Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 November

It'll Make You Puke!


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27 November

Mike Rattlin' The Tin Pans


Well, it has finally happened. Mike had a spew on the Hack Eye editorial page Tuesday and of course he was bragging about Obama’s great diplomatic feat of signing a deal with Iran, a country that can seldom or never be trusted to keep its word, sort of like Obama keeps his word to the American people.

Only time will tell if Obama’s faith in Iran will ever pan out because only time will tell once they get the initial $7 billion it frees up for them to jump start their economy. Seems the U.S. failed to negotiate the release of the pastor held and being tortured by the Iranians for trying to established Christian churches in Iran.

Reading what Kerry had to say about the deal reminds me of what Chamberlin said in England just before WWII, “Pease in our time” after he returned from Germany with a nonaggression paper signed by Hitler.

Only time will tell.


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The Hack Eye's Duck & Cover - Like a Cat Covering Crap!


Why would the Hack Eye be running a rehash of that horrible boating accident that happened a couple of years ago where four young people were unfortunately killed. I’ve never figured out why the Hack Eye would continue to print this story when we have a president that’s used every dirty trick known to politics that got him reelected a second time with a campaign based on a string of lies and false data. Now he’s been taken by Iran for the purpose of trying to get our minds off of his number one failure, Obamacare, a bill that is the ultimate mistake ever made by a president and a disgrace to our country.

Even Oprah Winfrey's has been duped by this guy when she says, “she thinks his problems are based on race” when even many blacks can’t stand the guy and his constant lying and manipulation of facts and figures to dupe the dupable into reelecting him again. I would think Oprah would know when inadequate performance and the inability to lead takes precedence and has nothing to do with Obama’s color and never has. The guy has never had the experience of much other than “Affirmative Action” which I’m sure he knows plenty because he’s never done anything else to enrich his experience and continues to commit tyranny against the American people and the constitution.

What he and Dirty Harry Reid did in the Senate is a classic example of dirty in the gutter politics and Obama is the leader in the application of dirty anything to get his way. Both Obama and Reid were dead set against playing the nuclear card until they were in the majority, both made speeches about how horrible it was but now the shoe is on the other foot and they see nothing wrong with tyranny now. Obama is a narcissistic in every manner of the word and always has been and nothing he has ever done in Washington was for the benefit of the people of America, a country he basically knows nothing about since he’s a dedicated communist as were his parents and grandparents on his mother’s side.

Even Matt Damon turned against him after he found out he had been duped by Obama and his lies; so not all in the entertainment industry continue to be duped by Obama and some are finally putting distance between themselves and Obama lies.

With so many problems our country and city are facing why would a little socialistic rag like the Hack Eye make such a monster out of a tragedy that happened a couple of years ago? I wonder what their motive was for giving a blow by blow dissertation of the inner workings of the local law enforcement personnel and some people in the DNR (basically game wardens).


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Be Strong


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26 November

Still a Depressant


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25 November

Iranian Deal Worse Than Bad

Big Boob Kerry Putz for Bigger Boob Barack


Well, now we have the world’s great liar or at least the American people can’t trust anything he says, telling the world, along with some other western countries and Russia that they have reach a tentative agreement with Iran on their nuclear program.

In Obama’s rush to get out of Iraq we now have lost everything fought for in Iraq, a country that now let’s Iran supply Syria with arms flown and driven across their country for delivery and no telling what else their supplying Syria via Iraq. Terrorism is now running rampart in Iraq and the country is a mess.

I would imagine the Iranian negotiators laughed all the way back to Iran thinking about how they duped America again and will be awarded in excess of seven billion over the next six months while North Korea continues to help them out with their nuclear program leaving Iran to renege because when you have liars negotiating with liars nothing is as it may seem. Israel is no safer and probably less safe now than before this one sided Iranian deal. Iran is what Reagan would have called “evil empire” if he was still in Washington.

Iran will just have North Korea continue to work on the Iranian nuclear program while they get some relief from their Korean friends and America is faced with another Obama disaster and world mess.

