Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 January

Super Bowl Ad - 22.3 Million Views in 2 Days

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Banned From the Airwaves

"Two sisters, Lanny and Tracy Barnes, are twin Olympic biathletes (the sport that combines cross-country skiing and shooting) who have trained for years together side-by-side. But this year the girls pulled an old twin trick that no one would ever expect at the Olympics: they switched places for the Winter Games."

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Laser or Acid Peel?


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30 January

Big O the Magic Draggin

Obama's 'Choom Gang' Leader Final Stoke


"EXCLUSIVE: Obama's high school pot dealer who he thanked for the 'good times' was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover after fights over flatulence and drugs."

Legalize the weed. Future liberal presidents of the United Sttates of America may thereby avoid future embarrassments related to obtaining their hallucinogens.

This story broke in the British press. Just like Burlington, the non native press is where you find out more about what is really going on where you live.

Mary Jane Brownie

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Nothing New


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29 January

Pull Yourself Up


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28 January

The Empty Suit

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And The Winner Is....


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27 January

Ladder to Nowhere


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25 January

Norway Travelogue

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24 January

'Windy' Davis Slingin' Her Crap

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Another Lyin' Democrat


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23 January

Senator Courtney, Say It Ain't So


"Nine more potential cases of voter fraud have been uncovered in Iowa, according to Secretary of State Matt Schultz. Eight of the cases involve residents of Waterloo. The other involves a Montrose woman.

“These are all cases of felons who voted,” Schultz says. “These cases were referred to the Black Hawk County Attorney and the Lee County Attorney and they decided to file charges.” Kelli Jo Griffin of Montrose is charged with perjury, while the eight individuals from Waterloo are all charged with election misconduct."

This is nothing to worry about. Our State Senator Tom Courtney has assured us this is no big deal.

Vote for the Secretary of State of State candidate of Senator Courtney's choice. Such trivial matters will no longer be brought to your attention.

Mortis Voter

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Tim Geithner threatened S&P after it downgraded America’s credit rating in 2011

Weasel Dick Geithner Caught Intimidating S&P

"Harold McGraw, the chairman of McGraw-Hill Financial Inc, made the statement in a declaration filed by S&P on Monday, as it defends against the government’s $5 billion fraud lawsuit over its rating practices prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

McGraw said he returned a call from Geithner on Aug. 8, 2011, three days after S&P cut the U.S. credit rating to “AA-plus,” and that Geithner told him “you are accountable” for an alleged “huge error” in S&P’s work.

“He said that ‘you have done an enormous disservice to yourselves and to your country,’” and that S&P’s conduct would be “looked at very carefully,” McGraw said. “Such behavior could not occur, he said, without a response from the government.”

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I'm From The Government, I'm Here to Help You!

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22 January

Prepare for the Future


"The conference held closed-door discussions on a draft of the urbanization plan, which was seen as a guideline for the country's next urbanization moves.

To help cope with the financial burdens caused by a possible influx of migrant workers and non-local urbanites, the plan asked central and local governments, enterprises, and individuals to share the cost."

China is dealing with economic growth and urbanization. Burlington is dealing with economic decay and and an outflow of people.

Should Burlington be developing a deurbanization plan?

Yi Lee Sun

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Ride a Typhoon

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Redistribution Explained


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21 January

I Don't Hear Anything!


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20 January

What's Next? Waiting Tables for The Chinese?


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17 January

Gov. Christie is the Scapegoat for the Liberal Press

Hillary Clinton Skates on Blame For Lying About Benghazi

Dear Spike:

The national media has paid more attention to the Gov. Christie bridge fiasco, a deal that affected something that is mere joke compare to how Obama has screwed our 300,000 million plus country over and over again.

Obama is a liar and somehow thinks he can supersede the congress in making laws according to our constitution and with authority he has never had. He has shred our constitution over and over again and the press just lets him do it.

Never mind these same people are the ones that want Hillary our next president, a person fired by the Democratic committee during the Nixon hearings because she was a liar and unethical person. Of course back then lying and unethical meant something to people other than Hillary. Hillary is a page right out of the Obama smear and lie book, something she wrote long before Barry shows up to continue the reign of terror instituted by Hillary.

