Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 October

Cedar Rapids Gazette Endorses Miller-Meeks Over Loebsack

every much as important today

"We were pretty comfortable with endorsing Loebsack for a second term ... until we met Mariannette Miller-Meeks. The dynamo Ottumwa Republican physician and military veteran, who entered college at age 16, runs a small business and has been president of the Iowa Medical Society and a university professor. She impressed us with her command of key issues and a track record that proves she gets things done.

.....Miller-Meeks is smart, driven ­and well-qualified to become Iowas first woman elected to Congress. "

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Loebsack - A Trip Down Memory Lane

The Trip is Ugly


Loebsack voted against Holder's Criminal Contempt of Congress for lying about Fast & Furious.

Loebsack voted for Obamacare.

Loebsack carries Pelosi's water bottle.

Loebsack = Barack Obama and voted 95% in lock-step with the Fuhrer.

Loebsack needs to go home.


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Has Anything Changed Since This Ad Ran? Yes, Things Got Worse!

And Dave Loebsack voted for it all

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oooh Daddy, Can't We Have Another Free Ride?


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30 October

Chickens - Bruce Bailey's Arch Enemy

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Here's why Braley, Loebsack must go

Uncontrolled Spending Shape Braley/Loebsack Defeat

"The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste tracks voting records in regard to government spending and waste. Legislators are rated from 1 to 100 on their records, and for the current session of Congress, the council tracked votes on 80 bills.

Braley's score in the current session is a pathetic 10. His lifetime rating is even worse, at 7. Loebsack is just as bad, with a session rating of 11 and a lifetime rating of 7.

For voters concerned with our huge deficits and the constant waste of taxpayers' money, we clearly need to change course in our representatives. Joni Ernst and Marianette Miller-Meeks will do a much better job of holding our federal government accountable on spending and waste."

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Democrat Senator Tom Courtney's Satellite Voting Booth


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Iowa Targeted for Ease of Illegal Voting

Senator Tom Courtney Advocates Illegal Voting


"Sen. Tom Courtney, of Burlington, said many Latinos he’s talked to in his district are afraid election officials are going to try to keep them from voting. “These are good people who happen to be naturalized American citizens and they want to vote. They want to do their part. They’re scared, Mr. Secretary,” Courtney said. “This scares them and I don’t like that. We’ve never had that in this state. We’ve always been above board and everybody voted.”

"The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID."

Only American citizens are supposed be given a ballot. Aliens in our country legally and illegally are being assisted to vote. A lack of voter I. D. aids their voting illegally.

Look at the Washington Post article La Raza is referencing. Look for Iowa in the Post Story. No I. D. is required to vote in Iowa.

An illegal vote cancels an honest citizen's vote. The majority of American citizens when polled say they want their ballot secured by requiring I. D.

Why do voters here keep voting for the likes of Senator Courtney?


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Video: Moline Voting Machine Switches Votes from Republican to Democrat

"Calibration Error.....sure,right, uh-huh. Crook County, too?"

"...Former Rep. Bobby Schilling, who is running for his former seat in a district redrawn by Democrats after 2010, has held a press conference to tell reporters he that has heard many similar complaints throughout the county. The complaints mirror those of voters in Cook County, on the other side of the state, where GOP state representative candidate Jim Moynihan tried to vote for himself and the machine cast his vote for his opponent.

The Cook County Clerk's office told non-profit monitor Illinois Watchdog that the voting machine experienced a "calibration error" that "improperly assigned" Moynihan's vote. A similar calibration error seems to be at issue in Rock Island County. Schilling claimed last week to have received "17 calls of people saying the exact same thing."

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Ad Vertiser's Branstad Endorsement


I see the local fish wrap endorsed Gov. Branstad. That was the most stunning show of stepping off the curb in the history of man.

What is the possible downside? Being labeled fair and balanced for endorsing a no-contest winner? Speaking of which, has anyone heard from Jack Hatch in the last three weeks?

In 50+ years of reading of reading newspaper political endorsements, this is the most pathetic plate of journalistic slop ever plated.


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Obamacare's Stranglehold on America

Braley, Loebsack and Obamacare

The Triad of Abject Failure


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29 October

A Nutty Professor in the Hand is Worth Two Graduate Assistants


"Capps isn’t the only incumbent Democratic officials are scrambling at the last minute to defend. DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) recently coordinated a fundraising event for Rep. Dave Loebsack, a fourth-term Iowa incumbent who has recently come under barrage from GOP groups, and reached out to donors on his behalf."

