city attorney overbilled the city more than $90,000 during a six year period, a state audit released today found.

John Hoyman, the general legal counsel for Indianola and Indianola Municipal Utilities since 1986, submitted improper invoices for services he said he provided between June 1, 2006 and July 31, 2012, the Office of Auditor of State concluded.

...Hoyman admitted placing incorrect names in the city prosecutions sections of invoices which he told investigators was done to save time. He said 99 percent were incorrect names, some of which came from a phone book or a 1980 Warren County platting atlas."

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Abortion Doctor Gosnell Gets Life

Abortion Dr's Trial MIA in MSM


I see the Ad Vertiser dedicated exactly 1/4 of a column to the Gosnell murder trial results the other day.

A doctor snips babies' spinal cords to kill them and this is all the Main Street Media can find space for?

They can pound a baseless story of the homeless shelter until it is lifeless but they can't find room for a murderer that was allowed to maintain a killing room for years?

Whatever happened to "if it bleeds it leads."

C. Penn

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I Ran Into a Door


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15 May

Mayor of a Burlington Sister City Throws Up His Hands


"After a tumultuous four years overseeing a city long riddled with blight, corruption, crime, and historic financial issues, mayor David Bing has had enough, telling a stunned audience at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History Tuesday that he’d leave when his term ends in December."

Give the Mayor of Detroit his due. He did not throw his gavel at the gallery.

A. C. Hammered

And he knew when to declare a financial disaster unlike Slage, Worden, and Slinger Edwards.


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The Perfect Cut


While the city ponders ways to cut the budget the RecPlex sits out there running deficits year after year; so why look any further when selling off the RecPlex would be the best move for the city because that operation just isn’t cutting the mustard under city management because city personnel cost far too much in pay and benefits when compared to what a non-governmental firm would pay for personnel.

People can view the RecPlex income statement on page 179 through page 182 which are the actual pages in the budget document and not the page numbers listed in the Table of Contents.

With the way our city takes care of city business running a business is the last thing they should be doing. They can’t even run a swimming pool that requires less than $50,000 a year and they’ve never proven, since 1999 that they can run the RecPlex without constant losses, just look at the RecPlex book of constant red ink. Do the taxpayers even know what it’s cost them in RecPlex red ink?

I venture well over $1 million in bailouts since it opened its doors.

Of course they could also reduce city wide pay from the top down and up the ante for personnel benefits which would still favor them over the private sector. It’s time for the city government to bite the bullet because the taxpayers have eaten the bullet for years because of overpaid and over benefitted city employees. This doesn’t even account for the constant failures of city government to perform their duties with some type of logic and competence.

Many of those responsible for robbing the taxpayers are retired and living the good life when they should probably be in jail for total incompetence and mismanagement of taxpayer funds. The trouble with government is no one is ever held accountable for their dereliction of duty and mismanagement. Their always slapping each other on the back and getting constant raises year after year while those paying for it continually get no raises or bonuses and are still held accountable for their performance and work ethic unlike government.

How much longer are the citizens of Burlington going to vote for democrats who have done nothing but ruin our infrastructure and mismanage the city coffers for years and now they want more taxes to cover their asses as usual. It’s time the citizens wake up and give anyone but democrats a chance to clean up the mess their voting habits have gotten us into over the past couple of decades. The democrats have proven their just not capable of running Burlington what more does it take for people to realize the root cause for Burlington’s problems?

It’s time to get ones head out of the sand and see what’s happening around you and stop voting for proven losers. The taxpayer should no longer be libel for bailing out constant loser city management and plain stupid voters.


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The IRS Only Loaded 7


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14 May

Lineman For the Commune

Comrade Publisher Steve Delaney's Drinking & Driving Next DOJ Wire Tap



"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative's top executive called a "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into how news organizations gather the news."

Those who showered Big Brother with big praise have discovered the truth about a Socialist utopia. It must spy on even its most powerful allies

There is no mention of any local wire tapping. Do you think the Ad Vertiser feels slighted?

When it comes to how the Ad Vertiser gathers news, the Justice Department already knows how to do a Google Search. A phone tap might tell local police where Jimmy Olsen's fake ID works buying beer.


