Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 March

We Represent an International Coalition

Including the International House of Pancakes


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30 March

Foggy Mountain Breakdown


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27 March

A Lesson from Two Midwestern States

Courtney's Vow to Get Even Bitch Slapped With New Prison Failure


"Eleven years ago no one could have predicted that Indiana would be a national leader for sound tax and fiscal policy, with the 8th most competitive state business tax climate in the nation. Back in 2004 Indiana faced a massive budget shortfall and was ranked 38th among the 50 states for state and local tax burden."

Iowa has come a long way from the dark days of five years ago. State Senator Courtney's vow to get even with business had become a reality.

The joint governorship of Chet Culver and Senate majority leader Mike Gronstal had a majority in both houses of the legislature. They kept spending and raising taxes. Senator Courtney did his part cheering on prevailing wage union deals for state projects like the yet to be usable new prison in Ft. Madison.

Voters partially solved the problem in 2010. Governor Culver was defeated and the majority shifted in the Iowa House. Unfortunately the Iowa Senate still contains Tom Courtney along with Mike Gronstal as its majority leader.

If Indiana can do better, there is still room for improvement in Iowa. Send Senator Courtney and others like him home for good.

E Nuff

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The Legacy


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26 March

Fool's Watch


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25 March

Cruz On


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24 March

Barack's Archives

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20 March

Stand-by - Obama's Myopic Foreign Policy


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19 March

PETA’s Dirty Little Secret: Shelter Puts Down 80% of Animals in Its Care

"In a remarkable turn of events, Virginia legislators reportedly have had to step in to protect animals from PETA, which runs a gulag-style animal shelter at its headquarters on the banks of the St. Elizabeth River that euthanized over 80 percent of the animals in its care in 2014.

Virginia lawmakers found that rate so abnormally high that they passed a bill in February to redefine a private animal shelter as “operating for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes.” The law will squeeze PETA whose primary service to animals in Norfolk has not been adoption, but rather a quick exit from the world.

The bill, put forward by Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. (R-Franklin), passed the House of Delegates in a landslide 95-2 vote, after the Senate had approved the measure by 33-5. This despite the fact that PETA hired lobbyist Stephen Haner to try to kill the bill.

According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took in 3,017 animals in 2014. Of these, a mere 162 were adopted, while 2455 were “euthanized.” This rate of 81% was not exceptional, since in prior years the rate has risen above 90%. A website documenting PETA’s killing record claims that the organization has euthanized more than 33,000 animals since 1998."

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Can You Hear Me Now?


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18 March

An Ad Vertiser With Honesty

Two Failures Cause a Third


"A new news source for Iowa liberals and progressives launched this week, with a former Associated Press newsman as its managing editor.

Mike Glover, a long-time Iowa Capitol reporter who retired in 2012, will lead the new Iowa Daily Democrat. According to its website, the publication will provide “politically conscious Iowans and newsreaders with the stories that matter to progressives.”"

There is new source of news with the liberal slant. It makes no pretext of being balanced.

Compare the Iowa Daily Democrat to the Burlington Ad Vertiser.

The stories follow the single party line. Omissions of what the party does not want people to know are nowhere to be found. It gets better.

Unlike the Burlington Ad Vertiser, the stories in the Iowa Daily Democrat are legible. Unlike the Burlington Ad Vertiser, there is no subscription fee to be fed the party line.

If the Democrat party line is what you seek, drop your Ad Vertiser subscription and go to a better source. Check out the Iowa Daily Democrat.


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Burlington's Best & Brightest


"A Burlington woman is in jail after apparently leaving her cell phone inside of a car that she had just broken into."

What a sign of intelligence. Burlington can't even attract a respectable grade of car burglars anymore.

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Results of Obama's Treaty


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17 March

Membership Revoked


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13 March

Senator Bruce "Bailey's" Chicken Coop for Sale


"Former Congressman Bruce Braley is selling his lake house located just minute from his childhood home near Brooklyn, Iowa. Braley’s 624 square foot cabin that overlooks Holiday Lake was the backdrop for a petty dispute between Braley and his neighbor’s chickens, which made national news."

Senator Tom Harkin retired and flew the coop. Former Congressman Bruce Braley failed in his attempt to be Harkin's substitute.

Had Bruce Braley become Senator Bruce Braley perhaps his non tropical paradise lake home may have hit the market anyway. Like Senator Harkin, The Bahama's may have awaited as a get away location.

Ed Windsor

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Royal Bait and Switch


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11 March

Two Wicked Witches of The West Wing


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Lies and More Lies


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10 March

No Glass Slippers Here


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06 March

Iowa's Nutty Professor a No Show for Netanyahu

Loebsack Continues to Be Nothing But Embarrassing Spectacle


Our congressman represents the interests of Iran rather than the majority of Iowans and Americans as a whole. Dave Loonsack was missing in action when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress.

Israel and the world are facing the greatest threat to civilization since the defeat of fascism 70 years ago. Our congressman had a great deal to say about meeting this challenge in a press release.

Loonsack's pathetic attempt to hide from his support of Iran is a new low even for him. Loonsack's distraction from his stand with Iran was issuing a press release supporting a cut in his pay check.

Passing that pay cut stands as much chance of becoming reality as Iran respecting human rights. Voters should kick Loonsack off the congressional payroll at the next election.


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05 March

Obama and Boehner


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03 March

Obama's Israeli Solution


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02 March

Obama's Game Plan


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