Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 June

Burlington Failures May Not be Contagious


I hope Ft. Madison does a better job of building and operating their new sports complex than Burlington did because the Burlington RecPlex was a bloody hemorrhage for the local taxpayers during its first ten years of existence and is probably still draining the wallets of taxpayers. The normal losses for each of the first ten years was at least $100,000 a year for a grand total of $1 million dollars paid for by taxpayers to keep it in the black by covering the losses.

The biggest money maker if that’s what one wants to call it is the concession stand at between $250,000 and $300,000 dollars and still it fails to break even but supposedly this year ending on June 30 they finally expect to be in the black slightly over $2,000. Plus the city gets all the local tax money taken from those that use the Plex and if it isn’t enough they take it from the taxpayers to cover the losses.

The only people known to actually profit from the RecPlex so far are the motels and greasy spoons scattered along Roosevelt Avenue and Agency Street. My question is where is the return on investment for the lowly taxpayer, if any? The taxpayers aren’t here to provide jobs for city workers who are in most cases grossly overpaid and benefitted; so please where is the return for us taxpayers for that RecPlex? How has it helped the taxpayer and how many firms have settled into Burlington because of the RecPlex and the new Library that were supposed to bring in the jobs. If anyone has seen or knows of the new livable wage jobs (over $11.00 per hour) these two places have brought into the city please let us know because it’s been a long unproductive wait.

The new demographics don’t support the idea that they would draw working people from all around the area to work and live in Burlington. Instead we have an influx of people driving up the “idlers” cost to where the county pays from $80 to $100 million to social services per year.

The new schools haven’t driven up test scores because there are still students in need of assistance as well as some of the schools yet the superintendent gets another raise bringing her up to $155,000 for another disastrous year for the schools with still less than 80% graduating or thereabouts.

The advice from friends outside of Burlington is to move, a choice many have made in recent years and I should probably take their advice because nothing in Burlington is improving and here it is almost July and last winter’s pot holes have yet to be filled. Take a look at N. 5th where in intersects North St. The same goes for 4th St. Street and just about most of the streets in Burlington. Take a look at the surface of the Viaduct that is falling apart right in front of our very eyes in real time. Take a look at the 800 block of North Street it makes the moon look smooth and a more livable than North Street itself.

Depressed as Usual

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26 June

Senator Courtney's Welfare Wasteland


What a brutally honest story 6-25-13 about Burlington as a welfare magnet. It appears some people in Burlington read more than the Ad Vertiser and are capable of independent, intelligent thought.

Burlington is sinking. Are there enough people left smart enough to stop it?


Courtney doesn't care what happens to Burlington. As long as the newcomers vote for a free lunch, he couldn't be happier.


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Two Gold Stooges


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25 June

What Brings Them Here - Burlington's Magnet? Welfare!


Taking a look at Greenville North Carolina (Pitt County) where approximately 203 of Burlington’s new citizens arrived between 2006 and 2010. One may remember the Greenville area because it was the town where Sylvania television sets were manufactured for many years until the company went belly-up. Burlington had a Sylvania electron tube manufacturing plant at one time and should be remembered by some.

Greenville has a crime relationship to Burlington because its violent crime rate is rated 7 out of 10 (1 being the lowest) compared to a national rate of 4 and a Burlington rating of 7 same as Greenville. However, property crime in Burlington is rated an 8 while Greenville has a mere 6 while the national average is again 4. A crime rate higher than the national average surly can’t be a reason for coming here. Greenville is slightly over three times the size of Burlington.

Why would people from Greenville North Carolina (Pitt County) want to move to Des Moines County, Iowa? The same goes for Larimer County, Colorado where 99 of our new citizens came from indicating Burlington must be on the user end of the medical pot industry and sales draws them here. Larimer County is a hot bed of the medical pot industry in Colorado, check out Colorado: High Noon - Larimer County is at the center of the battle over medical marijuana

Why people from Henry and Lee counties in Iowa would want to move to Burlington is somewhat strange because what does Burlington have to offer that those two counties don’t. Education is probably lower rated, the roads are worse; taxes are probably much higher; rents are probably higher; government is definitely worse; so it would appear there’s more free living (entitlements) available in Des Moines County. In other words it’s easier to live free in Des Moines County Iowa than other Iowa counties which are why those from Pitt County, North Carolina must come here since there are no jobs paying livable wages to attract them; it’s sort of like getting a raise by coming to Burlington without a job from those places. Or, our two previous Democrat governors may have invited them here to fill up the substandard housing all over the place.

