Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

15 June

Manor Decay


Driving past the Manor yesterday I couldn't help but notice the un-kept and
blighted condition of the lawn, the appearance of which is worse than it
ever was when people lived there.

How could we possible have the money to destroy people's lives but not
enough to keep the lawn cut?

Let's see, there were people living there paying taxes and cutting the grass
before the city dimwits tore everything down leaving us with a black hole of
nothing. The Manor is now just a plot of land taking up space and producing
no taxes or anything else of value, what a deal.

The Manor and Tyson both go to show how Burlington is run by boneheads and
losers incapable of making intelligent decisions but very capable of wasting
taxpayer dollars on dreams of grandeur.


posted at 02:35:00 on 06/15/09 by SPIKE - Category: General


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