Burlington Derailed ó The Continuing Story

31 July

Burlington Hydroelectric


Does anyone know how the city of Burlington was able to obtain the legal right to build a powerplant at Lock & Dam 18?

How can it claim the rights to something to seek bids on if it doesn't own it?

The dam is not in the city limits.

Does the city have the right to own a utility company according to city code or charter?

Who is going to run this operation? Obviously, the city has no skills.


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Call Da Bums Out at Community Field

7th Inning Gavel Toss Next?

Worden Late at The Plate


"RICHMOND, Va. -- A minor league baseball team in Virginia intends to poke fun at New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and other celebrities with a "Salute to Scandal Night."

The Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels of the Eastern League intend to sell hot dogs for $1 on Thursday. The team says fans also can enter a contest by tweeting photos during the game showing how they are enjoying their hot dogs."

The Weiner who wants to be Mayor of New York has has hit a scandal double. A minor league baseball team is using former Congressman Weiner's attempts to go beyond 3rd base with the babes as a promotion.

Moody's has Burlington's credit rating hanging on the edge of the seat. Burlington's toilet tissue accounting sewer fund scandal could be good for a night of fun at the ballpark.

Anybody who brings a clean, wrapped roll of toilet paper to the park gets discounted admission. In addition, those do would be eligible to enter a 7th inning stretch contest.

Two commodes would be set up along the first baseline. From a measured distance, two contestants would see who could pitch the most pennies into the bowl within a time limit.

The winner gets all the toilet paper turned in at the gate, a toilet brush, a case of bowl cleaner and a new plunger.

Should any local political comeback like Weiner's be attempted, buck off beer night. For the 7th inning stretch, a gavel tossing contest.

"Shirtless Joe" Bonds

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Why Burlington Needs a Utility Tax

Feed The City Beast

Alliant EnergyFranchise Fee Cedar rapids.jpg

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30 July

Lemmings Follow Obama's Tour of Lies 2013


I see where the Hack Eye is still propping up Obama and his constant speech references to former past presidents who actually authored their own speeches from experience where Obama can only call on their renowned speeches since he has little or nothing to show for the five and a half years of his administrations disgraceful behavior.

Obama is a creator of nothing but a huge borrower of things to say and if anything heís said is historic that remains to be determined in the far off future, something I doubt will ever happen. When it comes to constant scandals he makes Nixon look like a saint and this is the only area he shines in as president where scandal after scandal has, like everything else driven him on the road again to deliver the Tour of Lies 2013 line of crap which is all it really is. Heís either out of the country enjoying himself or on a political tour because he canít take the mess heís responsible for in Washington.

When it comes to leading he doesnít qualify and basically he had no concrete qualifications for the White House to begin with and his entire life is built around a life of smoke and mirrors with the exception of his leftist mind oddball list of radical misfits of society that heís stuffed the government with all of which are people just as dubious of America as he is. These are people that think their above the law and can lie and swindle their way to riches working in a government that under Obama has shredded the constitution, disregarded states rights, the first amendment, failed to enforce immigration laws already on the books, taken states to litigation for trying to enforce illegal immigration, the president has tried to influence court cases having nothing to do with his duties other than his racist behavior and radicalism in trying to stir up race problems with the likes of Sharpton and Jackson who earn their living off manufactured race problems that the liberal press creates and the TV news such as NBC a network that has edited video tapes several times to make them appear as racist.

If thereís gridlock in Washington itís because of Obama, a person that has done everything he possibly can to cause it through his left wing agenda that has so far made a mess out of our country yet the low information voters go and reelect him again based on an accomplishment list of nothing but catering to special interest groups and the rich all the things heís claimed to be against. While on his 2003-4 Tour of Lies in Galesburg he was all for keeping their jobs in Illinois while behind their backs his other hand was taking thousands of dollars from Maytag management for his election to the senate; so he duped Galesburg back then and continues to do it on his Tour of Lies 2013.

This current Tour of Lies 2013 is nothing more than a continuation of his doing nothing for the middle class a group he has done nothing for since taking office, the middle class is one of the groups he intends to destroy because of his agenda. The middle class are mostly consumers and have little or nothing to do with creating jobs other than purchasing product that in turn creates demand and then the business owners and corporations take over by producing more product and creating jobs. Obama is out there with his smoke and mirror form of government and old rehashed speeches trying to reinforce his power over the low information voters.

Anyone who believes Obama doesnít want to divide the people and cause mayhem across the country is guilty of ignorance and media misinformation. When Obama analysisís Lincolnís comments about a house divided he has the information he needs to destroy our American way of life and thatís his ultimate goal to make America a socialist failed state like all socialists states that have come before us.

Obama is a misfit oddball person who never should have been elected president and because of low information voters weíre stuck with him and boy is he an absolute crackpot, out of control with a skill set capable of reading print off a teleprompter that someone else has written for him and thatís about it. America has been duped beyond ones imagination and who would have thought he was capable of dividing the country across all bonds of normalcy and reason.

Of course when the local paper keeps spreading Obamaís lies to a town of basically ďlow information votersĒ what can one expect when an election is held? Burlington has elected some of the most worthless politicians known to man along with many dimwitted hired people and the condition of the city explains it, just take a look at the balance sheet and the infrastructure of this damn town. Drive by S. 7th and Maple Streets and notice the trash and other rubbish thrown in the street and city right of way which is a far too often a classic Burlington scene.

Obama is destroying America and heís succeeding because of ďLow Information VotersĒ and a non-functional federal government stuffed with leftist and elitist bureaucrats who are shredding our Constitution a fact proven by scandal after scandal by federal government loons.


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29 July

Watch Out Burlington, It's Degrading

Bankrupt New England mill town offers Detroit a bleak preview

"Central Falls' 19,000 residents are tucked into barely more than one square mile. The little city has coped with high poverty and crime and in 2011 found itself with a structural budget deficit of $6 million, along with $80 million in unpaid pension and health insurance benefits owed to the cityís retired workers.

...ďThe city was running out of cash to meet its obligations and was literally going to be defaulting on obligations to run the city and take care of the retirees it was trying to pay,Ē said Flanders, who is now a partner at the law firm Hinckley, Allen, & Snyder.

As a result, Flanders proposed cutting back on pension payments and health insurance for retired workers, asking former police and firemen to take a 55 percent cut to their annual pensions. During negotiations to avoid further litigation, the state agreed to allocate $2.6 million for pensions in Central Falls, allowing retired policemen and firefighters to keep 75 percent of their pensions for the first five years after the city filed for bankruptcy. In 2016, pensions will again be cut to 55 percent.