Burlington is a thriving drug center which helps explain why people from Larimer County, Colorado would be interested in coming here to ply their trade in medical pot. It surely couldn’t be for the low paying service jobs that populate the Burlington area.

With the exception of possible Colorado pot business the main draw for those from other places to Burlington, a city that was previously hemorrhaging citizens because of no livable wage jobs and high taxes now on a population upswing would appear to be for dubious reasons not necessarily tied to earning a living but living off the taxpayers and increasing the crime rates through lack of anything productive to occupy their time.

The Social Assistance Research Report should have asked the question of why people want to move into Des Moines County Iowa where there are no livable wage jobs, high crime, high rents, excessive taxes, poor shopping and declining school system to name a few. What was the draw for them coming to Burlington; this is the unanswered question in an otherwise well written and documented report.

It should be remembered many of these new citizens along with some of Iowa’s own are costing Des Moines County between $80 and $100 million annually for their living expenses along with health care and remember no matter where the money comes from it’s still taxpayer funded.


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The Snake Wiggles For Its Master


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20 June

Obama's Milking Everything He Can Get His Hands On


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18 June

Brian Tapp & Dennis Hinkle's Legacy in Song

Taxpayer's $80-$100 Million Paid for This


In case none of you know, here is a video that tells it like it is in Burlington.

We can thank Governors Culver and Vilsack who invited these people to this area over the past few years making Burlington the 3rd most crime ridden city in Iowa behind Keokuk #1 and Davenport #2. Like we all believed they came here looking for work that wasn’t even available in Burlington to start with.

Burlington became the surrogate for Columbus Junction. Muscatine turned down the request for housing them while Burlington became the surrogate and they all moved to Burlington from Chicago after all Burlington needed someone to fill up the run down sub-standard housing spread all over town. I wonder how many other cities along with their state government shopped for workers in South Chicago when there were no jobs in Des Moines county at all with all livable wage jobs long gone or taken. Des Moines County houses and pays out between $80 and $100 million per year in raising and supporting all these people who supposedly came here looking for jobs. Of course taxpayers are picking up the tab and not only Burlington taxpayers because the city is already near bankruptcy thanks to unscrupulous, greedy dimwitted city management. On top of that many employed at Tyson Foods in Columbus Junction no longer work there; so Tyson is bringing in Burmese now.

We have between 1 and three shootings just about on a weekly basis with some random drive by types. One guy shot in the head refused to detail who did it and two weeks later he was shot again in a drive by and still refused to disclose who was doing it. That’s the mentality of many of these new citizens imported from Chicago making Burlington the armpit of Iowa.

We’ve even had gang robbery of a local Gas Land that was captured on video showing about 12 to 15 minorities robbing the store but of course nothing was ever done about the robbery and it took the cops a couple of days to pick up the video and nothing ever surfaced from the police end and of course the public never heard about it unless someone happened to mention it to them.

Burlington is slowly becoming a lawless drug ridden town of 25,600 people far out ranking all crime stats both in Iowa and Nationally.

Although a couple of years old here is one site on crime stats for Burlington. Burlington Crime Statistics

"The city violent crime rate for Burlington in 2010 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 58.4% and the city property crime rate in Burlington was higher than the national property crime rate average by 32.79%.

In 2010 the city violent crime rate in Burlington was higher than the violent crime rate in Iowa by 133.74% and the city property crime rate in Burlington was higher than the property crime rate in Iowa by 74.2%."

All I can say is be glad you don’t live in Burlington and pray that past governors don’t offer to help your town out along with greedy dimwitted politicians both elected and hired to help them bring in the workers specially if they’re not even needed in your town or county.