Seems to me someone else at one time had waved a paper signed by Hitler in the air and told the British people, “Peace in our time” and we all know what happened to that peace. I hope John Kerry’s, “Agreement in Geneva,” when dealing with Iran is nothing more than another failure coming out of our amateur administration in Washington.

This is a huge win for Iran and another fumble by Obama and crew and specially Israel who now is basically standing alone against Iran a country that can’t be trusted anymore than Obama’s word, and we in America know what his word means.


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Works Both Ways


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22 November

"Denver Post seeks a pot website editor" - Hawkeye Filled Position Long Ago


"Update: I asked news director Kevin Dale about interest in the position and he replied: “It’s early, but it’s an internal only position... We’re not adding a spot right now. Our contract with the Guild requires all new positions to be posted, so we did that. The editor will come from within the newsroom.”

When does the local Ad Vertiser establish this position? Reading the Ad Vertiser's corrupted content offered as news, hiring from within should not be a problem.

Mary Jane

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There Is No Help


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20 November



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19 November

Obama's Gettysburg Address

If He Wasn't So Conflicted on Values


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18 November

Professionals at Work

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Whacked Out Sports - They Told You Don't Try This at Home!


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15 November

Where's George Bush? Where is The Hawkeye?


I haven't seen a column from Mike Sweet or Dale Alison proclaiming the Obamacare fiasco being George Bush's fault. In fact, I really haven't seem much at all in the local rag about Obama and his abject failure.

It must be pretty dismal these days down on South Main.


Hy-Vee on Angular was cleaned out of brownie mix. The Agency store was down to 2 boxes. They couldn't even give away free newspapers either. The depression must be stupefying.


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Obama Derailed


"President Obama said Thursday that what’s good for illegal immigrants is also good for people who are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare, saying he’ll use prosecutorial discretion to let companies continue to offer health plans that violate his law."

"The best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it strictly."
-Abraham Lincoln

Obamacare is a train wreck.

The vast majority of people did not want Obamacare. On a straight party vote, it was jammed down our throats. Those responsible are running for cover.

The executive branch is responsible for enforcing laws passed by Congress. The chief executive cheats on his duties of office by not enforcing the law. He is distancing himself from a disaster he bears a major responsibility for creating. He alone is not responsible.

As with much bad legislation, Obamacare was rammed through in haste. Then Speaker of the House Pelosi advocating passing the bill to find out what was in it. Unwisely, it was made so.

Congressman Loonsack and now wannabe Tom Harkin's U. S. Senate replacement Bruce Braley voted in the House as instructed. Both caught hell at the time. You have not seen our congressman hold a real, face to face, town hall type constituent give and take ever since.

A bad law unenforced is no answer. Like a coiled snake, you never know when it will strike. The law needs to go. Those responsible need to go.

In 2014, vote from office those who voted to create the train wreck.

Ben Casey Jones

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Obama Bypasses Gettysburg 150th Anniversary - Socialist President Not 'We' The People

"Lincoln's view of individual freedom is at odds with the current president's"

"There is no inclination in this quarter to second-guess the White House's rationale for not attending. And maybe it's just as well we won't hear Mr. Obama's thoughts on the Gettysburg Address. Those words were about a renewal of the nation's unity, and five years into the Obama presidency, the United States is about as politically divided as it can get. The division is so intense that Americans paint their political beliefs in one of two colors: blue or red.

...For Mr. Obama, and many others, "We the People" means not the Union of sovereign states, the Union for which a civil war was fought, but the single political agency of the national government.

...Lincoln was not "anti-government" and obviously not averse to federal power. But surely Lincoln, the Illinois frontier lawyer who spoke of a nation "conceived in liberty," would be aghast to see the piling up of laws, rules, must-dos and must-not-dos that pervade the American workplace, judicial code, commerce, health care, education, and even, of all things, common speech.

Lincoln's purpose in reuniting the nation was to elevate, not diminish, freedom for "men," for individuals. Barack Obama's election to the presidency personifies Lincoln's purpose. We will wait for some future president to renew the full meaning of Lincoln's ideas at that Gettysburg battlefield."