ďYou have to figure out what we absolutely need to run the city. We have to have firemen, we have to have police, but we donít need open pools, and for those who are retired, we donít necessarily need to make those payments,Ē Flanders said."

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Phony With a Real Whine


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26 July

Obama the Liar in Galesburg



Itís too bad Obama lies constantly and yet Galesburg has suffered under Obama because of his 2003-4 lies when he said he was against shipping American jobs out of the country. At the same time he was lying he was in the pocket of Maytag and had a special connection to Maytagís Lester Crown, one of the company's directors and biggest investors whose family, records show, had raised tens of thousands of dollars for Obama's campaign since 2003, even though the union leaders were supporting Hillary, a sign he hadnít duped the union as he did the rank and file in Galesburg.

How many times is Obama going to dupe Galesburg into believing he cares about them and the Maytag jobs that were shipped out of Galesburg to Mexico shortly after his senate election in 2004. Obama's fundraising, rhetoric collide - Chicago Tribune

His campaign ďThe Tour of Lies 2013Ē that started in Galesburg on the 24th will continue through his speeches to the low information voters such as college students who have no concept and other fringe groups who still believe his lies regardless of the facts showing his administration has been one of dishonesty, corruption, spying on American citizens, IRS indiscretions along with a rash of law breaking and scandals that have led to the death of an ambassador and three other personnel abandoned in Benghazi because of his reelection bid. Of course after the attack the lies began to surface with the lies told to several news outlets five times the following day. During the attack Obama was nowhere to be found and unknowingly those people in Benghazi were leaderless and basically thrown under the bus by out president to eventually be murdered by a crowd of Muslim terrorists. I hope whatever he was doing during the attack was more important than the lives of those killed that included the ambassador.

The recession supposedly ended in 2009 so why the hell is Galesburg still grasping nothing but a memory of its past industrial might? Anyone in Galesburg who believes what Obama has told them has been duped again by a seasoned Flim Flam man with five years of on the job experience with another ten years prior to his being elected as president. A man who has no concept of holding down a job and every time another scandal pops up in Washington he hits the road to dupe more low information voters.

The epicenter for all the deadlocked crap in Washington is smack dab on top of the White House because our president is not capable of making decisions outside the range of his ego, nor can he compromise nor work with people that arenít leftist. Heís more or less a Castro wannabe if there ever was one and would be a good replacement for Castro, and the people of Cuba would see no change if Obama were to take over Cuba because the peopleís lives would remain under the status quo, as they have since the fifties.

While Galesburg was buying his lies in 2003-4 he was taking tens of thousands of dollars from Maytag management behind their backs which made him in debt to Maytag management; so he just sat back silent as Maytag split for Mexico.

Wake up Galesburg youíve been duped again by a seasoned Flim Flam Man a person that would probably have outshined George C. Scott had he played the role of The Flim Flam Man back in 1967.


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25 July

Burlington Pulls Wornout TIF Checkbook


Leave it to Burlington to try and pull a fast one by using TIF funds to finance the city portion of the joint law enforcement center. Here Burlington is on the verge of bankruptcy through several years of criminal activity within city government where millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted on recreational facilities, emanate domain swindling, irresponsibility in maintaining the infrastructure of the city from streets to bridges, one of which is closed.

Burlington city government has no conscience when it comes to being responsible and accountable to the citizens whose monies they have squandered over the past couple of decades. Burlington is just waiting in the wings to becoming another mini Detroit, a one party city since 1961 and itís been downhill ever since for Detroit. Through corrupt city government, unions being paid grossly high salaries and benefit packages even though they were breaking the backs of taxpayer. Does anyone foresee the future for Burlington, a town that has all the Detroit root causes for failure locked in place and eventually leading to total bankruptcy.

The city has done little to reign in the high cost of public employees who are known as the ďPrivileged ClassĒ in Iowa. The largest spread in wages between private and public employees in the United States at or approaching 45% more pay and benefits than a private sector employee doing the same work. Itís known a janitor at the court house (county job) earns something like $52,000 while in the private sector industrial setting they earn $27,000. How much does a city janitor earn with say ten years of longevity?

The citizens of Iowa who work for government, of any type are robbing the taxpayers so they can live a life of leisure far above that affordable by the people they actually work for. Iowa is one of the lowest paying states in the Midwest and yet pay some the highest taxes used to pamper and cuddle government employees to the point of criminality.


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Hard Decisions Are No Longer Avoidable


The City of Burlington's infamous legacy of inept leadership is becoming apparent. Bungled book keeping at City Hall has become a regular revelation. Local politicians playing investment banker, real estate developer at Agency and Roosevelt, etc. have left the cupboard bare.

The easiest answer is create a new tax. Levy a tax on utilities. Cry fire the entire Fire Department if voters reject the new tax. If the tax is gotten, spending habits will remain the same.

BS. The laws of Economics apply to government the same as they do business. Just look at Detroit.

Set some priorities. Cut some luxuries. Lay off non essential personnel.

Some parks may need closed. Little used streets may need closed, or no longer be paved. Non profits that have gotten City support will need to make up what the City has provided, or cut back. Sell the Wrecked Plex. Etc.

As finances improve, develop and adhere to a strategic plan to repair and/or replace necessary infrastructure. Decades of a deplorable ignoring of infrastructure will take money and time to turn around.

Not of this will be popular. Unfortunately, it is necessary. The longer reality is ignored, the crueler will be the day of reckoning.


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Obama and His False Promises


Again Obama has spewed out a mass of economic information based on nothing other than campaign rhetoric that heís been preaching since 2008.

He blames Washington and Republicans for his lack of leadership which is why heís out on the carbon spewing trip because he canít manage to get along with anyone is Washington. When this happens he always turns to the low information voters that he can manipulate into believing his lies over and over again because they have no knowledge of Obama and his forked tongue.

If he has economic speeches why wouldnít he head for the industrial base or the Chamber of Commerce where someone might ask why he continues to block the pipe line from Canada to Texas? Why is he taxing coal out of sight when thereís no alternative equivalent to take its place from the green freaks who harp about the supposedly global warming? Why arenít Americanís allowed to purchase the VW or Ford autoís that achieve 77 MPG? The list of whyís is endless and has never changed since he took office and never will because he hides form the real American problems.

Obama has had five years now to turn the economy around but with all the special interest medaling he involves himself in he hasnít had time to even learn to understand anything about economics let alone take charge and do something positive about it. He has done nothing for the middle class because the middle class are the big consumers of manufactured product and not necessarily job creators.

