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05 June

Time For Ted Wiegand To Be Shown The Door

It’s time for the supervisors to bounce their jackass accountant Ted Wiegand of TD&T Financial Group of Mount Pleasant right back down the rat hole he came out of. For some reason this guy thinks he is the audit police for the county and the entire world.

First he stirred the pot with Beck’s daughter over county signs. Wiegand, in his infinite wisdom as a dipshit bean counter, decided that he was also a sign know-it-all. And since publisher Steve Delaney likes the dirt to sell his old news rag, Wiegand got his 15 minutes in the lights.

Now Wiegand has decided he knows more than anyone else when it comes to a county employee that is delinquent in paying their property taxes and the non-impact that has on their job performance.

I think it would be a good idea for Wiegand to validate his rock-throwing position under the GAAP guidelines and explain his rationale for his trash talk police work. Surely a smart, competent, (even greasy) CPA can point right to the paragraph that spells his witchcraft out. If not, shut up and keep your dumb ass thoughts to yourself. If you worked for me your ass would have been bouncing down the crumbling court house steps, one crack to crack to another. Go review Heland and Hoschek’s mismanagement of county funds and audit that pile if you are so astute.

One should always remember that if you want to throw rocks in a glass house, best do it from the outside. And from what we hear, there is at least one audit customer that has had more overlooked on it than delinquent taxes.

Since this is appears to be a county personnel issue, I would guess there is always the possibility the employee could sue the county for this stupid CPA trick.

And shame on spit ball publisher Steve Delaney and his Kansas Carpetbagger owners for this low rent approach to non-newsworthy tabloid trash article. Barrel bottom lickers.


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