...The maneuvering has prompted Democratic groups to yank money from districts they’re trying to seize from Republicans in order to protect seats they already control. Over the past several weeks, the DCCC has pulled funds from top recruits in Colorado and Virginia and begun running TV ads in two eastern Iowa districts, both of which Obama won in 2012."

Professor Loebsack could lose. The coastal liberal elites Loebsack represents are casting up and comers aside. These elites are orchestrating a desperate attempt to protect their professor's tenure.

Voters owe Professor Loebsack a permanent sabbatical. It will give him an opportunity to study and experience the harsh reality he has helped legislate. Send Dave home.

Obama equals Loebsack is all you need to know when casting your vote.


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Results of Democrat's Push for $15/hour Minimum Wage


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Liberals in Tears Over Dearth of Beer


"As Election Day is just a week away, officials say it’ll be another year in which students stay home instead of heading to the polls."

The No. 1 thing that students come out and vote for is the 21-ordinance,” he said. “No matter how hard we work, they just don’t show up.”

Beer is not on the ballot this year.

A low student turn out will give Nutty Professor Loebsack no reason for cheer.

Bergie Blatz

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CBS Drives 'er In

CBS Complicit in Obama's Nefarious Regime of Crime & Cover-ups


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28 October

Biden in Iowa Stumpin' For Bruce 'Bailey' & The Nutty Professor - 'Put me in coach'

Three Tries at Mr. Wacky

Take Your Pick




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Bruce 'Bailey' Greets Two in Keokuk Campaign Stop


Bruce Bailey was in Keokuk the other day and had two people show up to listen how he voted for Obamacare.

I wasn't aware you could rent a jean jacket.


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Obama, Holder, Jackson & Sharpton Are Out Race Baiting in Ferguson

"At least 2 killed, 11 wounded in Chicago shootings"

"At least two people were killed and eleven others wounded since Monday morning in shootings across the city, authorities said."

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27 October

Courtney Throws Wife Under Hatch Bus

Hatch Going Home & Senator Tom Avoids Embarrassment So Wife Takes Hit For The Team


I saw Senator Tom Courtney's wife forwarded an endorsement letter for Jack Hatch which the newspaper happily ran. Funny the alleged writer brings up tax returns.

Neither Courtney has the intellect to write a concise, focused letter like that. But Hatch and Braley advisor Jeff Link does.

Doesn't matter. Hatch stopped advertising weeks ago and Braley is still a loser. Maybe the Courtneys could persuade Hatch to release his windfall tax returns financed with taxpayer dollars.

Send 'Em Home

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Braley Gets Facts Confused Over Honor Flight

Braley Floats 'Untruths' About Veterans


I see the ad rag ran a Braley piece the other day. Braley claims the ads are wrong about his spending the day attending 3 fund raising events instead of attending a VA hearing. Braley said he was "on a honor flight, greeting veterans from Burlington that had come out from the WWII..."

I've read various assessments of this day in question. I can't recall any local or regional stories about any Honor Flight with Burlington veterans meeting Braley.

Braley attended an early morning fundraiser, went to Capitol Hill, signed in for a VA meeting and then left to attend a noon time fund raiser. Braley left that event and disappeared until an evening fund raiser

There was a bogus fact check on Braley and the VA meeting that doesn't mention any Honor Flight but does mention Braley's empty chair. (I wonder if that was an Obama empty chair?)

A Google search finds no record of Braley meeting the Honor Flight veterans.

Another Google search can't associate Braley's name with the September 20, 2012 Honor Flight.

And finally an article about the trip doesn't mention Braley either.

So where was Bruce Braley? Looking for his clean towels in the House Gym?


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Hillarynomics & The Democrat's Stork

Businesses don’t create jobs


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25 October

Chuck Grassley: Obama Admin 'Surge' of Immigrant IDs 'Suspect and Alarming'

"Given that President Obama has promised to take executive action, the recent government solicitation for material for millions of green cards and work permits is suspicious, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said in a statement to Breitbart News on Friday.

President Obama has made it very clear that he plans to use authority that he doesn’t have to unilaterally allow people to come into and remain in the United States, ahead of those who have stood in line for years,” Grassley, the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiary Committee, said.

“So, knowing the President’s desire to act unilaterally, a contract solicitation for up to 34 million green cards and work permits is suspect and alarming,” he added.

