Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 February

Fundamental Transformation The Sheepocrats Got


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27 February

Fundamental Transformation Not What Sheepocrats Understood


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26 February

Cedar Rapids Casino Would "Cannibalize" Other Casinos - "How Much Is Too Much?"

Cannibal Steve Gray Casino Headed to Toilet?

"Two national consulting firms that specialize in the analysis of gambling markets conclude similarly that the proposed Cedar Rapids casino will take a significant amount of business from existing casinos, especially its would-be nearest competitor, Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

The firms conducted market studies independent of one another on contract with the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to help the commission decide if it will grant the proposed Cedar Crossing casino in Cedar Rapids a state gaming license.

The five-member commission has said it is interested in two key questions: Will a Cedar Rapids increase gaming revenue in the state? And will it do it without cannibalizing too much business from existing casinos?

Marquette Advisors, with an office in Minneapolis, concluded that a Cedar Rapids casino would generate approximately $81 million in adjusted gross revenue by 2017, $59 million of which will come from the "cannibalization" of revenue from existing casinos. Of that, $25 million would come from the Riverside casino, or 27 percent of the projected revenue for it in 2017.

Union Gaming Group of Las Vegas, Nev., said the proposed Linn County casino would bring in $82 million in revenue in 2016, but $66.8 million would be cannibalized from existing Iowa casinos. Of that, $37.3 million would come from the Riverside casino, which will represent about 42.1 percent of his 2013 business."

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IWO One Man


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25 February

Tom Tells Us It Ain't So


"Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Adam DeCamp said Monday that the probe aimed at identifying and prosecuting fraudulent Iowa voters ended Feb. 13, roughly 20 months after it began.

Since September, when DeCamp took over as the lead investigator, the effort has scrutinized 245 individual voters. Of those, more than 80 have been referred to county attorneys for possible prosecution."

This is not true. It is all the collective hallucinations of racists trying to prevent people from voting.

It is not true because Senator Courtney has told us vote fraud is not a problem in Iowa. Senator Courtney would never permit, much less condone such fraud. Senator Courtney would never lie to us.


Now, the vote fraud investigators can go look into the Aspen Grove Syndrome.


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Vote Until Your Vote Right is the U. A. W. Way


"Sen. Corker's conduct was shameful and undertaken with utter disregard for the rights of the citizens of Tennessee and surrounding states that work at Volkswagen," the UAW's filing asserted. "

The United Auto Workers (U. A. W.) lost an election at a VW plant. Claiming outsiders were involved is the U. A. W.'s premise for another another vote. The U. A. W. wants VW workers to vote until they vote the way the U. A. W. wants.

The U. A. W. is mad at politicians who weighed in on their organizing attempt. When it comes to politicians doing so, where is the U. A. W.'s outrage when it comes to State Senator Courtney?


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Piers Found Flayed on Facebook


Piers Morgan's mortification on the web continues at the hands of those he insulted.

Pretty well sums up that outcome of another uppity Brit!



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Our United Nations Nitwit

Beyond comprehension.


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24 February

Kiss The Hand That Bites You


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21 February

Obama's FCC Ministry of Propaganda Survey to Shut Down Dissident News Outlets


Obama's Fascist FCC is headed your way right after a stop on South Main Street at the Ad Vertiser with their Gestapo questionnaire for Mike Sweet, Dale Alison and Randy Miller.

"Surveys will be distributed to reporters, news editors, assignment editors, publishers, owners, on-air reporters, film editors and other station or newspaper staff. These are the questions they will ask:

–What is the news philosophy of the station?

–Who else in your market provides news?

–Who are your main competitors?

–Is the news produced in-house or is it provided by an outside source?

–Do you employ news people?

–How many reporters and editors do you employ?

–Do you have any reporters or editors assigned to topic “beats”? If so how many and what are the beats?

–Who decides which stories are covered?

–How much influence do reporters and anchors have in deciding which stories to cover? –How much does community input influence news coverage decisions?

–How do you define critical information that the community needs?

–How do you ensure the community gets this critical information? On-Air Staff? Reporters? Anchors?

–How much news does your station air every day?

–Have you ever suggested coverage of what you consider a story with critical information for your customers (viewers, listeners, readers) that was rejected by management? If so, can you give an example? What was the reason given for the decision? Why do you disagree?"

Web traffic follows over FCC controlled networks. Has a survey shown up yet in your mailbox?


