Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 January

Elections Have Consequences



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Reap it!


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26 January

Lord of the Hedge

Know the difference between Tom Brady and Chuck Schumer?

Brady is a Patriot and a winner!


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24 January

Stiff Arm


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23 January

Let's Be Clear


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22 January

Glum and Glummer

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20 January

Exeunt omnes ((bad) actors leave the stage)


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19 January

America's Ad Vertiser Seeks Answers in Iowa


"The story was the same in Des Moines County, in southeastern Iowa. The local Democratic Party chairwoman, Sandy Dockendorff, knew there was trouble when she saw a Trump sign in the yard of an electrician who had always supported Democrats."

"“The welfare system needs to be reorganized,” agreed Ms. Furman, a retired commercial bakery manager, complaining that “Chicago people” were moving to Burlington to receive higher benefits and bringing crime."

The Burlington Ad Vertiser and the New York Times have something in common. The Ad Vertiser by default is Burlington's newspaper of record. The New York Times has a reputation as America's newspaper of record.

The New York Times, supported Hillary Clinton and the bi-costal, liberal elitist agenda for which she stood. The Burlington Ad Vertiser supported the same. Like the Burlington Ad Vertiser, the New York Times has been stunned and stupefied by Donald Trump's victory.

How could Iowa voters reject the smartest woman in the world?

The New York Times sent a reporter to deepest, darkest flyover country. Destination swing state Iowa, including Iowa's fastest shrinking city (Burlington).

Decent paying jobs in Burlington have been exported. Illegal aliens have been encouraged to pour in and drive down wages for what work remains. Natives able and capable have been forced to flee. Burlington shrinks.

Fill the void by making it worse.

Burlington and the rest of Eastern Iowa has become a dumping ground for failed liberal welfare schemes in urban areas. Ship the wreckage liberals have wrought west from Chicago.

Local welfare costs have soared. Serious crime has become a pandemic. The Des Moines County party of Obama and the Clintons welcomed such potential new voters.

Hillary Clinton and all she stands for caused local voters to lose good jobs, compete with illegal aliens for low paying jobs and worry about being robbed, assaulted, or worse.

What was happening in Burlington was happening to much of America between the coasts. The elites reading their New York Times were uncaring blind.

Send a reporter from the New York Times into the wilds for answers. How did the man the liberal elites consider a monster get elected to be the next President of the United States?

To most ruling elitists most of America is where you flush the 1st class toilet at 30,000 feet. The coastal based elites should have been paying attention to what was landing below.

The ruling liberal elites created President Trump, not Iowans.


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18 January

Ol' Nag Fortune Seller


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13 January

Liberal Elitists Endorse Sessions


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10 January

A Visionary's Perspective vs. The Jackass' Perspective


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06 January

Participation Medal

Barry Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal


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05 January

Donald's Tweetercycle

MSM Death Spiral


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Liberal Coping


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04 January

Barry's Cooperation


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