This week Breitbart News reported that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has issued a solicitation to obtain material for millions of Permanent Residency Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”"

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24 October

Judicial Watch Obtains List of Fast and Furious Documents Held Under Obama's Executive Privilege

And The Walls Came Tumblin' Down & The Door to Hell Opens for Holder

"The emails Judicial Watch describes as showing Holder being directly involved "in crafting talking points, the timing of public disclosures, and handling Congressional inquiries in the Fast and Furious matter" only further solidify his role in the cover-up of the operation.

...This document provides key information about the cover-up of Fast and Furious by Attorney General Eric Holder and other high-level officials of the Obama administration. Obama’s executive privilege claims over these records are a fraud and an abuse of his office. There is no precedent for President Obama’s Nixonian assertion of executive privilege over these ordinary government agency records. Americans will be astonished that Obama asserted executive privilege over Eric Holder’s emails to his wife about Fast and Furious," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “Once again, Judicial Watch has proven itself more effective than Congress and the establishment media in providing basic oversight of this out-of-control Administration. This Fast and Furious document provides dozens of leads for further congressional, media, and even criminal investigations.”

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Bruce Braley No Show for Burlington


I see Bruce 'Bailey' made a private appearance in Burlington and follows in Loebsack's behavior of only attending union hall meetings. Will 'Bailey' resort to phone call town hall meetings as his next method to reach voters? Or has Tom Courtney already salted the ballot box with his Aspen Grove constituents?

How can either of these two Washington Neanderthals ever expect to get elected without meeting with the public? I suspect both are afraid of having to deal with the disgruntled voters that got railroaded by their closet lust for the Great One's multitude of failures.

I had to buy health care from CoOpportunity under Obamacare. My rate went up 19% and then CoOpportunity canceled my coverage last week after I paid premiums for 10 months and never used my coverage.

A vote for Bruce Braley is a vote for Obama.

I can't afford either one.

Tapped Out

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Obama Advisor Al Sharpton - 'Ottumwa Under Attack'

Terrorists Attack Iowa According to the Drug Addled Idiot Al Sharpton

MSNBC Luminary Al Sharpton on Ottawa Shooting: What’s the Latest from “Iowa”?

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Recycle Ballots to Save the Planet

Liberal Activists in Colorado: Illegally Filling Out Ballots to Steal Votes is "Truly Awesome"


"The exact post said, "ISO...mail in ballots.... $5 each" ISO stands for "In Search Of"

"I've never run in to anything like this. Never heard of it. Its new to Pueblo County and its very upsetting," said Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz."

"Greenpeace activist Christen Topping, also a Udall supporter, is caught on film suggesting Veritas investigators visit "ghetto" areas of the city and African-American neighborhoods to find discarded ballots in trash cans to take, fill out and mail-in. She also said filling out discarded ballots is "putting the votes to good use" and is "really truly like..awesome."

Save money. Be Green. Recycle unwanted vote by mail ballots from the trash whenever possible before buying them online.

"It was improper for Secretary of State Schultz to take federal funds intended to help Iowans vote and spend those dollars instead on a voter fraud goose chase," Courtney said."

Perhaps Senator Courtney and his fellow friends of Greens in the legislature should introduce a bill. Fund educating Iowans on recycling stray absentee ballots to vote their way. Fraud is not an issue.

If you fail to comprehend Senator Courtney and his friends, chug a 12 pack of Bud Light. Besides your legitimate vote being cancelled, a lot of what they have done around Burlington will make sense as well.

When you are hungover the day after the election, recycle your beer cans. That way you may feel better about doing your part to save the planet.


Courtney needs to change his Depends Protection when he hears this type of story. It drives him to become a bigger legend in his own mind while the warm pee runs down both legs.


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Michelle Obama Calls Arizona-Born Mark Udall 'Fifth-Generation Coloradoan'

Washington's Most Inept Hen Blurts Another One

"Michelle Obama has been jetting all across the country stumping for Democrat candidates but several times now has shown a penchant for confusion. Among other mistakes, this week she lost track of whom she was talking about in Colorado.

Michelle took the stage at a rally in Denver, Colorado to give incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Udall a boost, but during her remarks, Obama made a blunder about Udall's birthplace.

"As a fifth-generation Coloradoan, Mark understands what makes this state special," Obama said from the dais. "He understands the values of independence and fairness, all the things here folks believe in."