The rich are really lining their pockets off the Obama administration as are the Hollywood trash peddlers who have ruined the morals of American children with their filth. The same goes for TV and network executives lining their pockets off the low information voters through their no plot filthy crap called entertainment.

This entire campaign emulation is nothing more than an Obama diversion from Benghazi, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Obamacare, the actual economy, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Holderís lying, WH leak problems and there are just too many others I canít begin to remember.

He never says a word about all the black on black murders in his home town but picks an isolated event down in Florida and joins in with other racist trying to stir up trouble against a person proven not guilty in a court of law. While saying nothing about the hundreds of black deaths per year in Chicago, are we to assume to Obama, Sharpton and Jackson these deaths just donít bring in enough money to support all the racist black activists who run to stir up trouble and line their pockets at the same time.

Even the bigots down at the Hack Eye follow the same agenda as does Obama, Sharpton and Jackson all of which in my opinion are nothing more than opportunist waiting for the next invented crisis to stir up problems. Believe me these three men want nothing more than a race crises with Sharpton and Jackson looking to line their pockets and Obama just to find something else to blame for his lack of any traits required to be president. They thrive off black misery and have for years and have never tried to lift blacks out of their mostly self imposed life styles. The black family was destroyed by these do-gooder types that will never let the blacks break their bonds and gain personal freedom because their pampered and cuddled until their nothing more than wards of the state with no self confidence or pride to go it on their own of course there are exceptions to the norm.

None of the self imposed leaders ever blame blacks for their predicament in life, like Obama itís always someone else that causes their or his plight in life rather than their own. What about the Black Caucus that never tackles the root cause of the black problem in America? Believe me itís not race at all but racist blacks who create mayhem in order to enrich themselves off the misery of the black situation.

Obama needs to stay in Washington instead of blaming everyone else and learn how to govern or step down although Biden wouldnít be any better nor would any of the others in line to take over because most of them are crooks and confirmed liars by just being a career politician, a career thatís about as low as whale dung at best.


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Obama's Galesburg Pivot

Pivot Away from "Phony Scandals" Where People Died


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23 July

Detroit - Another Obama City With A Tin Cup

"60 years of Democrats & Progressive Failure" Comes Home to Roost

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Obama's Brothers Need Some Brotherly Love


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22 July

Detroit and Burlington - A Tale of Two Cities


"The 16-page filing was submitted to federal U.S. Bankruptcy Court Thursday afternoon with no announcement from the city or state.

Detroit has been struggling, crushed under billions of dollars in debt following decades of mismanagement, population flight and loss of tax revenue."

Detroit and Burlington share a lot in common. Liberal, single party rule for decades, refusing to live within the constraints of shrinking resources, gross mismanagement, etc. the only difference is the size of the two cities.

Detroit had a head start over Burlington. Burlington has gotten rid of rotten leadership public and private over the last few years.

It appears Burlington still has a chance to avoid bankruptcy. Any back tracking to the past would be disastrous.

What a shame the good old days of debtors prison is no more for those responsible for bankruptcy.


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Give Two Criminals a Platform


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19 July

ĎThis Is the Real Boston Bomberí - "the real face of terror"

Police Photographer Fires Back at Rolling Stone Cover With New Photos of Boston Terrorist Tsarnaev


"Boston Magazine has responded to Rolling Stoneís controversial new cover giving accused marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the glam rock star treatment with incredible new photos of his capture.

This Tsarnaev ó bloody and in the fixed beam of a sniper rifle ó is ďthe real face of terror,Ē the magazine said: ďIn response to the controversial Rolling Stone cover, new photos of Tsarnaevís capture emerge.Ē

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Harry Reid's Bomb Factory


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18 July

Bernanke/Fed: " If we were to tighten policy, the Economy Would Tank"

Thanks to Reuters for exposing the liberal media bias.

" Today, as the wire service AFP reported in a story carried at Yahoo.com, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, in the question and answer exchange after his prepared testimony, told the House Financial Services Committee that "If we were to tighten (monetary) policy, the economy would tank."

That assessment of the economy's fragility qualifies as news, especially given the Obama administration's continued claim that the economy is "continuing to recover at a promising rate." Outlets besides AFP virtually ignored Bernanke's soundbite, which should be considered scary to anyone who realizes that Big Ben can't go on "stimulating" at his current rate forever.

... A search on "Bernanke tank" (not in quotes) at the national web site of the Associate Press, aka the Adminsitration's Press, came up empty. The wire service had eight stories which referenced Bernanke's testimony; I verified that the word "tank" was in none of them.

An AP report before the stock market's opening bell only noted that "Bernanke said again that substantial progress in jobs growth must happen before the Fed pulls back on the stimulus efforts that have kept markets flush with cash through bond purchases." One posted shortly after the market's opening went to the day's meme: "Ben Bernanke (said) that there was no 'preset course' for ending the bank's massive bond-purchasing program."

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GOP Wusses


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17 July

Holder's Racism Rhapsody


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16 July

Aspen Grove Neglect & Decay - Nobody Cares

Democrat Senator Tom Courtney's Feeding Ground Harder to Glean Voter Names

Aspen Grove 1.jpg

Aspen Grove 2.jpg


Here are some real nature pictures of Aspen Grove Cemetery. Both photos show a lack of concern by the cemetery for removing junk trees before they damage tombstones. These two saplings should have been cut down years ago before they moved the stone and ruined its setting.

Through cutting the grass in the old section, this one is sort of in the southwest part of the cemetery and management should have been informed of the saplings existence before the damage occurred, which by looking at the size indicates several years of growth and surly someone had to know of the problem long before the tombstone was moved out of position. There are instances of this type of damage throughout the old sections of the cemetery with the exception of the entrance area on Sunnyside.

I've also noticed the once beautiful flower gardens and valley area approximately in the center of the cemetery along with the pond are completely ruined by brush and out of control growth to the point they are basically non-existent.

The chapel directly inside the east entrance has trees and brush growing out of the roof gutters that is just disgraceful. I have my doubts the person who paid for this chapel had in mind there would be little to no care after he passed on. It just looks like no one actually gives a crap about the history of people buried in the old sections many of which were the foundation this city was built upon. Even the first governor is buried in
Aspen Grove along with Mr. Perkins and many others who built or laid the foundation for Burlington from the first settlement back in the early 1830s.

