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18 June

You Nailed Worden


I echo all your comments.

Does this guy ever think before he opens his mouth? Maybe the next time property taxes are due I'll subtract the portion for the City, after all why should I care how much I pay them.

City council members should all be sent packing until they demand an itemized bill from the City Attorney, everytime he sends one. Even McDonald's gives you an itemized receipt, and I can guarantee that the records at his law firm include all the specifics as to how those hours are billed.

I guess any retail business that provides a service for Mr. Power only need to give him a piece of paper with the amount owed minus the details.

I don't know quite what to make of the whole Tama Road thing though. It seems to be more County if they maintain it. The fact that the County handled the paving probably speaks to the farm-to-market system which would mean Federal dollars paid for the paving as I understand it.

Even so, let's hope Worden doesn't let Powers bill enough hours to fight it and lose only to discover that paying for half the paving would have been cheaper.


All Scott Power knows is billable hours. I wonder how he keeps from inadvertently billing the Burlington school system, Grow Greater Burlington or Regional Planning for work he did for the city? An hour here and an hour there and pretty soon you have a crook's dream - free money.


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