Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 May

Hillary Clinton's Legacy

State Department labeled Benghazi ‘terrorism event’ within hours

" Less than eight hours after the attacks, around 6 a.m. on September 12, 2012, the State Department Diplomatic Security “Command Center Team Site” sent out a “Benghazi Event Notification” to “ALCON:” The DS Command Center is sharing the following terrorism event information for your situational awareness...

As of 0500 EST the US Mission in Benghazi has been evacuated due to ongoing attacks that resulted in the deaths of 4 Chief of Mission personnel including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and 3 additional COM wounded. At this time everyone has been evacuated to Tripoli and is receiving medical aid and awaiting further movement.

This is initial terrorist incident report from the DS Command Center…[emphasis original]"

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Tom Harkin's Legacy


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28 May

TP Drop - Sweet's Venezuela Socialism Experiment Gone Awry

Venezuelan Bolivar Now Worth More as Toilet Paper Than as Money


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Another Numb Nuts Socialism Experiment Gone Awry

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26 May

Faster George, Bail That Water!

George: What Difference Does It Make?


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25 May

Ever Vigilant Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic


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The Wall


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22 May

Go Forth Barack


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21 May

Getting Our House in Order


"The Greater Burlington Partnership will have to scale back efforts to promote the City of Burlington as a direct result of Burlington’s efforts to improve its financial standing."

Years of fiduciary follies by fools at City Hall need cleaned up before you can sell the property to outsiders. Hype as bondo over fools' debt will not fool anybody with sense looking to invest in Burlington.

Tapped Out

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Iowa Dems. Can’t Name An Accomplishment By Hillary Clinton As Sec. Of State

Crooked Stuff

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Nothing To See Here


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20 May

High Speed High Stakes Iowa Caucus Race

Orange Pants Guy Never Had a Chance


"Other press outlets can't be faulted, however: Clinton's aides kept the existence of the party a secret, leaving it off of the schedule circulated to reporters who cover her events in a rotating 'pool.'

Daily Mail Online only found the location after trailing the candidate's motorcade at a distance for an 85 miles trek, at speeds reaching 95 mph."

Hillary Clinton's motorcade ran like hell from the press in Iowa. Hillary ran, but she could not hide from U K Daily Mail. The Daily Mail reporters obviously were not driving a '53 Nash.

The foreign press has been doing a more thorough job of covering Hillary's and other presidential campaigns than America's legacy media. We should be thankful for their efforts.

If Hillary Clinton had an interview scheduled with the Burlington Ad Vertiser the opposite would have applied. Hillary Clinton's motorcade would probably drive like hell to avoid being late.

The way Hillary's campaign is going, she can not afford to miss favorable coverage of what has become a disaster of a campaign.

Bernd Rosemeyer

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ABC: It's Not A Real Tattoo

$105 Million Reasons
to Believe It Is!


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Free Ride


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18 May

The Enabler


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It's Better Than An Obama Phone - Here, Take One


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13 May

Burlington, Home of Iowa's Most Prolific Sexual Predator


Will former councilman Chris King bring more unwanted press to Burlington?

I guess his depravity cancels the police chief's perspective of the current crime wave.


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Media Training

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton Has Taken 9 Questions From The Press


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Check In Mail Barack


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08 May

Sexual Predator Chris King Remains in Jail

$63,500 Cash Only Bond to Protect Community

More Victims of Sexual Predator Coming Forward


According to court papers former Burlington City Councilman Chris King has admitted to "engaging in sexual acts with several teenage girls."

Court records say King used alcohol to further his depravity.

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Carly Fiorina Dumps Seth Meyers With His Liberal Bathwater Straight Into The Toilet

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Catchin' Up



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07 May

Local Political Pervert Arrested

'Senator' Chris King Busted for Sexual Abuse

More Charges Possible


I see your old nemesis Senator King is in the news again.

Burlington's city council certainly used to be more entertaining years ago. Drunken spendthrifts and misfits kept your site provided with a bounty of B. S.

Thanks, Senator King, for reminding us how lucky we are not to have you in office anymore.


Casting stones can lead to a headache.



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