That would have been a great line except for the fact that Udall wasn't born in Colorado.

His Republican opponent was."

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Tiger By The Tail


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23 October

Bruce Bailey for Governor

Gov. Bailey's Cornball Chicken Ranch

A Look Inside Washington's Inept Hen House

"Mrs. Obama held a rally in Iowa City Tuesday. The White House sent out the official transcript of the first lady’s remarks following her visit. It was headlined, “Remarks by the First Lady at a Grassroots Campaign Event with Democratic Candidate for Governor Bruce Braley.”

"Former President Bill Clinton also called him “Bruce Bailey” when talking about Braley at Senator Tom Harkin’s Steak Fry in Indianola last month."

Who in Washington remembers the name of the boy who hands them a towel in the locker room? Who in Washington knows name of Iowa's 1st District Congressman and what office he seeks on this year's ballot?

Bruce Bailey's buddies in Washington are making mincemeat of him whenever they come out to Iowa to help him.

Bruce Bailey probably should have run for governor of Iowa. He could have avoided such gaffes by his friends in Washington. He certainly would be doing better than Jack Hatch. Dealing with the threat posed by free range chickens is really a state rather than a federal issue.

James Hadden 'Mincemeat' Turner

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Warren's Warning to Bruce Bailey

My God, this is a hell of a job. I have no trouble with my enemies.
I can take care of my enemies all right.
But my damn friends, my goddamn friends.
They're the ones that keep me walking the floor at night.
- Warren G. Harding

Warren Harding found out what Washington friends are for. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama are Washington friends of Bruce Braley. They have made him into Bruce Bailey candidate for Governor of Iowa.

Cast your vote on election day so Bruce may return to Iowa and get a good night's sleep.

T. Potts

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It Can't Get Any Simpler

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22 October

Obama - Braley & Loebsack "'have supported my agenda'"

Braley Votes for 96% of Obama's Agenda - Loebsack Voted for 97% of Obama's Agenda

"“And so some of the candidates there — it is difficult for them to have me in the state because the Republicans will use that to try to fan Republican turnout,” Obama said.

The bottom line is though, these are all folks who vote with me; they have supported my agenda in Congress; they are on the right side of minimum wage; they are on the right side of fair pay; they are on the right side of rebuilding our infrastructure; they’re on the right side of early childhood education.”

Obama went on to say that his feelings weren’t hurt by Democrats who were reluctant to campaign with him.

“These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me, and I tell them, I said, ‘You know what, you do what you need to do to win. I will be responsible for making sure our voters turn out.’ ”

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Vote Fraud a Fallacy?

Senator Tom Courtney's Vivid Dream


"A video from the Maricopa County Arizona, shows a man in a Citizens for a Better Arizona t-shirt stuffing the ballot box with hundreds of votes. He was seen by A.J. LaFaro, the Maricopa County Republican Party chairman. He confronted the man who became threatening."

Sleep peacefully in your beds. This could never happen in Iowa. We have State Senator Courtney's assurance of that.


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The Death of Burlington


The Times focused on towns of under 5,000 decaying and dying. The same applies to scattered agricultural state towns in Iowa and elsewhere under 80,000.

Dubuque has bucked the trend, but is an exception Dubuque is infested with small colleges as a draw. Think of IBM moving into Dubuque.

In Burlington, Ottumwa and similar small towns above 10,000 moving off the farm is partly responsible for the decline. The main reason for their decline is the death of small manufacturing.

Small manufacturing operations were the economic engine for these larger small towns. Small manufacturing also provided jobs for smaller land holders within about a 30 mile radius. Work at Case and farm a few hundred acres is no longer an option for many.

Empty Lot Manor Malls and changes to downtown parking will not bring towns like Burlington back. Importing public assistance immigrants and their EBT cards and illegal drug sales just makes it worse.

Burlington will not dry up and blow away like Sperry. Burlington may survive as a small trade center with 15 to 20,000 making low wages.

For the brightest and best of those raised in Burlington, anywhere else larger will continue draining them away.

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Holder's Blind Legacy


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21 October

Our Nutty Professor in Trouble

'Obamacare' Loebsack Is Running for Office?

Was Anyone Aware Other Than His Secret Meeting Attendees?


"The political arm for House Republicans says it is making a play for Iowa's 1st and 2nd congressional district seats.

