Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

30 June

Ell Sock Puppet of Power & Worden - "I'm a little shocked..."


I see the sock puppet Mayor Ell has his litigation face on.

"I didn't ask the county board to come to our meeting. It's open to the public, so they can come if they want. I don't need them there. Right now, it's between us and our attorney," Ell said

"There is no argument they (Des Moines County supervisors) can give me that would make me want to assume responsibility for that road," Ell said. "I'm a little shocked..."

Ell says there no argument he can be given to assume responsibility.

Boy does the echo like a fart in the Grand Canyon or what?


Don't disgrace our National Parks like that. Fact check? It was a liquor store fart.


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