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When the Obama Magic Died

The Duck Is Limping


"...If Barack Obama seems like a man alone, with nervous Democrats up for re-election next year running for cover, and away from him, this was the world he made. No advisers of stature can question his policies; the price of access in the Obama court is quiescence before the leader's will. The imperial presidency is in full bloom.

There are no stars in the Obama cabinet today, men and women of independent stature and outlook. It was after a walk on the White House grounds with his chief of staff, Denis McDonough, that Mr. Obama called off the attacks on the Syrian regime that he had threatened. If he had taken that walk with Henry Kissinger or George Shultz, one of those skilled statesmen might have explained to him the consequences of so abject a retreat. But Mr. Obama needs no sage advice, he rules through political handlers.

Valerie Jarrett, the president's most trusted, probably most powerful, aide, once said in admiration that Mr. Obama has been bored his whole life. The implication was that he is above things, a man alone, and anointed. Perhaps this moment—a presidency coming apart, the incompetent social engineering of an entire health-care system—will now claim Mr. Obama's attention."

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More to Fall


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Mary Landrieu in ’09: "You bet I’ll take 100% responsibility for Obamacare’s outcomes"

I Guess She'll Get Her Opportunity Along With A Huge Bunch of Brain Dead Democrats

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14 November

Clueless In Iowa

Panic: Infighting starts as Obamacare supporters beg Dems not to go full Landrieu

"Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Chairman Tom Harkin (D-IA) urged Democrats not to retreat from Obamacare because the “new value system” of making sure consumers are provided a basic standard of coverage is worth it. “To the extent that we start picking up on what Sen. Landrieu wants,” he said, “we never move to the new system.”

“We don’t want to continue those bad policies. People had policies that were good for them as long as they were healthy,” Harkin said. “It’s not even a short-term fix. It’s not the way to go. Let’s stick to what we’ve got. They’re fixing the website — people can still sign up with paper or phone … And it’s going to get even better. So I don’t see any problems.”

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Captain, The Shields Are Down


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13 November

How Do You Like Your Eggs?


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12 November

Longing for Burger King Days


We have to go to the far North to relive the days of Burlington being ruled by drunks. The days of our mayors shuffling from bar to bar or into a Burger King parking lot to sleep it off are over.

At least Toronto still has an interesting mayor.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our Drunk Mayors.

Melancholy Mel

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The Back Seat of the Nash is Empty


A recent report by matchmaking website zhenai.com revealed that journalism is the most single occupation in China.

According to the report, 4.8 percent of media professionals are single, the highest among all occupations.

Long hours. Low pay. No wonder the rage and frustration. Get a real job and a real life.


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Just Two More Hoops


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11 November

Thank a Veteran


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07 November

Watch Out! No, You Watch Out!


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06 November

To The Best of My Abilities, Support and Defend My Socialist Ideals


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05 November

Election A Mixed Bag of Having to Make Do to Get 3

Tuesday is election day for the Burlington City Council. Past performance clearly sends Davidson and Scott home early. The price of scallops takes out Fleming. Reed skates through as lesser of 4 evils.

Dudley Davidson

Jim Davidson has been in the chair 8 years. According to Dudley's own words in Sunday’s Ad Vertiser, those 8 years were more than half the time it took the city to fall into financial ruin. How much more can we afford?

Every year he was in the chair he supported Bruce Slagle and Doug Worden hiding, concealing and ignoring the financial crisis that has been an issue since he was elected to office. Davidson did nothing about it except rubber stamp whatever Bill Ell and the rest of the criminals wanted done. Davidson gave Slagle and Ell glowing job performance reviews, fat pay raises to Slagle and Worden all while praising Bill Ell’s incompetency as mayor.

Davidson’s recent response to the city’s financial crisis – “I never knew the city’s financial problems were so bad.” Stunning revelation from a former high school business teacher and probably an indicator of what his students never learned. And Davidson never knew Cascade Bridge was on the National Register of Historic Places. I guess it proves the point Dudley never asked any questions.

Davidson is weak without the compass of competency and resolve. Fundamentally a tax-and-spend liberal, Davidson now chirps a conservative tune with his fingers and toes crossed.