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The Detroit School of Municipal Accounting

Something Burce Slagle & Doug Worden Would Be Proud Of


"As part of the deficit, Orr counts $226 million in accounting gimmicks and delayed payments owed to vendors and the city's pension funds. Detroit is paying just $31 million of a required $139 million payment toward its pensions this fiscal year, Orr said."

From The Detroit News:

Detroit is a mess. Over 50 years of single party socialism refused to address economic change. Change has caught up with and run over Detroit. People here have no reason to point and laugh.

Burlington is trouble for basically the same reasons as Detroit. Burlington has a single socialist party system. Shuffling funds around to cover gaping holes has been exposed. Public employee compensation far in excess of the same private sector compensation is unsustainable. Etc. Etc.

Detroit is so far along the road to ruin, foreign tourists are coming to Detroit The tourists point cameras at the old Packard factory. They come to see how the world will end.

If Burlington does pull its head out of the sewer soon, tourists may start coming to photograph the ruins.


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Save The Gas


The Advertiser must be having an insertion machine problem because my Sunday addition was stuffed with nine (9) copies of the Shopko magazine style flyers all of which were the same.

I wonder if there were eight (8) papers that didn’t get their Shopko ads or they just added some to mine because of an overrun of the advertisement.

It’s always fun trying to figure out just what’s going on down at The Hawk Eye other than the same old editorial lines that everyone’s just about sick of after so many years of the same party line over and over again and again. Maybe Mike will stick with the CO2 problem for awhile and give these computer keys, “Republican” a rest on his computer because they must be worn down to nubs by now.

The effects of increased CO 2 levels on adults at good health can be summarized: normal outdoor level: 350 - 450 ppm as given in the Engineering Tool Box:

Normal CO2 Levels

The effects of increased CO2 levels on adults at good health can be summarized:

· normal outdoor level: 350 - 450 ppm

· acceptable levels: < 600 ppm

· complaints of stiffness and odors: 600 - 1000 ppm

· ASHRAE and OSHA standards: 1000 ppm

· general drowsiness: 1000 - 2500 ppm

· adverse health effects expected: 2500 - 5000 ppm

· maximum allowed concentration within a 8 hour working period: 5000 ppm

The levels above are quite normal and maximum levels may occasionally happen from time to time

Mike must have gotten his information through a government funded source who are biased through concerns for their funding an all too often reason for fudging the science to keep the funds flowing and their jobs, and all too familiar process under the Obama agenda. I wonder how much CO2 our President has spewed into the air jetting around the country constantly reminding us of how great he is and campaigning even though there’s no election left for him but he seems to think he must sustain his voting base all too often based on his ego in lieu of anything else to please his idlers.

Actually, if all good environmentalist would cease their use of everything produced through the use of fossil fuels maybe they would then have the right to complain but they’re not giving up their automobiles, planes, electricity, heat and all the other value added properties provided by fossil fuels that would take decades or longer at best to replace with alternatives such as solar and wind nowhere near capable of replacing fossil fuels. They talk big but when it comes down to actually doing their part to prove a point their not willing to go it alone but think they have the right to force their beliefs on everyone else, a typical left leaning paradigm.

So far the administration has wasted billions on failed solar projects and electric cars neither of which can cut the mustard. The best is probably wind but that results in the demise of millions of birds every year through their being hacked to death by the blades and of course it really ruins the view just like all the cell towers blinking their lights all night long a real distraction along our roadways.

Let’s just hope Mike focuses on something other than his well worn to the bone “Republican” computer keys because he’s got years to wear out the CO2 keys along with other unused keys.


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So Many Legs, So Little Time

How Long 'Til We Hear The 'I' Word


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13 May

Identity Theft


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11 May

Obama's Malice With Intent to Fundamentally Change This Country


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10 May

Omission No Error


SA was very observant on the Ad Vertiser's Benghazi omission. From local government on up, the Ad Vertier's omissions in service to Burlington's single party political system are legendary.

Once Mike Sweet types up his column blaming two Bushes and a Nixon for Benghazi, the Ad Vertiser will rip some America-is-at-fault analysis off the wire to go with it.

