Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

25 February

Courtney Stoops to Level Below Whale Crap

Disgusting Turd Senator Tom Courtney Still Floating in Own Juice


"A southeast Iowa senator says it is “way past time” for the legislature to investigate the foreign company that’s building a huge fertilizer plant in Wever. Senator Tom Courtney, a Democrat from Burlington, suggests the company isn’t turning out to be the economic godsend it was billed to be.

“When the governor first told us about this it was Orascom,” Courtney said this morning during a speech in the Iowa Senate. “People in my district now are calling it ‘Orascam’ because it seems to be a scam.”

Hurry, hurry, we need an investigation, now, right now, this very minute, just like the oversight Courtney provided for the Film Office and school board association.

The speech the peasant jackass gave to the Iowa Senate is probably the most stupid thing I've ever heard from Courtney. Maybe Courtney should submit to a drug test.


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Horse Race

The Winner Is - Fiedelbaum


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19 February

Gonna Need a Bigger Boat


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16 February

365 people have been shot in Chicago this year - At Least 85 Died

Silence from The White House

Silence from City Hall

"Shootings in 2016 are more than double the same period in 2015, according to data kept by the Tribune. Killings are up 130 percent. As of Sunday, at least 365 people have been shot in Chicago this year and at least 85 of them have been killed."

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15 February

Fed Chair seems rather confused about agency she oversees

Is This Any Surprise?

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Our Skin in the Game


"...President Obama now has the power to appoint a fifth justice to join hard-left social engineers Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If the Republican Senate allows President Obama to select Scalia’s successor, the left will have a complete monopoly on the Supreme Court. Within the next few years, Citizens United will be overturned, restoring limits on free speech; the Supreme Court will render the Second Amendment meaningless by reinterpreting the right to bear arms as a non-personal right; freedom of religion will be made subservient to same-sex marriage and abortion priorities; the death penalty will be ruled unconstitutional; unions will be allowed to continue confiscating the dollars of people who disagree with them politically; redistricting along leftist lines will return. Scalia ensured that the Supreme Court wasn’t a transformative institution; now it will become the chief tool in the left’s arsenal."

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Obama's Fat Pig


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Not So Fast


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10 February

Trump Rides


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09 February

Wrasslin' Match Underway


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08 February

Free Steaks


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06 February

Fill the Burn


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05 February

Liar by a Nose


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04 February

Hillary's Lips Overtake Her Brain

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01 February

Hillary's Lies Summed Up - Are Her Lips Moving?

'Oops. Fox News catches Hillary telling story she just heard “yesterday” three weeks earlier

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