Many of the people buried in the older sections still have relatives in the Burlington area and why it has been so neglected is beyond the imagination of most people. There are people fixing up some of the damaged tombstones and removing stumps of fallen trees at their own expense because the staff at Aspen Grove is not doing it unless it blocks a road or something to that effect.

Stones that have been hit by lawn mowers and moved, felled or broken by trees, in my opinion are the responsibility of the cemetery to repair which apparently isn't being done faithfully at Aspen Grove. When was the last recorded time the gutters were cleaned of mud, saplings and other tree junk at the chapel? It shows just plain give a damn attitude and destroys the beauty of the chapel setting. Cleaning would require less than four hours and a six foot step ladder; so how damn difficult could that be to do once or twice a year to preserve that building?

The pioneers and settlers of early Iowa need better care than their getting and something should be done to set things right for them because we apparently don't have the class of people any longer to expand on and maintain the city they left to us because it's just a memory to the older generation and never known by the younger generation who could care less but I'm sure there may be exceptions.

I don't know what the answer is but something needs to change at Aspen Grove because that cemetery is our connection to the good years the City of Burlington once offered prior to its recent necessity for government to feed, house, cloth and educate such a huge contingent of the city and county populations.


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The Cost of Food Stamps in Des Moines County


In order to visualize the economy in Des Moines County one has to just measure the cost of food stamps, in other words the cost of residents who cannot feed themselves and are thus wards of the taxpayers.

In 2002 Des Moines County shelled out just short of $4 million on food stamps that has now increased to the tune of about $12.4 million for an increase of 226.32% in the number of Des Moines County (Burlington) residents who canít feed themselves, one hell of a major increase that proves that Des Moines County (Burlington) is failing in all economic indicators with the exception of welfare types.

Few, if any, of those that left Des Moines County have been replaced with people looking for jobs but rather came here to cash in on the easy money and free living. Here are the figures from 2002 to 2013 when it comes to the food stamp (SNAP) usage in Des Moines County namely Burlington: the population was listed as 26,839, now the population is given as 25,663 a decline of 1,176,00 most obviously working people who left for economic conditions more favorable to people who desire to work for a living and lower taxes that can be found to be lower almost anywhere else outside of Burlington and Des Moines County.

I would suggest anyone wanting to read about feeding those who canít feed themselves go to this web site for the report Social Assistance Research Report 2013.

Thereís lots of other information in this report that explains a lot about what has been going on in Burlington and Des Moines County over the past ten years and it isnít good news for the taxpayer at all. Actually the cost to taxpayer per year for social assistance in Burlington is a massive $80 to $100 million dollars up to twice the city budget. Actually on the Budget itís called Operating Expenditures By Program topping out at just shy of $53 Million give or take a few bucks. Anyone can look at the full budget a this web site.

Check it out if you want to see just how bad the future looks for Burlington and Des Moines County and whatever you do donít believe much of what you read in the local paper because the local rag seldom dwells on the negative effects of bad city government because it tends to toe the democrat game plan regardless of how bad it is for the taxpayers. The rag always goes along with increases in taxes regardless of what theyíre called such as fees or franchise fees, same as taxes in my book. I prefer to call it extortion because in Burlington the high cost of living in one of the poorest counties and cities in Iowa is because of very poor one party government by people who have no concept of managing anything and very capable of making some of the dumbest and costly decisions known to man.

I mentioned to a friend out of state some of the many problems taxpayers face here in Burlington and the advice I got back was ďmoveĒ a one word email and exactly what I expected. With the democrats thereís not much hope for Burlington or Des Moines County to ever achieve any resemblance of past days of glory; so like others Iíll start packing my bags as soon as I determine where I want to go.


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Niagara Falls By Drone

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Nuclear Destruction


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15 July

Janet Incompitano Damage Done - Headed to UC to Ruin Our Youth


It will be good news to finally get rid of that loser Napolitano whoíll be going to California a state that can always use another left wing misfit messing with their already fractured liberal college system.

Hereís what she had to say the other day, "I thank President Obama for the chance to serve our nation during this important chapter in our history". Why in the name of hell would she say something like that when all her or Obama have done is try to shred the Constitution and make a mockery out of existing immigration laws already on the books and her failure to take our border back from the Mexicans and other illegal aliens who have overrun our country.

Just think if America hadnít been in the baby killing business weíd probably have about 60 million more citizens of our own and wouldnít need all these so important ďworkersĒ as called by the government. By the way, since Wade versus Roe the United States now ranks with Hitler when it comes to causing the deaths of people by butchering very close to 60 million babies. Hitler through war and the United States through killing of babies. The deaths caused by WWll may vary but that was a war while the baby killing is nothing more than failure to control oneís self making it a greater crime than the Nazi death camps since the babies didnít even have the chance to run away or help themselves. Why do people complain and raise hell about the slaughter of young seals while they could care less about the slaughter of human babies?

Anyway, Napolitano will be in great company living in the proximity of Pelosi another California left wing nut case running around on the loose when she should probably be in an asylum for the dimwitted as most of Californiaís left wing antique 60s style of politicians and educators.

Nothing ever improves with education in America because the educators are unable to see they themselves as the problem through teaching by indoctrination rather than through a thinking and decision making process method last seen in the 50s or mid 60s at best.

Whatever one thinks, Californiaís loss is Americanís gain and just getting her out of Washington is a real breath of fresh air and thereís little left of the real Golden State anyway since being overrun by leftist politicians that follow an immoral agenda of law, making it a good place for Napolitano a person who blends right in with the rest of Californiaís left wing ruling class for whatever thatís worth.


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Holder's Toxic Release


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12 July

Burlington Is Like Hara Kiri With a Dull Knife - When Will The Bleeding Stop


Itís nice to see the city is behind US Bank as the joint law center although most, if not all city good deals turn out to always be more extortion of money from the taxpayers. When have Burlington citizens over the past two decades ever been able to trust the liars and thieves down at 400 Washington Street. Every time they make a decision itís a stab in the back for the few people who support this damn run down town.

The three percent attempt to extort money on the back of the utility bill will never end and be increased to five percent before itís all over. In order to save money the city needs to reduce city employee wages at least 20% and up the insurance cost to 25% instead of giving it away for free. If a person doesnít take the health benefits then they shouldnít be given the money for the cost of the insurance which they do now, something the private sector never does. By the way the county gives insurance premium money to the employee if they refuse the benefit package that automatically ups their salary by about $7,200.

If we can afford $20/hour minibus drivers we can without a doubt afford to outsource the drivers to save the taxpayers some money instead of constantly increasing taxes. Every payday at the city is a direct theft of taxpayer money; so the few city workers can live far above the private sector for whom they supposedly work for.

