Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

01 March

White Box The Depot With An Amtrak Agent


Before the city council squanders $140,000 on a restaurant venture capital investment with a dubious future in an industry that has a failure rate of about 60%, why not use that money to partner with Amtrak to restore an Amtrak agent at the Burlington Depot. Burlington loses a lot customers because passengers cannot check their baggage at Burlington. A lot of Nauvoo passengers use Mt. Pleasant because there is no way to check baggage in Burlington.

It seems to me that using taxpayer money to generate a positive cash flow vs. the perennial losers - the auditorium, RecPlex and golf course - would be a much better business decision.

But yet again, logic seems to be a missing commodity in city hall for a council that can't break the tax-and-spend addiction.


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The Consequences of $15.00/hr Minimum Wage


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