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Baghdad Bob: "There Are No Crocodiles in Obama Pool"


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17 June

A Brighter Future for Jimmy Olsen in Art History

Reason for MSM Liberal Bent Exposed - Perpetual Debt Makes Sense


"A new study by Bankrate.com of various college majors shows that among four-year degree programs, journalism is dead last when it comes to return on investment. It takes journalists nearly 32 years on average to pay off their college loans, according to the study."

"The average journalist’s salary, according to Bankrate, is $37,090, which also makes it the lowest paid job of the four-year degree programs they ranked, trailing teachers and librarians. It was far below the degrees with the best return—advertising and marketing—degrees for which they estimated it takes less than six years to pay off the associated loans."

From what we read in the Ad Vertiser as local news by interns, journalism is obviously not attracting the brightest and the best. From what we read from those supposed to be teaching Jimmy, the brightest and the best more than a few years out of school have changed careers.


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Manor Mall Developer Giveaway Just Another Typical Dumbass Move


The person who said, “a fool is born every minute” must have had Burlington city management in mind along with the local Democratic voters, neither of which has learned a thing from past mistakes and fail to even understand what’s wrong with Burlington.

This Manor thing is an insult and a constant reminder of how irresponsible the local Democratic Party has become through constant failure and misdeeds. I think the Democrats have proven their inability to run the city of Burlington and have basically destroyed what was once a real jewel turning it into a government dependent crime ridden town with few if any livable wage jobs. Our town has been turned into a town needing $80 to $100 million per year to support the non-working class of the backs of taxpayers. Amazing for a town of only 25,600 souls.

A town that once wrote up a budget plan that contained the following headings:

The title was: City of Burlington Budget Waste, Incremental Cost Basis

The headings per column and budget amounts were:
War on Drugs ($929,603),
Play Things Duplication and Waste ($849,960),
Build It and They Will Come ($1,715,500),
Corporate Welfare ($938,373).
The total expense for this budget of waste was $4,433,436.00.

This may give some a perspective of just how irresponsible past city management was and how I hope to hell this type of budget process is no longer used by city hall. By the way there’s a long list of line items and the cost for each is, of course added into the total.

I wonder just what type of persons would put the entire population into such a mess and not even blink an eye nor face any consequences for their deceitful and unscrupulous ethics and behavior.

Here are some of the line items such as the one for-Top Heavy Management at the Regional Landfill $25,000. Listed under Play Things, Duplicates & Waste

Chamber of Commerce, Tourist Bureau-$141,600. Listed under Corporate Welfare

Railroad Depot Renovation-$416,000. Listed under Build it and They Will Come

Two ¾ Ton Pickups-$59,600. Listed under Play Things and Duplicates.

All of this just goes to show what happens when there’s only one political party with one brain fits all coupled with no checks and balances on anything, yet this insanity still appears to be alive and well in Burlington the armpit of Iowa.


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Senators skip classified briefing on NSA snooping to catch flights home

GOP Had Their Chance to Swoop - Instead, Faltered and Dipped

"The Senate held its last vote of the week a little after noon on Thursday, and many lawmakers were eager to take advantage of the short day and head back to their home states for Father’s Day weekend.

Only 47 of 100 senators attended the 2:30 briefing, leaving dozens of chairs in the secure meeting room empty as Clapper, Alexander and other senior officials told lawmakers about classified programs to monitor millions of telephone calls and broad swaths of Internet activity. The room on the lower level of the Capitol Visitor Center is large enough to fit the entire Senate membership, according to a Senate aide."

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Next Stop - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


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14 June

Where the Hell is Bismarck?

Bismarck, isn't that a pastry?


“A smart fence, which is what Senator McCain and I want to build--since he’s from Arizona, I think he knows more about this than the Senator from South Dakota who only has a border with Canada and that is quite different,” Landrieu said."

"What is it about Democrats and geography?"

Jimmy Olsen is not alone.

Suppose the party Presidium requests Calgary coverage of a Farmers for Bruce Braley event. One of these on the Nash dash may avoid embarrassment. Many of these devices include a calculator.