Watergate-era Judiciary chief of staff Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior and I’m sure there is much more explaining Hillary’s lying while looking everyone right in the face and just bold outright lying.

Hillary is a still a liar with her Benghazi testimony that was nothing but a lie backed up by the American press who has done everything they can to deceive the American people.

The press is just as much guilty as Hillary herself. Even as Secretary of State she never accomplished anything at all, just look at her record.

Disgusted as Usual

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Devil Baby Attacks

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We're Rollin' Now


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16 January

Criminal Conduct

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Kimmel on Obamacare

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Spike This Swift Boat Guy!


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15 January

Donate $100,000 to Help Senator Courtney Run For Governor - Make It a Twofer!

Big Labor's Bad Bet - Homan Blows $100,000 On Dead Horse

Union Members Screwed to Wall By Thug's Decision



"Perhaps Olson is embarrassed to show his face at the State Capitol considering how his campaign for governor ended. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to run in to Danny Homan of AFSCME, the state’s largest labor union. On October 31st, AFSCME contributed $100,000 to Olson’s gubernatorial campaign. On December 2nd, Olson announced in a press release that he was getting a divorce. Two weeks later, Olson ended his gubernatorial campaign."

A public employees union bet $100,000 on a candidate for governor of Iowa. Shortly thereafter, wannabe governor Olson came up lame. State Senator Tom Courtney should come forward and run for governor of Iowa.

Senator Courtney has always put union interests ahead of the public interest. Show Tom the money and tell him to file his nomination papers. After betting on a bad horse, the unions can depend on Tom Courtney to at least finish the race.

Tom Courtney will never win the Governor's Cup. After place, or show, perhaps Tom Courtney will decide his time has come to go.

Sparkie Plug

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Tell Me It Ain't So


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14 January

Bad Government in Des Moines County

To whom it may concern:

Des Moines County and Burlington are totally off the main stream in Iowa because they don’t have representative government for their citizens and we don’t have anyone representing many of the people other than social democrats that have made this county and city the arm pit of Iowa.

Union people don’t have the qualifications to manage anyone because they’ve been pampered all their lives and have a attitude that they are something nonunion members aren’t and I guess their right in that they do think their crap don’t stink and they can slump-off far better than anyone else and be grossly overpaid for doing nothing, anyone else could do the same job without being in a union with less pay, retirement, days off, pay some of their insurance all of these working for the city and county don’t have to pay any of these things and remember a janitor down at the court house pulls in $52,000 salary not counting all the benefits and get a license to steal from the taxpayers (they’re salary) as another benefit of working for a government entity in Iowa.

I wonder who was representing the citizens out at the Manor when they were thrown out by the socialist democrats with Courtney right up there screwing them all the way by telling the local dimwits how to screw the Manor people before the new law came into effect. As we already know many in this county always vote party because they don’t know a crook when they see one and our supposedly senator Courtney continues to get reelected regardless of how it treats people over and over again all based on union money. Just drive by that wasteland and look at all the tax money the city lost because of their dreams of grandeur not counting the $5 million plus Courtney helped them squander.

Their doing the same thing at the RecPlex that has never broken even since it opened its doors and has been bailed out yearly by taxpayers for something over $2 million so far and of course there’s no taxes ever collected off this black hole. We could have saved more by getting rid of the RecPlex rather than the auditorium. Democrats can’t run a thing in this town and I think the recent 20 some years have shown their incompetence, lack of management, performance and worse of all, their constant dreams of grandeur that have had untold damage to our infrastructure and way of life here in Burlington.

They’ve always got their hands out trying to get money to sustained items like the RecPlex, library, some business and just a host of other stupid fluff crap while other things we need such as Cascade Bride goes to hell with plenty of other needed items falling apart over the years. The city puts all their money in things that will help business and have never in my 25 years in this town ever did anything to help the taxpayers. We’d all be paying tax on our utility bills if it weren’t for Mr. Sandell and others that got it on a ballot. Just shows without representation down at city hall were all screwed. This is one city that can’t be trusted because they also ripe off a vast majority of the population on the water bill constantly with never even tell is us what the hell is going on down at that den of government workers and scam artist constantly getting they hands in the pockets of voters through the back door, the mail box. Just who are the losers supposedly raising these rates that have risen from $75 dollars a quarter to a now $182 for less service that was available back in the early 1990.

