Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 August

Vote Fraud Ruling Riles Senator Courtney


"The commission's opinion is a relief to election administrators in Iowa, who will not have to pay back $240,000 in federal money that was used for a contentious voter fraud investigation that ended last year. But critics of Iowa's investigation said they were surprised that the commission found that Help America Vote Act grants could be used for such a purpose, and worried that other states could follow suit.

"It seems like a real stretch," said state Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, who asked the commission's inspector general to investigate the spending nearly three years ago. "But now with this ruling in their pocket, Iowa and other states might say, 'all right.'"

The embarrassment representing us in the Iowa Senate is upset. Federal money may be used to investigate vote fraud. Senator Courtney is worried more states will use federal money to investigate vote fraud.

Senator Courtney's affinity for ignoring vote fraud is well known.

What is not known is when will enough voters vote to stop being embarrassed by Tom Courtney remaining in the Iowa Senate.


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Vote Right or Don't Vote


"Conservative investigative news outlet Project Veritas on Wednesday released video of Hillary Clinton campaign staffers “skirting” Iowa election laws by actively attempting to avoid registering voters who might not vote for their candidate."

Find out how a person will vote before offering to register them. Do friends of State Senator Tom Courtney have this problem registering voters in cemeteries?

Morticia Adams
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25 August

When Did My Foot Slip Off The Clutch?

Possible Date of Publisher Steve Delaney's Police Encounter Expanded?


Just so we cover all the bases on possibilities, your recent post regarding 'Pole Dancer' Steve Delaney has two other dates the police had encounters close to Delaney's home.

I checked the online police logs.

On 8/3/2015 at 4:55 am police responded to a suspicious person/vehicle call at Cliff Road and Quail Ridge Drive.

On 8/8/2015 at 6:55 pm police responded to a suspicious person/vehicle call in the 2100 block of Cliff Road.

Delaney's Main Street Minions are always touting how their watch dog efforts pay off for the community.

What I wonder is how can a business, so many people loathe and detest, manage to stay in business? I don't know anybody that subscribes to the paper. And all for the same reasons. Among them the hypocritical exploitation of the citizens to make a buck while terrorizing the community in the run from bar to bar.


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Hillary's Gonna Need a Bigger Bird Cage


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A Bear's Ride


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Another Obama Walk Through


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20 August

My Foot Slipped Off The Clutch 2 - Steve Delaney & His Ride Home

Another Whopper


Rumors are flying around Burlington that Pole Dancer The Hawkeye's Publisher & Editor Steve Delaney might have had another law enforcement encounter, possibly with an immovable object and apparently that encounter resulted in Delaney spending 72 hours on a psych hold to avoid arrest.

According to online police activity reports, on August 13, 2015 at 12:26 a.m. Burlington police made a traffic stop at Cliff Road and Sunnyside, not far from Delaney's home. Whether this is the incident in question is not known but what has been reported by sources, as a result of a law enforcement encounter last week, Delaney allegedly spent 72 hours on a psych hold to avoid being arrested.

As a result of the psych hold, details of the police encounter have been sealed.

What about some transparency now, Steve? You promulgate your righteous need-to-know, transparency for all things, to humiliate and defame local residents to sell your advertising rag. You've become the very subject in yet, another scandal hidden under a rug of secrecy.

Did you crack your head or pee your pants when those red lights lit up your nighttime run to the barn? Were you reaching for your jacket?

I hope the third time doesn't turn deadly for some poor paper boy out trying to make ends meet by slinging your rag on people's lawns.

You need help before you kill somebody.


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18 August

"I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman" - Oh, That Was The Other Clinton Liar

60 Classified Emails on Hillary Clinton’s Server, and Still Counting


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Bernie's Big Bird


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14 August

Skating Around Scandals


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This Isn't Bagdad Bob


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Invisible Truck

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12 August

Beautiful Downtown Burlington's Rustic Rubble

Falling Downtown Burlington


Guano in the roof gully. Cracks in the walls. The 400 block of Jefferson Street is where it all falls.

It has been almost two months since a storm damaged buildings in downtown Burlington. A mix of minimal maintenance and well over a century of age continues to beg for repairs.

The ruins of Burlington's downtown becoming rubble in the streets is an ongoing problem. A serious ongoing problem is that no serious corrective action has been undertaken to protect the public. The finger pointing and lack of action in the 400 block of Jefferson Street is just more of the same.

Downtown Burlington's only structural failure casualties so far have been pigeons and other vermin. Burlington's luck will not hold out forever.

The City of Burlington must get serious about inspecting and enforcing building codes.


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Joe Louis Punch vs. Evillary



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Hillary Clinton May Go to Prison

It's About Time for Senator Tom Courtney's Endorsement

"Hillary Clinton is going to prison–or would be, if she were an ordinary person. The FBI has reportedly taken possession of the emails on her home computer server, according to U.S. officials cited by the Associated Press.

According to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), at least two of the emails contained “Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information.”

An ordinary person–or even a well-known leader like General David Petraeus–would be prosecuted for moving classified information onto a private system. And that is just the beginning of her legal problems.

Clinton not only allegedly exchanged classified information via private e-mail, but also destroyed her emails before handing them over to the State Department before the government could determine for itself which were personal and which were job-related. That could constitute a felony, with a three-year prison sentence attached. And that is just the beginning of what is known."

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Say It Ain't So Joe


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Dippin' His Toe In Presidential Politics


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Obama's Nuclear Cork


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05 August

Not Your Momma's Healthy, Wealthy and Wise GOP


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04 August

Vacation Catch Up




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