The calculator would be handy figuring the Deutschmark to dollars exchange rate at McDonald's in Bismarck.

Randy McNally

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I Need You Voters


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13 June

Media Men Madness


"“Sponsored Views’ premium placement enables participants to provide their perspectives with unparalleled contextual relevance, while still keeping the lines between news and sponsored messages crystal clear,” said Steve Hills, President and General Manager of The Washington Post."

Desperate to reverse declining revenues, the legacy media is willing to sell your message. Pay to put your message in their message.

Does this have local legacy media possibilities? We have already seen an entire front page of fish wrap ad vertising disguised as news.

The news, or often the omission thereof, is known for being blurred by the single party line. Your advertising in the Ad Vertiser online is to a limited audience growing ever smaller behind a pay wall.

Matchbooks and ball point pens sound like a better bang for the buck.

Don Draper

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Another Iowa City Pays a Pound of Flesh

The Moody Monster Strikes Again


"Moody’s last Friday issued several ratings downgrades for Coralville, including its general obligation unlimited tax rating, tax increment financing revenue debt, sewer enterprise revenue and water enterprise revenue.

The action follows a string of rating reductions for Coralville by Moody’s in the past few years. Criticism of the city’s debt level and its use of tax increment financing has increased in that time, particularly following the millions of dollars the city gave to Von Maur in 2011 to build a department store in town."

TIF giveaways and "non essential government purposes" extract a toll. Too much debt makes a city junk bond bait for loan shark interest rates.

If Coralville's financial department had juggled some sewer money, could they have staved this off for a few years?

Cy Locke

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12 June

The Real Cost to Burlington


The problem with the recent shootings scattered all around town is eventually an innocent bystander will be wounded or killed for no other reason than a bunch of scumbags running around shooting each other for lack of anything else to do with their lives. Just look at what goes on and has gone on in Chicago for years and continues on a daily basis making Chicago one of the deadliest cities in America, is Burlington next in line?

Iowa has invited these same people to our state for the so called purpose of being workers here in a city that basically has no jobs to offer unless they want to be in the low paying service type of work that basically pays minimum wages at best. Granted there may be a few that are educated enough to find jobs but most likely not in Burlington and they move on to greener pastures once they find a job. Again, why come here to work when one can live on $50 to $80 thousand dollars a year off the taxpayers which is probably the main reason most come here in the first place and when that runs out, if it ever does they move on to the next state. Of course if it weren’t for the many slum lords supplying substandard housing at inflated rents fewer would probably have made the trip to Burlington. This over abundance of substandard housing is a magnet attracting many of the wrong people here and then when you throw in the massive amount of taxpayer money for supporting a free living experience why wouldn’t people come here.

Originally, it was Tyson Foods that was the draw because the jobs were above minimum wage but that has since fell by the wayside along with the subsidized busing and Tyson has been forced to hire Burmese people now to replace those living in Burlington the surrogate for Columbus Junction and Tyson Foods. These people from Chicago got a free month of living at local motels and who knows what else they got to entice them to Iowa and taxpayers will probably never know the real truth of what it cost once it started and the cost will continue to drain taxpayer pockets for many years to come.

I won’t get into the massive crime rate for small towns but Burlington has that rank of #3 for crime in Iowa, a state with over 900 cities and towns and what kind of publicity is this for a town trying to induce new business, LOL.

Let’s face the facts, Burlington is really in a spot with the lack of jobs, drugs, violent crime and a host of other problems that Burlington just isn’t equipped to handle and of course the city is on the verge of bankruptcy through lack of competent management and legal council from past years. Now the city seems to think they have an obligation to provide overpaid jobs for its workers regardless of the ability of taxpayers to support such dumb and irresponsible thinking the same thinking that got us here in the first place and it continues unabated not to mention the Manor fiasco that’s been like a constant plague to taxpayers.