Go to our archives. Follow the money.

Davidson is a follower and lacked the balls to get in a fight over the budget until the new city manager arrived. He tacitly endorsed every half-assed get-rich-quick scheme the city ever contrived. The voters need to demonstrate conservative principles in the voting booth.

Tim Scott

Tim Scott is the most illustrious example of a flip-flop wide-mouth in recent city history. Whatever Scott voted for and endorsed to help drive the city into financial ruin, he now opposes. No taxes, conservative financial practices, painful budget cuts are now the battle cry just to suck the hind teat of the taxpayer trough again. Like Davidson, Scott is fundamentally a tax-and-spend liberal.

Scott played a major rubber stamp role just like Davidson. Cut and paste the previous 5 paragraphs about Dudley Davidson and insert Tim Scott’s name for Dudley’s. Scott supported the two most glaring recent debacles – the failed railroad lawsuit and the eminent domain Manor Mall land grab.

If you need a further reading material, go to our archives.

Read about Scott letting Slagle write his own performance review, renting city property for his business at less than market rate, allowing Iowa’s Losingist Lawyer and City Attorney Scott Power to lump sum bill the city for legal work, dumping septic tank sewage all over Burlington and West Burlington without penalty or clean up, his personal attack against the hospital directed to fellow councilman Chris Reed, selling his picnic tables off city property and whatever else pops up.

We supported Tim Scott once, we got burned. No need to get burned again. Tim Scott is not a warrior. Scott is a blow hard that has very little ability to resolve the myriad of city problems. Scott lost the election last time.

Make this time the final blow.

Bob Fleming

Bob is a nice guy to many in the community. Being a nice guy doesn’t qualify you for public office. Nice guys recommend and support higher taxes to avoid making hard decisions. Burlington is way past higher taxes. Bob just needs to move along before the hard decisions hit him in the butt. Besides, being retired will allow Bob more time to carefully consider the market prices for large scallops.

The Result

So that leaves Becky Shockley, Mike Campbell and Chris Reed. Reed is the least likely to create more problems for the taxpayers and stands far above Scott, Davidson and Fleming. And if he acts up, his vote will be inconsequential. The council will be able to move forward with Schockley and Campbell. Anything else is unaceptable.

Vote early and vote often. Ooops! I forgot, Courtney and Hoschek aren't running.

Now go vote.


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Obama's Madness Trickles Down to Our Public Employees' Free Health Care

72% of Iowans Healthcare Costs Will Increase

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Forbes Image

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Drink From My Cup


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04 November

Morbidity and Mortality


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03 November

No Confidence in Tim Scott

The Wind Blows Another Direction


I have no confidence in Tim Scott. Scott lapped Bruce Slagle and Doug Worden's plates for too many years. Scott huffed and puffed but did nothing constructive.

Every time Bruce Slagle had his evaluation, Scott voted to give him a raise and praised his performance.

Every time Doug Worden had his evaluation, Scott voted to give him a raise and praised his performance.

That's why the city is in this mess - Lap Dogs like Scott and most of the current council. And Tim Scott is the leader of the pack.

Tim Scott supported the railroad lawsuit, the Manor evictions, stupid ideas and uncontrolled spending of taxpayers' money.

Keep the stink out of City Hall. We can't afford Tim Scott.


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No Vote for Fleming


Bob Fleming told us there was no other way out of the financial mess except to raise taxes.

That's what years of business experience bring to the council.

Bob Fleming is what is wrong with our city council.


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01 November

Iowa's Bruce Braley Exposes Obama as Charlatan

“One of the things that keeps coming up in this hearing, because you are from Kansas, is references to ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ” Braley told Sebelius during the hearing. “People went to see the wizard because of the wonderful things that he did. And the Affordable Care Act is doing a lot of great things in Iowa.

“Really?” an incredulous Stewart said in response to Braley’s remark. “You’re going to use the wizard to defend your program? To say how great it is? Did you watch the movie? Umm, the wizard is a charlatan! The wizard is a two-bit huckster who never gave people anything they didn’t already have.”

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Obama's Evolution


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