Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

27 June

Collaborating a Catastrophe


"You have the skills base to grow engineers and welders," he said. "You need more career development. You need to attract educated and experienced people."

Another consultant. Another report. The results are the same.

What of collaboration and coordination of efforts to bring about positive change. We have the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission. What do we get?

Tax subsidized bus rides are provided to attract poorly educated, poorly skilled workers. Our schools become bedlam and the state's highest drop out rate becomes Burlington's booby prize.

Such success demands more space. Tax dollars to buy a building far in excess of the SEIRPC's needs is in the works. One more property off the tax rolls.

Concentrated efforts by the SEIRPC will eventually end the need for further consultants' studies. Nobody will have the money to pay consultants to tell us we keep doing the wrong thing.


We study everything and never heed anyone's advice.


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