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Tell Me It Ain't So Joe, Tell Me It AIn't So


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11 June

Obama's Coffee Shop


Here’s another example of Obama abuse of the executive office for bypassing electronic archiving requirements and visitor logs in holding hundreds of meetings with lobbyists at a coffee shop close to the White House

This president has instilled all the traits of Chicago criminal activity into our national government and he doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution or anything about America and those that voted for this unknown loser have basically committed our country to a form of Hari Kari.

Just take a look at the thugs and liars he’s hired to run our government from the executive office. His pledge for an administration of openness has proven to be nothing more than a shame and another of his long list of lies.

Obama’s form of health care is to spy on all Americans so the government can control the lives of every one of us and if we don’t toe the line it’ll mean confinement in one of his concentration camps being built all across the country under the guise of national security.

Everything about Obama and his administration reeks of ignoring the Constitution and a loss of American freedoms all as a result of Obama’s massive ego and lack of concern for an America that he dislikes in the first place, his most likely mentor George Soros is most likely pulling the strings from under his rock. Of course under a massive lying campaign during his first election cycle he duped many Americans through speeches designed and written by others to mislead them into voting for him, not to mention all the lies during the second campaign.

I think Obama and his henchmen are the real threat to America and the Congress should step up and do something right here and now to restrain the damage he’s doing with his mandates, executive privilege power and abuse of the Patriot Act all of which he uses against our Constitution and the American way of life. If anyone is getting around the rules of national security it’s Obama and not my mother talking on the phone or someone ordering a prescription from their doctor; so why the hell does a mass of bureaucrats in the government need to know this information.

Obama and his stooges are the last people anyone should trust with their private information; so ask yourself this question, “Do I want Obama, Holder and others in this administration sifting through my private life”. The list of people not to trust in the Obama administration is endless and continues as a major work in progress.


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10 June

Pay for Inaccurate Ad Vertiser Information


"Des Moines County Supervisor Dan Cahill balked Tuesday at signing a 28E agreement for the county that would restrict future land development ...

A Derailed June 7, 2013 posting on geographically challenged liberals contained a link to a past Ad Vertiser blunder. The Ad Vertiser wants payment to see not only their ongoing inaccuracies, but classic historical blunders.

Is it conceivable the Ad Vertiser figures a pay page makes less transparent to the world at large their gross incompetence?

Corrigan Ireland

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Obama's Gestapo


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08 June

Beckel Explodes On Phone Calls

Main Street Media Served Double Dose Brownies

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07 June

Iowa... The Tall Maple Leaf State - Eh?



"The stock photo they used isn’t of Iowa farmers, it’s actually an image of two farmers from Canada. You can see the original image from iStockphoto here. The profile of the photographer also includes an Alberta, Canada phone number, so I guess the photo doesn’t really depict Iowans working together."

Senator Courtney's comrades at Des Moines Central Politburo had a tractor pull. They pulled out a stock photo and pulled a boner.

Web wonks tend to be younger. Perhaps some recent Young Pioneer alumni from an eastern block territory like Massachusetts are doing the party's web work. They would not be familiar with Iowa.

Mamma Mia, who can put some spin on this mess? Call for Senator Courtney.

Canada is not really that foreign a country. They have U. A. W. locals up there just like here. In many ways, Canada is more advanced.

Canada has had take a number and wait socialized medicine for years. We here are only now discovering the truth about Obamacare. Where will Canadians go to relieve their suffering promptly and in some cases save their life once we also have socialized medicine? We shall soon share a larger bond of mutual misery.

Our State Senator who once vowed to get even with business should add an Iowa angle. Fiat Allis/Case/New Holland/Etc./Etc. has a plant in Burlington. New Holland tractors provide pension funds to gas up Senator Courtney's late model Corvette.

A minor mistake. A little spin to suggested superficial connections is all it takes. Low information voters never trace anything back to the root of the problem. The formula is proven.

Just look at how many people here have voted for Senator Courtney and his party comrades.

Oliver White

What is it about Democrats and geography?


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He's Trying His Damndest!


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06 June

Obama Paper Trail Burned by Sympathizers


I don’t think they’ll ever find a paper trail to the White House. Obama overturned many rocks to find despicable people who would do his bidding without being directly contacted to do so.