Democrats and unions are a cancer eating away at the taxpayerís ability to support their families and live a half assed life in this tin horn town. Taxpayerís canít afford the cost of local government any longer and itís only getting worse and remember, city hall has no conscience or concerns for taxpayers because their dedicated to the special relationship they have with their special supporters, the union employees. By the way the county employees are just as pampered and cuddled by the democrats as the city because their extremely protective of their tight relationship they have with union members regardless of the cost to taxpayers, they like the money they get from unions year after year.

Just our library tax per resident is twice what most all other cities charge in Iowa. Hereís what other cities charge versus Burlington:

Cost per resident in Burlington for library service is $55.21 compared to:
Marshalltown at $21.02
Des Moines $26.47
Clinton $32.13
Fort Dodge $18.51

Burlington is most likely the highest priced library in the state of Iowa to its users.

Our library hasnít anything any other library doesnít have with the exception of so many employees and I havenít seen much thatís anything better than the old library other than the furnishings and a bit more space. The books arenít any better, the computers serve the same purpose as they did prior to the new library.

The parking really sucks and is usually impossible if thereís a meeting going on that is just that, a meeting, having nothing to do with library that could be held someplace else leaving the parking lot for those who want to visit the library.

The snack bar continues to fail because the prices are far too high for people to afford. The library should forgo the rent if thatís what the problem is and just charge the operator for the utilities they use to keep the price gouging to a minimum.

Living in Burlington is the equivalent of committing Hari Kari if youíre a working person while if youíre on welfare the living is far better than that offered those taxed to support the city and county through working, unless your employed by the city or county where life couldnít be better.

Whatever happens life will only continue to get worse living in Burlington and Des Moines County and thatís something you can actually bank on because it wonít be your money going into the bank since the city and county will take it before it ever leaves your pocket.


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Obama: "I Want No Survivors"


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11 July

Art as the World's Window Unto Burlington - Who Let The Dawg Out


A rap artist with local roots had his work go viral. The Ad Vertiser took notice of this rapper's video featuring Burlington.

Is the artwork of Mr. Harris fact, or fiction? Reference the one section of the Ad Vertiser where fact is raised equal to what is contained in paid advertisements.

"For the Record" sets the record straight. Arrests/citations of the police blotter says it all. Arrests/citations only covers what is bothered to be reported.

The Ad Vertiser says Mr. Harris is expanding on his success by opening facilities in Iowa City and an office in Manhattan, NY. This says more about Burlington than the video in question.

If you are young, talented and have ambition, seek not your future in Burlington.

Horst Greely Doggie Dawg

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For $2500 Honey, You Can Cry All You Want


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09 July

Another Example of Change Being Needed in Des Moines County

County's $52,000+ Janitor Failed to Monitor County Home




Here's another example of why the one party system of government management just doesn't and will never, work in Des Moines County as well as Burlington.

The County unions are more interested in not outsourcing their court house janitors who earn the sum of $52,000 per year in salary not counting benefits instead of protecting our citizens investments and infrastructure such as the remains of the County Home shown above which is nothing more than a pile of rubbish. This once stately building was left to mold away since the county just didn't have the time for someone to check it out now and then for soundness and/or decay.

If the county can afford $52,000 a year janitors at the court house why can't they afford someone to keep tabs on what use to be a livable building thrown away by the county and then left to rot from within? By the way a private sector janitor in the manufacturing sector in Iowa earns something like $27,000 per year. Why do we need people earning Master Degree wages for being janitors in government when the private sector pays something in the area of $27,000 for a janitor in a manufacturing setting if that much.

Unlike county and city employee's someone is usually accountable for mistakes in the private sector for which they are usually paid for the responsibilities they assume, where in the government circle of ineptness there without a doubt overpaid and never held responsible for mistakes. Just like Burlington's management that hemorrhaged the taxpayers money on nothing but dreams of grandeur that has destroyed our infrastructure through neglect and dreams of being "investment bankers" by management down at city hall.

Our local governments seem to think they owe their employees eternal employment with their salaries based on longevity rather than performance and accountability a system proven wrong over and over again in this county.

We in Des Moines County and Burlington are being screwed and robbed every day through inept, incapable, irresponsible, unaccountable, nepotism and just plain unscrupulous elected and hired city and county management.


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Liars and Constitutional Tramps



Lois Lerner could come to Burlington and drive a minibus for free because sheís still getting her grossly overpaid salary from the IRS for refusing to speak at the IRS scandal hearings before congress by taking the 5th. Like she and everyone else didnít know she was breaking the law and trampling on the Constitution by sorting out ďnon-left wingĒ organizations for years of constant harassment from the IRS to keep them from gaining tax exempt status and out of business until after Obamaís second crooked election.

How could Obama play dumb, not that he isnít by claiming he had no idea the IRS was shielding him from competition by stopping exempt tax status for hundreds of his non-supporters. Why is the Constitution tramper still on the pay roll? By the way many of Obamaís other criminals have just been shuffled around never losing their jobs, a good example of the shell game by Obama, who obviously admires liars and Constitution trampers.

Congress may not be able to call her a b*tch but thatís what she is and the Obama administration is full of unscrupulous women department heads because Obama knows congress must be gentle or heíll accuse the republicans of being woman haters, not that he isnít because most women in the WH earn less than the men when performing the same jobs.

Secretary Napolitano of Home Land Security is another one that does Obamaís dirty work and her job in the new immigration law will be to approve all the security improvements down along the border. If she doesnít give the ok to proceed with the 700 mile fence or any of the other security efforts in the bill it wonít get done prior to the bill passing and of course thatís what Obama wants because thatís what happened in 1986 when our rotten government failed to carry out the security measures.

By the way, Obamaís war on BNSF and the coal industry are also another of Obamaís stupid moves by using the EPA and skipping congress, as he usually does to earn his DICTATORIAL status. There could be 84,000 jobs riding on the outcome of this disaster to our utility bills, our self-sufficiency in energy, transportation industry, our national security and our economy that has never recovered since Obama became president, going on a full five years now. Of course, this is something he doesnít give a damn about anyway.

Our low information Democratic voters are destroying our country from within and how much longer is the public going to let this immoral behavior by Democrats continue to eat away our Constitution and freedoms.


