Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

09 June

Ad Vertiser Totally Enmeshed Member of Corrupt Media


Congress, the FBI, Comey and the media have known for 6+ months Trump was not being investigated by the FBI for collusion with the Russians.

Yet in that six-month period, The Ad Vertiser has continually, every day of the week, blasted us with lies and falsehoods. Last time I counted, since January there have been 168 times the advertiser has misled the facts of a story with a false headline narrative.

Today was no different. On a day that The Ad Vertiser should apologize to the readers for spreading falsehoods and lies, they make the entire front page a story of James Comey calling Trump a liar when they know simply that is not the truth.

The Ad Vertiser will never have any credibility. The day of legitimate news journalism is over and it was lost on S. Main St. years ago.

Local merchants wonder why local shoppers shop online and out-of-town. Even editor Steve Delaney admits to shopping out-of-town. If he can't support the local merchants, why should we? Spending your money at one of Delany's advertisers just perpetuates the cycle of corrupt journalism.

It's time for Delaney to hear the word from his local advertisers that we're tired of his lies and innuendo. Tell the local advertisers that you're tired of it and will stop buying locally.


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