Hitler had made it perfectly clear in "Mein Kampf" what he thought of the so-called "untermenschen" (the sub-humans) but to most people, these were the thoughts of a madman and not ones to be taken seriously.

Hitler had made it perfectly clear through his book what type of people he wanted to run the Nazi machine, people who would do his bidding without direct supervision by Hitler himself because he had already made it known what he wanted as Obama did himself prior to his first term.

These people are so loyal to Obama that the country nor the constitution has no meaning to them and his goals are all that matters come hell or high water and who may die during the regime.

Dishonesty and deceit are well rewarded in the Obama administration just look at Susan Rice the same person that lied five times in one morning trying to mislead everyone about the Benghazi attack by blaming it on a YouTube movie that only about 100 people in the world had even seen.

Her reward was getting promoted by Obama to the White House as National Security Adviser and this has happened to others that pursue the Obama doctrine to the letter in order to shred the constitution and swing the country to socialism and then serfdom of the masses to the rich and elitist in society.

Obama would sacrifice the country to satisfy his ego and dictatorial thoughts of government by himself. His also promoted others that should have been fired but were moved up the ladder by to new jobs a direct insult to the constitution and the American people.


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Free Enterprise


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05 June

Missing $10,000 from BNSF Indicative of City Accountability


The city claims because of the storm they are over budget from debris cleanup.

My question is what happened to the $10,000 given the parks department by BNSF when the railroad bridge was dedicated?

Why did the city waste $18,000 putting in landscaping on Roosevelt and then this year plowing it up and replanting the grass?

Why did the city take down the flood protection at the auditorium when the weather bureau predicted up to six inches more rain for the coming week and how much did it cost extra for this blunder in decision making?

Why are the two Forestry Department people shown in the Hawk Eye front page picture cleaning up debris not listed as working for the city in the city budget information printed in the 2-22-13 edition of The Hawk Eye? One person who is supposedly part time was listed, although not working part time for the Forestry Department and was also earning $5000 more for his part time job than he earned when first rehired by the city, after retiring from the police department several years before going back to work for the city or were the two just hired for clean-up?

Did the city outsource any debris cleanup to reduce overtime expenses due to the high cost of public employees?


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Domain Remains - BurlingtonDerailed Never Left The Building


On June 4th, your web site could not be reached. A web services provider site appeared. Anybody interested could check into buying the expired domain name of Burlingtonderailed.

I take it you were hacked. Is there anyway to tell where the hack came from?

Did you get any inquiries on what price your site? If so, who made them? One can just imagine how many inner party members of our single party system would like to buy you out to go away.

Keep up the good work.


It would create some real publisher Steve Delaney Main Street Media-like excitement to hint at a story and then claim it is worthy of everyone's time to get a smudge on their boot.

No hack. Just too busy working 3 jobs to pay taxes.


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Whose Lamebrain


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04 June

Republican Congressman’s Scathing 1-Minute Obama Critique on House Floor

All I Need is One Minute of Your Time!

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Bus Service On Chopping Block?


I hear some people on the council are upset that city bus drivers may have to take a cut in wages with has happened to plenty of people in Burlington that work for the private sector. I find it hard to feel any sympathy for them because no one ever feels any for the private sector when their jobs or outsourced or their plant closes.

Government employees work for the taxpayers and if it can be done cheaper and save money for the taxpayer, then so be it just like in the private sector. Government workers have been treated like sacred cows and that should come to an end and it’s all because of the union marriage between democrats and employee unions where both have proven that the union between the two is wasteful and does nothing more than promote unfairness and higher taxes to the taxpayers who are lucky to even get a raise in Burlington.

I think local government entities should all take a 20% cut in pay which will still leave them earning far more than the private sector for doing the same job. We all know that the elected and hired city employees are not any smarter or work any different than the private sector otherwise our city wouldn’t be on the verge of bankruptcy and the infrastructure wouldn’t be in the mess it currently is and has been for years now. What have they done to deserve such high pay and benefits other than give money to the democrats every election cycle. One other thing is government has no accountability for messing up, just look at the Obama administration. Also, what happened to the management of Burlington that screwed the taxpayers out of over $5 million bucks? How many went to jail versus how many are living the good life having retired or moved on?