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08 July

Burlington at it Again - Stealing from the taxpayers as usual

Check Your Water Consumption


I have got to vent some more because the city of Burlington is stealing from its water uses again by upping the quarterly fee another $8 dollars and change. This means since the early 1990s Burlingtonís water bills have increased from $75 every quarterly to what is an astounding $182.58 for nothing better or greater than was sold for $75 in prior years. What this tax amounts to is an increase of 143.44 percent increase in water taxes in less than 20 years or thereabouts.

None of the residential customers have meters; so the customers have no idea of how much the city is stealing for them on a quarterly basis for water or sewer. My understanding is they sell the water to West Burlington for $1 per 1000 gallons; so that should be our fee also meaning a family of two is paying something like $39.00 per three months of water meaning weíre paying $13.00 per month for water which comes down to at $1 per 1000 gallons or 13,000 gallons per month of water but not measured by anything calibrated at all. Itís figured on how much the water board is ordered to steal form the citizens to make up for all the fraudulent misuse of our tax dollars down at city hall.

In other words a family of two using 13,000 gallons a month pays the same as a family of eight using, based on 13,000 per two people an amount of 52,000 gallons of water per month with both homes having only one bathroom. In Burlington both families would pay the same amount although one uses on average 300% more water than the other.

Hereís what the calculation of water use my wife and I use per day, month and year figured by using this site: Water Consumption Calculator

Hereís my families cost calculations using the above form


Most of those in Burlington on fixed incomes are being robbed by the city to make up for all the rotten elected and hired no nothings who steal from the citizens to pay for their non-existent management capabilities, unaccountability mind set, irresponsibility, empty-headedness, and just plain lack of any form of thinking or common sense.

All this can be blamed on the losers elected by the private sector union and government union members mind-set that predominates in this area. If these low information voters think their voting in good candidates youíd think by now theyíd know they arenít and havenít for several decades. Just look around at this drug infested, bankrupt, destroyed infrastructure, joblessness, number of plain outright idlers that have run up the taxpayer dependent bill from between $80 to $100 million dollars per year for this Des Moines County town.

Since the Hack Eye doesnít print anything unless cleared by the Democrats the citizens really have no idea of whatís really going on down at that hall of ignorance at 400 Washington St. Because the paper doesnít inform citizens about the rash of shootings where we may or may not have been told the truth. For instance Iíve heard that man who got shot over on Franklin St. was not the one intended to be shot and he was said to have been shot 25 times and not once in the head as was reported. Iím not sure thatís true but thatís what is being said around town via the grape vine.

Our local government is run just as deceitful and unscrupulously as the Obama administration in Washington. We get our daily doses of lies and injustice from both ends. I wonder how many BNSF employees will be laid off because of Obamaís war against the coal industry for no logical reason other than his ego and crookedness mostly based on lies created to keep government people on the payroll and the taxpayer money flowing. His trip to Africa probably emitted more CO2 into the atmosphere than hundreds of American families in a yearís time. Even NASA was caught forging temperature readings in order to keep their funding flowing from the Obama administration only they got caught lying about their data. Actually, temperatures havenít increased for over 20 years from what Iíve read on the Internet and technical papers.

The Democrats are the same party that founded the KKK, fought against any attempts to set slaves free of their bonds, voted against every bill that would have stopped slavery, voted against every civil rights bill through 1964. If it werenít for the Republicans the Black race in America would probably still be in chains and the Democrats have tried to erase their fight against Blacks through 1964. If it werenít for the immoral union marriage between democrats and unions in government our country would be so much better off and Black Americans would have been better off over 100 years sooner had it not been for Democratic suppression of them along with their lynchingís and shootings of anyone, including whites, who tried to help them. I have nothing against private sector unions because the immorality in government isnít the same in the private sector where the Democrats are bought off by government unions creating a marriage of continuous sin and deceit.

Just remember, every time a Democrat is elected the majority of Americanís come out losers because Democrats love to spend someone elseís money and control all American lives even to the point of what you eat and drink. Now they want to control your health and a host of other personal issues, since they figure the low information voters canít think for themselves and I must agree that could be very well true because to be a Democrat in Iowa and Burlington is to admit youíre a low information voter and have proven it over and over at the polls both nationally and locally.


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Obama - Wiping His Phony Brow


Every time Obama speaks itís another ignorant attempt to be a dictator and further destroy American people through his left wing agenda of ignorance, secularism, racism, constant campaigning and constant scandals by his inept personally appointed and unscrupulously crooked government appointees.

He could care less at how many people he puts out of work under the guise of false science provided by people dependent on government for their jobs. Yet he burns more carbon than 1,000's of average American families in a single, worthless trip that usually turns out to be nothing more than campaign jaunts. How much carbon will his trip to Africa spew into the atmosphere and for what, if itís nothing more than another vacation for his family and friends?

Our country has suffered enough under Obama while he exempts himself from any sacrifice; so he should just stay on the golf course because itís something he might be able to handle instead of destroying our country, his main goal while in office.

I hear where the student loan interest will be going up now since he got the college vote last fall with college students being duped as have most liberal democrats always wanting something free paid for by government, in other words the taxpayers. Loans will probably increase 2 to 3% on top of the interest currently being paid. Actually Stafford loan interest went up to six percent from about 2 percent.

Now he wants to up the waste on alternative energy by spending billions of dollars we donít have on top of what heís already wasted on solar as well as wind a project that kills millions of birds per year and solar that can never replace coal, oil or gas. Of course his administration just prints more worthless paper money that does nothing but set up the country for a total monetary collapse. Obama fits right into the American government paradigm of wasting new money on top of bad while never obtaining the desired solution to a problem because the root cause is never eliminated, such as has happened to education, government, welfare, solar and a host of other non-found root causes for wasting money that always seems to end up in the pockets of dead beat politicians, unscrupulous business people and other crooks and never solves the problem the money was thrown at, never. Our county problem has one root cause and thatís Obama.

Obama is a freak of politics and the sooner his term runs its miserable course the better our country will be although the next president will have to contend with a much greater depressed and run down America than Obama got when he was elected by the low information voters, who did it wrong twice through being duped by Obama and his self appointed liars that have overrun our government.

At least Bush was an American and had a documented history while the story of Obama is still basically unknown and held under lock and key to the point no one even knows anything about him, other than doing little or nothing to prepare himself for any type of responsibility or leadership. Instead he gets the least informed people to vote him into office based on nothing but his ability to read a teleprompter and when that teleprompter has problems Obama finds himself unable to make sense or get facts straight.

People should have to pass a test before voting and know something about our fractured government from the president on down the line to those elected in Burlington who are exactly as incompetent as Obama.