The National Republican Congressional Committee said Monday that it's buying $1.3 million in television ad time in the two districts, with spots to begin airing Friday."

Our Nutty Professor congressman says one thing back here and votes the other way in Washington. Of course, the Ad Vertiser will never point that out. It looks like money is coming to get the message out.

Our congressman has not been bragging about his voting for Obamacare's one vote victory in the House. Our congressman has not been bragging about how Obama says his policies are on the ballot this November.

Obama equals Loebasack. Of that there is no doubt. Don't forget it.

Screamin' Dean

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Ebola fear puts family in voluntary quarantine in Rock Island

Obama 'It Will Never Reach Our Shores'

"The Rock Island-Milan School District has asked a Rock Island High School student to remain at home and be monitored after a family member traveled to the Quad-Cities from Liberia.

The student lives in the Rock Island home of Barhyeau Philips, 67, whose 21-year-old daughter, Jennifer, left Liberia on Friday and arrived in the Quad-Cities on Saturday.

According to a statement released Wednesday by Rock Island-Milan School District Superintendent Mike Oberhaus, “Given the heightened awareness and seriousness of the Ebola outbreak in the country of Liberia and the spread of the virus in the United States, the Rock Island County Health Department believes that abundant precaution is necessary.”

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America - One Step Away From a Full Face Plant


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19 October

Obama to Allow 100,000 Haitians into America Without a Visa

Obama's Executive Action Dooms Bruce Braley's Senate Bid - Braley Voted 96% With Obama

Grassley's Common Sense Sinks Braley Trial Lawyer Elitism

Hang Down Your Head 'Bruce Bailey'

"Calling it "an irresponsible overreach of the executive branch’s authority," Senator Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, is criticizing an executive order issued by the president that would allow at least 100,000 Haitian nationals into the United States to be "reunited with their families."

"“Which countries are next on President Obama’s list?” Mr. Grassley said. “Will there by medical screenings before entry? Will work permits be granted automatically? How will this affect American workers?”

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the branch of the Department of Homeland Security that handles immigration benefits cases, announced Friday the program to unite Haitians already living in the U.S. with family members abroad will ramp up in 2015."

"Grassley is right. This is just the tip of the iceberg. While our attention is focused elsewhere on Ebola and ISIS, the president will bring hundreds of thousands of immigrants through the back door. Without congressional authorization, without congressional hearings on the impact on jobs for citizens, and announced on a Friday afternoon to insure minimal news coverage, the president has once again demonstrated his intention to rule by decree."

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Obama Golfs For 4 Hours, 40 Minutes On Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting--Which New Ebola Czar Skips!

Ebola Czar Klain Misses 2nd Ebola Meeting

"President Barack Obama’s new Ebola "czar" Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows.

Obama held the Ebola meeting after spending four hours and 40 minutes on the golf course at Fort Belvoir, according to the White House press pool report from the New York Daily News' Dan Friedman.

...It's the second meeting in as many days on Ebola that Klain hasn’t attended after being appointed into the position on Friday."

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17 October

Joni Ernst Skewers Mumbles Braley

Braley About to Throw in The Towel

""You stated just a few years back that you would not change a thing about Obamacare, and yet today you're saying, 'Oops, yeah, we do need to make some changes to the bill,' " Republican Joni Ernst scolded Democrat Bruce Braley on Thursday night. "You said you read every page of this bill. You tabbed it, you highlighted it. So either you didn't understand what was in the bill or you were misleading Iowans, and I don't know which one is worse."

...One of Ernst's strongest moments in the debate came during a discussion of military action against the Islamic State or ISIS. She castigated President Obama and Democrats for a lack of leadership on the issue and reminded voters she served in the Army National Guard in Kuwait and Iraq. "My boots were on the ground now held by ISIS," she said.

...However, his efforts to attack Ernst with his statement that "words have consequences" backfired when Ernst turned it back on him.

"Sound bites do have consequences, and I believe I have a pure heart and am willing to serve Iowans where Congressman Braley behind closed doors has poked fun at our senior senator, Chuck Grassley," she said. "I don't call that building bridges, I would say that's burning bridges, Congressman."

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What Price Per Vote at Hy-Vee?


The party of Bruce Braley, Dave Loebsack, Tom Courtney and Barry Obama petitioned for and got a satellite polling location. The official local newspaper of said party reports 31 people voted at the Angular Street Hy-Vee.