The library was supposed to bring in the jobs but there again, voted down twice by the taxpayers, they build it anyway and now it’s a taxpayer problem. I think the do-gooders in town should jump back in and bail it out. The city again ripped off the taxpayers just like they do every month when one of their brainstorms again fails. Now the City Attorney Office wants new digs even though their only a half a block from the court house; so they won’t have to walk and get their shoes dirty going to the court house a mere two and a half blocks away from the new place. All the other lawyers in town walk back and forth to the court house, just who and the hell are they to be any different?

The Democratic party is the downfall of America starting with Obama, a person with no qualification ever to being president, his staff is some of the biggest liars and most unqualified ever in Washington. Then there’s Hillary who was once fired from the Nixon Watergate committee for being a “liar and an unethically person”, she was fired by a Democrat. Now the Democrats what to elect this liar to the same post we’re already gone through with Obama. Wanting to elect one of the biggest liars in Washington and they don’t even laugh when the say it.

Now they want to take on the BNSF again over the riverfront where the local dimwit lawyer is the only one that made money off that deal. The lawyer involved is Iowa’s loseingest lawyer who has ripped off taxpayers in Burlington thanks to all the nuts cases down at city hall who have been feeding him with a constant barrage of stupid legislation.

We need a total change of one party politics where they all think the same and induce greed and lying to the public just as is done now in Washington. Where everyone thinks the same because they just don’t know how to make government work. Just look at the trash that has been coming out of Washington since Barry got elected and it continues on a daily basis.


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Even She's Had Enough

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13 January

Here We Go Without Merit Again, Tra-la-la-la-la!

Remember This?

20060307-Powers March of Failure.jpg

The Burlington Riverfront Committee rushes in where angels fear to tread. Grab real estate from the BNSF railroad. What part of leave-it-lie-so-you-do-not-get-burned do they not understand?

The City of Burlington wasted over $400,000 without merit. The Drunk ex-Mayor, Senator Courtney and a paddy wagon of other union goons figured they would would rob the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe made a laughing stock of them and local taxpayers.

A lot of the land in question along the river is fill. Where the line was in 1858 is open to debate. You can debate all you want in court. Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching the lawyer's billable hours will sing. The railroad has a lot more coins to feed that slot machine than the City of Burlington. Burlington's sewer fund is exposed and bare.

If and when the railroad wants property off the tax rolls, they will let local do gooders know.

Charles P. Elliott

Never mind David Wiemer, one-half of the Riverfront Committee, believes the city should have won the railroad lawsuit. He must be one of the Scott Power drones still embedded within City Hall.

All I can say is, run, run like Barack Obama did from the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious and Obamacare. Let the air sail through your skirt like Heland headed down the street.

This is gonna be a helluva train wreck.


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Run Barack, Run!


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10 January

Senator Courtney Ask Feds to Further Blind Eye Vote Fraud


"Sen. Tom Courtney isn't giving up.

The Burlington Democrat is turning to the U.S. Senate in his fight against Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz's federally funded investigation of alleged voter fraud."

Fiends, felons, and foreigners, State Senator Courtney wants nobody questioning your right to illegally vote. Illegal voters cancelling your legally cast ballot is no big deal for Senator Courtney.

R. Daley XIV

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Holder Gets Tough


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09 January

Right Size Natural Order


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08 January

Don't Donate



This note is in response to the January 1, 2014 article. The local rag printed the article where the subject was a female-female couple wanting to have another child. The article stated a contract would be written and filed at the Des Moines County Courthouse. DON'T BE A SPERM DONOR guy's. You can be held accountable.

In California, a female-female couple wanted a child and a sperm bank was contacted. The couple separated after several years and the biological mother filed for welfare. California forced the sperm bank to release the donors information and mandated the biological father make child support payments.

A contract can be broken if the state wishes to void a contract. Another case is pending in Kansas regarding this subject.



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Snake! Snake!


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02 January

How Low Can You Troll - Whale Crap is Still Crap!


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Coin of The Realm


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01 January

When a Million Means Nothing

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