I hope young people realize their insurance will be costing them in excess of $5000 dollars once Obamacare kicks in. However heís now pushed it back so he can depend on their low information votes in 2014, as he duped them on the student loans and hoping once again their ignorance of him will prevail, until after the midterm elections. Of course, after the election theyíll be paying the price for their ignorance.


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Obama's Laser Focus


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04 July

Happy 4th of July

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What Makes America Great

And It's Not Obama Phones or EBT Cards


"To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race."

"There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means."

"Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery."

"Patriotism is easy to understand in America. It means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country."

"We need more of the Office Desk and less of the Show Window in politics. Let men in office substitute the midnight oil for the limelight."

"Ultimately property rights and personal rights are the same thing."

"The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people, with the ultimate extinction of all privileged classes."

President Calvin Coolidge - born July 4, 1872.

Compare Calvin Coolidge's gems of wisdom to the spin and scandals currently being served from the White House. Compare Calvin Coolidge's insight on living within your means to Burlington's City Hall, the Iowa legislature and the Congress.

The business of America should not be Obama phones and EBT cards. The business of America should be what made it great in the first place.


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Advertise Burlington on a Truck Load of Booze - White Jeep Retired


"The State of Iowa and a dozen Iowa cities have split the $50,000 cost of an 18-month-long ďrolling billboardĒ campaign to promote tourism within the state.

State-owned trucks making alcohol deliveries
from the state liquor warehouse are carrying the messages. Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division director Steve Larson says his agencyís fleet of trucks logs more than 1.6 million miles on Iowaís roads and highways each year."

No other City in Iowa currently can boast of alcohol fueled local government achievements to beat Burlington's. The party hearties of Burlington's single political party are funny as a lamp shade worn as a hat.

We have a Wrecked Plex, a broken bridge we can not replace, an Empty Lot Manor Mall, etc. etc. Make mine a double of new taxation in a sewer fund slushy.

The irony of advertising Burlington with alcohol is better than a double martini with extra olives. What a shame a white jeep with a 5th wheel is insufficient iron to tow the trailer.

Old Grandad Stolichnaya

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03 July

Obama's Foreign Policy Explained


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Janitors Living the Good Life in DesMoines County


How in the name of sanity can a janitor down at the court house earn and annual wage of $52,000 when a private sector janitor only earns about $27,570? Amounts are taken from this web site: Building Cleaning Workers, All Other

No wonder Burlington and Des Moines County are broke when people are earning so much annual pay, not even counting benefits for low skilled jobs. This again shows how the marriage of government unions and Democrats has earned government workers in Iowa the title of ďThe Privileged Class of IowaĒ. This wage difference is an injustice to those taxed to pay these excessive wages while continuing to raise taxes year after year in order to support this immoral pay differential granted to the government worker who is treated like some sort of sacred cow.

Remember these wages are based only on time and have nothing to do with ability, responsibility, education or accountability. Also, if they donít take the county insurance their given the money in the form of an Oppenheimer Fund or some other form of savings in their name, something unheard of in the private sector which adds another $7,200 or so to their pay extending it to a possible $59,000 dollars all for being a janitor.

Itís not just the county because the city itself has the same immoral pay system as does the state where taxpayers are robbed to support excessively high wages and benefit cost for these government employees. Why the Iowa people donít start a drive to lower the wages of government employees is beyond belief because theyíre the ones robbed to support all this dead weight in the cities, counties and state government.

Iowans appear to be dumber than a rock to let this behavior go on in a state basically known for low wages when in reality the state of Iowa has the largest spread between private and government employees in the nation, bar none.

Government employees in Iowa earn on average something like 45% more than a private sector employee when doing the same job. There have been report after report on this pay difference by the Public Interest Institute in Iowa but apparently Iowaís low information voters havenít read it or probably donít know about it. For those who have never read the report Click Here. It indicates state government but it holds true for city and county employees also, at least here in Des Moines County.

Outsourcing many of the jobs could save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and outsourcing just these two janitorsí jobs would save at least the cost of one of them while still having two janitors on the job.

Working for the government in Iowa has become a burden for the Iowa taxpayer because of the wage gouging that is now prevalent across the state has gotten completely out of hand. The cost of governments in Iowa has overgrown the ability of the private sector to pay for it and itís time government employees were brought into the real world by having their wages and benefits reduced to private sector levels making them more realistic and affordable.

Here is the pay for an intercity bus driver in Iowa job #53-3021:


Remember, in Burlington some bus drivers were earning $42,000 as a minibus driver for the city, 37.7% over what the private sector pays for a bus driver. Why in the hell would a city bus driver be earning 37.7% more than a private sector bus driver? These wages donít include the benefit package which the government employee would far outstrip the private sector driver again.

Wake up Iowa itís your money the city, county and state are wasting on excessive wages and benefits for our so called ďpublic servantsĒ a term totally out of perspective while the taxpayer suffers the consequences for this injustice. You can blame the Democrats and the government unions for their immoral arrangement that steals from the many to enrich the few.

Many states arenít as bold and outright blatant as Iowa when it comes to state employees pay and benefits. Iowa is just the worst when it comes to pay differential between private and state employee pay scales.


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The Returning Express Disgust with the Prodigals


Those who grew up in Burlington sometimes consider retiring here. Many are intelligent, industrious and left because of limited opportunities commensurate with their abilities.

So many who grew up in Burlington shake their heads. What a wasteland the remaining wastrels have made.

Burlington's litany of lunacy is long and well documented on this site. The record of dipsomaniacs and fools figures large in ever increasing taxes and diminishing returns.

Importing criminals cheered by Groin Greater Burlington is arguably this city's worst "economic development" decision. Short term it has bumped up the census. Long term, it drives more of the productive young away. Retiring natives refuse to return and deal with the crime so produced.

Burlington's lament is not simply weepy eyed nostalgia. Drive around Burlington with open eyes. The image fits text reports of what has been happening.

"You can't go home again." True. However, you need not remain in a hell of fools making, let alone return to it.

What is needed is more with intelligence,sense and ability willing to stay, or return, and clean up the mess.

George Webber Wolfe

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Burlington Beat Out Cedar Rapids


Cedar Rapids is a hell of a lot bigger than Burlington. Burlington is shrinking. Cedar Rapids is growing.

Cedar Rapids only rated an alcohol delivery straight truck of promotion. Burlington rated a whole semi trailer.

Alcohol makes it happen.



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02 July

How Long Can It Go?


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How Low Can It Go?


