Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

25 June

Regional Planning


I was wondering why Burlington and Marshalltown regional planning groups received the Iowa Public Transit Conference awards for the year and it dawned on me that Marshalltown has a very large illegal alien population and Burlington has a large Tyson imported worker population. It would appear that both cities are offering subsidized transportation to these groups because without it they’d of never won the award.

SEIRPC wins an award while the city of Burlington suffers the effects of their award with the taxpayer having no say about anything that happens to their city, typical goings on in Burlington.

On top of this SEIRP has requested and has had recommended by the Office of Public Transit the following:

E-W Staffing shuttle – capital $68,060

E-W Staffing – operations $16,044

Tyson shuttle – capital $68,060

Total $152,164

Of course all of this is taxpayer money used to subsidize special interest groups that the average citizen knows little about. SEIRPC is sort of a shadow tax eating organization that appears to operate on the fringes of society.

It would be interesting to know just who rides the E-W shuttle because we know who rides the Tyson shuttle. Does anyone know where SEIRPC publishes their ridership statistics? Does anyone know what type of contract they signed with Tyson?

In fact does anyone know anything about their operation and its cost to the taxpayer? Why do they think they need a $1.4 million dollar building with an increase in square feet of 95% over their current location or 1400 square feet to 30,000?

There are just so many unanswered questions regarding this organization.


Brian Tapp and SEIRPC do not disclose their financial dealings; even to the Ad Vertiser. The Ad Vertiser's 2nd big gun, Publisher-Steve-Delaney-Mini-Me-Minion, poo-bah Dale Allison, is toothless when it comes to making Tapp disclose the Tyson contract.

Tapp lives off the cream of others' needs. Everything they do is paid for by the taxpayers. Everything they do is always late and a last minute need to comply with regulations. Tapp fills his board of directors with pacifists.

Look at the Hoschek deal on the ethanol plant. Tapp got Hoschek to sign the Rise money grant agreement without the other supervisors even knowing about it.

What was once a valuable organization has been reduced to nothing more than a blood sucking leech, hiding in the dark, slowly draining the taxpayers.


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