I don’t feel the taxpayers should coddle the government employee any longer and they be held to the same standards as the private sector employee is held to. And this goes for raises and benefits both of which should be on merit and have nothing to do with tenure only, as it is now.


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Crime by Quill


"New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson appeared on CBS’s Face The Nation, and told host Bob Schieffer that she was “concerned that the process of news gathering is being criminalized,” because of the Justice Department’s leak investigation that has targeted journalists."

In Burlington, it is the selective lack of news gathered and reported that is criminal.


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New Deal to a Disastrous Deal for Burlington


"It seems that the public housing residents of South Chicago who are most angry about how Daley's Plan for Transformation is disrupting their lives assign no complicity to former State Senator Obama. In part, it's because he deftly navigated the narrow and politically dangerous channel between them and his developer friends."

Nearly eight decades of Democrat inspired welfare failure lie behind Burlington's accelerated decay by forced immigration from Illinois.

Massive high rise housing projects never achieved the the promise the New Deal. nor the Great Society. Places like Chicago's Cabrini Green became symbolic of failure and were felled.

What of the residue?

The buildings themselves could go to land fills. The residents were more problematic. Hell, though these projects were, they had become home. Many of the project dwellers were not happy to be forced out.

Historically ironic, Section 8 vouchers were the answer to insane welfare government welfare programs. Resettlement in the west. Take the train to Iowa. Spread the culture of government dependency to new fields.

Chicago developers and politicians were free to profit off redevelopment of their mess.

Many of Burlington's indigenous residents are not happy. Those displaced by Obama and the Chicago developers have moved here. Residents of Burlington have overwhelming voted for the party of welfare failure from Obama and Senator Courtney on down.

Be it Chicago, or Burlington, the ignorant who voted to make this mess have nobody to blame but themselves.

Eleanor Hopkins

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Lame Brain Ideas on Crutches


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Nothing to See Here, Move Along!


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03 June

Construction Workers Jobs Are Here - But Welfare Costs $80-$100 Million


Now that all these construction jobs in Iowa are going unfilled because of a lack of workers these new citizens brought to Burlington by Vilsack and others, can be sent out across the state to fill these positions opening up in the construction field. I have to give it to Vilsack along with some other do-gooders that Iowa did need the workers eventually; so they’re here now and let’s send them up to Des Moines and other central Iowa locations where they’re really needed not to mention there were no jobs here in Burlington when they were invited by Vilsack. I can remember an article in the Hawk Eye several years ago where it was indicated Iowa needed the workers and Vilsack and some local people invited them all over here at taxpayer expense obviously to relieve the strain on the Chicago budget and because Iowa definitely needed them in the future.

Well, the future is here now and the time has come for them to spread out all over Iowa and do what they were invited to do over here in Iowa. I’m sure most of them capable of working have probably already applied down at the new fertilizer plant going up in Weaver but there are other chances for them up in the central sections of Iowa for good construction jobs because many of these previous construction workers left Iowa after the 2006 recession and once people leave Iowa they seldom come back.

Taxpayers in Des Moines County could use some relief from the failed Burlington government that can’t manage their budget and the $80 to $100 million a year spent on carry for all the new workers imported from Illinois and other locations for jobs that sure as hell weren’t in Des Moines County. Of course Tyson Foods in now importing Burmese people to fill the jobs the people from Illinois were brought here to fill a few years ago and many have now become wards of the Des Moines County taxpayers. Burlington became the surrogate for Columbus Junction and Tyson and it really paid off for Burlington, just look around town and read the For The Record in the paper.

People should read a copy of the Greater Burlington Partnership - Social Assistance Research Report by Mark Foster that can be viewed on the Grow Greater Burlington Partnership web page at: Greater Burlington Partnership the report can be found under the News heading on the top right of the page and then at the bottom left of the News page itself. I wonder if we’ll hear a sucking sound as they depart Des Moines County for central Iowa, similar to what Chicago and other locations heard when then swarmed into eastern Iowa locations where there were no jobs for them. These new people should have gone to central Iowa where all the state money is spent anyway and not poor eastern Iowa where nothing is growing with the exception of the welfare rolls.