We have our FUBO rubber stamp freshly inked.


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MSM, How Do You Like The Heat Now?


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20 February

Lookout Mountain Victory

Through The Fog Came Victory, But Blood Was Shed


The U. A. W. is not Mr. Lincoln's Union Army. 2014 Victory saves workers from slavery.



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19 February

U. A. W. Whacked At Battle of Chattanooga

Smoke & Debris Seen From Lookout Mountain


"The bullies failed. Assembly-line workers at the Volkswagen assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., told the United Auto Workers last week to take an outbound Chattanooga choo-choo back to Detroit.

Tennesseans seem no more interested in importing the union that destroyed Detroit than they are in sharing their paychecks with the union, which is now on the hunt for someone to blame for the expensive disaster."

The United Auto Workers Union is in serious decline. Membership is down nationwide and locally from half a century ago. VW Chattanooga was just another example of workers rejecting U. A. W.'s attempt to organize them.

The Washington Times editorial cites a major reason the United Auto Workers failed to win an organizing election at VW. The U. A. W.'s political dominance of Detroit and its results made for graphic damnation.

The U. A. W.'s destructive influence is not limited to Detroit. Burlington shares unsettling similarities with Detroit.

Our drunk ex-mayor and State Senator Courtney crawled out of the local U. A. W. Hall. Others locally have done the U. A. W.'s bidding to get elected and re-elected.

Much of the local U. A. W.'s political clout is retirees. Attrition is changing the local political landscape. It is the same nationwide.

This does not bode well for future government bail outs of inverted pyramid union pensions. No bail outs. Enraged retirees. Game over.

Detroit has reached default. Burlington has not yet to that point declined. There is still time.


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18 February

Wake Up and Smell the Water


Boil before drinking in Burlington is just another reminder that aging infrastructure can not be ignored.

Bridges are condemned for fear of collapse. Streets and sidewalks crumble into obstacle courses. Those have not been priorities for years. Money losing recreation projects to draw yuppies and the Empty Lot Manor Mall have been, to name a few.

Burlington is broke. The current city council weighs tax hikes and cuts to keep things running. One from the past still haunts City Hall. Tim Scott is worried about funding bicycle trails.

Tim Scott should not be boiled in oil. Tainted tap water will work just as well.

Mi T. Odoriferous

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Here's to Burlington's Priorities

Gushin' Down The Money Hole


Draw a glass of Flint Creek from your faucet. Slagle, Worden and Tapp your muddy glass. Propose a toast to where your tax dollars have gone instead of infrastructure.

Bond Moody

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UAW Face Plant


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17 February

Boil Order In Effect for Burlington & West Burlington


Bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute, and let it cool before using, or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation until further notice. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water."

As of midnight the boil order is expected to remain in effect until 2/19/2014.

That is all.

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Local News Competition to the Ad Vertiser


News on pulp is going Pleistocene. KBUR's web site news is not dismal as once it was.

Unlike the Ad Vertiser online, there is no subscription ransom to read more than a headline at KBUR news online. KBUR's web site provides obits and the basics of local news.

It would not take much more for KBUR to match and provide a lot more than the Ad Vertiser. The question as always, would such an investment pay?

KBUR has ads appearing alongside of the news. It would be interesting to compare KBUR's online ad rate to the online Ad Vertiser's.

Businesses wishing to advertise should take note. Missing the market by paying to be seen where potential customers refuse to pay to see it misses the mark.


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George Gets It Right!


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14 February

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets!

The Library Bloat Situation Summed Up in Few Words

A caller to the KCPS Big Show on Thursday summed up the problem facing the taxpayers that are being bullied into funding the lavish lifestyle of the Dewey Decimal Denizines.

This is a 1.2 MB file and will run about 10 minutes after downloading.

Click here for download.

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Gettin' Hammered


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13 February

Library Needs A Flush

Time to Cut the Library Budget & Hire a Custodian

Children Playing Grown-Up With Taxpayer Money


I followed your directive and went to the library to see if the spider nest reports were true. The reports are true and is indicative of what needs to be a general flush.

Most of the large windows on the east and north wall are covered with spider nests and they have been there a long time. I believe this is indicative of the staff vendetta to prove to the library patrons they are suffering due to budget cuts.