Satellite voting ran from 9:00 A. M. to 3:00 P. M. That rounds out to 5.2 voters per hour. The official local party newspaper did not say how many taxpayer dollars were expended to run this satellite polling location.

Not even one voter per hour per aisle is nothing to smile about.

The cost of anything versus its worth is not a concern of the party that petitioned for this satellite polling location. Tax dollars are somebody else's money. Who cares?

With voting early by mail, there is no reason for satellite voting locations. Satellite voting is a waste of your tax dollars and an undue burden on the County Auditor's office.


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The End Times of Huckabee for President

Local Brad Cranston to Drink From Huck's Cup of Dreams


"Republican Mike Huckabee, who is considering a presidential run in 2016, is taking Iowa evangelical leaders on an all-expenses paid, 10-day overseas trip next month.

Eighteen Iowans are booked for "Mike Huckabee's Reagan, Thatcher, Pope John Paul II Tour," which takes place Nov. 12-21, organizers told The Des Moines Register."

Did you turn down an offer to experience the rapture of an all expense paid trip to Europe?

The Great Satan of the Iowa Republican Party is not listed among those going. This seems odd. In the past, wannabe Republican Presidents have heaped praise and manna upon Satan.

Hopefully all going will enjoy their journey to Europe. There will be no inauguration of President Huckabee to go and see.


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Wheels on The Obama Bus Go Round and Round

CDC - Center for Denial and Confusion

"Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else."


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16 October

Braley, Loebsack and Obamacare

The Triad of Abject Failure


"That increase is for individual policyholders who have Affordable Care Act-compliant plans," reports the (Des Moines) Register.

CoOportunity, one of the main companies offering health insurance on the Obamacare exchange, will increase its rates 19%."

Bruce Braley and Dave Loebsack voted for Obamacare. Obamacare passed in the U. S. House by only one vote. If you like Obamacare as your healthcare plan by government fiat, you can keep Obamare.

"President Barack Obama promised at least 19 times that Obamacare would lower health insurance premiums by $2,500 per family."

If you are tired of the lies you can vote Braley and Loebsack out.

Ole Castor

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15 October

No Frog Zone

We Solved Your Last Nazi Problem -

Go Away!


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14 October

Vote for Braley Is a Vote For Harry Reid

Braley Would Join Ranks With Dirty Harry Reid


I'd like to remind everyone that to vote for Bruce Braley is an endorsement of Harry Reid and the Obama Criminal Triad of overt crooks and liars that includes Nancy Pelosi. Braley is a Barack Obama voting minion, when he shows up to work.

It's time to stop this bunch. Send Braley home.


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Obama Time


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13 October


Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Braley, Dumbass!


Nat King Cole she is not. First school dietitian Michelle Obama can't remember who the Democrat running for the U. S. Senate in Iowa is. Not long after November, Michelle won't be the only one who can't remember what's his name.

So Long

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Jimmy Carter Finally Wakens From Coma

Carter Slams Obama on ISIS

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Sic 'em!


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10 October

Please Daddy, Let Me Pick One!

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09 October

Obama: "America is Safe"


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08 October

Who's Next, Burlington?


I just read the Mt Pleasant school district report. Wow, you'll never see anything like this in the Burlington or Mt. Pleasant newspapers.

Could IowaLive.net do a report for our new superintendent here in Burlington? After three superintendents content with monument building, our new guy should welcome a snapshot like this.


The report on the Burlington School District has been published.

Here you go.


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07 October

Braley Joined Progressive Far Left On Israel Letter In 2010

'Rising Progressive Star' Braley Action Supported Hamas Use of Civilian Assets to Further Terrorism

"Iowa Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley, now running for Senate against GOP state senator Joni Ernst, joined some of the most liberal members of the House Democratic caucus in 2010 on a letter urging President Obama to work to force Israel to lift the Gaza blockade, according to a copy of the letter obtained by Breitbart News.

The letter underscores Braley's relatively left-wing views on foreign policy just as he is coming under attack from GOP rivals on his votes to defund the Iraq War and other matters.

“The unabated suffering of Gazan civilians highlights the urgency of reaching a resolution into the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and we ask you to press for immediate relief for the citizens of Gaza as an urgent component of your Middle East peace efforts....The humanitarian consequences of a continued near blockade would be disastrous,” the Jan. 21, 2010 letter, signed by 54 House Democrats, says."

