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23 June

Lobbying Against Tapp's Travesty


Here's the address for the Economic Development Administration (EDA) office handling Tapp's attempt to buy his buddy's building.

Robert E. Olson, Regional Director
rolson *at* eda.doc.gov
EDA Regional Office
410 17th Street
Suite 250
Denver, CO 80202
303-844-3968 fax

People need to inform these decision makers of why there is no need for the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission's proposed monument procurement.

Other areas hit harder by last year's flooding probably have urgent and more honest needs. To take money from them for a facility far in excess of what the SEIRPC needs is embarrassing exploitation of a tragic situation especially after regional planning moved into the auditorium after the 1993 flood.

If you agree, share your concerns with federal decision makers handling this grant. They need to know there are still a few honest people left in our corner of the world.

Make your letter/email/fax concise, on point and professional without personal attacks even though the whole bunch deserves it. Use spell check for your correspondence.


Keep it professional and on point. Otherwise, it will be ignored.


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