Burlington Derailed ó The Continuing Story

30 September

What Gorilla?


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To All The Ships at Sea


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Angela's Guests Have Arrived


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25 September

Call to God


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Product of the U.N.


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The Shadow Knows


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22 September

Developer Escapes From Burlington's Empty Lot Manor Mall


"An Omaha realty company has opted not to exercise itís ability to extend an agreement with the city to develop the Burlington Crossing property along Agency and Roosevelt Street."

Burlington's Empty Lot Manor Mall remains empty. It looks like Burlington's Empty Lot Manor Mall may remain empty for a some time to come.

Bad local leadership years ago, with State Senator Courtney's assistance, still haunts Burlington. After almost a decade, how many tax dollars have poured down this hay field?

The empty lot albatross at Roosevelt and Agency keeps heaping interest payments due on Burlington taxpayers. When will it ever end?


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18 September

CNN's Self Preservation

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17 September

Only Thing Left Is The Scream


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Angie's Backyard Garden


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15 September

No Blow Hard Here


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14 September

Obama SendsToys to Iran


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11 September

Americans' Response


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09 September

Bite the Ol' Nag


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07 September

Hillary's Drip


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05 September

See Burlington as You Fade


"Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Burlington on Monday to meet with organized labor leaders on Labor day."

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is collapsing like Burlington's population numbers. The irony of Hillary coming here to find a friendly reception is delicious.

Hillary's wiped clean email server continues to sizzle like a broken light bulb. Supposedly hacked before wiped information from Hillary's server offered for sale has been in the news. Trace it back to Hillary's illegal use of a improperly secured, non government server for her correspondence as Sec. of State.

The national press has been pressuring Hillary on her improper web server issue. The Burlington Ad Verstiser will probably toss softballs.

The Ad Vertiser not was overly interested in the disappearance of audio records at Burlington's City Hall. Hillary's political comrades ruled the municipal roost when that happened. There is no reason to expect any search for the truth about Hillary from the Ad Vertiser.

Labor Day maybe the last chance to see Hillary when she could honestly say she was the front runner. See her show before it folds.

Alice Bluegown

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02 September

Behind the scenes at Chappaqua: Twilight of the Clintons

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01 September

Somebody Has to Clean Up


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Joe's Political Future is Cast


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Won't Be Long Now


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