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06 October


Ft Madison Worst Iowa City for Wasting Taxpayer's Money

Greetings Fort Madison Mayor Brad Randolph, City Council Members Chris Greenwald, Brian Wright, Jason Huppert, Mark Lair, Rusty Andrews:

Is there anyone in Fort Madison, Iowa city government who thinks they or their organization are performing perfectly—with zero waste? Please tell us about how you did it!! On the other hand, have any of you ever been asked for copies of your waste reduction plans?

If you feel like you’re City Hall waste is being picked on after reading this post, please visit these websites and their unrefuted numbers: http://www.iowalive.net/burlingtoncityhall.htm






The exciting journey to substantial Fort Madison City Hall performance improvement begins with a single step in the right direction. Awareness of the waste!!

Please consider the contents of this post as a $115,000 gift and as an inspiration to take that first, AWARENESS step. Iowalive net workers empathize with honest City Hall employees who know what is going on, and can do nothing about it, for fear of losing their jobs. This is typical of other City Halls in the state, some of which have been evaluated and reported on website: http://www.iowalive.net/

The numbers in the following tables show the level of waste awareness Iowalive net workers are talking about.

The contents of this post, performed at a citizen’s request, might give Fort Madison taxpayers more waste awareness than they can stand—and likely many Iowa taxpayers and legislators as well.

The post on website http://www.iowalive.net/burlingtoncityhall.htm reported Burlington, Iowa to be the worst city government Iowalive net workers had evaluated—which it was at that time. Not so any longer. Burlington has been badly beaten by Fort Madison City Hall—aided by truck loads of state money blindly thrown at the State Penitentiary located there.


Anyone claiming to have better numbers is asked to provide them.

Have Governor Branstad, Legislators or Newspaper Editors Asked Penitentiary Officials to See Their Waste Reduction Plans?


It is noteworthy the Fort Madison Daily Democrat newspaper operates at 55% efficiency and has an average year-to-date 9-20-14 Integrity Index Score of 360! See website http://www.iowalive.net/daily%20newspaper%20ranking.htm for comparison with other newspapers—in 2010.

Now that you are aware of Fort Madison City Hall problems, you will find the contents of website: http://www.iowalive.net/deriveopeff.htm most interesting and useful.

Implement them effectively and you will reduce Fort Madison’s City Hall 3 year waste from $25,860,353 to less than $20,000,000, in no more than 3 years. You will make good progress at more closely matching city pay to performance and results. And you will reduce city taxes by at least 2%--while improving city services by at least 4%!!

Finally, you will welcome the following questions, to be asked by the Daily Democrat—which is obligated to ask and report your responses to them:

1. Where are your plans to improve city government operating efficiency and integrity?—such as by spending less and getting improved results.

2. Who is in charge of preparing and implementing those plans?

3. How will you know if the plans are working?

4. What is your recovery plan for taxpayers if they fail?

5. What are the consequences for having no such plans?

Is this Heaven? NO!! It’s Fort Madison, Iowa, benefiting from AWARENESS!!

Stay tuned for a similar performance evaluation of the Fort Madison school district—which wants its duped residents to believe it is the best school district in the state!!

Website http://www.iowalive.net/4threadingrank2013.htm shows Fort Madison 4th reading ranked 219th in the State.

Website http://www.iowalive.net/8thmathranking12-13.htm shows Fort Madison 8th math ranked 241st in the state

Website http://www.iowalive.net/11thmathrank2013.htm shows Fort Madison 11th math ranked 251st in the State

Website http://www.iowalive.net/ranking8.htm shows Fort Madison ranked 333rd of 368 school districts in STATE RANKING OF IOWA SCHOOLS’ HONESTY & INTEGRITY



A growing network of volunteer citizens and professionals for improving Iowa.

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Obama is No Comparison


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05 October

CDC Rush to Newark Airport in Hazmat Suits to Remove Vomiting Liberian Passenger

White House: No Travel Ban from Africa Needed

"On Saturday at Newark Airport, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials rushed to meet with a United Airlines flight from Brussels and removed a passenger, believed to be from Liberia, suspected of having Ebola.

The CDC crew responded to flight 998 in full hazmat gear and took the man and his daughter to University Hospital in Newark for further evaluation. According to a senior federal official, the passenger was manifesting "flu-like symptoms." The passenger was reportedly vomiting in the plane but did not exhibit other Ebola-like symptoms.

"He's now being treated with protocols as if he has it, but no clear indication at this point that he does," the official said."