"The New York Times, which purchased the Boston Globe in 1993 for $1.1 billion, is now accepting bids to sell the newspaper for a price thatís expected to be in the $100 million range, or about one-tenth of the original purchase price, according to Bloomberg News."

This sounds like Burlington's Empty Lot Manor Mall fire sale. If a buyer could be found for the local Ad Vertiser, would its price be as great an embarrassment?


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A Look Into The Future Predicted

2006 Letter Revealed A City in Decline


Below is a letter I sent into Derailed several years ago that has become reality for those of us that live in Burlington. Des Moines County and Burlington have become in reality a welfare dependent county and city bar none. With an estimated $80 to $100 million dollars required to support our destitute population per year and a city on the verge of financial ruin what more do the citizens need before they understand whatís going on in Des Moines County and Burlington, the epicenter of failure in Iowa.

On the grand scale of cities Burlington is nothing more than a dot but when it comes to grand failures it ranks as does Detroit because we have the same type of political losers running the show because the uniformed Democrats just plain outnumber the sane and practical voters sealing our failed destiny. What happened in Detroit is the same thing happening in Burlington and our fate has already been predetermined by the uninformed voters.

With a city hall that was infested with crooks and losers, most of which are walking amongst us is a living monument of failure with unscrupulous individuals who took it upon themselves to ruin an entire city, a goal they unfortunately accomplished. How much longer can the taxpayers continue to be robbed trying to get this dumpy city back on track? Many of the known perpetrators of this disaster are now retired and living the good life here or someplace else having all gotten away totally unscathed. People who admire and go around back slapping these crooks are nothing more than the uninformed that stupidly put them in office to start with. I would think just associating with them would be an embarrassment at best and very similar to hanging out with someone you know that robbed you, which is what they did through their dreams of grandeur, stupidity, incompetence, and crookedness. By the way the two or three previous city managers werenít worth a dime proving just how incompetent previous city councils were at overpaying and hiring losers to run the city.


Detriments of A One Party County


When you have one party in power exclusively, it is not a good thing, and what its led to in Des Moines County is wholesale abuse and mismanagement of the local government and the school system. This in turn created the current excessive taxes, fees, administrators salaries, the library fiasco, ridiculous garbage service, drunken mayor and on and on.

As an example, take a look at New Orleans, a truly Democratic city. The people of New Orleans have never benefited from the Democrats. They have more or less been in servitude and cuddled only to produce the votes required to keep the Democrats in power.

The great society of President Johnson has done nothing to reduce the poverty of minorities in this country. In the 60's and 70's, minority families had a father figure in their lives. Today only 30% have father figures. The Democrats have ruined a once great American city and created an entitlement society producing nothing but misery for itself.

With Des Moines County being fully Democratic we all come out losers because there are no checks and balances in government, in other words; toeing the party line rules rather than good fiscal judgment.

Until something other than Democrats is in power Burlington will continue to be a loser city with a mess of poverty coupled with low wages and an inept city government.

Des Moines County and Burlington need a diverse government and until this happens we're all going to be on the lower end of the food chain across the entire spectrum of life.


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01 July

Universal Constant - Ctiy's Constant Failure to Recognize Flood Threat


While going to the Post Office yesterday I noticed the city again putting up the barricades around the Auditorium for the third time and I wondered why and the hell is this a weekly operation and who the hell is paying for it. I hope it isnít my taxes paying for this constant repetition of bad decision making by a city management team that canít seem to understand itís been raining a lot causing the river to eventually overflow its banks on numerous occasions each time it rains four to six inches upstream from Burlington.

They took the damn thing down the first time even though the weather reports had predicted something like four to six inches of rain north of the city for the next week, just a brilliant decision by city management. Again, the floods came again and they turned right around the next week and had to put it back up and at whoís expense, take a guess.

Then they took it down the second time only to put it back up the 27th because of very heavy rains north of the city and here as well. I hope this time they just leave it up because believe it or not, it may still rain again.

In the mean time last winterís pot holes are still alive and thriving up on North Street namely towards the west end of the 800 block. Of course thereís plenty on North 5th and North 4th Streets where they meet North Street.

Maybe Burlington should outsource its city government along with the council because nothing they seem to do makes any sense and hasnít for the past couple of decades.

Weíre ďblessedĒ with a local paper stuck in a time warp on George W. and the gay lifestyle as though there werenít anything more pressing to print. How about the tons of green house gases Obama is spewing throughout the atmosphere on his wasted $100 million trip to Africa. I would suppose we could call this his ďTrash America in AfricaĒ trip costing the taxpayers millions of wasted dollars and believe me thereís nothing sequestered about Obama and his lifestyle. The White House and government are booming and of course being more incompetent, deceitful and irresponsible than ever before.


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The Hackeye - Still Money Grubbing Carpetbaggers


For those who purchase the Hack Eye paper edition but on occasion want to send an article from the electronic edition to a friend in another state you might as well forget it.

I used their form on the electronic edition to forward a letter to the editor to a friend of mine in another state and low and behold when it arrived via email the Hack Eye asked for payment before the person could view the letter. Of course as any person would do the email was just deleted. The person informed me of the rip off and I scanned the letter out of the paper and sent a pdf copy which is better than the for pay email form the Hack Eye tried to pull off.

Just a warning to other people that the form in the electronic version of the Hack Eye used to send articles through the paper is actually a payment plan although it isnít mentioned until the one on the receiving end gets the email. Just scan the print copy and send them on via email without the Hack Eye even being involved.

This greed must really mean their having hard times down on South Main as most newspapers across the nation have been experiencing; so why not the Hack Eye. A constant venue of left wing garbage on the editorial page has really turned off their readership along with keeping the goings on at city hall a mystery as they robbed the taxpayers for the past couple of decades through unscrupulous management teams, many of which should be living in Ft. Madison now rather than Burlington, itís going to be years before Burlington can recover the losses caused by these elected and hired losers who wasted our city treasury on nothing but dreams of grandeur. Their still trying to do it with the Rec Plex with their dream of an indoor complex while the city falls apart at the seams.


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Here It Comes - Health Insurance Costs Set for a Jolt

"Healthy consumers could see insurance rates double or even triple when they look for individual coverage under the federal health law later this year, while the premiums paid by sicker people are set to become more affordable, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of coverage to be sold on the law's new exchanges.

The exchanges, the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's health-care law, look likely to offer few if any of the cut-rate policies that healthy people can now buy, according to the Journal's analysis. At the same time, the top prices look to be within reach for many people who previously faced sky-high premiums because of chronic illnesses or who couldn't buy insurance at all."

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Kill The Stork


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