The Hawk-Eye was a newspaper. Never confuse the Ad Vertiser with a newspaper.


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Outflanked? Never!


Well, the Hawk Eye outflanked me because they did print an AP article about the Benghazi hearings held yesterday in Washington although it didn’t rate front page coverage and was posted on the back of the sports page but at least they did print something about it.

The article written by the Associated Press person Donna Cassata is heavily biased towards the State Department and the administration as one would expect from the media that has gone beyond the call of duty to keep Obama squeaky clean of all scandal and failures. It would appear without exception the media and elitist continue to prop up Obama as they have since he arrived with no qualifications to run for president other than block organization and his ties to ACORN, as a senator he did little but say present when a vote was called always maintaining his distance from being responsible for much or accountable for anything.


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Newton Speedway Lands $8 Million in Senate Appropriations

DES MOINES | The Iowa Senate passed a wide-ranging standings appropriation bill Tuesday night that included an $8 million, four-year commitment of state money to help the Newton-based Iowa Speedway bring a NASCAR Sprint Cup race to Iowa.

Senators voted 26-24 along party lines to approve a revised Senate File 452 after turning back minority Republican amendments that sought to mandate drug-testing for public assistance recipients, require voters to provide a photo ID to receive an election ballot, and establish education savings accounts for parents to use per-pupil state funding to educate their children in public or private schools or at home.

How do you think our lame senator voted?


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2 Missing in Action

King Obama Hides Out in Texas


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09 May

Coburn: 'State omitted something very significant to Senate Intel Committee'

Hillary Clinton's Senior Assistant & Legal Counsel Immediately Proclaimed It Was A Terrorist Attack by Islamic Terrorists

How Did She Know The Same Day?

"Gowdy provided one of the few surprises in the hearing, reading what he described as an email from the day after the attacks in which Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Beth Jones said she had told the Libyan governor that “the group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al-Sharia, is affiliated with Islamic terrorists.”

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There Be Witches


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08 May

Benghazi Hearing Just Started - Only On Fox News - Lame Stream Media Ignores Truth

Obama's Benghazi Nightmare Is Alive

No One Died In The Watergate Hotel


If your one of those who get their news from the Hawk Eye, a paper known for the omission of news in order to protect the Obama regime, be advised that there are new hearings on the Benghazi cover-up starting on 4/8/13 today with three new witnesses from the state department that have yet to testify regarding the situation on the ground and what was or wasn’t done to protect the embassy that led to the deaths of our ambassador and three others murdered during the terrorist attack on our embassy.

I know if you get the Hawk Eye you’ve never been told about these hearings, like today there wasn’t a word mentioned regarding this investigation into the Benghazi failure by the Obama administration in the Hawk Eye. The Hawk Eye takes its protection of Obama as job one and will never print anything that shows his incompetence and many failures. Remember, Obama was promoted by the lack of honest journalist in the print media, TV news media and the elitist or those who think their elitist.

The Hawk Eye as well as others look at Obama as a messiah and will print nothing critical of him or his administration that has constantly failed because Obama never learned how to lead and now specializes in leading from behind. Actually, Obama has never been a leader and had no experience at leading anything but block organizing and possibly union organizing.


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Now What?


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07 May

Water Fees, Taxes and Failed Boondoggle Schemes


The other day there was an editorial in the Hack Eye about taxing our automobiles on the amount of miles driven in a year’s time rather than having a gas tax at the pump.

This system of taxing on miles driven is because of increased mileage per auto in recent years the states aren’t collecting enough gasoline tax money to maintain the roadways or so the authorities say, can we believe them?

There are autos being built and sold but not here in the United States because they get too many miles per gallon, in fact up to 70 mpg. Volkswagen and Ford each produce this type of auto both of which are banned in the United States because it would reduce the amount of gasoline required and thus decrease the taxes collected from the sale of gasoline.

Of course here in Burlington we are robbed over and over again to fund the loser business entities run by the city that fail to break even and of course we’ve had the problem of these same people thinking they're “Investment Bankers” squandering away our tax dollars to feed their dreams of grandeur.