Further, I believe this smacks of extremely poor management by the library director. Any manager that is entrusted to manage a sink hole budget that lets the property under her care fall into disrepair while fueling crony salaries and perks needs to be a candidate for replacement.

The city council needs to trim the library budget another $125,000. Then see if they hire a custodian or hand one of the master librarians a bottle of Windex.




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Too Close For Their Own Good

The last time a dog got this close to Barack Obama he became the entree.

Michelle Dresses Up Dogsfor French President


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12 February

New Monument Dedicated


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11 February

Anderson Cries Bullying Over City Budget - Does This Sound Like Bullying to You?

Burlington city councilwoman Becky Anderson cried other council members were trying to bully other council members over the city's dismal budget position.

A local woman called the KCPS Big Show on 2/7/14 to explain her problems with the overstaffed, over-budget Burlington Library.

Is this bullying?

Sounds like the library is bullying the taxpayers. And Becky Anderson and Bob Fleming are the leaders of the pack.

Did anyone ever wash the spider webs out of the east windows at the library? Or clean the toilets?

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Where is Senator Courtney's Outrage?


"I’m sure Iowa Secretary of State Schultz chuckled at this one: The North Carolina NAACP organized a march in protest of Voter ID. One of the requirements they asked of participants was to….yep, you guessed it….bring a photo ID … The modern Democrat: Stuck on stupid …"

The peoples right to peaceably assemble requiring a photo ID, how anti-American. Senator Courtney should denounce this.



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Ever Wonder About The Basis for Obama's Decisions?


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10 February

New KGB Order

"Communism was an evil, tyrannical system of both government and economics, not an “experiment” in a lab somewhere. In this case, all the rats ran the experiment.

If there was a gold medal in selling out, NBC won it yesterday."


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07 February

The Old Tax & Spend Tim Scott Is Back With Tax Increases


After watching the Burlington City Council on TV last night I want to assure everyone the old tax-and-spend Tim Scott is back from his 5-month hiatus during campaign season.

Tim Scott freely admitted during his campaign season he was part of the city's financial disaster but fed all the voters a toxic dose of draintrainer last night by voting to increase property taxes instead of taking $168,000 out of the budget by demanding the elimination of two of the overpaid and under-worked $84,000/year librarians.

Tim Scott fixed it. He came back to the taxpayers' pocket book to drop snout down in the trough like he has so many times before.

Tim Scott is a tax-and-spend Democrat with no vision for the future and no view of the big picture.

When will you people learn?


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Sleep Tight


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04 February

Romancing the Railroad


The Burlington Riverfront Advisory Committee refuses to take no for an answer. Slapped in the face on another potential legal case to take riverfront real estate from the railroad, another angle is proposed.

A knock on the door. Sweet talk and roses. Words of love may not win the railroad's heart anymore.

The railroad does have a heart. Burlington's infamous, "Without merit lawsuit," was thrown out of court. The railroad could have, but did not seek compensation for its legal expenses from the City.

The railroad does have a Madam's eye for business. If the railroad sees any profit in cutting a riverfront real estate deal with the City of Burlington, the railroad will come calling.

But to go courtin' with a half-cocked pistol is still attempted rape.

Sally Sabine

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Alcohol Fueled Political Hallucinations


"The study by Pavel Yakovlev and Walter P. Guessford of Duquesne University in Pennsylvania shows a direct correlation between political beliefs and the demand for alcohol. The study compares sales of alcoholic beverages against the political leanings of a state's members of Congress, as ranked by liberal organizations Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) and the AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE)."

"One 2002 study found that Russian socialists were significantly more likely than anti-socialists to drink alcohol frequently. Another 2006 survey of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine found that adults with anti-communist views were less likely to drink, smoke, or take drugs than their pro-communist peers."

A report has made the news linking liberalism to liquor. It appears this link applies over a large geographic area

This should come as no surprise to citizens of Burlington. Just examine Burlington's recent history written largely by single party system socialists.

Spend taxpayers money like a sailor who just hit port. Ignore infrastructure and let the bridges fall where they may. File and lose an expensive without merit lawsuit against a fortune 500 company. Invest in an empty lot Manor Mall. Etc. Etc.

It all makes sense only if you are seeing double. Burlington's current city council is having massive head aches trying to clean up the mess.

Pinky Dumbo

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Obama's Cutting Egg Foreign Policy Skills

Did Anyone Believe He Was This Incompetent?


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03 February

Obama's Toxic Pi


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