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03 October

Comrade Braley's Planned Economy


"U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley wants a national manufacturing strategy to coordinate government investments in science and technology with the innovation of the private sector."

Congressman Bruce Braley has experience with government economic command and control. Obamacare is dictating America's healthcare industry in no small part thanks to Bruce Braley.

Then Speaker Nancy Pelosi made Braley a floor leader for Obamacare in the House. Obamacare passed in the U. S. House by only one vote. Bruce Braley cast that vote.

Wannabe Senator Bruce Braley wants government to take greater control of America's economy. Historical evidence be damned, Bruce Braley's stairway to heaven can't wait.

Agency and Roosevelt is a lot closer than Red Square. Look at what government economic development by Braley's party comrades, including Senator Tom Courtney has accomplished there. The progressive liberal drunk ex-mayor's "Poster Child of economic development" sits vacant and the city pays $800,000/year to cover the debt of failure.

State and local governments engaging in screw their neighbors with TIFs, grants etc. economic development has been bad enough. Their every day as Christmas Day has too often created pockets of failure.

If we elect Bruce Braley to the U. S. Senate, America could become one giant Empty Lot Manor Mall.

M. T.

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'Full-Blown Cover-Up': Levin Says Obama Knew About ISIS for Years

“This has nothing to do with the intelligence agencies; it has to do with the intelligence between his ears. And the fact of the matter is he is not paying attention to his job, he’s not attentive to the things a president is supposed to be attentive to 'cause he’s so busy revolutionizing our economy and our government and transforming it, he’s not doing his job,” Levin said.

Levin also charged Obama with knowing about ISIS for years and concealing it from the public.

“I wanna know, did the president of the United States know about the creation, the development of ISIS and this caliphate? I believe he knew about it for years, I believe he knew about it when he was running for office, he concealed it from the American people. We have all kinds of information to indicate this.”


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This Is What Republicans Do - Not Play Possum Like Obama!

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02 October

Sliced and Diced Jack Hatch

Liberal Fileted and Julienned by Progressive Tom Courtney


"It's devastating news for his campaign that just 35 days out his campaign is essentially broke," Ketzner said about Hatch. "If he can't manage his campaign checkbook, how can he manage the state's checkbook?"

Liberal candidate for Governor of Iowa Jack Hatch is getting a lesson in economics. If you can not meet the demands of the market you fail. Jack Hatch doesn't have the jack to buy television time.

If fellow liberals like State Senator Courtney pass the hat at the union hall, the Hatch/Vernon campaign could be back on the air spreading its message. Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon could pay to host infomercials

While demonstrating the new, made by Chinese political prisoners Slice-O-Matic, Jack and Monica could jack their jaws about how the Slice-O-Matic will create jobs on Iowa truck farms. The important 2:00 A. M. viewing in Muscatine County demographic could make the difference.

The important info to be taken from Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon's television disappearance is liberals fail.

Ron Coe

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To Vote, or Not to Vote


Burlington's city council is dead locked. Should a vacancy on the council be filled by the council, or should a special election be held?

If the council appoints they are liable to turn to a former council member. Burlington has a host of failed city council alumni to chose from. A special election costs taxpayers thousands of dollars. An election victor's term will only be about a year.

A more civil form of trial by combat may work. Like state high school basketball tournaments, hold a series of duels among office seekers. Paint ball pistols at 20 paces.

Choosing the winner will be messy. Burlington has by election created bigger messes.

A. Burr

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Obama Only Attended 42% of His Intel Briefings

Totally Inept & Incompetent

"A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) in the 2,079 days of his presidency through September 29, 2014.

The GAI report also included a breakdown of Obama’s PDB attendance record between terms; he attended 42.4% of his PDBs in his first term and 41.3% in his second.

The GAI’s alarming findings come on the heels of Obama’s 60 Minutes comments on Sunday, wherein the president laid the blame for the Islamic State’s (ISIS) rapid rise squarely at the feet of his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” said Obama.

According to Daily Beast reporter Eli Lake, members of the Defense establishment were “flabbergasted” by Obama’s attempt to shift blame.

Either the president doesn’t read the intelligence he’s getting or he’s bullshitting,” a former senior Pentagon official “who worked closely on the threat posed by Sunni jihadists in Syria and Iraq” told the Daily Beast."

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01 October

Obama's Empty Suit = Empty Shelves

The Results of The Progressive Direction


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