Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 October

KCPS Radio Auction Today

Fred and 7 have stumbled into the studio and are warming up the electronic devices and analog pencils to accept your bids starting at 7:00 a.m.

Get your list together and bid.

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Spider Still Hungry


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29 October

Obama's Stable Boy


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28 October

Downtown Burlington's Brick and Mortar Precipitation Problem


“Basically, from the edge of the parking lot at Westland Mall to the front of the movie theater, is the same as parking in the public garage on Washington and walking to the front of the Capital Theater,” said James. “It’s about two blocks.”

There is a difference in Burlington's parking problems.

If you park in a mall, or big box lot, there is less risk of a building collapsing on your car.

Albrecht Fallen
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The Burlington Area's Skilled Labor


Our Chamber of Compost is studying the skills base of Burlington area residents. Will this study determine Burlington has imported and developed a great many chemical engineers and distributors?







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A Bridge Too Far


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26 October

Don't Forget Barack Hussein


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23 October

Trumping Socialists Like Senator Courtney - Official Count for Trump Visit - Over 4,000

It was SRO on the main floor, balconies, aisles

Newsrag claims 2,000, KBUR at least close


"Republican Presidential Frontrunner and Businessman Donald Trump spoke in front of an overflow crowd of around 3000 at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday to discuss his plans to “Make America Great Again”, in his words."

3,000 people piled into Memorial Auditorium to see the Donald. That number to see a Republican candidate in Burlington is earth shattering.

3,000 people is almost half the number who have fled the single party, workers paradise of Burlington over the last 40 years. That many showing up to cheer a billionaire businessman for president must concern our local dominant political party's commissars.

State Senator Tom Courtney has railed against the interests of business for years. Embracing what Senator Courtney advocates has made Burlington anything but great. Fewer jobs, lower paying jobs, productive people leaving, those remaining aging, importing welfare recipients as replacements, an increasing rate of violent crime, etc. are evident to any who would open their eyes.

Trump's message is the antithesis of Senator Courtney's.

Those who packed Memorial Auditorium should take away more than just saying they saw the Donald. The message, not the man, is important.

Individual liberty encourages enterprise. Honest success should not be punished. Honest success should be celebrated. Self interest enlightened is not evil. Etc.

What made America and Burlington great is what is needed to restore greatness.

Unelecting State Senator Courtney and others like him would be an excellent first step on the road to recovery.


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Hillary Lied

Hillary told Chelsea in an email the night of the attack it was a terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Hillary told everybody else it was a video.

And perpetuated the lie.

And so did our Liar in Chief Obama.

Mike Sweet's pot brownies can only diffuse the truth until the buzz wears off.

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Hillary's Losing Hand


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Nippin' at Her Ankles


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Nippin' At His Ankles


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15 October

Bound to Happen - A Christmas Story


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Putin: Obama Administration Has ‘Mush’ For Brains

Yeah Vlad, We Know, Crap for Brains

But We Are Working on Climate Change

"Russian President Vladimir Putin says the Barack Obama administration has “mush for brains” given its lack of cooperation with Russians in Syria.

The U.S. and others have accused Russia of propping up the Assad regime by attacking “practically every group opposed to the Syrian government except the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.” Now, Putin claims “the Russian government had asked for the coordinates of the groups that should or should not be attacked, the United States had not responded to either request.”

“Recently, we have offered the Americans: ‘Give us objects that we shouldn’t target.’ Again, no answer,” he said. “It seems to me that some of our partners have mush for brains.”

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Obama's Waltz


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08 October

Credible Source Claims Hillary Clinton Will Not Be President


I saw a headline saying Hillary Clinton has six months to go and it all ends.

After buying beer, I did not have enough change left to buy this newspaper at the supermarket. My inquiring mind really wants to know. Is this story true?

The publication running this Hillary story is far more credible than the Burlington Ad Vertiser. The paper running this Hillary story is far more respected than the Burlington Ad Vertiser.

I can hardly wait to return my stash of empty bottles to the Hy-Vee for deposit. Then I will be able to afford and read the latest on Hillary Clinton.


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Obama's Gun Control Fart


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07 October

Obama Never Leaves An Opportunity Unused


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06 October

Send Me In Coach


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Obama Lesson for Putiin


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Spin Hillary


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01 October


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