Take our water bill where the fee is based on how many rooms and bathrooms a house has which has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of water consumed by said dwelling. Because of failed city management years ago meters weren’t installed on homes and a method was devised to rob the citizens regardless of the number of inhabitants living in the home via their water bills. Of course those with pools and those with large families really don’t care because it’s the retired or two person homes that are picking up the tab for them because they naturally use far less water than a home with a pool or a home with four to ten inhabitants or one that constantly water’s the lawn. Here in Burlington those with only one or two people living in the home are the people picking up the cost of water for many of the others who use thousands of gallons per quarter more than the single or two person homes.

The purpose of city government here in Burlington is to rob the citizens as much as possible to fund city employees lavish wages and benefits that in most cases far outstrip the incomes and benefits of the private sector, especially here in Burlington where nothing makes much sense when it comes to local government wages and benefits, where responsibility and accountability are totally missing from the city wage and benefit equation and is seldom even mentioned if at all.

Of course many of the previous city management got through their terms without being held responsible or accountable for the millions of dollars squandered. I find it just sickening how these people were not held responsible or accountable for their outright disregard for the well being of the taxpayer the people they stabbed in the back through their ignorance and dreams of grandeur. Our so called “Senator” up in Des Moines was also part of the deal to uproot the people in the Manor through his guiding the city clowns around the new imminent domain law that was soon to be passed by the state otherwise it would have been much harder if not impossible to destroy the lives of these people living in the Manor.

Much of the blame belongs with the one checkers who only check one box when they vote here in Burlington because it kills real checks and balances in government common when two parties are on the job. Here in Burlington nothing gets better because all the elected and most hired officials are all democrats a proven symptom for constant failure that will only end when all your money is gone.

This form of constant failure and high taxes has been proven over and over again in Burlington. The constant flow of retired Case people and teachers sort of guarantees this failure will continue for years to come or until your money runs out and by then it will all be history for Burlington.

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Ayers Defends Weather Underground Bombing Campaign, Says He's Not Like Boston Bombers

Contradicts The Fact That Three People Died As A Result of Ayers' Bombing Campaign

On Saturday, former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers expressed his continued support for his bombing campaign back in the 1970s. “There is no relationship at all between what Weather Underground members did and the bombings that two brothers allegedly committed on April 15 in Massachusetts,” Ayers told the Akron Beacon Journal. “No one died in the Weather Underground bombings.” He said the comparison was just as ineffective as comparing “the shooting in Connecticut” and “shooting at a hunting range.”

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Get Out of Dodge

Obama Ran the First Time - People Died & He Ran to a Fundraiser

Running Like Little Girl to Texas


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03 May

America In Trouble


Here’s a good article about the problems in Detroit and other cities that Burlington has been emulating on a daily basis:

America The Fallen: 24 Signs That Our Once Proud Cities Are Turning Into Poverty-Stricken Hellholes

Here in Burlington the one party system of government has failed through unscrupulous elected and hired officials who have squandered the city treasury on waste and sheer dreams of grandeur.

We in Burlington have our monuments to failure scattered all across the town from the Cascade Bridge to the Manor where people were thrown out of their homes based on failed government decisions of greed and deceit bordering on criminality by those elected to manage the city for the taxpayers.

The old money hangers-on in Burlington have done little to help the town out with the exception of propping up their so called high society lifestyles and staffing the many boards that do little or nothing for the majority of those living in Burlington, other than increasing fees and/or taxes.

The city and county have failed to bring in the needed jobs to maintain a good tax base while they give away our tax dollars as TIF gifts to firms that have their taxes paid for by taxpayers for up to 20 years. Some of the few jobs brought in have cost the taxpayer’s as much as $75,000 per job a sum that will take about four years for taxpayers to realize any benefit at best.

The influx of new citizens has done little to help the situation because there aren’t any livable wage jobs to be had in Des Moines County and many have come here to increase their incomes through means other than working.

Without attracting good industrial jobs Burlington has little chance of ever improving and will slowly sink into the likes of cities that have already fallen from a once vibrant economy to one of stagnation.


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Just Imagine What The Price For The Ad Vertiser Would Be


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02 May

Whistle From The Grave


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01 May

The Loan Request

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