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Burlington Wallows in Welfare


I guess Burlington can thank Brian Tapp, Dennis Hinkle, former governor Tom Vilsack and former Iowa Department of Human Services Director Kevin Concannon for the monster mess they’ve dumped on Burlington and other Iowa towns in eastern Iowa. Thanks to them the highest crime rates in Iowa are all in Scott, Des Moines and Keokuk counties through the invitation of the afore mentioned numskulls who should have minded their own business.

I don’t ever remember being asked if I cared about all the wrong people moving into town and bringing their government supported lives with them. Another problem is we have Jason Hutcheson the President and CEO of Greater Burlington Partnership indicating Burlington has much to offer those seeking relocation. Then he list the following: Career opportunities, numerous quality-of-life amenities, and reasonable cost-of-living rates are all great reasons to choose our community. He also then added, “Quicker access to social assistance benefits should not be one of them-especially when employers have unfilled job openings.” I venture to think that the majority came here to live off the taxpayer as they did in Illinois for their entire lives. Does Jason really believe they came here to work, if so why are they walking around town most of the day and night with nothing to do?

Grow Greater Burlington should print in the Hawk Eye weekly all the unfilled jobs around town that pay a livable wage of at least $10.50 to $14.00 dollars per hour. If there were jobs of that value around Iowa most Iowans would probably have stayed around and importing the welfare crowd wouldn’t have been necessary to fill all the jobs. I would imagine most of the new 15 citizens that arrived last year are well educated and earning above the average wage in Des Moines County which if I’m not mistaken is the 2nd poorest county in Iowa.

Most of these new citizens have probably applied at the new fertilizer plant going up in Weaver, wouldn’t one think that’s the place they’d of gone looking for high paying jobs that are so abundant here in eastern Iowa versus Chicago. Hell, even Vilsack would come back and apply for a chance at living in the area where he increased our chances of getting shot, getting hooked on drugs, being a high school dropout, getting robbed, assaulted along with a host of other personal calamities.

Like Tyson Foods who have gone through the gantlet first with American employees, Mexican employees many of which couldn’t speak English, Chicago employees and now their hitting on the Burmese line of employees who more than likely can’t speak English. The problem is when these groups leave Tyson they become the problem of the taxpayer because they just stay here and never find another job with many of them coming to Tyson just to get into the United States or get a free ride out of Chicago and once here they melt into the mess our government can’t seem to ever control and again our taxpayers are stuck supporting the world of those seeking freedom from the cost of life.

Burlington had its own problems before the four lamebrains above invited the out-of-towners over here because they were looking for people that would work for nothing which is why most of the middle class split over the past several decades because of the lack of livable wage jobs. Did these four quacks tell the new recruits that Burlington would be doing good to offer them minimum wage if even that much. I don’t remember the social people giving me moving expenses and all the other free ride benefits new non-workers get for coming here.

I can tell you one thing if your home or business gets robbed you can probably just buck up and forget it because you’ll most likely be told that there’s not much they can do and the thieves will just go on robbing all over town, safe in knowing no one is looking for them. Just answering the calls to the police station take up most of the officers time running all over town and reporting on assaults, domestic problems, vandalism, thefts, accidents and on and on, just look at the For the Record in the Hawk Eye every day, it’s mind boggling to say the least.

Burlington is a social mess and sweeping it under the rug just won’t solve the problems that have been created by mismanagement. Burlington has become a mini Detroit with the same inept political failings and falling down infrastructure through neglect and incompetence in city management.

It would help if the local paper wrote about the problems facing the citizens of Burlington instead of trying to prop up Obama and his failed administration. The democrats have been destroying Burlington for many years now and if the voters continue “one-checking” at the polls there’s no reason to think anything will ever change. The problem is democrats just don’t have what it takes to run a paper route let alone a city in the mess Burlington is currently infested with.


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The Keys to Impeachment


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